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on 25 January 2012
I bought this clock to replace one that had a very loud tick tock. The new clock looks quite smart and the added extra of the face lighting up as darkness approaches. The alarm is not to loud but loud enough to wake you up also has a snooze button gives you an extra few minutes in bed. A great clock with very clear numbers and easy to read face. No noise glow in the dark clock.
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on 29 July 2013
Alarm clock seemed to work fine until it started losing time. I replaced the batteries, then thought a child was adjusting it but last night it lost an hour. A wonderful product in many ways apart from the most fundamental of keeping the time accurately.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 November 2016
I bought this because I wanted a silent clock for the bedroom with a night light. I got it in January 2016, put the batteries in and set it up. The glow in the dark thing and the night light has worked okay for the last nine months but have now stopped working. The clock still works, so I can still tell the time during the day, but if I need to tell the time at night I have to get up and put the main light on. Amazon seems to have a 30 day return policy but I know my statutory rights and have reminded them that I have a 12 month warranty from purchase, so I shall be insisting that they replace it.

I would not advise anyone to purchase this clock.
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on 27 September 2016
This is really perfect in so many ways. The batteries seem to last forever and the light sensitive night glow feature is brilliant. I'll not get too excited about it though as it is a beside clock at the end of the day - a walnut veneer might enhance it possibly.

UPDATE - The batteries don't last forever. After 11 and a half months the night light glow stopped working even though the hands were still going round. At first I thought the clock was broken and Amazon we're all set to refund me but then I did try changing the batteries and that solved the problem so I'm happy again but the batteries don't last forever as I had first thought. When replacing the batteries I also noticed that the battery compartment was a little loose. I think it poor quality materials are to blame however it is not affecting the function at the moment and the clock is working well.
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on 17 September 2015
I was looking for a clock that I could see without putting the light on. Well, I looked at a lot of the clocks that Amazon have on site, and this one seemed the best for what I wanted. I needed it to be silent too, I can't stand ticking in the bedroom as I can't get to sleep. When this arrived I was very pleased by the look of it, quite a stylish clock, slightly bigger than I imagined, but not too big and when I got it going and used it that first night I was delighted with how it looked in the dark, it had a nice 'glow' to the face, I could read the time perfectly, it was silent - sometimes 'silent' clocks do make a noise - and the alarm setting was dead easy, just a case of setting the alarm pointer to the time you wanted to wake up, flick the switch on the back from off to on, and there it was, all ready to use.
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on 11 January 2017
I bought this for my 6 year old daughter for her bedroom as she has just started to tell the time and it is very difficult to get non-digital clock which can be seen in the dark. This clock does exactly as it describes and works well. Once the room is dark, the green back light comes on, once you have the switch flicked to the correct mode on the back. My daughter was thrilled with it, and it does exactly what I want it to do. Most clocks I had looked at had a button which turned on a back light temporarily, but this one stays on which is great.
However I have taken away two stars for quality and durability of the product. It came with a sticker on the front face, and when peeling it off the plastic face cover of the clock came off with it. Also, when I inserted the batteries I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work, until I saw that the 'second' hand was completely bent and was getting stuck behind the other hands of the clock. At this stage I had seen that the front cover was easily removed, so I bent it back into shape myself. It still looks a bit wonky, but it is now working fine.
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on 20 June 2015
Surprisingly larger than I thought - quite a lot bulkier, larger than my palm, etc. The clock face is always illuminated by a soft green light. It is not visible in daylight. Only in darkness would it be bright enough to illuminate the whole clock face for you to tell the the time easily. And that constant glow is not bright enough to disturb sleep at all. It really is very soft. I never thought I would find this function so handy but now I really appreciate it. No more having to turn my phone screen on to view the time or to squint at my tiny alarm clock to read the time in the middle of the night. Now on this clock there is also an on/off button switch for the clock light. When pressed, it produces a much stronger and brighter light than the constant soft green light that the clock face emits. I do notice that it doesn't always ring at the precise minute I set the alarm at, but will ring about +5/-5 minutes around the time set. That seems to be a limitation of analogue alarm clocks due to the way the alarm is triggered by the movement of the clock hands, and all the analogue alarm clocks I've had all did the same, so I can't really fault this clock really. I just have to make sure I set it a tiny bit earlier if I'm worried I'll be late.
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on 17 March 2015
I bought this clock after an unfortunate coffee incident with my old clock. Anyway the main factors I wanted in my new clock was silence and a dim back light as I prefer to have it on all the time so I can see the time through squinted eyes during the night without having to press a button to illuminate. Surprisingly enough this was actually a lot harder a task than first expected!
After considering the reviews on this one I went ahead and it was delivered in good time.
Upon setting the clock I was relieved and pleased to notice it was indeed silent, no annoying ticking noises. The numbers are quite big and clear and the alarm is easy enough to set etc. So far so good. The big test however was how bright the backlight was which unfortunately is the reason why I cannot give this clock 5 stars. Although it is supposed to only give a dim green backlight, I find this way too bright for me. If the light illuminates everything on my bedside table and manages to penetrate through my eyelids, it's too light in my opinion! lol
Overall I like the clock but have had to revert to pressing the top button during the night if I want to see the time. Good clock if you don't mind a bit of light in your room.
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on 5 April 2014
This is the ideal bedside clock for those who prefer analogue to digital timekeeping. The face is about 77 mm in diameter and the numbers are about 8 mm in height which, in black on white background, gives good visibility even from some distance and with my poor eyesight. The best part is the Smartlite system which, when set to `ON' using the switch on the back, comes on automatically in darkness and provides a greenish backlight glow to the entire face of the clock, showing the numbers and hands (even the second hand) in clear relief whilst radiating a very faint glow into the surrounding room. This makes it easily readable, even from across a double bed, in pitch darkness. The clock takes three AA batteries which are supposed to last 12 months with 8 hours of Smartlite on per night, which seems more than good enough. Timekeeping seems good (possibly quartz, though this is not claimed) and the motion seems completely silent to my ears. The clock stands on a good sized base so is difficult to knock over. I don't use the alarm function so can't comment. Otherwise, it does everything I wanted, even better than I'd hoped.
UPDATE: After just 5 weeks of use the clock stopped. I tried new batteries but it made no difference. It would start again if shaken but only ran for a little while before stopping. I returned it for a refund, thanks to Amazon's excellent customer service procedures.
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on 13 June 2014
This is the second Acctim sweeper alarm clock that I've had. The first one I purchased from Argos some years ago. I loved it.
The silent sweeper hand is excellent for anyone who hates a ticking clock next to their bedside as it's so quiet. The alarm is good and gently wakes you up, it gradually gets louder to rouse even the deepest sleeper too. I've never bothered to keep the back light on, but it's a good feature if anyone likes it. It's a nice size, not too small, but not huge. The reason I bought a second one is, after a few years the alarm became a bit unreliable and I couldn't risk sleeping in on an important day. The old clock is still going strong in a spare bedroom and keeping perfect time, but without the use of the alarm, so I'm happy.
The supplier delivered quickly and was well packaged.
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