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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2002
For the past 4 years THQ and Yukes have worked on producing the WWE licensed games. Each game that has been released has been an improvement on the previous game in the series. WWE Smackdown 4 Shut Your Mouth, takes the Smackdown series to new levels. WWE Smackdown 4 Shut Your Mouth is easily the game Just Bring It Should Have been. The roster itself consists of 65 wrestlers ranging from Stone Cold, Rock, Triple H, RVD, Brock Lesnar right down to the lower card wrestlers. Everyone currently on the WWE roster is set to be included in the game making it the largest roster in a WWE game yet.
The graphics have been improved greatly each wrestler is made up of 3000 polygons, most people might not know what this means but if you look at a character in this game and the previous one you'll see a remarkable improvement.
The game also includes new features to make the wrestling action for the first time in the Smackdown series you can do moves with weapons. I don't mean hit someone with a chair, I'm talking about doing moves like the Van Daminator, Taker's Chair to Throat and DDT's on the Chairs. Also the game features a much better reversal system which means you can now counter your opponents moves and even go as far as stealing your opponent's finishers to use against them.
What this game has is attention to detail. Every Wrestler has several outfits, their entrance movie and music are as you would find on WWE TV programs, the entrances are accuratly modelled for example RVD has his pyro and famous 'R-V-D' taunt, Triple H has his usually entrance but in this game you see the water being poured from the bottle and when he spits it out it is greatly improved. Wrestlers also have character specific title entrances, Austin drags his belt to the ring, Taker wears his round his neck as he rides to the ring. Plus in this game champions will wear the belt in any match, not just title matches, to add to the realism.
One of the things that I truly like about the game is how individual the characters are. Every wrestler is modelled exactly on their real life counterpart, even going as far as how they stand, walk and move has been re-created. The movesets each wrestler has is designed to be specific to each wrestler, for example RVD has a lot of high flying moves and his signature kicks and flips. Also the way counter and react to moves is specific, throw a punch or kick at RVD he'll catch the arm or leg step over it with his left leg and go into his trademark heel kick. The Undertaker will take the punch or kick but not react to it, instead he'll shrug his shoulders and return a shot of his own. Hogan will do the famous 'Hulk Up' routine.
This is incredible and it makes you wonder what the next game in the series will like. How can they top this?
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on 16 April 2017
I remember playing this game as a kid and spending hundreds of hours on it, I must say it still didn't lose its charm 15 years later.
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on 21 November 2002
I, like most WWE fans, was disappointed with the previous Smackdown game, Just Bring It. It didn't seem to have advanced the series a great deal since the excellent Know Your Role on PSOne. Because of this, I was unsure whether or not to buy the latest edition for fear that it may be yet more of the same, but boy was I wrong!
The leap from edition 3 to 4 of the series has been very big. As expected, graphics have improved, entrances look amazing and we have the chance to play as RVD, Booker T, Brock Lesnar etc. for the first time. However, what really makes this a must have for WWE fans is the season mode. The memory of Just Bring It's ridiculously short story mode has thankfully been erased with undoubtedly the best season mode seen on a wrestling game. After you pick your character and choose whether to be a Raw or Smackdown wrestler you are immediately thrown into a storyline which culminated in a big match at the first PPV, Backlash. The developers have clearly put a lot of time and thought into creating the storyline elements and it works beautifully. Real life stories such as Triple H's return from injury and the debut of the nWo come into it at the right times (prior to the Royal Rumble and No Way Our respectively) and the Raw vs Smackdown story incorporates lots of elements of 2001's Invasion storyline, even having an elimination match at Survivor Series to see which brand survives. You can choose to play a second year of stories too once you finish your first Wrestlemania, which will allow more hidden characters and elements to be revealed (some wrestlers aren't playable in season mode until you unlock them eg. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, nWo). It takes a lot of time to play through the mode, which is exactly how it should be.
A plea to all WWE fans being cautious about this game - buy it. You can't help but enjoy it.
