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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2003
The Simpsons season 3 have picked off from Season 2, with the first episode first aired on September 1991, to August 1992, and I must say, from then on, the Simpsons were on the A-list, with more famous guest stars in it, and better storylines, and funnier gags, that could make you forget about Seasons 1 and 2, (even though I like the previous ones just as much).
Season 3 has 24 episodes, each one a classic for you to enjoy.
The episodes are:
'Stark Raving Dad',
'Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington',
'When Flanders Failed',
'Bart The Murderer',
'Homer Defined',
'Like Father Like Clown',
'Treehouse Of Horror 2',
'Lisa's Pony',
'Saturdays Of Thunder',
'Flaming Moe's',
'Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk',
'I Married Marge',
'Radio Bart',
'Lisa The Greek',
'Homer Alone',
'Bart The Lover',
'Homer At The Bat',
'Separate Vocations',
'Dog Of Death',
'Colonel Homer',
'Black Widower',
'The Otto Show',
'Bart's Friend Falls In Love'
and 'Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes'.
Such guest stars include (in order of appearances): Michael Jackson (John Jay Smith in the credits due to contractual obligations), Lona Williams, Joe Mantegna (Fat Tony), Jackie Mason (Krusty the Clown's father), Magic Johnson (himself), Aerosmith (Steve Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer as themselves),Sting (himself), the unforgettable Phil Hartman (as multiple characters, including Troy Mclure), Steve Allen (himself), Kelsey Grammer (as the vengeful Sideshow Bob), Spinal Tap members (themselves), Smokin' Joe Frazier (himself), and Danny Devito (as Herb, Homer's half brother, who rises to claim and fame, with the help of the Simpsons in the last episode). So you can see, that there are many stars to consider.
As for the special features, there is a commentary on every episode by creator Matt Groening, joined by executive producer James L. Brooks, writers, actors and directors on selected episodes, a pop-up trivia feature, which is very strange but unusually brilliant, and audio outtakes from cast and guest stars, and Butterfinger commercials including Bart's Thanksgiving, as well as a trailer for some episodes such as, "Colonel Homer", in where he meets a country western singer named Lurleen Lumpkin, (voiced by Beverly D'Angelo).
In conlusion, the Season 3 Box Set is definetely the one to start saving on, and when I bought one in Amazon, I was so excited ,and literally counted down the number of days for it to arrive, (I actually got it, 2-4 weeks before the time it was supposed to come, talk about fast delivery),and when I got it, there were so many episodes to look at, to listen to it on the detailed commentary, to see the special features, and to be amazed at what they had in it, because whether you are big or small, a fan or not, this is truly a DVD box set that is worth every single penny.
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on 21 August 2003
My copy of this fantastic series arrived from the states today, and im pleased to say it is by far the best simpsons box set yet, gone is the anoying "match the heads to access the menu", and in its place is a very simple menu system (very much like the futurama sets), a "play all" feature has also been added. The sound is 5.1 and the picture crisp and clear.
I dont need to tell you how good the episodes are, as any simpson's fan knows this series represents the begining of the classics.
The only bad thing I can say about this set is that it should have been out a year ago, and I should be reviewing season 5 by now!!! But by delaying it clearly shows that this season simply has not aged.
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on 4 December 2004
The Simpsons- The Complete 3rd Season:
Definitely a bargain with 24 featured episodes and lots of special features in a 4 disc set!
The 24 featured episodes are:
Disc 1:
Stark Raving Dad- Homer is sent to mental institution after turning up at work with a pink shirt on! At the Institution he meets a man who claims to be Michael Jackson! On Lisa's birthday Jacko and Bart sing a song together about Lisa
Mr. Lisa goes to Washington- Lisa wins an essay contest and The Simpsons get to go to Washington. While their Lisa learns the truth about the democracy.
When Flanders Failed- When Ned Flanders announces he is going to open a store called 'The Leftorium' Homer secretly wishes he and his store both Fail.
Bart The Murderer- When Bart misses out on a school trip to the chocolate factory, the mob and Bart become good friends. After a while working together, Bart, (not the mob), is the chief suspect as Principal Skinner goes missing
Homer Defined- Homer earns respect off the whole town after he saves Springfield from a nuclear meltdown. In the end everybody finds out it was just plain luck!
Like Father, Like Clown- After Krusty the Clown reveals he is estranged from his rabbi father Bart and Lisa try to find a way to reconcile the two. After many attempts from Bart and Lisa the two eventually reconcile on the Krusty show.
Disc 2:
Treehouse of Horror II- The 1st tale is that Homer buys a cursed monkey paw that grants 3 wishes, the 2nd tale is that Bart has got incredible powers, maimly for mischief, and the 3rd tale Mr. Burns uses Homers brain to make a robot.
Lisa's Pony- After Homer humiliates Lisa at a School contest Homer makes it up to her by buying her a pony. In the end Homer can't afford it so Lisa gives the Pony up.
Saturdays of Thunder- Homers fail a quiz about Bart so he wants to learn more about him. He finds out Bart likes building racers. Homer tries to help Bart but doesn't want help. Things get worse as Bart doesn't want to ride the Team Simpson car.
