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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Radiohead -- 7 Television Commercials [DVD] [2003]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£11.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 25 July 2017
A perfect record of their early stuff on video. Still as good as the day it was released!
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on 9 August 2017
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on 20 September 2000
This is one of the great collections of art ever seen. This (often overlooked) Radiohead video allows us to see the genius of some of the 90s best directors including Johnathan Glazier, Jamie Thraves and Grant Gee (the man who was also behind the camera for Radiohead's other major video; "Meeting People Is Easy").
The video for "Paranoid Android" is a thing of beauty, summing up Radiohead's touchingly bleak view on society today, as one-by-one, in detailed animation, the video exposes corruption in politics, alcohol abuse and prostitution. Other videos of note include the equally wierd "Street Spirit" featuring dancing nuns and rabd dogs, and the profound "Karma Police" video which proves that even the rich and famous have to show good will to all.
Clichéd though it is, if you only buy one Radiohead video this year, make it this one, if you buy two, get "Meeting People is Easy".
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on 14 March 2004
The first thing you will notice about this DVD is the excellent cover artwork. The cardboard case is stylish and well-represents the image Radiohead were portraying at that time. It was co-designed by lead singer Thom Yorke (aka Tchocky) and regular Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood. So, that's the design out of the way, what's inside?
The seven Radiohead music videos on here are all of a high standard. There's no faulting the excellence of each. You'll find that each of the videos are filmed and made completely differently.
The videos on here, if you hadn't already discovered are:
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit
No Surprises
High and Dry (U.S. Version)
Karma Police
Fake Plastic Trees
The total running time is 34:03 minutes.
The one's that stand out are the now famed 'Just' video with the ever-questioned ending and the wonderfully produced 'Street Spirit'. The most lacking video is probably Karma Police, which simply doesn't offer any replay value, but you should find yourself engrossed into each one.
There simply isn't enough material on here to warrant you paying anything more than say £10. Whilst hardcore fans will lap it up, when you compare this to say Pavement's 'Slow Century' DVD with all 13 videos plus so much more, it is difficult to justify spending a lot on this. The videos are excellent, but the experience is short-lived. The only special feature is a useful 'Play all' button, which is nice, but far from what we all should expect. It needs more videos, maybe a nice Radiohead booklet, and maybe some live performances. In fact, at the very least both this and the documentary DVD 'Meeting People is Easy' should come together on the same disc.
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on 7 September 2003
When I first watched this DVD, I was slightly disappointed. I thought to myself beforehand - This is Radiohead. It only lists 7 songs on the case, but there must obviously be more stuff, ie extras. I mean, who releases a dvd with 7 videos on it? Radiohead wouldn't be so shoddy, I thought. I was wrong - there are only 7 videos and NOTHING more on the DVD. But, to my pleasant surprise, I also realised this wasn't half as shoddy as I first imagined.
Each video, now seldom played on MTV, is superb and tells it's own unique story. Just and Paranoid Android especially have strong (and amusingly cynical) storylines.
Also, it must be worth noting that this is a 7 track DVD that costs just £10. If the DVD was £20 (like most similar music DVDs are - Smashing Pumpkins, U2, NIN, etc) then the 'not enough content' argument would work. But, at £10, the DVD is practically a steal.
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on 31 December 2002
7 television commercials is a round up of the videos from 2 of radioheads best albums the bends and ok computer. The 7 videos contained are paranoid android, street spirit, no surprises, just, high and dry (the u.s. version), karma police and fake plastic trees. In length the video is 34 minutes long, but thats just because the music videos are set out back to back. Its a good video to watch and a must have for any radiohead fans. It has on it what in my opinion is the best radiohead video ever, street spirit, which was claimed to be the 6th best video ever on vh1.
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on 18 June 2002
Radiohead are the greatest band in the world now (possibly, maybe, depending on your view). They are adventurous, limitless, innovative, ingenius....all these things and more. Their music has been, in the last ten years, an evoloutionary process. Their high water marks are, of course, The Bends and OK Computer. It is perhaps fitting then, that this video contains all the videsos to all the singles from those two masterpieces.
Because the band have outright political and social views, and are against commercialism and such, their videos are anything but the standard MTV soft porn 3 minute sound and vision bites. They go hand in hand with the music and further the effect of the music. It's pretty difficult once you've watched these films to listen to, say, 'Just', and not think of that extraordinary video that accompanies it. It's the same with every song. Each is unique and different, not only to other people's work, but to their own work as well.
There are no standouts, particularly, as they're all so vividly different, but both of Jonathan Glazer's contributions, 'Karma Police' and 'Street Spirit' are superb. 'Paranoid Android' too, directed by someone German, I think, is a brilliantly disturbing, realisitic and suitable accompaniment to that dislocated, unstable and tense six-minute epic.
Emotional, funny, quirky, eccentric, angry, heartbreaking, political, contemporary, original....I could go on forever, but I won't (1,000 words minimum!!). Seriously, if you are a fan of Radiohead, this will only make you love them more.
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on 7 June 2012
A great video collection of some of radiohead's most successful singles. I found the dvd really engrossing and captivating. The videos are naturally very arty and well worth a viewing. A cool addition to your Radiohead collection.
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on 11 August 2003
I've been waiting years for Radiohead to release this stunning collection on DVD. I purposefully held back on buying the video, so that one day I could watch the videos in DVD-quality and hear them through my stereo system at crystal clear high volume as they should be. I was not disappointed, the quality is great and the videos are awesome, especially 'Street Spirit'. I just hope that they will get round to releasing the Astoria concert on DVD soon, there's a distinct lack of Radiohead DVDs available at the moment! Pure Class!!!
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on 24 February 2004
This video does doubtlessly contain some of radiohead's best songs, although many of them rather over-rated. This could be a great video if it showed some innovation. There is definitely room in any radiohead fan's collection for a video, but this is surely not it. A dreary back to back compilation of videos...where are the live recordings we can't see on t.v? where are the interviews we only ever get to read? In short why is it worth paying this much for something we've already seen before. Mindless capitilism aimed at mindless fans.
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