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on 3 December 2003
Who on earth has scored this game 4 and 5 stars - EA employees?
What rubbish. No widescreen support. No replays. No damage. Bad framerates. The average framerate is probably 20 fps, and at certain points of the tracks it will dip to below 5 fps. I kid you not.
This game shows every sign of being rushed for the xbox. The demo of the PC version runs way faster on my rather average PC. Based on other games which are available on both xbox and PC (Halo for instance) my PC is nowhere near the speed of an xbox, so why is this game so much slower on the xbox? Framerates like this just aren't acceptable on the xbox. This is the only xbox game I've got that runs this slow.
Add to this extreme unrealism and you've got a game that's not worth getting. What a waste of money :s
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on 11 December 2003
Are you lookin for a racing game??????
If your answer is yes then this is the ultimate game for you. This has everything that a good racing game needs, speed, good cars and graphics. There is only one minor point which isnt so good and thats the music, but thats easily fixed just pop a cd into ure hi-fi then play. But anyway this game has the best graphics ive ever seen in a car game, stunning visuals when u get up a load of speed then when u hit that NOS button whoosh just like the Fast And The Furious movie. The Cars and upgrades are brilliant From the Golf and the 206 to the Supra and the Skyline, and they can be fully customized, with paint and visual details. There are a lot of tracks available to race on with lots of different modes likes circuit and drag and drift. This game certainly wont be finished within a few days like other games can be this takes time and effort with 111 races but everyone is well worth it. A beutiful game and a must buy for racing gamers or even fans of the fast and the furious movies. BEST RACING GAME EVER MADE!!!!!!
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on 7 December 2013
it was a very good game and it was in good order and it was packed well when I opened it
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on 30 September 2014
the game keeps crashing and it just does not work with the new xbox i have got
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on 5 May 2004
It has to be said this game Bores me now...EA missed the point of playablilty n Physics i think.
Firstly...Go underground compete in 112 races...yes ok 112 is a lot...but what then... Nafin, no reward no nafin.
Secondly... Physics is Pants, no Damage, no reality when u hit summat. EA got it close with games such as high stakes & Hot pursuit 2, Why did they miss it out in this?
n e way, good idea Crap game!!!!!
Good reason to buy it??? erm cant think of one..maybe just to say u've played it!
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on 29 December 2016
Didn't realise it wouldn't work on an Xbox 360!!
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on 1 February 2004
Alot has been said about Electronic Arts. They absouloutley dominated the Christmas sales. You only need to look at the top twenty sales for Christmas week 2003, and you will see that 10 of those games (yes 10!) are EA games in some form or another (EAgames EAsports EAbig). Many people say that EA is just a massive corperate monster that concentrates souly on very good marketing of very average games. Some people are wrong, if you have a ctually played any of those 10 big crimbo sellers you will find that EA has reverted back to the true meaning of video games: They're FUN!!!!
NFSU is no exception, this game is a superb arcade racer that is very easy to pick up but difficult to master. The game has a superb sense of speed and stunning graphics that are some of the best i've ever seen on Xbox. The story is fairly linear but lifespan is aided by the huge ammount of customisable visual and performance upgrades. YOu could play the game through 50 times and never have exactly the same car and spec.
'Some People' as ive decided to call them, should not expect NFSU to be a perplexing brain teeser that involves all stages of interlect and intelligence. Instead they should see a game that is an arcade racer, its supposed to be fast and simple. The cars aren't supposed to get damaged. You would be pretty gutted if the car you had spent all that time and money on got trashed now would you?
Overall this game is superb isf you take it for what it is and not what you want it to be.
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on 14 June 2004
When you first play on this game its a real thrill, you feel like you really are travelling at the rediculous speeds shown. It's a great laugh to play with freinds as the game flows and it is very easy to pick up as the controls are like most other racing games on the XBox. The gameplay is good arcade (super unrealistic) and the crashes and jumps look really good. When you crash or get airboure the game automaticly cuts to a "jump cam" which is a camera by the side of the road. There are four race modes; Circiut - going round and round, Sprint - A-B as quick as possible, Drift - Getting sideways to score points, and my favorite Drag - A 1 mile straight line 210+mph joyride, you have to use manual shifts and time them right, so this requires more skill than it may first seem. NOS it a good addition it boosts your power when you use it and you need to time its use right to get the most out of it.
The car customisation is great fun, you can design the most radical street racers or subtle "tastful" cars. There is a large range of paint jobs, body kits, vinals and decals. But the car tuning is nothing to write home about as it is pointless putting on anything less than the best upgrades you have, so becomes repetitive.
My one big complaint is towards the end of the game the races get so difficult that it becomes boring and frustrating.
All in all a good game one or two things are wrong but it's still a good buy.
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on 21 December 2003
I got my copy Nfs-Underground with my Xbox.
I heard a lot of varied reviews about it so i figured i have to experience it for myself.
The tuning and customisation is huge!!.The things you can came is quite impressive.The feeling of speed is very good.It captures the essense of the underground world of street racing spot on.But, it has it's flaws.There is only one city with one track but with different variations of the same track.BORING.The amount of cars to chose from is not exactly the best,only 20 cars.The soundtracks are very good,music ranging from hip-hop to house and rock.
There is not a great deal of staying power in the game,which will have you playing your other games after a few sessions.
Sorry EA,but you have a good concept and did a lot of good research into the world of underground racing,but you messed it up on a lot of things.
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on 1 July 2004
The arcade-racing genre is turned head over heels as 'Underground' adds the spice and flair needed to stick out from the rest of the crowd.
The idea is to race your way to the top of the city ranks by battling it out on the street with your customised car across four different game modes, each one addictively playable.
Tuning your car is what makes 'Underground' so infectious to the audience; it combines the taste of realistic customisations with an easy-to-access feel to produce a surprisingly unique twist to the game.
Graphically the game shows off the XBox and its capabilities, as the smooth backgrounds and solid designing hands you an astonishing sense of speed, which effectively absorbs you into the game further.
Frustration builds up quickly as the game increases with difficulty but this can hardly be described as a flaw, however there are small limitations to unlockable features and the lack of 'LIVE play' is a disappointment.
Visuals: 80/100
Sound: 65/100
Gameplay: 75/100
Lifespan: 85/100
Overall: 75/100
Verdict: The sequel is on the horizons which promises to bring further success. However the game is an original spin on a tired racing genre and has enough redeeming features to make it worth picking up.
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