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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2003
Mariah Carey has always been vastly underrated in the UK! In America she broke numerous awards in the 90s for sales and other chart achievements, in the UK she broke none. Seen as more of a diva more obsessed with her image and vocal histrionics than writing "serious" music she was put in a pigeon hole with the likes of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Unlike the latter two, however, Mariah writes all of the lyrics in all of her songs and has done since her debut single 'Vision of Love'. That she appears to be an attention grabbing diva only adds to the stage act and makes her a breath of fresh air when compared to other balladeers. This album takes songs from her whole career and puts them through the mix. Mariah actually re-records most of the songs as they are remixed which is something very rare. This gives each song a whole new lease of life allowing for new vocals, and even new songs added to the middle of old. The 1st disc concentrates on dance style mixes, the standout being 'Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely'. The 2nd disc is fixed on Mariah's RnB mixes. Think back to 1995 and you'll see that Mariah was the 1st diva to use a guest rapper on a hit single - she's dissed these days for jumping on a band! She did it FIRST! - 'Fantasy' with O.D.B. . You also get songs that appeared on her 'Butterfly' album - 'Breakdown' with Bone Thugs and Harmony and 'Crybaby' with Snoop Dogg from 'Rainbow'. I read a review on amazon from someone who clearly doesn't like Mariah. Why would one buy an album and review it knowing that they didn't like the artist?! I do like Mariah and her music. If you want her personal songs for which she is not known outside of her core fanbase then go to 'Butterfly', 'Rainbow' and 'Chrambracelet'. If you want a great RnB/Dance party album BUY THIS!!
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on 9 October 2003
Having been a great fan of the vocal talents of this amazing woman, ive wanted her to put together a remix lp for years!
The album is in two cds, it's filled with club and rnb remixes of some of Miss Careys greatest hits. 'Heartbreaker' 'My All' and 'Fantasy' sound great with harder club beats and heavier rnb tones to them. The lyrics are still there soft and true, but with the blend and sound of the club scene, Mariah can reach out to a wider fan base! You dont have to be a typical Carey fan to enjoy this lp collection!
The one that stands out the most is the mix of 'Honey'. The original version is amazing, and the club beats bring the rnb toned track to life even more! It's a driving in your car track!
In a nut shell if you enjoy Mariah's music when your chilling at home or driving in your car, then you can take her music to the next level! You can enjoy her whilst getting rea
dy for going out and whilst in the club!
It's a great lp!!! BUY IT!
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on 14 October 2003
What a treat this one is!!! Released by Mariah's old label Sony what could so easily have been merely another cash in album becomes an essential purchase as Mariah herself, Virgin and Def Jam worked together to present an overview of her whole career right up to Through The Rain and The One. Encompassing track from 1991-2003 its perfect both for reviving memories of days gone by and a great introduction for new fans who want to look beyond the studio albums. What few people seem to realise is that Mariah has been a true innovator in the dance, pop and hip-hop field. Most artist simply release the same vocal track over a mundane souped up dance beat with no heart or imagination. Mariah's instead demonstrates the musical ability which has seen her co-write and produce everything she's ever recorded. Working with dance producers like David Morales and Junior or rap producers like Jermaine Dupri she crafts an entirely new piece of music often with re-written lyrics or a new vocal melody to create a track which is often entirely different song with only the title in common.
On the best of the dance remixes on CD 1 such as Honey, My all and the seminal Dreamlover remix the resung vocals, mixing gospel with disco create a piece of work which is aware of the dsemands of the dance floor but without losing the heart or meaning of the song underneath the groove. Most of these tracks are extended club mixes perfect for both the disco and dancing around the living room!!!
