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on 1 April 2017
thank you
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on 23 April 2017
Best game ever
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on 21 December 2003
Tony Hawk's underground - a fantastic game. By now, most people with a PS2 will have played one of the two predecessors on the console (TH 1 & 2 were PS1 games, TH 3 & 4 graced the black box) and will know the fun that the game generates for not entirely obvious reason - if you think about it, a game described as "well, you sort of skate around some cities a bit" sounds rubbish - but it isn't. The tricks are cool, and most importantly, there's a real sense of satisfaction in pulling them off. The game engine is complex yet intuitive - you soon realise that random button bashing doesn't work and quickly get to grips with what does, but only get really good with hours and hours of practice (which is all fun). Then you start trying to show off, fall over, get back up and start all over again...
The new mission structure to the game works well in the main, except for the sneak about missions and the car missions. Okay, it sounds good to be able to nick cars a la GTA and sneak about a la Metal Gear but it's not executed well and frankly I bought the game to skate, so these parts of the game were lulls in the excitement.
The levels are bigger and better than ever before. This is best demonstrated by the bonus levels (in addition to the 7 or so for the main game), some of which are lifted from Tony Hawks 2, and feel empty and restrictive in comparison to the dynamic and trickable environments cooked up for T.H.U.G.
In short, the story mode is good, but the real fun comes after that as you explore the levels and rack up high scores, and play multi-player with your mates. I love it, and I don't even have the online capability that will presumably improve it further for those as do. 5 stars without any doubt - where the series goes from here is anyone's guess, though I hope they ditch the cars...
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on 13 July 2003
Massive! Awesome! Cowabunga! Well maybe not the last one, eh? Tony Hawks has been around the Playstation (1 and 2) for about 4 years. It is has been in the top 10 best selling games every years since!
For those who were getting slightly tired of the same Tony Hawks format, prepare for something completely different. Imagine if you will, GTA Vice City with flips and ollies!
T.H.U.G, as it will be nicknamed is all about taking your board to the street. Forget career mode, grinding into the void comes story mode. Travel around the major cities of the U.S and Europe and collect missions of people from the street. You then complete these missions either on your board, on feet or in a stolen vehicle! Out goes the extremely annoying 2 minute timer, featured in the previous Tony's and now you are free to complete missions in your own time whilst smacking people with your board on the way for fun!
It has loads of new features. You can create you own tricks and parks and perhaps the most impressive feature of the game is that you can send in a digital picture of yourself to Neversoft's website and they will create your own skater which you can use in the game!
This WILL be the biggest and best game of 2003. GTA 4 and PES 3 might be coming out later in the year. But this ain't Tony Hawks 5, this is T.H.U.G and it's gonna be massive and with 3 difficulity levels it should also ensure that Tony Hawks veterans are not busting one-million point combos for fun!
It's gonna be Sick (that's street for good!)
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on 26 December 2003
T.H.U.G is the best tont hawks so far! The gameplay is as usual brilliant on the tony hawks games and the lifespan of the game is also brilliant. There are a wide selection of different moves you can get and the new caveman mode where you can walk between tricks. T.H.U.G is not also just a skateboarding game but at the same time also a driving game, you can go in dune buggys and cars. T.H.U.G also allows you to walk arond like a pedestrian and climb up ladders and jump up buildings.
The soundtrack for this game is good but not as good as some of the others it contains a variety of rock and hip-hop/rap.
The story mode for this game is probably one of the best i've seen (much better than Smackdown and Tekken story mode) The create mode is fantastic with even more different body parts that you can choose from. The levels for this game are large and varied there is also the hot as hell level (the kiss level) where you can drive the dune buggy (excellent)
This is a certian game that you should have in your collection even if you don't like skateboarding.
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on 7 February 2004
The 3rd Tony Hawks game on PS2. Download your face into the game using network adapter. Get off your board at any time to grab, jump and climb to places which would have been out of reach before. Still cars and drive them around the location. Proper story mode with allies, enimies and many twists. Create your own tricks by combining grabs, flips, spins and specials together. Design and make your own decks to use whenever. Play online using network adapter. Game includes fantastic soundtrack with 75 songs (rock, punk and hiphop) including KISS and Queens Of The Stone Age. Play as 17 pro skaters (not available in story mode) including Tony Hawks and Andrew Reynolds.

