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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2005
Where do i start? I purchased this album about 2 years ago for only £7 (was released 2 months after Pacs death), so i just thought, right getting that seeing as i was finishing off my Pac collection. And just when you think nothing can beat 'All Eyez On Me' this is even better. This album is very much under rated, it should be used in classes its really that deep and so important that people listen to the words. I honestly feel whether or not you like rap music people should take the time to listen to this. I do think it will change your way of thinking and listening to hip hop after you've taken time out to just sit down and pay attention. You've got the obvious hard hitting tracks going at his enemies such as 'Bomb First' and 'Against All Odds' with threatening comments directed towards Biggie, Puffy and the whole of Bad Boy records, Dr Dre, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep and Nas (which i later found out Nas was being taken off all the records because they'd ended the beef but never was because of Pac getting shot 2 days later). A couple of nod ya head tunes such as 'Toss It Up' and 'To Live & Die In L.A' (two he released just before his death). The rest the album is just very real in talking with the struggle one must face and to rise above it all. I do think its a terrible loss that this album hasn't been as well recieved as 'All Eyez On Me' but i hope i've got my point across and this is the greatest album of all time full stop.
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This is one of if not the best albums around. it's not like must "modern" albums around. This is not a "bling bling"album unlike most albums being droped nowerdays. i preffer it to until the end of time because it's rawer and doen't have the g-funk feel (which does't really suit pac) that uteoft has. The album features some brilliant tracks from the violent bomb first to the dark hail mary and the passionate toss it up. Me and my girlfreind is a extend metaphor about tupacs gun which really shows his genuis. I deffinatly recamend this album you cd collection will be incomplete with out it
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on 22 December 2014
This is not just Tupac's greatest album it is also one of the best rap album ever made! I won't bore the reader into the reasons why I think this but every song is brilliant. Every song could have been a single and every track is a classic. This record plays like a greatest hits collection and the fact that 2pac recorded 100s of tracks during this period and cut to 11 for this release speaks volumes about the quality of this album.

For pure fun here are my top 5 greatest rap albums ever:

1.Nas- Illmatic
2.Jay Z-Reasonable doubt
3.Wu Tang Clan-Enter the 36 chambers
4.NWA-Straight Outa Compton
5.Tupac- Makaveli

That's it, peace and love y'all.
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on 22 February 2002
Tupac'Makaveli Tha Don'Shakur is on another level to other rappers, particularly on this album. He really comes from the heart. Only real fans can understand what 'Pac is saying in this album. Although people would view this album as being vicious and nasty you have to listen to the lyrics and realise how 'real' 'Pac is being. On songs like 'Krazy' Tupac admits that he is crazy but he still maintains his desirable side in 'Hold Ya Head' where he radiates hope and positive feeling. For people who say Tupac was influenced by the fame they are wrong. This album shows how introspective and thoughtful this legend was. All Tupac fans must buy this album because you get to feel the real Tupac and his lyricist skills on this album show why no other rapper can touch 'Pac.
R.I.P Tupac Shakur - let your spirit live on.
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on 18 December 2003
Quite simply one of the greatest hip hop albums I have ever listened to. It is a must buy along with other classics such as 'all eyez on me' and 'ready to die'. This album shows all sides to 2pacs character, there is something for everyone in this album whether its tracks such as 'bomb first' and 'against all odds' which contain violent attacks on East Coast rappers or tracks such as 'hail mary', 'blasphemy', and 'white mans world' which address much deeper issues in society. This album is so good that you have probably heard other artists sampling lyrics and covering the songs themselves. Eminem has recorded a remix of 'hail mary' and Jay-Z has released his version of 'me and my girlfriend' - if you like these versions you will love the originals as they are simply classics. 50cent has even lifted lyrics from 'against all odds' in his track 'back down' which disses Ja Rule and the INC. If you like anything by 2pac or if you want to see a young black mans views on the world this is the album to buy as it gives the insights into 2pacs/makaveli's final thoughts before his death in 1996.
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on 13 April 2002
On this album tupac takes us deeper into his mind than ever before from his violent revenge induced tracks mixed with his spirituality makes this album so relevent in todays hiphop battling world explaining how the wrong must be corrected and then only can we acheive peace(destroy and rebuild).this is shown best through such diverse tracks as hail mary where the rythm of pacs voice need not even have a beat to the real cali anthem to live and die in l.a where he shows how he can be as lyrical as it gets while maintaining his soulful flow blasphemy wreaks of rythmic melodies and very spiritual lyrics which make his peace with god just like daddy is one of the best love tracks made showing how relatonships stem from parental relationships krazy is just an amazing track"u aint gotta be in jail to be doin time"
then theres hold ya head one of his most heartfelt tracks which shows how tupac couldve guided us and how much he really reality there is not a bad track on this album do not buy this if you just want an album to bop ya hed 2 cause u might aswell go buy a canibus album but if you want to hear a REAL album with amazing beats and lyrics that have meaning and true soul buy this today.this album will always be the most underrated and misunderstood as some people will take one listen and block it because of small mindness out whereas the real will understand tupacs suffering and feel his pain.
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on 25 October 2001
With songs like 'Crazy' and 'Girlfriend' this album is tha don. You do not even notice the fat beats in the background because of his lyrics that hit you hard. You will be angery and you will cry when you listen to this, but most of all you will be moved by his last album telling us about his struggle to survive.
I just want to thank Tupac Amaru Shakur for gifting us with this god sent album, R.I.P and Kadafi and Storm who all got trapped in tha game with Pac.
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on 3 March 2010
This is truly the best album I have ever heard.
Written and recorded the best album ever made within 7 Days, no one has EVER done such a thing, let alone with the quality of the songs.
Dark, mysterious, violent and unique.
RIP Makaveli
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on 27 October 2006
This album is good in every way.....

This album is more amture than his previous albums, more hardcore than his previous albums as he is talking about his personal life, his 'enemies', death, and ressurection 'the after life'.

The lyrics are excelent as usual, dark, meaningful, real lyrics which anyone can relate to, well anyone who isnt shallow.

The beats are a major factor of the album as it suits the lyrics and song perfectly. For example 'bomb first' starts in a dark mysterious, violent sort of feel in terms of spoken word, then the beat kicks in and it is great, it really starts the album off, and gives you a thought of what this album is like.

Although this is a 2pac album released after his death, i think that was the main reason that the album didnt beat the album sales of 'All eyez on me' which it would/should have, and also due to lake of promo. Therfore this album is very underrated by the hiphop world, and overlooked by many. Why? I have absolutely no idea.

Overall this cd is a classic, a must have. Legendery.

'This be the realist **** i ever wrote' - 2pac 'against all odds'.
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on 12 January 2006
this album has got to be tupacs greatest album you can feel his parinoia and you can tell he knew that this was gonna be his last album before his death even from the cover!
most of his fans will have heard this album first time round but if youre like me you need to buy this!
not only is the album remastered on cd but flip the disc over put it in your dvd player and you have the whole album in 5.1 surround sound and the to live and die in la video and the hail mary video!!
this is a great buy, if youre new to tupac like i said this is a must have!
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