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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2005
The on the buses films are fantastic i have watched them many times and still dont get fed up, i know whats coming and they still make me laugh every time. It captures an era of time which was when some of the best comedys were made around. Holiday on the buses is my favourite, that is a typical holiday camp of that day and age and the way they wreck the chalet with one thing and another, oh its great! Think i will go and watch them again!
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on 1 May 2005
If you are a fan of the tv series then you will no doubt be aware of how good these three films are.
Classic British comedy at it's best. This double DVD has two discs containing the trilogy of films released in the 70's.
All the characters from the great tv show are there as well as some appearances from comedy greats such as Arthur Mullard, Wilfred Brambell and Kate Williams.
Lots of laughs ot be had here and great value for money.
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on 14 August 2003
When I saw this DVD on Amazon I just knew I had to have it! Now at long last we get to see the three classic On the Buses movies in glorious widescreen and with a (mostly) crystal clear picture. On the Buses first hit the big screen as a straightforward "battle of the sexes" movie. Driver Stan and his conductor Jack think they can get away with murder because of the shortage of drivers, but when their Hitler look-a-like inspector comes up with the revolutionary idea of women drivers, the dynamic duo start scheming to get the ladies into all sorts of trouble. There is also a scondary story involving Stan's home life. He shares a tiny terraced house with his mother, sister and brother-in-law. He soon discovers that his sister is pregnant, so Stan now needs his overtime money more than ever. Mutiny on the Buses is the most disappointing of the trilogy, but there are still many laughs to be had. It appears to be a series of sketches strung together with the vague plot of Stan being engaged to one of the "clippies". Arthur (Stan's brother-in-law) is taken on as a driver and his wife, Olive, is suspicious of his relationship with "Nymphy Nora", his "clippy". There is a bizarre sequence with Stan and the Inspector in Windsor Safari Park involving lions and chimps - but don't let that put you off. Holiday on the Buses is probably my favourite of the three. We start off with Stan, Jack and the Inspector being sacked after an accident involving a car, two buses and a topless woman. Pretty soon Stan and Jack get a job at Pontins only to discover that the Inspector has also been employed as head of security. Naturally Stan gets his family to come along for a holiday. Stan and Jack get involved with a few female holidaymakers and ... well you can guess the rest! Lots of laughs, lots of sexual innuendo and lots of mishaps along the way. Great saucy British comedy in the tradition of the Carry On series. It's just a pity that only 3 movies were made. It's great to see them arrive on DVD and even better to - at long last - see them as nature intended: in glorious widescreen! On the Buses is slightly grainy, but Mutiny... and Holiday... are so clear that they look as though they could have been shot yesterday. The packaging is ace too, as inside the sleeve you get to see the original cinema posters of all three movies. If you love British humour and you love a good laugh ... buy these movies from Amazon now!
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VINE VOICEon 9 November 2003
Embarassing to say and undoubtedly hard to believe that I began watching 'On the Buses' when I was young because I wanted to be a bus driver when I got older......Obviously my career goals have now changed somewhat :) but my interest in this collection hasn't. These three films are yet another testimony to the astonishing popularity of British cinema throughout the 60s and 70s, right up to the present day.
Collectively these are fantastic films; uniquely we have a proverbial 'egg-timer' shaped progression........'On The Buses' is brilliant; the classic plot of men vs women is hilarious, especially when the women find spiders in the bus........'Mutiny On The Buses' is the worst of the three. It lacks any real similarity to the Television Series, which is a great shame. 'Holiday On The Buses' was the last film made and was made in the final year of the'On The Buses' franchise. It follows the characters on a Summer Holiday at Pontins they Stan and Jack (the main characters, and 'Blakey') have been fired. Not as good as the first film but an exceptional improvement on the second.
As with any other sitcom, whether it is on TV or a big-screen spin off, what relates people to it is the characters. The Butler family, Jack Harper and Inspector Blake are some of the most famous characters of 70s television. Brilliant acting by all concerned plus some surprisingly well thought out plotlines make for fantastic family viewing.
It is not before time that this has been released on DVD......buy it. ALSO, I have been very lucky to collect all of the TVseries episodes available, and I would suggest you consider buying those as well......they really are testament to a fantastic Sitcom of a past, but much loved era
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on 23 January 2005
All Three 'On the buses' movies on 2 dvds, what a bargain!
"On the buses" features Stan and Jack trying to outwit some female bus drivers,
"Mutiny on the buses" features Stan trying to blackmail his boss, and
"Holiday on the buses" features Stan and Jack working at a holiday camp.
All these films are hillarious whether you are seeing them for the first time or 100th.
They are brillliant.
I would recommend getting them.
(The other reviews saying not all three movies are included refer to a faulty batch, where only one dvd was included)
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on 28 February 2004
If you enjoyed the tv series chances ar youll love these films.The reviewers complaining about not all the films being in the package must have been unlucky,the item should contain two discs one with on the buses and one with the other two films.At this price it is good value to get 3 full length comedy films and while i prefer the second and third entries you will no doubt have your own preferences.If you didnt like the series this is not for you bu otherwise im sure youll find plenty to laugh at.
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on 17 December 2016
Anybody debating over whether to buy the later edition with the film poster cartoon cover or this older brown cover should definitely go for the newer one. I love these films anyway so I would not leave a bad review but the brown cover version is definitely taken from old video tape. Movie number one even suffers from audio drop out during the title song and the first few seconds of playback are just a black screen with audio. Not so on the new cartoon cover version. The picture comes straight in and even the opening bars of music are slightly different so it must be an altogether different print. The colours are more vibrant and the picture is sharper which is nice to see. OK so some of the humour might be dated now but the 60's and 70's were innocent days in hindsight where you could have a laugh without fear of offending anybody. These days we might think ourselves more enlightened but we are in reality more censored than ever. Never mind political correctness this is 70's comedy at it's best and Stan, Jack and Blakey are on sparkling form.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 August 2015
The second of three film spin-offs from the very popular British situation comedy, On the Buses, is actually the best of the three. Of course this will mean nothing to any Brit who wasn't a fan of the format, or anyone perturbed by the absence of political correctness in movies from a different era.

