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on 16 April 2017
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on 24 April 2005
Cruiserweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy 7/10
An exciting opener to a great PPV. Man that Rey Mysterio is something.
Handicap SmackDown Match
The Undertaker vs Big Show and A-Train 4/10
The only good thing I liked about this match was Takers entrance (performed live by Limp Bizkit). And you got to give it to Taker for giving is best to keep the crowd alive (and not dead)
Women's Title Triple Threat Match
Victoria vs Jazz vs Trish Stratus 3/10
Usual triple threat women title match nothing new hear that you won't see on a episode of Raw.
WWE Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match
Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass) vs Chris Benoit and Rhyno vs Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero) 7/10
I don't really like triple threat tag matches but this one was good with some great athletes competing.
RAW Match
Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels 10/10
This match is one of the best matches on the card and will be talked about for years to come.
World Heavyweight Title Match
Triple H vs Booker T 8/10
Not one of the best main events on this card but it is still a good match.
Street Fight SmackDown Match
Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan 10/10
WOW this is one you can't miss the immortal Hulk Hogan vs. the sadistic Vince McMahon. The one moment you have got to see is the look McMahon gives to a fallen down Hogan from the out side of the ring, evil or what.
RAW Match
The Rock vs Steve Austin 9/10
Not as great as their WrestleMania 17 match but still up there with the best WrestleMania moments. Austin's last wrestling match is one of his best.
WWE Title Match
Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar 10/10
Another excellent match which ends this terrific PPV on a high.
With four matches that are main events in their own right (HBK/Y2J, Hogan/McMahon, Rock/Austin and Lesnar/Angle) this is a WrestleMania everyone will remember for a very long time.
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on 30 May 2004
Well its the grand daddy of them all Wrestlemania. And boy did this PPV deliver. Previously in my first review I said Survivor Series 2003 was the best PPV of the year. I have now got myself a large plate and begun eating those ignorant words! Wrestlemania was better for 1 reason. It was Wresltlemania and it had that magic feeling to it. Anyway im gonna run out of space if i dont start writing the review!
Cruiserweight title Matt Hardy Vs Rey Mysterio
Fantastic opener fast and furious action from the best cruiserweights on smackdown. Is it me or is Rey Mysterio dressed as the dare devil?! Anyway this fast paced match gets a 4/5
Undertaker Vs Big Show and A-Train
On paper this match sucks... and in practice it does too!!! The undertaker should seriously not have bothered turning up this is his legacy and they gave him a handicap match agains the two worst workers in WWE why???? Anyway as Limp Bizkit played the dead man in it it kept it slightly entertaining so it gets a 2/5 instead of 1.
Victoria V Trish V Jazz Womens title
Not as bad as armageddon 02 triple threat. Fairly good actually Stevie night heat kept it mildy entertaining but apart from that it was fairly average. 3/5
Triple Threat WWE Tag Team championship
Im not a big fan of these and this wasnt as good as the one back at survivor series 02 although it had some nice action from all the teams. Put the evening back on track but still a 3.5/5
Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Jericho
Boy did this match rule. It a fairly average paced match but theres just something about it that feels great. Probably the best match of the evening. it gets a 4/5
Triple H Vs Booker T World Heavyweight championship
Not good. Not good at all. Well its ok it would have been great if the crowd hadnt fallen asleep for some reason. Booker T hits the houston hang over nearly breaks his leg and they dont do anything!!!! Anyway not as good as the WWE title match so it gets a 3.5/5
Street fight Hogan Vs Mr McMahon
I hate Vince Mcmahon as you may have noticed from my review of survivor series and this match was great as it was yet another Vince Mcmahon ass kicking contest. Seriously though (brother)I was expecting this to suck but Mcmahon put on a good effort and Hogan proved why Hulk Hogan still rules!!! *This is your last chance to see the hulkster wrestle in red and yellow in WWE!*
The Rock VS Stone Cold
I was expecting a great match and boy did it deliver. Stone Colds last ever wrestling match for WWE and he went out with a bang! This was my personal favourite match of the evening as it was great to see stone cold kick out of a peoples elbow, a stone cold stunner and two rock bottoms. Not as good as their match at Wrestlemania 17 but this match was fantastic nonetheless gets a 4.5/5
WWE Championship Kurt Angle V Brock Lesnar
This match is very over hyped. I did like this match but it was a bit of a comedown from the other matches. Angle did well to get through this with a broken neck and Lesnar did well to finish the match with a concussion. Probably not as good as their match at summerslam 2003 but still pretty good. 4/5
Well thats brings this review to a close hope this is helpful to you and i would recommend this to any true wrestling fan as it is a truely fantastic wrestlemania not as good as x7 but i dount that will ever be beaten.
