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on 23 March 2016
Maniac Cop/Friday the 13th rip off sees killer cop stalk hapless teens in the woods. Cop is played by Bobby Ray Shafer. Movie actually starts harmless enough before descending into boredom. Two of the kids act like Fred and Velma from Scooby Doo as one by someone from the group goes missing and then we have to endure where is so and so, and where is so so, oh dear. The acting is borderline awful. The only things going for the movie is Shafer himself who like say Freddy Krueger cracks a few jokes and the other is simply this is so bad its fun- well it's a laugh but in a bad way. Seriously Z grade stuff- there was a lot of pap in the 80s but some of it could be cheesy and still be enjoyable, this should only be viewed or bought for completest only.
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Psycho Cop has wallowed in relative obscurity for far too long. This classic, low-budget 80s slasher has it all: a crazy, relentless killer with more cheesy, clichéd one-liners than Freddy Krueger; a trio of vintage 1980's hotties; numerous "drinking game" references to a minor character; a respectable body count; and ye olde unquantifiable "fun factor" that so many films in this genre are sadly lacking. Yes, the basic plot is fashioned from the most generic of cinematic molds, but it somehow manages to rise above the majority of its more forgettable slasher cousins. For one thing, the kids in this film can actually act, but what truly makes Psycho Cop more than worthy of a cult following is the unadulterated fun one has watching all of the predictable action play out to the story's forgone conclusion. This film is just loads of fun to watch - and more than worthy of multiple viewings.

There are few things more dangerous than a cop gone rogue - especially when that cop is actually a total nut job who's real identity is just now coming to light after his disappearance. "Officer Joe Vickers" happens to be a Satan-worshipper, so this truly isn't the guy you want pulling you over on a deserted road at two in the morning. With this kind of dangerously insane killer on the loose, you just know some horny coeds are going to come along and bring out the worst in him - and that's exactly what happens when Zack, Doug, and Eric treat their girls to a few days of fun and sun at a surprisingly nice resort-style house smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I actually liked these crazy kids - even the blonde who spends 95% of her waking hours brushing her vintage 1980s hair - and didn't particularly want to see them die, but at least our Psycho Cop waits a little while before gorging his bloodlust on them. He likes to play mind games, apparently - hiding our blonde's beloved hairbrush, the brunette's purse, etc. Only Doug and Laura are smart enough to figure out that they're obviously not alone, but they can't convince their friends that they're in danger - not until the beer disappears, anyway. And by then, it's too late.

The killings themselves aren't all that impressive, and the endless one-liners from Psycho Cop get pretty annoying, but I still enjoyed watching events play out in this film. Bobby Ray Shaefer fully embraces his character, and there's nothing like watching a Satan-worshipping, lunatic Psycho Cop serial killer who truly enjoys his work. There definitely are a few really silly elements to this whole story, but I have to say I enjoyed Psycho Cop much more than a lot of the obscure 80s slasher films I've seen (and I've seen quite a few of them).
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on 7 July 2014
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