Flaming Moe's- Homer gives Moe the recipe to the drink he made up. Moe sells the drink and starts to get rich off it. JOINT BEST EPISODE IN THE SEASON!
Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk- Mr. Burns sells his nuclear plant to 2 Germans! To make matters worse Homer gets fired! Eventually though, Mr. Burns buy the plant back.
I Married Marge- The next chapter of Season 2's 'The way we was'. A flashback to the days when Homer and Marge got married.
Disc 3:
Radio Bart- Bart gets a prank microphone on his birthday. He attracts celebrities like Sting with it by pretending to be the boy that fell in a well. Then he does fall in a well and nobody cares.
Lisa the Greek- Homer notices Lisa is great at picking football winners for betting on. When Lisa finds out Homer is using her she tells him her love for is on the line in the next bet!
Homer Alone- Marge has a breakdown in her car. She goes on a calming trip to Rancho Relaxo leaving Patty and Selma with Bart and Lisa and Homer with Maggie. TROUBLE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER FOR HOMER!
Bart the Lover- A yo-yo craze hits Barts school. Ms Krabbapple thats yo-yo off him in class. In a horrible way Bart gets back at her for it.
Homer at the Bat- The company softball team is doing brilliant with Homer Simpsons and his wonderbat! But Mr. Burns doesn't think the team he has will be good enough to beat Shelbyville so he fills his team with real major leaguers. JOINT BEST EPISODE IN THE SEASON!
Seperate Vocations- Tests show Lisa won't become a saxophone
when she gets older but tests strongly say that will be a cop?!
What will be the follow-up to this future-telling? WHO KNOWS!
Disc 4:
Dog of Death- Santa's little helper has a twisted stomach and The Simpsons have to cut on things to pay to heal him. When he comes back the family don't love him as much. Santa's little helper runs away to become one of Mr. Burns's guard dogs!
Colonel Homer- After an armugent with Marge at the movies somehow Homer becomes the manager of a singer named Lurleen Lumpkin over night. When Marge thinks there marriage is failing Homer leaves the now even more famous Lurleen forever.
Black Widower- Sideshow Bob returns, apparently reformed, and tries to marry Selma. When Bart yet again finds out Bob's evil plan, he gets to Bob in the nick of time with some friends.
The Otto Show- After attending a Spinal Tap concert Bart gets a guitar. On the school Otto plays the guitar all morning causing the kids to be late for school and Otto to lose his job! Who will Otto live with and what will happen to him in the end?
Bart's friend falls in love- Milhouse falls in love the new girl, Samantha Stanky. Barts jealousy drives them apart!
Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?- When Homers wins an award off Mr. Burns, A trophy and $3000, Homers long-lost brother Herb Powell returns! What will happens the two brothers meet again...?
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on 14 February 2004
The Simpsons had hit their stride in this, the third season. The sappy endings that filled most of the first two seasons were gone, the animation and colors were no longer stiff or quite as washed out and grainy looking, and the voices for the first time sounded clear and perfect. The stories and episodes were also some of the best, and here it was still a surpirse to see guest stars and guest voices on the show (In the episode HOMER DEFINED, Homer sounds ecstatic when he hears that Magic Johnson has called him up at the Power Plant).
This season on top of all of the visual imporvements also showed us some of the most entertaining and memorable episodes. LISA'S PONY has Homer turning into a zombie doing the graveyard shift at the Kwik E Mart to pay for Lisa's new Pony, a pony he bought for her after ruining her talent show audition. SEPERATE VOCATIONS has Bart and Lisa switching personalities after taking the Career Aptitute Normalizing Test (or CAN'T) a test to tell you what field you would be best in. Bart cleans up his act, and is offered a hall monitor job at school after hearing he should be a cop, a disgusted Lisa turns tough after reciving Home Maker instead of blues artist. FLAMING MOE'S has Homer's own alcohalic drink saving Moe's Tavern, with Moe taking all of the credit and Homer getting nothing. BART THE LOVER has Bart toying with his lonely teachers feelings by sending her love letters to her, while she thinks it's a man who answered her personal's ad. THE OTTO SHOW is one of everybody's favorites with Bart's pal Otto losing his bus drivers job and having to live with the Simpsons. Finally, I MARRIED MARGE has Homer retelling the kids how he proposed to Marge and his struggles to find a job with Bart on the way. There are PLENTY of other good episodes to talk about in this season such as the softball episode, the episode where German investors buy the power plant and the soapbox derby episode (hopefully will be released in it's original un-cut fashion, even when shown the first couple of times back in 90-91 some scenes were edited out.)
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Its one of the things we rarely think out as Simpsons fans - how does each season change or progress from another? With the, what we might now call 'Modern' era of The Simpsons (post year 2000), there has been little need for development since the show has already been running for so many years, hence the total lack of originality and heart in these efforts. But by Season 3, which you are currently viewing, we finally see the making of The Simpsons, and a comfortable format to watch.

