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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2004
Type O Negative's career has been long and ancient, in fact it goes back 18 years! Life Is Killing Me predates the bands whole career, with brilliant songs, actually, TON took 4 years to release this, to all who don't have their album "The Least Worst Of.." All the bands albums should be part of RR's Two From The Vault series as they get older. Peter Steele seems so depressed on this and (truthfully) wants to commit suicide, or try freelance gynecology!
Let's look at more interesting stuff.
Peter Steele began his quest when he, Marc and Louie created the band CARNIVORE, this began with demos and then the band were signed to ROADRUNNER or actually ROADRACER as it was in the 80's. Their first self-titled debut in 1986, un-owned by some die-hard CARNIVORE fans, but that was followed by an even more better nugget, 1987's RETALIATION, a must own for all, lots of swearing and complex moodswings by Pete.
In 1991, TON was brought to life, but the other alternative name was SUBZERO. SLOW, DEEP AND HARD is the most disgusting name for an album and should be known world-wide to the mothers of prostitutes. LIFE IS KILLING ME is fantastic in all senses, "Thir13teen" is a good instrumental, from the TV series "The Munsters", "I Don't Wanna Be Me" is simply great, nice chorus and sensible lyrics from Pete's point of view, "Less Than Zero (<0)" has greater lyrics, sound is ace. "Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things) has great music and lyrics very comparable. "I Like Goils" has awesomely funny lyrics and vocals, a simple quote here "But I'm proud not to be PC!A Dish Best Served Coldly" has ace vocals, music, and lyrics, no complaints so far, except the songs last so long, as in Type O's career...
"How Could She" has got woman's names in it, brilliant song, the title track is cool aswell, describing Peter Steele's slow and painful suicide, all of it's parts are basically lowlife kinda style. "Nettie" is a sensitive song where Peter sees the light in his uncontrollable misery. "(We Were) Electrocute" is brilliant, and is on the "Freedy VS. Jason" soundtrack, sensible selection.
"Iydkmigthtky(Gimme That)" is sensible and i felt fair to love this song, i wouldn't bother to describe it more,simply concentate on the Brills, excellents, and fantastics. "Angry Inch" is the size of Peter's penis, i read the lyrics again, Oh Boy! I almost died laughing at them. "Drunk In Paris" is another fantastic instrumental, especially Josh Silver's piano on this nugget. The album closer "The Dream Is Dead" is about a lonely Valentines Day, good ending aswell, overall, Just beyond words!
Peter Stelle, Josh Silver, Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly have produced a great album, BUY THIS! THERE'S A BONUS CD WITH UNRELEASED NUGGETS ASWELL!
~ Calum Fairweather
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Oh, and his band is pretty good too. This album is great, one of their best. Nearly every song is a winner - except the first intro track Thir13teen which is some weird mix of music and the Munsters theme tune.
This album is in a similar style to Bloody Kisses and October Rust. Although the themes of sex, death, love, hate, sex, death and more death have not changed (if you have Oct Rust and BK you will know what I mean) but what keeps them from getting old is Pete's dark and warped sense of humour. Personally I don't find these songs depressing but if you wanted music to get depressed to then this is probably the album for you.
This is definitely one of their more 'accessible' albums - if you have Bloody Kisses and October Rust definitely get this, you will not be disappointed. If you have this album and want suggestions - get October Rust and Bloody Kisses.
This is one cool album.
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VINE VOICEon 18 September 2003
Four years since their last studio outing, one of the cornerstone bands of Gothic Metal have finally returned. Surrounded by a great deal of anticipation following the disappointing, if musically more complex, World Coming Down. In Life Is Killing Me the band have cleared away the dirgier sounding material of their later albums, combining that level of production with a return to the irreverent humour and energy of their debut Slow, Deep and Hard.
After the opening track, a reworked piece of music from "The Munsters", the new sound is heard. The catchy "I Don't Want to Be Me" is the most accessible track on the album, a sort of Type O Negative stylised pop-punk song, with the usual keyboards and fuzzy guitar. It is no doubt a commercial song, but the overall feeling from the new album is that Peter Steele is no longer focusing his songwriting in that direction and is rather allowing the band to produce the sound it originally seemed to be evolving towards.
At times the humour can seem intended purely to be controversial for its own sake, especially in "I Like Goils" which appears on the surface to be an insulting, anti-homosexual message. In fact it is really Steele's comically exaggerated response to the attention he has received from the gay community following a Playgirl shoot! Nonetheless, the return of their light-hearted humour is a welcome one, if sometimes a little needlessly provocative, like the description of a sex change gone wrong in "Angry Inch".
Other notable tracks are the mid-tempo title song "Life Is Killing Me" which holds the usual grave-sounding vocals in a melancholy Doom Metal atmosphere, attacking the greed and detatchment pervading medical care. "...A Dish Best Served Coldly" adds a slightly progressive tinge to the whole affair, as well as demonstrating Steele's bass talents. "Nettie", a respectful tribute to his mother, offers the greatest vocal range, conveying much more emotion.