CD 2 takes us on a very different journey through Mariah's rap remixes. Again the lyrics are often re-sung and re-written. Listening back to 1995's Fantasy remix with ODB it may not sound revolutionary now. But back in the day this kind of collaboration between a pop diva and rap superstar was unthinkable. Given that the likes of Beyonce, Ashanti, jennifer Lopez and many others have build a career out of this very sound its well worth listening back to the original and best. One listen to the Thank God I Found You, My All and Honey remixes its clear why Mariah was both the major influence on the current pop/rap scene and why with her incomparable vocal range the others can only ever be imitators! The brand new The One remix unavaliable in the UK until now, is at once a new piece of work, taking a track from her current album Charmbracelet and a refreshing reminder of days gone by with its new-jill swing influences. Sony have also in included the likes of the lost gem Breakdown, the heartfelt Crybaby and funky and infuriatingly catchy Miss You, album tracks in a similar vein to the rap remixes with star collaborators as well as the hit of the summer- I Know what you want.
After so many remix albums recently by artists with little music history to draw on its refreshing to hear a compilation with a wealth of material over more than a decade to draw from. With a range and power which puts today's bland, feeble voiced 'divas' to shame and a collection of songs strong enough to have been singles in their own right you won't be disappointed with this album! Indeed some of these tracks are stronger than the actual single released so whatever you think you know about Mairah throw it out the window and embrace a collection which highlights seminal tracks which have influenced an entire generation!
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on 7 October 2003
This album is a mix of new and old tracks, including "The One" mixed by Bone Crusher, which is amazing. This has got to be top hit album as its all the tracks we grew to love and what made Mariah Carey so famous.
This first CD is Club mixes with the brilliant track "Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely" and Def Club mix "Dreamlover".
The Second CD is more remixed tracks with different vocals and Collaborations with JD, Da Brat, Joe and Nas.
If you like club music, the kind of music that gives you energy, then this is a must.
Yet again another fantastic Mariah Carey Album and the people she has worked with over the years.
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on 22 July 2004
I wouldn't classify myself as a huge fan of Mariah Carey, but this much is certain: she usually releases some pretty impressive remixes. "The Remixes" doesn't boast any new material: it's an unmixed compilation of previously released club mixes that cover her entire career to date. Most of the tracks appear in their full length version and are divided between 2 discs: one is house music and another is hip hop. Maybe it's because I'm biased towards house music, but I found the first disc to be the more enjoyable of the two. David Morales near dominates this set with some impressive re-workings of cuts like "Dreamlover" and "Fantasy." I'm not a huge fan of the original versions of either of these songs, but Morales gives these cuts his own disco flavor to make you forget the banality of their lyrics. Disc two is for the hip hop heads, and there's enough good stuff on this disc to make it noteworthy. Some standouts include the remix of "My All," which segues into a remake of the Loose Ends classic "Stay Awhile," and "Thank God I Found You" more than liberally samples Keith Sweat's "Make it Last Forever." The disc closes with one of 2003's catchiest singles, "I Know What You Want" featuring Busta Rhymes. The 13 cuts on this disc are pretty enjoyable samples of radio-friendly hip hop, although not all are remixes. "Sweetheart" (with Jermaine Dupri) and "Crybaby" (with Snoop Dogg) both appear in their original versions. I didn't seem to mind that, for they blend in with the rest of the other tracks nicely. While "The Remixes" doesn't really present anything new, it's a pretty good compilation of Mariah's club hits.
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on 30 October 2003
I loved the remixes! This CD is a must buy for all Mariah fans and anyone who loves r&b, dance and/or pop music. The new vocals are absolutely outstanding and are truly Mariah at her very best. The remixes will just blow you away and you won't want to stop listening to this cd, it's excellent and up there with all her pre-Glitter cds. Listening to this cd helps you to appreciate again and again what a great voice and creative talent Mariah has. Need i say more? Buy it, buy it, buy it! or at least borrow it from a friend who had the sense to buy it.
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on 15 October 2003
Mariah has had her ups and downs, but the Columbia years were her finest hour as vocalist. It's a shame that the house version of "Looking In", I Still Believe House version, Tribal Mix of ButterFly and the Solo version of I Know What You Want have not been included on this mix, as well as no B-sides like Everythang Fades Away. But what we have here is the collection of remixes that were commercially released. Most Mariah die-heards have heard everyone of these cuts. But, they still sound fresh, innovative and sung beautifully. The mirror highs and lows of her vocals on My All, Fantasy. Mariah's voice comes to life on these tracks. No cheesy arrangements here, just a banging beat and Mariah's multi-octave range, spitting fire over these tracks. Perfect for dance floor abandonment.