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on 2 January 2003
WWE Smackdown-Shut Your Mouth is definitely the best wrestling game today.To fully review it I would run out of space so I will summarise some things.
Firstly theres quite a few new superstars in SYM including Brock Lesnar,Ric Flair,Hollywood Hulk Hogan,Booker T,Rob Van Dam,Kevin Nash,Lance Storm,Shawn Michaels and more.Unfortunately some missing wrestlers are Rey Mysterio,Scott Steiner,John Cena,Tommy Dreamer and Chavo Guerrero among others.
The Season mode is now 2 years long instead of 3 matches long like Just Bring It.Items such as videos,moves,clothes and second outfits for wrestlers can be unlocked.
Create A Wrestler is much better and up to 32 wrestlers can be saved.Although Rey Mysterio isn't in the game you can unlock his outfit,mask,tatoo and entrance moves.You can make Rey to look exactly like he really does.
Other things worth trying are:
To do moves with weapons(ladders,chairs,trash cans,lids,steps and tables) press for a normal grapple while holding a weapon.
Also you can stand a ladder or table against the turnbuckles and put people through them.You can throw an opponent into the ringpost(unlike other Smackdowns).
You can do moves while on the ladder aswell.If you and your opponent are on the ladder keep punching him until he slumps down then press for a grapple.Usually you do a superplex off the ladder but Jeff Hardy does a Swanton off it and Jericho does the Walls Of Jericho on the top of the ladder.
To unlock the Divas video you will have to beat 100 people in the Slobberknocker mode.Its hard but it can be done.This is the only item which can't be unlocked in Season.
One of the best things about this game is that some of WWE's real storylines are here including the Draft/Brand Extension,the Angle head shaving,Austin's signing with Raw or Smackdown,Flair and Vince as feuding owners and the arrival of the nWo.
My only problem is there's still no blood.Wouldn't it be great if the next Smackdown included First Blood matches,Strap matches,Chain matches,Inferno matches and the awesome Elimination Chamber.
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on 19 November 2002
Here is a review by somebody who has actually played the game (solidly for 4 days!) and as such I'll tell you what I would have liked to know. Firstly the roster, there are 60 wrestlers and Rey Mysterio is not one of them, neither is John Cena, Batista or Eric Bischoff. Basically this is the roster from around this summer because although the Vengeance arena from July is un-lockable in the game, the Vengeance arena from December is used in season mode in July, so they had time to create the arena, but not put it in the season mode. This is also probably why Stone Cold is in the game, they knew he was gone by June but as he is a big part of the season mode (he has to choose RAW or Smackdown! And posters of him appear backstage and outside the arena) they could not remove him from the game and still make the release date. The most up to date story line is Shawn Michaels versus Triple H in a street-fight at Summerslam. The much hyped season mode starts in April 2002, and goes up until Wrestlemania 2004! You wrestle 4 shows a month with your chosen wrestler (RAW, Smackdown! Or both if your the Champ, only ever 4 a month though, so if you're the champ that's 2 of each) and up to 14 Pay-Per-Views a year (Insurrextion & Rebellion are optional). By my maths that's up to 124 matches a year with your chosen wrestler! Last years Season mode was like 3 matches! That doesn't include the other matches, some of which you can play as another wrestler or interfere with your own. Each show, be it TV or PPV is made up of 3 matches, so that's 372 matches that take place over the course of the 2-year season mode. Title wise it's the same deal again, it's the same titles that were around in the early summer. So that's 1 set of tag champs, one world's champ (the undisputed, not WCW belt), Intercontinental, European, Hardcore, and Cruiserweight (although the Light-Heavyweight is pictured on the title screen, the champ wears the old WCW Cruiserweight belt to the ring). The champions at the start of game are Christian & Lance Storm, The Undertaker, RVD, Regal, Bradshaw, & The Hurricane, so you get an idea of when the programmers cut off point for changes were. From playing through the entire season the old WCW belt is not in the game at all despite some early screen shots. All of the wrestlers are unlocked but their different outfits aren't, so if you win at a PPV you have a choice of items to Unlock. For example, at the No Mercy PPV you could unlock Shawn Michaels other outfits if you completing year 2, or two other wrestlers outfits be it year 1 or 2, or moves sets, create parts, or the PPV arena you were just victorious in. Michaels has 2 outfits, jeans & nWo shirt or jeans, white t-shirt & cowboy hat, so no tights from 98 & before. So the game only allows recent outfits, so even though I have yet to unlock The Undertaker, I doubt he has his old black tights from 99 and before. Hogan has 2 red & yellow outfits (different bandana's) and 1 nWo black & white outfit like he'd have worn when he returned in February. Most wrestlers have 2 or 3 outfits, I've only found X-Pac so far that only has 1 and I'd guess that was because he was a late edition to the game. Most of the big stars have 3, The Rock has his tights, track suit & leather outfit, Austin has his all black tights, black tights with red knee brace and cut off jeans and What? T-shirt, Triple H has 1 set of tights, jeans & white Triple H T-shirt, and jeans, jean jacket over black leather jacket and T-shirt combo. Jericho has 3 outfits, 2 are variations of his pink & black tights, one with shirt, one without where he has a beard and his hair tied back, the other he has no beard and his hair down. Play ability wise this is the best yet, advances have been made to improve things without spoiling what was right in the 1st place. For example, you used to press grapple to pull up an opponent, you still do, but now if you press grapple twice your opponent will have his back to you, this makes it much easier to do special moves from behind, like the Angle-Slam. To reverse you press square for a punch or kick but square and a direction to reverse a grapple, instead of just square for everything like last year. This adds depth as you must consider you opponent, like Stone Cold throws alot of kicks and punches, whereas others grapple more. Weapons are more interactive than ever, grapple whilst holding a chair and you DDT your opponent on it, stun an opponent whilst holding one and you can do a Smackdown! Move with it. All in all, this game is better in every way compared to those that went before it. It looks the best yet, Booker T, RVD, Hogan, Shawn Michaels, all look identical to how they do in real life. It plays better than ever, the options season mode, and roster is the best yet. I mean when has there ever been a time when you have the top ECW stars (RVD, Rhyno, Tazz, The Dudley Boyz, etc) the top WCW stars (DDP, Booker T, Hogan, Flair, the nWo) and the top WWF stars (Rock, Austin, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane) all in the same game? I mean, each year we've come to expect better graphics, more options, enhanced game-play, and as such this game is the best yet, but if you consider that we'll probably never have a roster as good as this again, then this just might be the best ever!
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on 24 November 2002
Firstly, i will start by saying that this WWE game has the best roster included in it, ever! More match types than ever before! The list goes on, but i talk about the more detailed things. You may have noticed on clips of the game, or on the game itself, that when you do a special move, it can repeat it self slowly, like in the matrix, several times. You can do this by pressing L1 after you pressed the smackdown button already ( Brock Lesnar's F-5 looks the best when doing this ). The Hell in a Cell match has had a mass improvement on it, as now it is the full size like on the WWE, which is a differece to its predeccesors which dont have the full size Hell in a Cell. The match is also now more interactive. You can do moves off the top of it like do a chokeslam all the way to the floor, inside you can grind your opponents face across the cell or you can just throw your opponent onto it. One feature of the game that i enjoy is the choice of ring attire. You can now choose what your choice of wrestler wears or looks e.g Shawn Michaels = nWo outfit or normal outfit? You decide. The CAW (Create - a - Wrestler) looks like a huge improvement, with THQ saying that the CAW is so advanced that you can create yourself as a wrestler on there. Another thing i like is the ability to be able to compete in 14 different arenas, which are all the pay per view arenas of the year, including UK pay per views Rebellion and Insurextion. This is a mass improvement on the 5 arenas on Just Bring It. The reversal system on this game is a whole lot better this time around. Now, by pressing the Square button and the correct directional button, you can reverse what your opponent is about to do. Also, when ypu have to SmackDown! special moves on your counter, you can also reverse your opponent into doing THEIR SmackDown! special move (cant wait to see Spike Dudley F-5 Brock Lesnar.....). All in all, you can say that even if your not a fan of the WWE, or just a casual fan, you will love the game just like the people who love the WWE do. I say buy, this game has been one of the hottest games around all year, and now its released, it still is.
