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on 23 July 2017
Exactly what I was after and at a very good price
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VINE VOICEon 20 November 2003
Jaz, Geordie, Raven and Youth are back with one of the best timed albums of their career.
Over the years Killing Joke have sat on the periphery of the pop/punk/electronica scene with their abrasive style often failing to meet the mainstream audience that they deserve.
With this new effort 'Killing Joke', the theme is observation of world events and the concerns Jaz has over the tyranny of the worlds superpower.
Kicking off with 'Death and Resurrection Show', you are left in no doubt that the old tribal rhythms are back and that Mr Coleman has lost none of his vocal savagery and intelligence.
Song after song pushes political comment and driving drums with no shortage of good tunes. Standout tracks are many, 'Blood on your hands', 'Seeing Red', 'House that Pain Built', they're all good.
To my mind this is their finest hour since their first album and that really is saying something.
Oh and Dave Grohl plays on the album....!
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on 30 July 2003
After what seemed to be the longest hiatus of a 25 year career, Killing Joke returns with a blistering album. The original lineup (with Dave Grohl on drums) has produced a snarlingly angry and aggressive album that actually manages melody. Singer Jaz Coleman's voice covers the wittily dark lyrics ranging from a soft-spoken (sometimes whispered) sound, to a gutteral growl. Let's face it, Geordie is a guitar god, and Grohl (who pounds the drums for all he's worth), Youth and Raven produce a stellar wall of heavy groove rhythm. Highlights are all over the place, from the opening track, "The Death and Resurrection Show," the blistering "Asteroid," massively catchy "Seeing Red" and closing number "The House that Pain Built." Jaz covers war, alienation, corruption, imperialism, and morbidity - so no light content here(as if you might ever expect that from this lot). Definitely the best thing that Killing Joke have put out for a long time... and given the state of music today, a blessed return to form from one of the more interesting bands of the last 25 or so years.
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on 1 August 2003
I must confess to some scepticism at first. The first Killing Joke album since the rather weak “Democracy”, featuring both Youth and Raven on bass and, perhaps most surprisingly, Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters on drums. Well, there was no need for the scepticism. This is, quite simply, the best Killing Joke album yet, mixing the best elements of the early years with those from “Pandemonium” and “Democracy” but thankfully ignoring Jaz Coleman and Youth’s foray into orchestral versions of other people’s songs.
From the beginning, it is clear that the years have not diminished the sheer madness of Killing Joke. What other band could start an album with lyrics exhorting the listener to put on masks and animal skins and not sound frankly ridiculous? Opener “The Death & Resurrection Show” finds Coleman’s voice in fine form, the drumming of Grohl bettering anything he did with Nirvana, Geordie’s guitar as razor-wire sharp as ever and the twin basses of Raven and Youth gelling perfectly. From then on things just get better, with “Implant” and “Blood On Your Hands” both deserving particular praise. There is not a bad tune in sight. Any fan of the Killing Joke of old can be reassured that age has not mellowed them and this would make the perfect start for anyone new to the band. This should be on the shopping list of anyone at all who likes leftfield rock, so-called nu-metal or punk. KJ show the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Slipknot etc how this should be done. Protest music at its strongest and finest.
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on 29 July 2003
I have quite honestly dreamt of this album for the past two years... not that I take my dreams seriously so it was with great surprise I received word from a work colleague that Killing Joke were to soon release another album.
And they do not disappoint. The musical and lyrical quality is just what one has come to expect from Killing Joke whilst remaining original, innovative and more importantly... invigorating. There is not one track on the album that does not stand out as superb. Whether your a metal fan or punk, a die hard politico or occult philosopher the work of Killing Joke is a must hear and this album is the icing on the already well mixed and baked cake.
Tracks like Implant, Seeing Red and Dark Forces evoke an intense feeling of power, anger and a tenacious desire to stand tall against all ills.
This album comes at a time when it is most needed and I for one look forward to the UK tour and future offerings from Jaz Coleman and the rest.
I can not think of an album I have enjoyed more since Democracy, I recommend this offering to any and all.
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on 25 August 2003
The UK has not had as many truly original and influential bands as it likes to think it has (try and count 'em and get past 20) but as any KJ fan will tell you, once bitten, forever rabid. The early Joke were truly awesome, with a gig atmosphere that wanted to make you go out and burn down the nearest government building. This new album is, as far as every old KJ fan will tell you, quite magnificent, imposing, frightening and moving. This is a great band at the top of their game.
The earlier albums, particularly Revelations meant everything to me. It explained everything I felt about new town knowhere England and gave me a lot of direction. Probably the most important piece of art I ever experienced. This new album, a better recording, particularly the drum sound (Grohl) is more global in its lyrics but nonetheless its a mighty piece of work.
Nu metal? Yeah right.... If you're new to KJ then get this then Revelations, Whats This For?, Night Time and you'll be well on your way to salvation.
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on 4 August 2003
So here's the new album which has had a mixed reception - the music press seem to be praising it whilst fans have a more critical approach. As usual, it's different from any other album they've made before. Musically it's pretty straight forward, pretty thrashy / industrial, which is not a bad thing as some have been saying, it's to the point, no messing about, straight for the jugular and personally i'm glad they've taken this approach. I prefer this album to DEMOCRACY and even PANDEMONIUM both of which had a more sprawling chaotic approach. Lyrically this is much more venomous than DEMOCRACY, which suits the current unstable world climate we are living in, loads of apocalyptic rantings and anti-establishment feeling here and although there is some 'occult' referencing it's clearly expressed in relation to very real issues we are facing in the world today. I reckon these tracks will go down a storm live and younger fans should love the heavy style - looking forward to seeing them at Leeds in October - hopefully it'll be an inspiring show! Standout tracks are SEEING RED, DEATH & RESURRECTION SHOW and INFERNO. I'd be interested to read other reviews from other fans - let's hear you! Killing Joke are not afraid to takes risks and try new directions so just keep an open mind when listening - if you're looking for the ultimate Joke albums try EXTREMETIES, REVELATIONS and FIREDANCES. Well, the albums been playing as I've written this and just ended - think i'll press play again!
