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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 21 January 2015
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on 19 March 2015
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on 23 March 2015
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on 8 March 2005
Despite boasting 50 new tracks and perhaps being the mosting stunning looking racer ever I still found this a disappointment for the following reasons:
- Computer AI is amazingly poor for what is supposed to be a realistic driving simulator.
- No damage and unrealistic stopping dead if you hit something stationary at say 200mph.
- Too slow. Especially with the cars in the early part of the game. This is not realistic ; if you drive an alfa at 120 mph in real life you get some sense of speed; here it feels like you are driving through treacle.
- No on-line mode. No excuse for this really. Burnout 3 had it and there is much, much more going on in that game. GT just has to replicate 6 cars with no damage models, driving slowly around a track.
I don't mean to be totally negative but I am so disappointed that this series has not moved on. It looks fantastic but is actually a very shallow game which has not really evolved from the PS1 incarnation.
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on 13 April 2005
the handling is amazing and the speed is thrilling and realistic
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on 26 August 2003
The New Granturismo 4 is rumoured to include somewhere around 1000 cars. All cars are tested on track and the data collected are used to simulate realistic driving for each unique car. New features include real circuits such as tsukuba and fuji, as well as new imaginary circuits such as Newyork. Modifying cars will be of course possible and this time appearances for some cars may be modified as well. Engine sounds have been re-recorded for each individual car and the demo version of the Game have proven that the game have been ameliorated in this department.
The steeringwheel will be a marvel, although for technical reasons the clutch function was dropped, the new steering wheel allows a 900degree lock to lock, meaning a more realitic interface to play with.
Other news include a strong possibility of other manufacturers being liscenced. A polyphony test session in july at motegi circuit showed that cars of brand of BMW (M), Mercedes (AMG), as well as other famous european brands were present, indicating that there will be alot of cars familiar to us europeans.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2005
Gran Turismo 4. That's all I need to say and people will go out and buy it on name alone. Gran Turismo 4 claims to be the best racer ever and it can back itself up with 700+ cars and 50+ tracks. The question is are you going to use every single car? In my opinion Gran Turismo 4 subsitutes realism for fun and this can detract from the overall experience. Sliding off tracks again and again you'll have to have the patience of Cliff Richard to not be frustrated by this. Gran Turismo 4 was also meant to have online play which it didn't live up to aswell. GT 4 still has an impressive array of modes like Gran Turismo Mode which is excellent. In conclusion though you can't think that after the wait they coudn't have done more still this is not a bad game it's not brilliant either though and if you're looking for the best racer out there at the moment it's Project Gotham Racing 2. 6/10.
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on 7 December 2003
Firstly let me say that the absolute best racing game out is the GT series. The realism of handling of different cars, the adjustments to downforce, gear ratios and the effects are as accurate as can be in a game to-date. When I see the previous comments (negative ones) I feel the need to clear a few points up:
- The reason Ferrari and the likes are not here is because they did not get a licence to publish information regarding these cars. As you may understand, they like to keep the specs of these cars a slight secret, and giving a gamer full access to accurate gear ratios etc. would slightly ruin its appeal.
- The Pagani Zonda, with good gear ratios and the right downforce etc. will get up to at least 300km/h given you know a little something about tuning
- As for GT as a whole, the game is not so much about driving around for 3 laps and finishing every race in 1st place. It's about how each car handles, and to get good at every type of car.
This said, it is true that it would be nice if car damage (real card damage) was a part of the game however (my one negative comment)
However, if this game will be as flawless online as regular racing in GT3, all you racers out there better beware!!!
Better check your rearview mirror when SWEDE is coming to lap ya!
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VINE VOICEon 10 December 2003
GT4's main selling point is that it will have online capability. For this, you'll need the PS2 network adaptor, and a broadband connection at a minimum of 512 kbps. Because of the HUGE popularity of this series, there will be a thriving GT4 online community, so you will never be stuck for a challenging race. And if you can't handle the pressure, just go offline and race against the computer. The beauty of GT is that you can make races as easy or as difficult for yourself as you want (by selecting appropriate (or inappropriate) cars for any particular race), meaning that this game is accessible to beginner and expert alike.
For those of you who just can't wait for the full version of the game, there is a cut-down version of the game called 'Gran Turismo 4: Prologue" available on import now (although you will need a mod chip to play it). Like GT Concept, it only contains 5 tracks, but they are all brand new tracks that have never appeared in the GT series before:- Tsukuba Circuit, Citte Del Aria (Tuscany street circuit), New York City, Fuji Speedway, and the Grand Canyon rally course. As well as these new circuits, the full version of GT4 also includes a stunning Hong Kong City street circuit and Paris street circuit.
Many reviewers who have 'played' this game already have merely played beta (or trial) versions at various gaming expos, which are probably not a fair reflection of what the final product will be like. With hundreds of new cars (as well as all of those from GT3) and atleast seven brand new tracks, there is plenty to justify the price tag. Car handling physics, engine sounds (sampled from the real cars in every case!) and stunningly rendered circuits all make this game an improvement over GT3, which is high praise indeed given that GT3 is beautiful already.
The GT series another huge plus point and that is the almost infinite replay value of the game. It takes FOREVER to 'complete' the game (i.e. to win all the available tournament races), but even once complete, there are always records to be broken, new cars to be won, and of course, on-line tournaments to take part in.
Save your money for this title... you will be rewarded!
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on 11 January 2005
One of my friends at school brought back a copy of this from Hong Kong and I have not played much of it but from what I have seen it is AMAZING! the whole set-up of the GT mode is different, but it is great! Graphics are as improved as they can be on the same hardware and LOADS more cars, including lots of older ones which is always nice to see! New tracks too...really nice one of New York going by Times Square!
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