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on 4 November 2003
I'm was so pleased that Mariah had chosen to release a remix album because on her previous albums there were usually one or two remix's and there always so fantastic. The highlights of the album are "Fantasy" featuring O.D.B, "Heartbreaker" featuring Missy Elliot and Da Brat (known for the extremely raunchy video), "Honey" classic mix and "Dreamlover" DEF club mix.
I also really enjoy "Always Be My Baby" Mr Dupri Mix, "My All/Stay Awhile" So Def remix ,"My All" Morales "My" club mix, "Emotions" 12 Club mix and "Fantasy" Def Club mix.
The album would be perfect for a party and for any time you need to feel uplifted, its a fantastic album. The album also includes the latest single from Mariah "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes (which i find it hard to consider a duet, Mariah sings very little in the song), i didn't like this song at first but after hearing her sing it on tour I really love it.
This album is a must have for any Mariah fans and the songs are changed so that it is a completely new album. I'd say any Mariah fan would enjoy this, I certainly did.
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on 14 March 2004
To begin this review, I would just like to say that I am not a huge fan of Mariah Carey. I enjoy some of her more R&B flavoured offerings and I do think that on form, she had the best voice in pop music by a long way. However, I would definatley not consider myself a huge fan. I took a look at my CD collection and realised that I had one thing missing - a decent Remix collection. After doing an online search for such an album, I settled on this Mariah Carey album.
And boy, am I glad I picked this one. The album covers an impressive two discs and includes her biggest hits to date, ranging from her early pop power ballads to her more recent R&B and Hip-Hop flavoured, but even more successful, hits. The first of the two discs in the set is full of some absoloutley unmissable dance mixes, put together for the clubs. Personally, this is what makes the collection all worth it for me. In particular, the mixes of "My All", "Dreamlover" and "Heartbreaker/Any Time You Need A Friend" are the big stand out tracks for me. But equally, any of these club mixes make me want to dance and I don't skip any of them when enjoying the disc. They have been incredibly well mixed by some of the top producers in club land, most importantly David Morales who put together his outstanding mix of "My All".
The second disc on offer here reads like it could be a Greatest Hits collection. It contains all of Mariah's most popular and famous R&B/Hip-Hop based remixes, all of which come complete with guest appearances from huge names in the Hip-Hop world such as Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Da Brat and Missy Elliot. Although not as enjoyable as Disc One for me, it comes dangerously close and the collection would most certainly be sadder place without it. It also contains a real rarity - a remix of "The One" which features Bone Crusher. Even the most dedicated Mariah fan will have had much difficulty in getting a hold of this previously unreleased remix. Another nice aspect, if slightly out of place, is Mariah's recent huge urban hit with Busta Rhymes "I Know What You Want". Although a nice little extra, it's obvious it's been tacked on to boost sales and it does feel very out of place on the collection.
Another nice aspect of this album is the packaging itself, which contains a booklet with covers from the CD Singles of each song represented on the album. The album has been overall very nicely presented. With a career spanning as many years as Mariah's, and one that has made such an impact, it would have been difficult for this album to be a bad one. If like me, you are after a good remix collection, than this is most definatley for you. And equally, if you are an avid follower of Mariah, than even more reason for you to pick this little beauty up. A classy collection, through and through.
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on 6 October 2003
Finally! I've been waiting for an album like this for years! Mariah always works with the best and most exciting DJ's and producers and this album is a fitting testament to that. In many ways the best thing about buying Mariah's singles are the remixed versions that they contain - but this CD contains a previously unavailable remix of 'The One' (In my opinion it's worth buying just for that!).
The only reason I gave this 4 stars rather than 5 was the fact that some of the tracks (Like 'Sweetheart', 'Crybaby', 'Breakdown' and 'I Know What You Want') aren't really remixes - why not? Still an excellent album!
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