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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2003
Well it seems like only yesterday since they were singing "bring it all back" but now look at them all grown up and going their own ways. This album is a must for any S club fan. It features all of their hits, including their last 2 singles (sniff) "Love Aint Gunna Wait" and "Say Goodbye". It has something for everyone as their musical style has matured as theyve grown up. Songs like "S club Party" "Reach" and "Alive" will have you bopping away on the dancefloor, while "Two In a Million", "Have You Ever" and "Never had a dream come true" will leave you all misty-eyed. This really is the best of S Club 7, and if their joint efforts are anything to go by, their solo careers shouldnt be too far off!
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on 22 April 2016
It's now near enough impossible to get the original Best Club 7 album, so I was pleased to find it on amazon after finding out my fiancée liked the band all the way back in 2014 when I bought it. I imagine it's even harder to get hold of now! It's not really my taste, but she seems to like it.
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on 6 February 2006
Basically, this CD is made up of all the singles which S Club 7 released, in release order, from their first, 'Bring it all Back,' in 1999, to their last, 'Say Goodbye,' in 2003. It has all their greatest hits, and is a must have CD for any S Club fan. This is a description of every song, and my personal rating for each:
1. 'Bring it all Back' - 9/10 - This is a great start to the album. It was their first single, and I can remember seeing it being performed for the first time on Blue Peter in 1999, and I have loved it ever since. With its catchy rhythm and cheerful lyrics, it's a great song to listen to if your feeling down.
2. 'S Club Party' - 9/10 - Another great single, you really want to sing along to this one, it's so catchy. It has a cool rhythm, which makes it a great dance tune.
3. 'Two in a Million' - 7/10 - This is one of the slowest songs on the CD, and it isn't as good as the first two, but it's never the less a great song.
4. 'You're my Number One' - 8/10 - They got a sort of mix with 'Bring it all Back' and 'Two in a Million' with this one, as it has the same catchiness as BIAB, but the same sort of style, though not so slow, as TIAM.
5. 'Reach' - 6/10 - This is probably the cheesiest song on the CD, but is still a good single. The reason I have given it a 6 is because it has unfortunately become boring from over-use, which is a shame.
6. 'Natural' - 9/10 - This is a really cool single. It is different from the others because it is Rachel who sings lead on this one, and it really shows what a great voice she has, and it really should have come higher than number 3.
7. 'Never had a Dream Come True' - 10/10 - My personal favourite. This is a beautiful single, it was made at the peak of their career, and was not suprisingly made the Children in Need single for that year, and went straight to Number 1. I really cannot describe the beauty of this pop ballad, and it brings back wonderful memories of S Club at their best.
8. 'Don't Stop Movin'' - 9/10 - This is another great single. It was given many awards, including 'Record of the Year,' and was made the disco anthem for the Summer of 2001. It's a really funky tune, and just makes you want to sing along and dance to the beat!
9. 'Have You Ever' - 7/10 - Another slow song, this is one that many people can relate to. This was when S Club were sadly coming close to the end of their singing career, and was one of the last ones that Paul did.
10. 'You' - 8/10 - This is an extremely catchy song, and it is one of their better ones that they did towards the end. Sadly, this is the last single Paul ever did with the group.
11. 'Alive' - 5/10 - This, I think, is the lowest point of the album. I think they tried to do another 'Don't Stop Movin'' typr, but didn't really pull it off. This is the only one of their singles which did not come in the top three.
12. 'Love Ain't Gonna Wait for You' - 9/10 - This was the feature song for their movie, 'Seeing Double,' and it is a brilliant song to listen to if your feeling down, it has a sort of ruthless edge which is great for keeping your spirits up.
13. 'Say Goodbye' - 10/10 - This is a tear jerking song, as it is the last single they ever did, and when you think about it, after listening to all their singles from beginning to end, it really puts tears in your eyes to think that it's the last one. It has great lyrics, and their vocals are tested to the max, where they pass spectacularly. They did their last performance ever with this on the Saturday Show, so they really were saying goodbye. Jo really shows what she's got, with stunning power in her voice, and it brings the album together for an amazing end to four years of wonderful music.
Bonus Tracks 'Everybody Get Pumped' and 'Bring the House Down' - 8/10 - These are an extra bonus, although they could have been improved by having a few more. But as it is they are funky, cool and they would have been worthy of being made into singles, as they have that true S Club quality.
So, this is a great album from start to finish. One thing I haven't mentioned is the booklet with a full discography, with the single covers for each, when they were released, where they got in the UK charts and a little bit about what was going on for the S Clubbers at the time of each recording, including a mini-interview from one the band members for all of them, and this adds something which defines the difference for this album between amazing and perfect. As the introduction in the booklet says, 'there still really ain't no party like an S Club party!'
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on 2 December 2005
What masquerades as teeny pop fun is one of the great underrated jazz works of the last thirty or forty years. Not many people know that Paul Catteract began his music career under the wing of Hank Antoniuk, the legendary New York jazz saxophonist, before his move to Iceland in the mid-80s where the original SC7 line-up was forged (in fact the group was named for the Sahlin Club in Paris where Catteract cut his teeth, recording with Max Stein, Aimée d'Ontario and The Bloomswood Quintet among others). You can hear traces of Antoniuk's groove in the early club recordings (cut on vinyl only I'm afraid kids!!) when SC7 were cutting a swathe through the London circuit with their understated sax play, sultry percussion and electrifying solos, especially with Jonny Lea cutting up the vibe on bass like a modern-day Ron Carter. This hits compilation is a true Godsend because you can trace the development of this insanely complex group from their earliest Jazz Café days (S Club Party, Reach) thru the late 90's, when Tina was pushing the limits of conceptual jazz with a Barney Kessel-inspired vivacity that had even the likes of Bireli LaGrene penning her into their phonebooks (Don't Stop Movin' being the real iconic track of this period). In my opinion the collection sinks a little into their more recent Buddy Richmond years, with so-so hits like Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You and Alive lacking some of the tenor of their earlier achievements, but it picks up sharpish with Everybody Get Pumped, possibly the sharpest piece of post-Jimmy Squeal jazz psychedelia since Tony B Burlington's legendary set in Toronto. Like all the best geniuses of jazz, the Club knew when to move on, just at that moment when the musical ambitions of each member were beginning to be constrained by the whole: no little surprise in Raquel Stevens being the best of the bunch, her album Come And Get It challenging all those detractors who spent most of the 90s arguing that she was nothing more than a poor man's Lennox Wilson - more Tammy Tanworth that Cold Coffee I might add!!
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on 4 July 2014
Loved S Club 7 growing up so i am glad i have the CD again. it contains every single release and a new track Everybody Get Pumped and fan fave Bring the house down!