It's also worth noting that the track order has been altered for the European release, probably to spread out some of the better tracks which originally appeared at the beginning. The reason is that, like most TON albums, the sound eventually becomes a repetative noise, due in a large part to that fuzzy guitar which is so distinctive. And hence, despite a selection of impressive tracks and a progression of their sound, this album is only good enough to secure the band's existing position as one of the big guns.
KEY TRACKS: Life Is Killing Me, I Don't Wanna Be Me, Nettie, ...A Dish Best Served Coldly
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on 1 December 2009
I'm a die-hard TON fan, but there have been enough positives in the other reviews. The main thing I wanted to accomplish was to clarify that "Angry Inch" is NOT an original Type O Negative song. Any "old-timer" fans probably know that almost every TON album has at least one cover song--on LIKM it is "Angry Inch." I know the Amazon UK review specifically cites this song regarding Peter's macabre humor, but the reviewer is shamefully uninformed. If you will read the CD info printed RIGHT below that (which the reviewer apparently did NOT), here is what it says (asterisks mine):

'Life Is Killing Me' is Type O Negative's fifth full-length album and the follow-up to 'World Coming Down', which was released in 1999. An eclectic mix of gloomy goth-metal and hardcore punk, with influences of psychedelic and 80's arena style rock. ****A cover of a song from the Broadway musical 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch', is included. ****
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on 8 July 2004
Type-O-Negative return with "Life Is Killing Me". The band retain their dark humor, so along with the heavy riffs and strangly hypnotising vocals there is a song about a sex-change operation gone wrong ("Angry Inch"). Its these moments of humor which makes you step back and enjoy type-o's music which is great fun to listen to. The great single entitled "I don't wanna be me" is also present and most other songs live up to its high standards. A good album by a good band. For me, the stand out track is: "Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things)". This album is definately worth your hard earned cash!
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on 5 February 2016
Great album: it contains many amazing songs revealing unexpected sonic gems at every listening. Even the most aggressive numbers are not quite predictable, showing the sound qualities of TON as a peculiar blend of hard-rock and 60's psychedelic flavours. It can easily stand the comparison with their previous masterpieces such as Bloody Kisses and October Rust. Contains a bonus disc with rare and fantastic songs, hard to find anywhere else. Standout tracks: Todd's Ship Gods, A Dish Best Served Coldly, (We Were) Electrocute, Anesthesia, The Dream Is Dead. Highly recommended!
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on 20 May 2006
after 'world coming down' i was slightly skeptical about type o negative`s work and slightly worried about buying this album. oh how wrong i was and i never regretted taking the risk as this album is insanely good. quite possibly the best mixture of songs ive ever heard on a type o record from the bizarrely upbeat music of 'i dont wanna be me' mixed with the unsurprisingly downbeat lyrical content that plays throughout the album particularly at its keenest on '...a dish best served cold' with the fantastic retort of 'how many times must i say im not sorry?'. if you cant work out where the rest of the album is coming from by now then you never will. but buy the damm thing its song writing of the highest quality to please most discerning metal and goth fans as the gloom and the riff mingle exceptionally well and the result is a fantastic album that never gets boring and gets better on repeated listenings.
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on 19 May 2004
If you're a Type O fan then you NEED to get this limited edition version of Life Is Killing Me.
The main CD is a sweet mix of songs that are pure Negative style, with I Dont Wanna Be Me being one of the best songs on the album in my opinion alongside Less Than Zero, Life is Killing Me and the cover of Hedwig's song, Angry Inch.
The bonus CD is also awesome in its own right with several unreleased themes. Out of the Fire being an unreleased and unused theme made for the WWE wrestler Kane, and all other songs are sweet, especially the cover of Black Sabbath, made by the original band and this is also the 2nd cover version of this Type O have done, with the other Type O version of this being on 'The Least Worst Of' album.
Stay Negative!
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on 25 May 2003
Peter and the boys are back with their 6th studio album. Unlike 'World Coming Down' the bands last effort, 'Life Is Killing Me' has more of a mixture of songs, some punky, a few old slow classics and the up beat mid tempo ones. You can expect the songs to reach over the 5 minute mark and for Peter to chant and sing about love and death like on most TON albums and with 15 songs without any joke tracks you defiantly get your moneys worth. You may notice on a few tracks that a sitar is used, like on the last track of 'Bloody Kisses'which adds some variety to the mix. Tracks to look out for Anesthesia, Todd's Ship Gods, I like Goils, Nettie and IYDKMIGTHTKY.
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on 13 January 2017
Great music, Packaged well by the seller, the CD was intact and in flawless condition, would order from this store again.
Type O Negative is an older band that made classics such as "Black no.1", "Todd's shipyards", "Christian Woman", etc. Those who enjoy Ghost B.C would likely enjoy this type of music as well.
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