Whereas Season's 1 and 2 look a bit dated these days as the production was still getting into it's stride, Season 3 is the first 'classic' series. The animation is so much cleaner for a starter and more pleasing on the eye, while the most important aspect, character development, finally takes proper shape. By this point, its fair to say that we could see a sign of things to come that would stretch all the way through to the end of Season 4. And there's no need to re-iterate; Seasons 5, 6 and 7 are quite simply 'The Golden Age'.

But the best attribute of Season 3 and 4 are the story lines - they're just unforgettable, and quite easily feature some of the best heart-to-heart scenes.

Stark Raving Dad
Mr Lisa Goes to Washington
When Flanders Failed
Bart the Murderer
Homer Defined
Like Father Like Clown
Treehouse of Horror II
Lisa's Pony
Saturdays of Thunder
Flaming Moe's
Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
I Married Marge
Radio Bart
Lisa the Greek
Homer Alone
Bart the Lover
Homer at the Bat
Separate Vocations
Dog of Death
Colonel Homer
Black Widower
The Otto Show
Bart's Friend Falls in Love
Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes

'Lisas Pony' is for me the classic, with the tale of the father trying to provide as much as he can for his daughter, and a lovely end to match. But in fairness, a large majority of these episodes follow a similar path, with 'Colonel Homer' proving how lucky Marge really is, 'Bart's Friend Falls in Love' recalls the struggle between friendship and infant love, while 'Saturdays of Thunder' highlights Homer and Barts father to son relationship.

The season is filled with darn good warm episodes that, generally, make you feel great by the end. This is part of the motive with the character development - its a season that is ultimately "satisfying" when you've watched an episode, which honestly can't be said at all about the Modern Simpsons. I my opinion, it is for all the reasons the most important season you could add to your collection, and one that you would never get tired of!

DVD case is exactly same design as the Seasons 1 - 5, which doesn't have very strong spines since you have to keep un-folding it. The post-season 6 DVD packages were an improvement as the DVD holders were all on the same spine.