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on 28 March 2017
To me this is the grand daddy of them all wrestlemania 19 a five star event, The Rock vs Stone Cold 3 ,Hogan vs Mcmahon, Triple H vs Booker T, Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho ,Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle, awesome show!A must have!
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on 17 May 2017
A good mania, a lot of big names, good quality matches. One of the better manias out there.
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on 6 October 2003
Now approaching its 20th year, Wrestlemania is not only the biggest wrestling event on the calendar, but one of the biggest sports events in the world. This year, in front of 54,000 fans and a worldwide television audience, Limp Bizkit are in the house as the WWE superstars give us all the effort they can muster.
1. Matt Hardy with Shannon Moore vs. Rey Mysterio - **** (4 stars)
Right from Mysterio's opening corkscrew, this is a frantic and fast-paced opening match with lots to admire.
2. Undertaker & Nathan Jones vs. Big Show and A-Train - *** (3 stars)
Nothing special overall, but it wouldn't be Wrestlemania without The Undertaker (11 and counting!) and he carries this match well.
3. Victoria with Steven Richards vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz - ***1/2 (3 and a half stars)
The ladies of the WWE give it absolutely everything in this intense and unpredictable match - and it pays off.
4. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit & Rhyno - *** (3 stars)
Too many cooks spoil the broth in this match I think, but the quality of the wrestlers on show in this match shines through and keeps the match entertaining.
5. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho ****1/2 (4 and a half stars)
A terrific match performed very well by both contenders, who know a thing or two about performing to the crowd! Right from the start this match has 'epic' written all over it, and it doesn't disappoint. It's a shame the same can't be said for...
6. Triple H vs. Booker T ** (2 stars)
Somehow this match never really comes to life, and it's peaks are few and far between. The Seattle crowd seem to agree.
7. Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. McMahon **** (4 stars)
A brutal and entertaining street fight in which not even the commentators escape unscathed - and there's a few surprises in store too!
8. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock **** (4 stars)
One of wrestlings greatest rivalries comes to an end in an intense (and surprisingly one-sided) match.
9. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar ****1/2 (4 and a half stars)
A truly unique main event with lots of amateur-style moves and holds applied by both competitors, and Brock Lesnar's attempted Shooting Star Press epitomises the effort and commitment of all the WWE stars.
So overall, although Wrestlemania XIX lacks a truly classic match, the workrate and effort of the wrestlers shines through and elevates the event into one of the best WWE shows of recent memory.
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on 21 March 2005
I thought this was a brilliant Wrestlemania and was the first one I watched.
Cruiserweight title Match
Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs Rey Mysterio
Great, fast-paced match-up here. I enjoyed this the whole way through.
Handicap Match
Undertaker vs Big Show & A-Train
Limp Bizkit plays Undertakers entrance music, it's cool. Ok match, but nothing really eye-catching although 'Taker does a chokeslam really early on.
6/10 (would have been 5 except for Limp Bizkit)
Women's Championship Triple Threat Match
Victoria w/Steven Richards vs Trish Stratus vs Jazz
Not really that bad at all. Stevie Richards was funny.
WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Team Angle vs Los Guerreros vs Rhyno & Chris Benoit
Fairly good match. I enjoyed it.
Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
Two of the most charismatic WWE superstars and this did not disappoint. This was a superb match. One of my favourite.