Falling in line with the wave of sex comedy based movies that surfaced in 1970s Britain, Mutiny on the Buses pitches our sex hungry bus depot workers against a new management regime determined to actually operate a bus company! Hence the mutiny when all and sundry do all they can to usurp the plans of Inspector Blakey (Stephen Lewis) and Mr. Jenkins (Kevin Brennan). What follows, in between the kissing and fondling - and the not so sly innuendo - are the usual pratfall scenarios played for energetic laughs, with the stand out being a fire drill training stint that descends into frothy chaos.

Somewhat forgotten is that the snapshot of the era carries considerable value for those that lived it. The cramped housing arrangements, the sexual attitudes and the unemployment issues brought about by redundancy, these are here making a mark regardless of being played for laughs. The change over of ramshackle buses to the new type as a new era is ushered in - with the engine at the rear no less! And delightful old wives tales to help you to stop snoring.

Yes, there's the harmless smut (this is hardly the "Confessions Of" or "Adventures Of" standard of sex comedy films), and a gentle smell of misogyny (though the girls are empowered to take control here), but time is a funny thing and so is nostalgia. Mutiny on the Buses, good fun with a wink and a nod to early 70s Britain. 7/10
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on 7 May 2001
If you're looking for big budget, Hollywood-style action then On The Buses couldn't be much further away. If however you enjoy the wholesome British comedy of yesteryear, then this is right up your street. Playing the same old jokes, and uttering the same old catchphrases (such as Inspector Cyril "Blakey" Blake and his "Oh I 'ate you Butler!" retort) the On The Buses films, of which this is the second in a series of three, capture a lot of what the original TV series had - even transplanting verbatim many of its original jokes. Centered around bus driver Stan Butler and his thorny love life, Blakey's misdemeanours & blatant lack of authority, and a cantankerous bus depot manager with a saucy secret (oo-er!) all make for excellent, light-hearted rainy day viewing. A must for the video cabinet.
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on 16 September 2003
At last!Just what we have been waiting for! All three"on the buses" movies on a double disc set!!!! If you are a fan like me then buy it now,because where i live,everybody wants to borrow it!!!! It's hillarious!!!!!!
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