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on 25 September 2005
In musical terms, this album is akin to the finding of the holy grail. It's been a long hard road for Killing Joke, and their story is one that's rife with all the melodrama and tragedy that makes for an epic tale worth telling. But any story worth telling requires a fitting, epic conclusion and this, my industrial punk death metal loving friends is it.
The final word.
Now, that all sounds a bit on the melodramatic side, but the hyperbole is worth bearing with because this is the hardcore punk album that closes the book.
From the outset, this band...this band with over 20 years under their collective belt, send out a signal that's hard to miss...they're not kidding anymore. And so, strike up the drums! as Jaz bellows over Geordie's persistent emergency beacon riff on 'The Death and Resurrection Show'... From hereon in, the kiddies must step aside, as the weather-beaten prophets of the apocalypse step in, and their prophecy doesn't seem wide of the mark either anymore....
Which leads us sledge hammer style into 'Total Invasion' perhaps the most brutal and politically prescient of all the songs on this album. They keep it simple, they keep it tight, and kudos to Dave Grohl for working over the pre-programmed rhythms to make for a truly astonishing drum performance that takes off with the opener and doesn't let up for the whole of the album. Jaz's lyrics here are simple and heartfelt in their fury, and compel the song along until the majestic Geordie guitar swoops in on the chorus. As for the new vocal style...it's just the right side of hysteria and hilarity to make the skin crawl up the back of your spine in fear.
Next up we either peak or fall apart with the brutally demolishing 'Asteroid' with it's suitably Killing Joke-esque premonitions of global death from on high, but it's a good refresher for the incredible 'Implant', which stuns with it's complex rhythmic and vocal undulations before leading into perhaps the best and most damning track on the album.
'Blood on your Hands' leaves little to the imagination, and it's classic pulsating Killing Joke at it's best as Jaz roars ( and I know it's an overworked analogy but he really does sound like he's singing from the bowels of hell on this one) that it's a "Man made hell and a man made devil" that's brought the world to it's knees. The effect is stunning, bludgeoning...as the band stampede to a climax that leaves you toiling, reeling from the after-effects of Geordie's guitar, Youth's bass and Grohl's drums.
And I could go on.
From heron in we have few moments of light relief, maybe the heartfelt 'You'll Never Get To Me' lightens the load somewhat, but its only the calm before the righteous railing of 'Seeing Red' which reveals the ensemble genius of Killing Joke and Dave Grohl in all it's tub thumping glory.
Killing Joke....a superlative defying album perhaps, but the defining industrial rock album of a generation in truth, and the pretenders can safely lay down their tools at the feet of the old gods.
Beyond comparison.
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on 10 August 2003
What can I say? When I first bought the album I was worried that, like Democracy, Geordie's guitar sound would not be there or that, like Pandemonium, there would be drum machines all over the place. I could not believe my ears -- this is the most aggressive Joke album since...well... their first. When I say aggressive, I mean not just musically, but lyrically too ... Jaz is seriously angry here, and with good cause.
I recently read an interview where Jaz said that if he had to choose one Joke album to keep then it would be this one ... I have to say I would agree (though Extremities would come very close).
Live these tracks are going to be AMAZING. The best gig I ever went to was in 1992 on their Extremities tour; I think this just might eclipse it. Come on the Joke, the time is right!
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on 19 July 2003
This album is proof that the best things in life, (wine, champagne and music for instance) mature with age. It is now 25 years since the first mention of Killing Joke appeared in the music press and they officially arrived on the scene. Now we see how they have matured as musicians (check out the work they have contributed to various musical genres - ranging from Dance and Techno to Classical Symphony’s to Punk and then back to Killing Joke. There is no doubt that in a quarter of a century of professional work they are one of the tightest bands around. They make Motorhead sound like nursery school music. Stand aside Lemmy your day is over.
The music itself reminds me a lot of other Joke music. Total Invasion has the choppy guitar sound of Change (an early single) and the bonus track Inferno gives an insight to the side of the band where professional meets personal. Loose Cannon (the single) starts with the overlaid chunky guitar of Geordie -underrated or what? - We then get the abrasive growl of Jaz belting out the lyrics while Raven and Grohl do what they are good at, keep the rhythm pumping along. 'You'll Never Get To Me' sounds like a good bed partner for Inferno. It leaves a certain taste in the mouth that suggests you don’t upset this lot.
It is very good to hear how excellently Dave Grohl has fitted in with the band. If you thought he would influence the sound and give us a few Nirvana type licks forget it. He has blended in with the Joke and must surely be rated as one of the best drummers they have had on record for years. Lets hope he is on the tour, which is due to kick into gear in a few weeks time. I wish the band the best of luck with this collection. The usual crowd from The Gathering will no doubt buy it. Their spot on TOTP will help get it into living rooms and bed sits around the country and the name Dave Grohl will no doubt give the curious and completest fans of Nirvana reason to buy it. Together with it being a 'classic' KJ sound (unlike Democracy) I like to think they will storm the Metal charts and maybe even repeat the success of Love Like Blood (or better).
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