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on 9 May 2014
What can one say about the Knight Sabers? This takes place in the same universe as "AD Police" and "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" so Shakespeare it ain't.

But it's fun and well capable of satisfying those of us who like impossibly leggy girls martial arting in Vooma powered armour.... with high heels yet!

Nothing with kings, nothing with crowns, bring on the Voomas and blue suited clowns.....
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on 12 March 2013
This could have been such a great TV series. I seem to be one of those people who wants more out of his anime. I love this anime for what it is, a good action sci-fi romp. I do feel like I missed out on something as I would like to see the story before this film. please do not think me strange but , this would make great viewing as a 26 part series showing the whole story of the knight sabers from beginning to end with the ad police story mixed in with the series. Good but not great.
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on 27 July 2015
amazing 90's anime at its finest!
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on 19 January 2015
this is a good set of bubblegum crash set
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on 4 December 2001
A nice start to the series focusing on the Knight Sabers off the battle field. The great characters and character interaction found in Bubblegum Crisis is still present in this incarnation and despite the changes in the voice artist cast Crash carries on almost seamlessly. Almost, because the boomers have been seriously dumbed down.
Other complaints are a start to formulaic sequences of animation, featuring a set opening and a set suit-up sequence. My major complaint is the song Priss sings near the begining of the episode which was left in the original Japanese and was not subtitled. The best thing about the original Bubblegum crisis was the faultless conversion of the Japanese songs into English and the abandoning of this process in Crash is really annoying, especially as the viewer is left wondering what on Earth the songs were actually about.
That would have reduced illegal army to three stars if it wasn't for the excellent plot and storyline that carries over to the others in the Crash series. It really is worth seeing along with the other two Crash videos in one go to better appreciate the well thought out plot.
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on 19 July 2001
This is an exelant adition to the cyber punk collection of which i now posses all of, even geno cyber (thanx amazon!). the amination is flowing and very pretty, the music is good, and the explosions are plentyful. Still no nudity though and not quite enough blood and guts as i like (enter geno cyber or Urotsukidoji) but still very good and worth the money, you realy need to have seen all of the previos vids to get into this one fully so if you haven't got them yet GO AND BUY THEM NOW!!
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on 20 August 2000
This film has some really nice touches,and also has some very nice animation/explosions.The storyline is typical manga,but this time it is exucuted very well and doesnt have non stop mech battles.The only thing which is dissapointing about this 1st part of the series is that its very short,and the time seems to fly by.Overall though a great movie,which never seems to get boring.
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on 18 September 2003
Bubblegum Crash was always a disappointment, it never acheived much with the Japanese BGCrisis fans and it didn't do much better in the west. A shame is this was episodes 9, 10 and 11 of a 13 episode story arc, one that was never completed wit hthe failure of these episodes. Whilethis one has some nostalgia, you are better off watching Crisis again. If you are fed up of BGCrsis, watch BGC Tokyo 2040 instead and wait for BGC Tokyo 2041.
If yo ucan't wait, go watch another title in your anime collection, anything, just avoid wasting money on this.
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on 20 September 2001
after finally buying the 3rd video i can now say that Geo climbers is the best in this extremely under-rated manga series. The story this time around centers on the knight sabers protecting a super intelligent boomer. This storyline allows alot of action to take place, with Pris and her new robotic friend escaping from all sorts of enemies. The animation isnt the best ever captured on film however, but the charachters are extremely well conceived,and the mech suits of the girls are the best this manga fan has ever seen. With alot of action and a fantastic end battle, this video is a joy to watch, even the soundtrack is top notch!
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on 23 December 2003
Bubblegum Crash was a horrifying disappointment. It had such a good pedigree, and somehow managed to suffer the "Binks Effect". But if you'll bear with me, you might enjoy the production a little more, because this release has a very peculiar story to it, and a slightly better edition is still out there...
As you might already know, Bubblegum Crisis was a classic anime release from the 80s by Artmic, and one of the big names in early anime history. It ran for only eight episodes, owing to a fatal shortage of cash. The result is that it was never really finished properly, and some story threads were left hanging in the wind. Then this mini-series, Bubblegum Crash, came along. It was supposed to finish off the story with some newly improved animation and new kit for the main characters.
It flopped. Badly.
Firstly the show itself isn't too brilliant. Half the elements of the OAV were dropped altogether, despite the series being set only a year after previous events in the series. The overall feel of the original show was largely sacrificed for a more "artistic" feel. The classic 80s soundtrack of the show was dropped for a more "techno" beat. And the Knight Sabers' hardsuits were "upgraded" (presumably on the basis that bigger guns and chunkier kit always brings in more fans). Actually it ruined them altogether because now the Sabers didn't really have to fight very hard to smash any opposition into the floor. All in all, it took out most of the elements that made the OAV work and replaced them with junk. Only the quality of the animation itself improved at all. And the title sequence is probably the best any anime show has had until very, very recently.
But what really killed it stone dead for many fans was the new dub (this is where it gets complicated). The license for Crash in the US belonged to Animeigo. The license for its UK release belongs to Manga. What I found was, first with Manga's VHS releases, and then with Animeigo's DVD release, that the two license holders seem to have used a different dub.
Yes, that means that there are TWO dubs out there. And I can honestly say that Animeigo's dub is the most faithful to the original series because, if I'm not much mistaken, all the original voice actors and actresses from the OAV are in it again. And for Manga's release some of them aren't. A BGC fan will notice almost immediately. Now throw in some poor editing on Manga's part, and there's simply no other conclusion you can make:
The US release by Animeigo leaves Manga's UK title standing.
So overall, it's hard to mark this title. On its own merit, it's worth the asking price, which is fairly reasonable. It's not the best anime out there, the dub is substandard and it's not been properly cut for your viewing experience. And it's because of this "So-so" feeling that I can only give this title Two Stars.
But if you own a multiregion DVD player (and if you are a serious anime fan then you really need to), and really like your anime, I should advise that you spend a little more money and import Animeigo's Bubblegum Crash Perfect Collection. It's worth the expense for the better quality.
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