the booklet contains trivia on each song by a band member and the single cover!

Highlights for me are Bring It All Back,S Club Party,Two In A Million,Your My Number One,Natural,Never Had A Dream Come True,Don't Stop Movin and Alive
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on 5 June 2003
Seeing how it's all their hits it's a great album. Out of all of their CDs if you were going to buy one it'd have to be this one. It has all their songs from their videos and few other popular ones. Personally I would have added a few more songs just for the sake of it being a greastest hits album, and last album from them. They should have added good remixes too, but you know it's all publicity for their "grand" exit. It's a shame to see them go, but worth the buy if you like S Club (7), kinda like them, or just wanna a great cd where you don't have to skip a few tracks to hear a good song!
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on 2 June 2003
It certainly is the end of an era now that S Club formerly S Club 7 have decided that nowadays churning out more and more second class hits will mean going out with less dignity than they already have. This Album however compiling their greatest hits is a must have for any s club fan. With the uplifting first single bring it all back and the classic reach and dance floor filler don't stop movin this album is worth buying. Towards the end it does get a bit drab with Say Goodbye, Everybody Get Pumped and Bring The House Down which are the second class songs I mentioned. I would still recommend this album to all those teeny boppers and slightly older less admitting fans!!!!!
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on 8 May 2013
this item was bought as a gift for a friend. They already loved S clubs music and I got it to cheer them up as they had none of their music. They really do love it and keep playing it in their car and it did cheer them up, they think it is a great CD
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VINE VOICEon 22 September 2007
I was always more of an S Club 7 man back in the teen-pop frenzy of the late 90's/early 00's. Mainly because they were, for me anyway, the first pop group I remember being completely mad on - I can remember watching the very first episode of their TV shows set in America and from then on I was hooked for all 5 of the successful but short years they were around. At a time when pop was full of Irish boybands on stools or ex-Spice Girls splintering off to boring solo careers of varying success, they were providing the fun whilst remaining ten times cooler than Steps.