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Triple H vs Booker T
I thought this was a good, solid match-up. Triple H's own Indian Death Lock was really cool and I Booker T did well to keep going after the Houston Hang-Over.
"20 Years in the Making" Street Fight Match
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon
Really good. I was surprised at how good Vince was and the interference was very surprising! Vince's face peering over the edge of the ring was really something to savour!
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock
A great match from start to finish. This was fantastic!
WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs Booker T
Boy was this match electric. These two guys did really well to keep on going after being both injured.
Overall, this was a great WrestleMania and everyone should see it!
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on 1 July 2003
What a pay per view! For the nineteenth annual extravaganza, the WWE really pulled out all the stops. Without a doubt this is the most starstudded lineup ever assembled - Hogan, Austin, Rock, Angle, Lesnar, TripleH, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Jericho, Mysterio, Booker T - the list reads like a whos who of sports entertainment greats.
Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Title. this match was very short but served as a great opener. 6/10
Undertaker vs A-Train/Big Show. Oh dear, time to use chapter selection. The crowd loves the Deadman but my goodness this is boring stuff 3/10
Team Angle vs Los Guerreros vs Chris Benoit/Rhyno for the wwe tag team titles. Kurts apprentices defend their belts in a fast moving technically sound matchup. 7/10
Trish Stratus vs Jaqui vs Victoria for the WWE womens title. The usual womens efforts as mad woman Victoria defends against the unsettlingly popular Trish and tiny texan Jaqueline. 5/10
Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon in a streetfight. superb stuff as Hogan and McMahon defy the years to bring us a bloody brawl. Not for wrestling purists but still deserving of praise 9.5/10
Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho. Brilliant match perfectly paced by two great workers. 9.5/10
Triple H vs Booker T for Raw Title. Average,average stuff. Booker may be well over with the fans but Trips looks like he is gonna be champion forever at this rate. Oh dear. 4.5/10
Austin vs The Rock. the two greatest stars of the late 90's clash for perhaps the last time. not the best these great legends can produce but wonderful to watch nonetheless. 7.5/10
Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle for the Smackdown title. Angle ,the greatest in ring performer of all time takes on Lesnar with a broken neck whilst Lesnar blows a shooting star press and almost breaks his. The WWE were lucky to escape tragedy with this match as both men proved their heart and skill on the biggest stage of all 9.5/10
All in all this is a tremendous PPV deserving of your hard earned cash. the extras are the usual wwe fare ie promos interviews and superstars revealing their favourite wrestlemania moments. Top Top Class!!!
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on 9 June 2003
WWE-Wrestlemania XIX(19) took place on Sunday 30th March 2003 in front of a crowd of 54,097 in Seattle,Washington's Safeco Field.This is the card:
Matt Hardy(c) VS Rey Mysterio.
The Undertaker VS Big Show & A-Train.
--Limp Bizkit perform 'Rollin' for Taker's entrance--
Victoria(c) VS Jazz VS Trish Stratus.
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas(c) VS Los Guerreros VS Rhyno & Chris Benoit.
5)Shawn Michaels VS Chris Jericho.
--Limp Bizkit perform 'Crack Addict'--
--The Miller Lite Catfight Girls--
Triple H(c) VS Booker T.
Hulk Hogan VS Vince McMahon.
8)Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Rock.
Kurt Angle(c) VS Brock Lesnar.
There are loads of extras including:
Cheif Morley & Lance Storm(c) VS Kane & Rob Van Dam.
--From Sunday Night Heat before WM started--
2)Goldberg's WWE debut.
--From RAW the day after WM (31st March 2003)
3)Vince McMahon Training Vignettes.
Hulk Hogan(c) VS Andre The Giant.
--From Wrestlemania III in 1987---
5)WWE Fan Axxess Highlights.
6)Wrestlemania XIX Press Conferences.
--One from Seattle and one from New York--
7)Edge's Wrestlemania Media Tour.
---Plus Post match interviews,WM celebrity moments,more on the Catfight Girls,comments from Mean Gene and Bobby Heenan and more.
