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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2003
OK - another Crash Bandicoot game, all the die-hard fans have probably got it already, whilst those who are sceptical of the series following previous releases are pondering whether to spend £30 on a game that doesn't have many good reviews.
Firstly, I would say to all those who argue that the game is too similar to the first, to think what made the original such a classic! Surely it would have been lunacy by the developers to throw out a workable formula and replace it with something altogether new. Every racing game you play in a series, even the legendary Mario Kart has aspects that are similar from previous games; take the new Double Dash outing on the Game Cube and see what I mean.
I cannot see why the game is seen as slow, it runs along at a similar pace to all the other games I have on the PS2. Perhaps, the criticisms concerning these aspects are not from the game but from high expectations of the gamers. Although the game music is quiter to hear than the engine noises it doesn't really detract interest from the game.
However, where the game does fall is on the difficulty, just like the first it is too easy to complete and having to complete the whole game i.e. all gold/platinum relics, all tokens, all cups and gems for both Cortex and Crash to get Velo make the game slightly irksome.
Just like its predecessor and the recently released Mario Kart, Crash Nitro Kart works better when it is played with friends. The large number of options available for multiplayer are saving graces and have an excellent replay value.
I feel that the game is good and offers a variety of challenges i.e. relics and tokens to amuse, (as opposed to straightforward racing for cup-points/trophey's)the Game Cube version will be overshadowed by the release of Mario Kart.
Is this game worth buying? I would have to advise caution - don't think its gonna be great because of the first one or poor because of negative reviews. Like other Crash games, this one uses a tried and tested formula - if that appeals to you then the game will appeal as well. If you are going to buy this game and expect to see something different, then I would advise you to keep the money in your pocket or hang on to your sales receipt - you may be sorely disappointed.
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on 24 November 2003
Crash Nitro is a great game to get if you are a crash bandicoot fan. if you loved crash team racing you'll love this. All new to explore levels with gr8 graphics any1 would want this buy but personally i think since NAUGHTY DOG stopped making CRASH BANDICOOT ganes i feel the last few games like CRASH BASH and THE WRATH OF CORTEX havent been that good not really interessting so i wouldnt put hopes on this being a good game but this could be a turning point for the CRASH series i think this is a huge improvement on the last couple so it is one to get.
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on 4 January 2004
Crash Nitro Kart for ps2 is easily as good as the original. I played on the ps1 game, and found it incredibly playable and fun. But the new game for ps2 is also as playable and fun, with new characters to unlock, new places to race on, a heated up battle mode and new weapons. The graphics are also enchanced. It is definitely worth the money, especially if other people play it with you. The multiplayer action, especially on battle mode, is excellent. in my opninion, Crash Nitro Kart is as good as the original, for some things have changed, but the changes enchance the game and make it more exciting. You still have old Aku Aku to guide you, and good old Crash is there with new mates and adversaries. A definite must for any Crash-mad gamer!
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on 6 January 2004
When I first heard the name crash nitro kart, I thought WOW. This is one I've gotta get. Don't get me wrong it's a good game, but it does have it's bad sides:
Slow karts.
Unresponsive controls.
Weapons are really slow.
some of the bosses aren't riding karts, but things that look like ducati motorbikes!
But it also has Good points.
Graphics have shot up miles.
Cut scenes in adventure are quite funny.
Good fun game in multiplayer.
Cool tracks with loops and corkscrews.
It first sounds like it'd be just like CTR, but it's quite something else. For people who havent already got this game, well I wouldn't say no to it, but if I were you I'd wait till it comes out on platinum or something. It's pretty much cheapest on Amazon as usual.
If you buy it, hope you enjoy it!
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on 1 March 2004
This game has cutting grapics and detailed charicters.The tracks are very good but are not easy to see.This is a highly recormened game but not for people with short tempers.
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on 13 May 2012
Our family are huge fans of the original CTR Playstation game. Crash Nitro Kart is virtually the same, but has more detailed graphics and makes the most of the capabilities of the PS2.

Many of the tracks are based on the old CTR tracks, but altered slightly. Fans of the original game will see a lot of similarities.

Unfortunately, i find the graphics a little too rich, and sometimes it is hard to work out where the track is leading. For gameplay, iprefer the blocky simplicity of the original game.

The adventure mode is so-so, but the real fun, as always, comes from battling friends and family on the track.

All in all, a good cartoon racer, but if I had to choose, I would buy the old Crash Team Racing game for ps1 over this one.
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on 6 May 2012
Whilst this game is definitley good (and contains one of my favourite cutscenes of all time) it never really lived up to CTR. It tried to be a carbon copy but the controls either felt too tight or too loose, where as in my opion, CTR got it just right for the most part. Whilst i have essentially mastered this game due to the amount of time played it as a kid, looking back in retrospect it is definitley a flawed game but if you're looking for a good time then definitley pick it up considering it's cheap as chips
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on 15 December 2003
O.K. maybe we should have known better. The reviews in PS2 magazine were very poor (6/10) - but they just said it was more of the same. But that was fine by us - More Crash Team Racing was exactly what we were looking for..
What we got was totally disappointing and actually worse than the PS1 game.
Vivendi Universal have somehow managed to take the classic from Naughty Dog and suck all the joy out. A miraculous if dubious achievment. Where do I start? First, although the game has a PS2 to drive it - it somehow managed to be slower than the PS1 original.The kart controls are sluggish and very unresponsive and although the weapons appear to be the same the bombs and missiles crawl from the karts at an painfully slow speed. The green ball can no longer be fired - and the lovely smashing bottle have been dispensed with altogether.
The sound has also been completely re-worked.Gone are the smashing box effects and carousel clicks that added much of the atmosphere of CTR. Weapon hits and skids are similarly faded out of the soundscape and replaced with a rather bland beattrack that does little to reflect the gameplay. I could go on but I won't - See xtremegirlgamers review for more..
This is what Sam (8) thinks -
"I think the game was very bad. The karts were very slow. The other Crash Team Racing was better than that! The rockets are hard to control and the other weapons were stupid."
Enough said..?
Don't be tempted - disappontment is guaranteed.
Speed Terrible
Sound Bad
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on 26 December 2003
When i got this game i was unsure if it would be just as good as the 1st, then i played this game there are many changes but it happens there are new toys or so called "wepaons" to play with which adds to the fun when you and your friends or family dont no what they do.
You shouldn't get this game if you want it to be "just" like the 1st one, it has changed but there is more to do and still just as much fun, if you wont a game that you can just sit down and play and always come back to it then this would be the game for you.
It's fun, fast and is good for a multiplayer game.
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on 29 December 2007
There are fun multiplayer races and single player! It's also very good on the GBA it's alot of fun if you like racing and even if you don't this you'll still enjoy! 9 out 10

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