"Best - The Greatest Hits" not only sums up those 5 years but also the soundtrack to my childhood when I was in that transitional period between primary and high school, and always makes me think of that time with fond memories thus (perhaps even more so now I'm in my 20's), and the best thing about S Club was that each single they did took on something completely different to the last, hence why I thought I'd go through it track by track with my thoughts on each of the singles:

1. Bring It All Back: a perfect summer-y sounding debut, and their 1st number 1 - this was one of the first singles I ever brought on CD from Woolworths. They were good times!

2. S Club Party: their 2nd single, and one of their signature songs (judge all you want, but I still know the dance moves for this).

3/4. Two in a Million & You're My Number 1: double-a-side 3rd single, always reminds me of Christmas 1999 and the Millennium when I finally got their 1st album and blasted it all the time.

5. Reach: another huge hit - yes, it's totally cheesy but that's what I loved about it, you'd have to be pretty hardhearted not to love this song or even dance to it at a wedding disco (as I indeed have done).

6. Natural: my favourite song on their 2nd album "7" and it was after seeing the video for this one that I developed my (life long) crush on Rachel Stevens!

7. Never Had A Dream Come True: their 2nd number 1, Jo O'Meara's vocals on this beautiful Cathy Dennis written ballad were stunning.

8. Don't Stop Movin': this was their finest hour for me - a proper power-pop floor filler sung by Bradley McIntosh, a well deserved number 1 too.

9. Have You Ever: their last number 1, and their 2nd single released for 'Children In Need' - but not as strong as 'Never Had A Dream Come True' I felt.

10. You: as one critic wrote about this song, 'Like "Reach" was reimagined by Phil Spector' - and the video was the funniest one of theirs too. Was also their last single before Paul Cattermole left, taking the '7' out of their name.

11. Alive: as with 'Have You Ever', this was like 'Don't Stop Movin' mark II, only not quite as successful as I imagined they'd hoped it would be, certainly now they were a six piece.

12. Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You: epic is the word required here - all dizzying strings and squelchy disco, this was the real highlight of the 'Seeing Double' album.

13. Say Goodbye: still liable to make me cry to this day, if not for the near-on week I spent in shock after they announced their split.

14. Everybody Get Pumped: originally meant to be the B-Side of 'You' and then finally released on this album, this is very quirky sounding and very much reminiscent of the sound of their first album.

15. Bring The House Down: the single from the "7" album that never was, but still a corker, reminds me of the episode of their 'L.A. 7' series when they housesitted (and trashed) a Beverley Hills mansion!

So whilst a few of the tracks might not have dated so well, the ones that really do stand out are the ones that I feel will remain pop anthems even in another 10 years from now, whether they reunite or not. Cos' cliched though it may sound, there never was and their never will be another party that was quite like the S Club party.
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on 2 June 2003
I bought this album because i have always been a fan of S club 7 and the greatest hits album had all of my favourite tracks.
There are 15 tracks and they vary in style.
1) Bring it all back - s club's first hit, gr8 for dancin 2 with gr8 lyrics. I would give it 9/10
2) S club party - another gr8 dancin track. 9/10
3) Two in a million - has to be one of my fave songs. 10/10
4) You're my number one - one of their older hits 7/10
5) Reach - this is such a gd song to sing along to and dance ur bootie off! 9/10
6) Natural - this one really shows off rachel's voice and is really gd 9/10
7) Never had a dream come true -the children need song, excellent vocals from Jo the lead singer on most of their songs 8/10
8) Don't stop movin - won many awards including best single of the year, big disco hit, really good to dance to. 10/10
9) Have you ever - yet another good children in need song. Big slushy ballad, with jo singing the lead vocals again 7/10
10) You - A happy up beat happy song, with gd lyrics. 9/10
11) Alive - another disco dancing hit, for a change one of the boys singing some of it, 9/10
12) Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You - This one was only released a couple of weeks ago but it is definitely one of my best s club songs. 10/10
13) Say goodbye - emotional final song, great vocals 10/10
14) Everybody get pumped - quite a repetitive dance song 6/10
15) Bring the house down - another fave song - 10/10
I would recommend any S club fan to buy this album. It is most definitely one of my favourite albums of all time
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