Overall, I think this DVD is well worth the money because there are 2 discs lasting a total of about 7 Hours and the PPV ruled aswell.The only minus is they cut off John Cena's rap from Sunday Night Heat!
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on 8 June 2003
Wrestlemania 19, or to be politically correct XIX, was held on march 30th 2003 at Safeco Field inb Seattle, Washington. The stadium, home of baseball's Seattle Mariners, was the second stadium in consective years to feature a sliding roof after Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto's Skydome last year. Even though on both occasions the roofs were closed, the fans blew them off.
From the moment of arrival, Wrestlemania 19 had that something special that 18 didn't have, it felt like an event while 18 seemed fairly sterile. Maybe this had something to do with the fact that at 18 we had to wait an hour to get in even after the doors had been opened, while at Safeco we were in within 10 minutes.
And so on to the event in question. The PPV had been started with Sunday Night Heat, highlights of which are featured on this DVD. There wasn't much to be seen, a lot of the promos are re-shown during Wrestlemania, but John Cena's rap-off and the World tag team championship (the Raw one) match between RVD & Kane v Lance Storm & Sean Morley (joined at ringside by the Dudley Boys) were a good warm up.
Wrestlemania started with a version of 'America the beautiful', sadly missed last year, but sung by Ashanti this was a real moment. During the song, images of soldiers in Iraq are featured on the titantrons to much cheering from the crowd, though not from the guy sat in front of me with 'No Iraq war' on his hat, oh you had to laugh!
First match was for the cruiserweight title between Matt Hardy (with Shannon Moore) V Rey Mysterio, a good match but I couldn't help feeling that if the match had been later in the card the crowd would have responded better. Next up was a match between the Undertaker and Nathan Jones V A Train and Big Show, this is where the first Sunday Night Heat promo came into play and without giving it away, the American badass felt a strong sense of national pride to take these men on. Taker was also led to the ring by Lim Bizkit, who performed his old walk in tune Rollin', and Fred Durst proves his lack of singing ability.
The triple threat match for the womens title was one of the matches of the night for me, with Victoria V Jazz V Trish Stratus really pulling out all of the stops to prove how good the womens sector really is right now. Next was another great match of the night, a 3 way tag team match for the WWE tag team championship (the Smackdown one). It was perhaps an effort to get more superstars on the card, but Guerreros V Team Angle V Benoit and Rhyno, proved that the Smackdown tag team championship is far stronger than their Raw compatriots.
If I am talking match of the night, then don't miss Shawn Michaels V Chris Jericho, HBK V Y2J. The similiar styles really paid dividends for both men as they produced the match of each respective career, especially for Jericho. Look out for the pyro problems during Michaels' walk in, it is really funny!
HHH V Booker T was probably the low point of the night, the game was once again being carried by the better man. Hogan V McMahon was the most hyped match of the night, with Arnold Schwarzenegger among others discussing the magnitude of the match. It was deemed to be a streetfight, and was really impressive from 2 guys in the twilight of their careers. Also look out for a real WWE legend, though it would be wrong of me to reveal who!
The Rock V Stone Cold was good but failed to live up to the quality of their previous encounters, Rock was awesome but Austin proved why he was only days away from retirement. Finally the WWE championship was up for grabs between Kurt Angle V Brock Lesnar, two of the best wrestlers to grace a WWE ring. As expected, it was a ma wrestling matchup and seeing as a lot of the crowd left after the Rock V Austin match, the atmosphere was pretty dead. It was a fairly dull ending to a great PPV but the result was as expected.
Extras on the DVD include the next night on Raw, with an appearance by a certain man from Georgia. Goldberg's promo at Wrestlemania gave one of the pops of the night, his appearance at Raw was huge. Responses from the superstars are always interesting when they are out of character, and highlights from Axxess will also be featured. BR>So I will be buying Wrestlemania 19 as I thought it was brilliant, hey even Bret Hart agrees with me. And for the title of this review? As I was walking back towards my hotel from Safeco I passed through Pioneer Square, and I heard a guy say that, he probably didn't even go.
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