In short, if you're looking to buy the earliest Simpsons that have that "watch again" factor, then I have to recommend this Season 3. Although Seasons 1 and 2 still have some good laughs, I feel in terms of value it's a no brainer to go for this product since it really was the making of The Simpsons as we would know and love for many years to come.
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on 25 September 2003
WOW is the only word to describe season 3 of The Simpsons - the best thing to happen on TV since it was invented. I feel season 3 is the exact time when you truly see Bart, Homer and the rest of the gang in their true light. Not only has the voice dubbing and animation been improved to the much higher quailty than in the previous two seasons, but also has the script and the storylines. Homer is a genius at being stupid, Bart is getting up to no good. Everything is perfect here. Every episode is 'the best epidsode ever'. The Simpons season 3 really is the best thing since...well...ever!
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on 14 October 2003
As most of these reviews seem to be of the annoying vain of writing the review before having witnessed the dvd I thought I would write one of the actual dvd.
SOUND: First of all, for all you sound junkies like me, it is in 5.1 (incase you dont know, that means full surround sound) thats right, rather surreally you can hear krusty knocking at the simpsons door and it is actually heard souly in the right speaker! Very strange for us used to good old BBC 2 analogue broadcasts but nevertheless adds to the whole experience.
PICTURE: Whilst not looking as great as something like Futurama due to its age i guess, the picture is still pretty decent, rather obviously being better than televisions transmissions, but not vastly so. Nothing of great wonder but still acceptable.
EXTRA FEATURES: Personally directors commentraries bore me usually, but i find with animation such as Futurama and the Simpsons they are great, almost amusing as the episodes sometimes to hear the writers talking about the episodes! Apart from the commentaries for me there is little, except a few mildly pointless animation features that arent really worth it.
Im sure you know the episodes are great, I never realised what great episodes came from season 3.
Great dvd, great episodes, well worth it!
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on 18 May 2013
"This is my personal favourite season of The Simpsons. The first disc has it's moments, Homer Defined", "Bart The Murderer", "Stark Raving Dad" and "When Flanders Failed" are all great episodes. (Although good episodes, "Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington" and "Like Father, Like Clown" seem boring in comparison).
Disc 2 is even better. The second "Treehouse Of Horror" episode is almost as incredibly well written as the first, "Lisa's Pony" and "Saturdays Of Thunder" are also great. Unfortunately "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" usually sends me to sleep, (apart from the "land of chocolate" part) and there have been better episodes on Marge and Homer's relationship than "I Married Marge". However "Flaming Moe's" is on a different level altogether to all episodes mentioned previously. It is one of the best written, funniest episodes this show has ever produced and will remain an all time classic.
However from Disc 3 onwards, especially after "Lisa The Greek", the episodes seem to run into each other, you can't put the remote control down, you simply have to keep watching. For you are viewing classic episode after classic episode after classic episode. Of course, i am just describing MY experiences, others may not feel the same way. The only exception to this is "Dog Of Death", although a great, well written, clever episode, I usually skip over it as it makes me feel great sadness and has once reduced me to tears of joy when they get Santa's Little Helper back. First there is "Homer Alone". David Stern decided to use a "deeper vein in comedy" in this episode by focusing on Marge rather than Bart or Homer, as most of the other writers were doing. It's a fantastic episode with lots of humour and lots goes on, it seems more than 21 minutes. "Bart The Lover" is another fantastic episode. I love hearing the letters that Bart writes to Mrs. Krabappel. "Homer At The Bat" is probably the episode that made me laugh the most in the entire season. My favourite part was when Ken Griffey Jr. had gigantism. "Separate Vocatians" Is a very interesting episode and another one that you can't fault. It's as good as every one of the episodes mentioned in this paragraph. There's so much great humour in this episode. As for the other episodes on Disc 3, "Radio Bart" is a very cleverly written episode and is one of the best to watch. "Lisa The Greek is also as good as everyone of those episodes.
I can't explain this flow of episodes that all seem to go together so well. It is intrupted slightly by "Dog Of Death", as I explained earlier.
But this flow picks right up again with one of my favourite episodes of all time, "Colonel Homer". I think it's one of the only episodes where Matt Groening wrote the entire thing. Being a country music fan, I wish Lurleen Lumpkin was a real life character. On top of being a great episode about her, it's a better "Marge And Homer Relationship" episode than "I Married Marge". Then there is "Black Widower" in which Sideshow Bob marries Selma, which is a great episode, with a hilarious ending. And then, there is my favourite Simpsons episode of all time, The Otto Show. It was the first episode i ever watched on the "Backstage Pass" dvd, which I had rented from the library when I was eight years old. I always loved that episode, something about it has always caught my attention. Yet I don't know what it is. I love everything, from the Spinal Tap part, to the ending, but my favourite part was when otto was driving in a hurry to get to the school. Especially when he collides with the Spinal Tap bus. This is where this outstanding, mesmerising flow of episodes comes to an end. It ends on the greatest high you can imagine. This flow of episodes is why this is my favourite season. And it was the beginning of the classics. More or less, everything that followed would be gold, up until almost a decade later.
The last two episodes. "Bart's Friend Falls In Love" isn't a great episode. It's not the worst, but it isn't much compared to what has come before it. It's just nothing special to me. The last episode, however, is fantastic. herb Powell was the star of season 2 for me and he returns in this episode. I love everything about this episode and it is a fantastic way for the season to come to a close.
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on 6 December 2003
Wow! is what springs to mind when you see whats on this box set. It has over 20 episodes on the these videos for you to enjoy at home, and 20 episodes of the best comedy is like heaven and above.
The lack of extra features on the video is annoying, but those can be found on the DVD version.
Series 3 is not the best series, but is ranked right up there, and some of the episodes will have you laughing for days after. (The rest of the episodes many only make you laugh for 24 hours afterwards - bit dissapointing!!!).
Overall, well woth the money for what you can and will watch over and over again!
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on 5 July 2004
yes it's the simpsons!!!!!
In their best ever season! when i bought this i was really happy as it is def Worth it, especially for £15! it's normally £40 so i'd hurry and get it wile you can!
All 24 episodes are:
Stark Raving Dad
Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington
When Flanders Failed
Bart The Murderer
Homer Defined
Like Father, Like Clown
Disc 2:
Treehouse of horror II
Lisa's Pony
Saturdays of Thunder
Flaming Moes
Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
I married Marge
Disc 3:
Radio Bart
Lisa the Greek
Homer Alone
Bart the Lover
Homer At the Bat
Seperate Vocations
Disc 4:
Dog of Death
Colonel Homer
Black Widower
The Otto Show
Bart's Friend Falls In Love
Brother, can you spare two dimes?
Includes voice commentary from Matt Groening and more fabulous extra's!
Nothing on Tv? put this on instead!the episodes never gt boring!
and all this in a nice little purple/pink box!
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