Overall, a skatebaording game which goes beyond skateboarding. Easily the best most in-depth extream sports game available to the PS2. A must buy for fans of the genre and for a good multiplayer experience.
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Lifespan: 8/10
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on 9 January 2004
This is the fifth installment in the Tony Hawk series and in my opinion, the best. Now Neversoft could have just added some more pro skaters, bigger levels and some more tricks and called it Tony Hawks pro skater 5 and lets face it, it still would have sold by the truck load. But no. This time they have taken a radicly different approach and have come up with T.H.U.G. Instead of taking control of a pro, you have to create your own skater and take him or her to the top. The story mode is where you do this. You start off in New Jersey performing small tasks until Chad Muska comes to do a skate demo. You have to impress him and once you do that he gives you a new deck and then you start moving on to new levels to perform more challenging tasks. The other levels include New York, Tampa, Vancouver, Moscow and a few others. The story mode will take you a while to complete as there are 129 goals in all to complete.
Another major change in this game is that you now have the freedom to get off your board and roam around the huge levels on foot. This can help you to find new spots to score big points. You can also get behind the wheel of cars and various other vehicles but unfortunately the driving missions are complete crap. The cars handle like massive skateboards and there is so much clutter on some of the levels that there isn't enough room to move a car around properly. The environments are not the right kind to be driving a car in.
The gameplay is the same as always, (brilliant). The controls are simple and easy to get to grips with. This is also the first Tony Hawks game which has different difficulty levels. There are 4 of them with the first one for novices and the fourth one for people who have mastered the other Tony Hawk games.
Graphicly, this is exactly the same as Tony Hawks 4, but nothing wrong with that. The only problem comes immediately after you complete a goal and the green writing appears on the screen. For 2 or 3 seconds the frame rate slows down dramatically. This is only a minor problem but it can be slightly annoying.
This is by far the best Tony hawks title yet. It introduces something new and exciting to the series and there is every reason to start it again if you finish it. The only downfall is the hopeless driving sections but they only make up for a small percentage of the game. This is what fans of the series have been waiting for and even people who have no interest in skating will enjoy this. This is one of the best PS2 titles around at the moment and it is definitely worth a look.
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on 15 May 2005
Tony Hawks Underground is definetely the best in the series. It now has a kind of storyline instead of just completing levels. You are this unknown skater punk who you can customise at the start of the game. The game's all about taking your skater to the top. At one point in the game, when you've stepped up a level, you get offered the chance to be in one of the skateboarding teams (birdhouse, element, etc.). During the game you hang around with one of your local skater friends who is also trying to make it to the top. This game has cool graphics, a great storyline, and most importantly, has all the skateboarding realism you could want. I have also played on Tony Hawks Underground 2, but disappointingly I don't think it's as good because there isn't much realism and it goes far too far over the top with everything so I'd just stick with the prequel. Tony Hawk's Underground really is the ultimate skating experience
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on 7 January 2004
Tony Hawk's Underground, the best game ever made in the universe!
THe newest series of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is flippin' the world~
There are many story lines that are exciting and better(than WWE Here Comes the Pain)
You can put your face and make your character~
Make your moves, and tell the world! 'I'm the King of the Skaters!' You can make your moves flip, grab, and spin
Many exciting missions~ If you complete your missions that are really hard, you can feel the satisfaction, really!
Get new special tricks from other skaters like Tony Hawk and others~
Join the contest, and scare them up by showing your big combos~ get more than 100,000pts, and win the contest!
Win your rival!
Bbuy this! it worthes~
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on 29 January 2004
Ok, I'm the wrong side of thirty and spend far too much time on PS2 than I should. I bought this thinking it would be a bit of a laugh and would take up the odd half-hour instead of doing the washing-up. That's the mistake! I haven't been on a skateboard for more than 20 years but I could not stop playing this game... still can't! The detail is great, the bits like create your own skater (right down to your preferred colour of Con All-Star Hi-tops) are a constant source of joy. There is so much more to this than some dumb-assed arcade skating game. If you thought Vice City would take over your life, wait til you see this. I cannot recommend this enough, just don't ask me to explain a pressure 540 with a kickflip!
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