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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2004
I just finished The Sands of Time this afternoon. It is a brilliant game, not too repetitive and full of new challenges. The thing I liked particularly about it, was that I felt that I was making good progress throughout. The design of the game is fantastic, a Tomb Raider style, mixing skills and puzzles, but the detailing is much more imaginative and creative, there were no gaps in walls etc. I would recommend this game, it's a great 3D platformer, and I can't fault it! (P.S. I'm a 30 something female)
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on 23 February 2004
I remember being blown away by the original Tomb Raider on the PC. I don't think my computer got switched off until I had finished the game and even then just so I could get some sleep and then start all over again.
Well, the same thing happened when I fired up Prince of Persia on the XBOX. This game is all that Tomb Raider was and so much more. Incredibly fluid motion, great controls, top graphics (the levels are stunning) and the perfect blend of puzzle solving, sword fighting and, of course, acrobatics.
This game is well worthy of a five star rating with the only criticism being that you might finish it too soon and sit around pining for sequel. Move over Lara - your top-heavy acrobatics days are numbered.
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on 22 February 2013
Amazing game from an amazing series. For its time the game was revolutionary. Love it, would definitely recommend to everybody.
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on 10 May 2015
A quality game , forgot how good it was , excellent price , perfect condition , good seller - cheers !
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on 6 September 2015
Delighted, the game arrived earlier than I expected plus the condition of the disc and box were better than described.
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on 28 October 2012
This is such a great game, came in good quality and was very quick at arriving. Overall I'd say this product is a must have for anyone who likes POP games.
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on 14 March 2004
When you start the game you're going to notice that the prince is telling a story of what happened in his past. You start off by taking over the maharajah's estate with your father's army. This is a basic tutorial on how to play the basic controls of the game if you couldn't bother to read the manual (I didn't cuz my manual was in dutch, french and german....). You soon learn that your main character is one of the most athletic people on the world who is able to run on walls, swing on poles, jump off walls and more to get to a near impossible to reach ledge, floor or platform.
As soon as you've learnt the basic controls you're going to have to take the dagger of time. As soon as you get it you see a brief cutscene of you unleashing the devastating sands of time and changing everybody apart from you, the vizier who was one of the people persuading you to unleash the sands, farah a mysterious girl who helps you and very few others into "sand demons".
As you expect your mission is to free everybody of the curse which the sands created. Now you use the dagger to rewind, slow down and even fast forward time to help you cure everybody of the curse. You also use the dagger of time to destroy the sand demons. The dagger will come in extremely useful to prevent yourself from death by rewinding time just before being splattered to smithereens when falling down a cliff or by getting your life back in a fight.
The gameplay of this game is excellent for the platform part of the game beating every other platformer including ratchet and clank, tomb raider and zelda whilst the fighting part of the game still offers you quite a wide variety of moves to do and ways to kill the enemies. The thing that will strike you the most about this game is how easy it is to control your character. The player responds immediately to your controller.
The graphics to this game are absolutely stunning. The environment is always beautiful to look at with the hazy and blurry effects instead of making the game look bad make the game look good. The character models also look very nice, they are solid and you can even see the fingers of the hands perfectly.
The sound is what the game needs to make it that much more pleasing to play. You occasionally hear the prince talking to himself giving you hints. And when your prince dies he says 'no that's not how it went.' Depending on what surface you walk on the noise your character makes changes depending on the chunk of wood, woosh of water, clank of metal or stomp of stone.
This game does however have a few bad points just like any others.
1. The camera can occasionally kinda mess up making it harder to get to the next ledge.
2. The fighting doesn't have enough variety and can get very repetitive making it easy to learn the trick on how to defeat the enemy.
3. The game just seems too easy and short, in 3 hours I finished 38% of the game.
However even with those 3 bad points of the game Ubisoft deserve yet again another applause for giving us another great game. Ubisoft are starting to make at least 1 great game per month and looking like big contenders for this years best games developers award. This game is great with hardly any cons and deserves to be in your game collection. Finnish the prince's story and wait for the next Prince of Persia.
9/10 92%
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on 21 February 2004
To many games have great graphics but no depth, no feeling , no sound. So games might as well of been write 20 years ago on a black and white screen. Finally a game that rewrites the platform rules. For those who where disappointed with Blinx, you won't be with this. For those who need something to fill in the gap after Halo and Knights of the Old Republic. This fills the gap makes you forget the games ever existed. The game has an excellent story, gameplay (very challenging), sound and graphics. This is a must for any xbox, GS, PS2 and PC owner. If you don't have this game then you should take your console or pc back to the shop and exchange it for a abacus. It finest game to grace our screens. PS. Hidden in the game, once you have completed are two of the original games supposedly. Simply click the icon, put your credit details in and buy this game.
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on 15 June 2018
one of the best xbox game to play
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on 17 February 2004
This is pure class. In the xbox game rankings it probably comes somewhere close under Halo (number 1) and Project Gotham 2(Number 2). It is a combination of puzzle and fighting with a good storyline thrown in for good measure (a little like tombraider). The story is told as a series of flashbacks which mean that before you play a piece of the game you see short pieces of what you will be doing. My only criticsm is that about 14% into the game you have to kill a certain character (i won't spoil it for you), but this is very hard. It's not hard to DO but is hard to figure out WHAT to do. I took about 7 hours before i figured it out. This apart, this is a GREAT game
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