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on 14 May 2003
Smackdown 1 was ok, Smackdown 2 was good, Smackdown 3 was very good but Samckdown 4 is amazing. Smackdown 3's season mode was terribly boring but on Smackdown 4 there is such a wider range of things to do and unlock. I would only like to improve one thing though, the graphics have barely improved and sometimes can get a bit tacky. The thing i love about the Smackdown series has always been the season mode which enables you to select a character from the WWE list or use one of your own created wrestlers and fight for a belt, or to speak to different superstars, get a manager for ringside viewing and sometimes a bit of help, but the best 2 things i liked about it were the storylines that are made throughout the future because they start to become made up as you go past the present year we are in now, and also the occasional true voices from the best superstars saying there famous catchphrases. It is definitely by far the best smackdown game or any other wrestling game yet,
Happy Wrestling!
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on 19 November 2002
THQ seem to have finally sorted themselves out with their latest offering "Smackdown - Shut your mouth." After playing WWF Smackdown 2 - Know your role, I knew the franchise was one to watch. I waited with baited breath for the next incarnation to grace my PS2 and, sad to say, SD3 "Just Bring It" was a huge disappointment. With tail between my legs I retreated to my local store to trade it in for another title.
So when I heard of the follow up I was more than justified to keep one eye on other games as a potential replacement. But, much to my delight, it looks like I won't be doing so. THQ have by-and-large removed every gripe present in its predecessor. Yet, a small number of irritations remain, this goes to explain the 4 out of 5 star rating.
Firstly, the good points. The variety of wrestlers, moves and match types are improved on from SD3. Wrestlers are much more realistic to their characters. The Rock will wrestle in his distinct manic way, hitting you with fast punches keeping you down. Y2J will come across as a complete egomaniac, slapping you about, taunting you and showing off. It follows for all the wrestlers. They act as they should do. Furthermore, the interaction has taken a step up. You can steal opponents' finishing moves, counter finishing moves, look under the ring for weapons and utilise chairs, tables and ladders much more than in the last game.
There are more match types too. Elimination tag matches, lumberjack matches and more. Hell in a Cell is done properly this time too, with space between the ring and cage. Hardcore matches are more varied, with loads of weapons to use and areas to explore. The commentary too is a whole lot better. The frequency of commentary is low, but when they do speak it is generally relevant information. It helps having JR and the King behind the mics rather than Tazz and Cole, as the two seem to have much better chemistry, with Jerry Lawler drooling over the divas as JR questions his professionalism. Great stuff.
Season mode for SD3 was possibly the most rushed piece of garbage ever witnessed. In SD2 the interface was basic, but addictive. In SD4 they have taken the concept from SD3 and given it the addictiveness of SD2. In other words, the season mode here is what it should have been in SD3. You start off at the bottom, wrestling on Heat to try and gain some reputation, but soon you'll be plying your trade on Raw or Smackdown and all the various PPVs for a period of 2 years. The length of the story mode is a big plus for the game. Whereas on SD3 you could win the title in 30minutes, there is no such tripe in SD4. You are faced with tonnes of options throughout the season, determining whom you ally with and whom you don't. There are loads of career paths to take making for a great deal of potential replay value.
On top of this, you have a truly fantastic create mode, which has never wavered, even on SD3. There is an unbelievable amount of stuff to unlock, including outfits, arenas, moves and more. Start salivating.
However, there are a few factors that contributed to the imperfect rating. Of my more petty gripes, there is still no create-a-PPV mode, which I for one really enjoyed on SD2. The graphics are great 80% of the time, but can look rather shoddy at times. I still believe the PS2's graphic engine is not being utilised fully. This aside, the game is top-notch.
But, the main problems still exist in the season mode, despite it being a huge improvement on SD3. There is still no 2 player season option, which is a big irritation if you, like me, have an equally WWF loving mate. In SD2 there was no better joy than playing through the story together, but since then it seems programming limitations have eliminated the option to do so. Frustrating. Furthermore, the career paths in the season mode can tend to be very short term. Enemies you make are all but void within a month or so. One particular story I was involved in illustrated this perfectly. I found Stacy backstage and asked her to be my manager (as you do), which she said she would consider. The next show I found her again and she said she would love too - result. That night she accompanied me to my match. At the next show, which happened to be a PPV, she was nowhere to be seen. The RAW following that I found her again only for her to tell me to get lost. From then on I was manager-less. It seems that choices you make remain in effect for a couple of shows and then fall into irrelevance.
On top of this there is the irritation of having to play the same matches over and over. You won't just play Hardcore Holly in a one-off singles match, but rather in 3 consecutive matches. Dull. It's also weird to see yourself in a tag team with Al Snow against Kurt Angle with D-von Dudley. When would that match ever take place? It is all a bit random some times. Furthermore, regardless of whether you are on Heat, Raw, Smackdown or a PPV, there are only ever 3 matches per show. Kinda strange don't you think? Is it too much to ask for THQ to put a proper amount on the respective shows?
Yet, despite these problems the game is a good one. With my irritation surrounding SD3 I thought it best to warn any potential buyers as to the main issues concerning the new game. I hope you make the right decision....
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on 7 December 2002
Smackdown 4 is the greatest. i got it the day it came out. i was waiting for ages to see what it was like since last years diappointmant. it has improved 101% in every aspest. the graghics are amazing and the game play is skill. wrestlers like booker t hulk hogan and brock lesner look just like they do on tv. some of the most impressive parts of the game are the season mode, which lasts 2 years, the amount of matches, including a full size hell in a cell, lumberjack, elimination tag, captain fall,anywhere fall slobber knocker and all the old favourites. now the the crowd is 3d in stead of flat people and the commentery is better but its still not brilliant. the season mode starts with linda mcmahon stating the current situation, and then the draft begins. from there your currently chosen superstar will go through all sorts of storylines. your main goal will be to win the undisputed chapionship. if start with a highly rated superstar like the rock benoit angle or taker you will ammidiatly stat wrestling at all the main shows and ppv events. but if you start with a created wrestler or a lowly rated superstar then you will be forced to miss pay per views and wrestle on heat. the only problem with that is you may have to wrestle the same person over and over....
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on 8 August 2002
This game so far is much improved over the last game, which was very underpar compared to the rest of the series. But this game improves in many ways for instance longer story mode which lasts around 2 years with 4 Raws, 4 Smackdowns and then 1 PPV every month just like in real life. Another improvement are the amount of wrestlers which have been confirmed to be around 60-65 wrestlers this time, instead of only 45 in the last game. Some of the new wrestlers in this game are:- Hulk Hogan ( in Red & Yellow of course) Rob Van Dam, Stacy Keibler, Brock Lesnar, Lance Storm, Ric Flair and many more! Now onto the the new and improved match types which are as follows:- Slobberknocker Anywhere( which is basically Slobberknocker but in the backstage areas) Captain Tag Match( In this match you select a captain, but if he is pinned or submits your team loses.) With this new game, quality comes over quantity which has been shown in match types:- with only two or three new match types, but the most improvements have been shown in the Hell In A Cell( which is now full size so it surrounds the ring) and handicap matches( this match now get more different variations for instance:- 4 on 1 or 3 on 2 etc.) Another section which shows quality over quantity is the backstage areas, in which they are less areas to go into, but are more interactive with the wrestlers for instance going for glass or pulling things off the wall, one last thing these backstage areas are being made to look like none other than Madison Square Garden.
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