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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 4 March 2017
Another great album in the true meat loaf style.
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on 10 June 2017
As described. prompt delivery. Loved the music!
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on 12 July 2017
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on 17 January 2013
I bought this for my husband and he loved it and plays it all the time...and I'd found one he didn't have, being a fan of Meat Loaf.
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on 14 April 2003
This is Meat's first studio album since Welcome To The Neighbourhood in 1995. While that may be a greater than usual interval, he has been acting, touring, writing and promoting his biography, and has released VH1 Storytellers, The Very Best Of Meat Loaf, and making this album since then. Meat has taken the time to get it right. And right it is!
There is no filler on this album. The epic title track features Todd Rundgren on background vocals (he produced, played guitar and sang background vocals on Meat's famous Bat Out Of Hell album). "Man Of Steel" is an epic, tear jerking duet between Meat and his daughter Pearl. Bob Dylan fans may be interested in hearing his cover of "Forever Young", and fans of the show "Hedwig and The Angry Inch" may be interested in hearing his version of "Tear Me Down". James Michael and Nikki Sixx wrote some of the songs, so James Michael and Motley Crue fans may be interested in hearing them also. "Testify" is a gospel song (written by Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin) with a kind of funness and rhythm that I'd compare to "Paradise By The Dashboard Light". Kasim Sulton plays bass and arranges fabulous background vocals on most songs, and there are beautiful orchestral arrangements as well.
There are little bits and pieces that are different about this album than previous albums, which makes for a refreshing change. This is most obvious on "Do It", in which Meat tries and succeeds in making a song that borders on rap-rock. He'll leave you thinking that he's the PRO at that sort of thing.
These ain't just a bunch of songs. Meat writes the story, and with the help of great songwriters, tells it in lyrical form. As an actor, Meat doesn't just sing the songs, but performs with unmistakable passion, force and performs them in a way that gets across the meaning of the songs. Everyone is likely to find something of interest here. This album definitely deserves to be one of the stand out albums of the year.
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on 12 April 2003
Absence makes the mind grow fonder it seems, though I guess I needed this little as I'm a huge Meat Loaf fan, so maybe that tints my review? I'll try to be as unbias as possible.
Reviewing from a German version of the CD which is almost identical with a few apparent bonus track differences and a cover colour difference.
7-8 years since the last Meat Loaf album with a track listing full of completely new songs, and the first since the 80's to not include the song writing talents of Jim Steinman. Couldn't Have Said It Better kicks the album off being possibly the best song not just on the album, but of Meat Loaf's since Anything for Love, possibly some suggest, even better than that! Piano, Guitars, Vocal Harmonys and other trademark Meat Loaf attributes. However, this is strangely rockier and more lively than previous albums and Meat quotes as saying its the best album since Bat 1! This song shows why! Did I Say That and follows the great CHSIB with considerate ease pounding from a relaxed intro to a beaty chorus. Why Isn't That Enough follows with Love You Out Loud shortly after, Rock Ballad is an underestimate! Man Of Steel, greatly manages to play a simple tune into a full rock chorus, rounding off Chapter one very nicely indeed! Testify a fast, drum based guitar based song unlike anything done by Meat Loaf in the past, new territory well and truly stamped with the Marvin Lee Aday flag. Tear Me Down, a truely upbeat cheerful, danceable almost song that is guarenteed to get you nodding you little head without being over-rocky. You're Right I was Wrong a typical Diane Warren song, neither fantastic beyond belief or worthy of skipping. Because of you, slightly bouncier and bubblier than the previous leads to a disappointing "Do It". Fast, Drums, and doesn't appear to be the strongest song by far on the album, though this could be a taste thing, as its as close to Rap as Meat Loaf gets I think :)
Forever Young the Bob Dylan cover tops of the album off wonderfully... or does it!? There is a track hidden after two minutes of silence named Mercury Blues which is absolutely wonderful, bouncy, cheering, rock from a country song! Absolultely Groovy!!
Summary? Wonderful album! The best album by far with no Steinman involvement, and quite afew of the songs would be listed in my top 10 Meat songs at the very least! If you like any Meat Loaf song, this album is worth a listen! Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself, Testify and Tear Me Down are my personal highlights,... what are yours? hehe!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 April 2013
So this was the first non-compilation album since the excellant "Welcome To the Neighbourhood" and was the current album at the time of my third and to date my final Meat Loaf concert. It starts really well with the excellant hit single "Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself". "Man of Steel" is also a goodd hit. There are some great tracks "Did I Say That", You Are Right I Was Wrong". I've had to re-write this review because I recalled that I though that this album faded after a strong start, but re-listening to it with refreshed ears it turns out this album is one of Meat Loaf best. So it is appropriate that I rate "You Are Right I Was Wrong". I would rank the album just behind "Bat Out Hell 1" and "Bat Out Of Hell 2" and "Welcome To The Neighbourhood". If there is one track that I'm not so fussed about is, that would be "Do It!", this is the penultimate track excluding the bonus "Bat Out Of Hell" 11 minute, live version. The final track excuding the bonus "Forever Young\Mercury blues", although on the album cover and internal doesn't actuall refer to the "Mercury Blues" part.
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2005
there is some good stuff on here, notably the title track, and Did I say that, and Man of steel. There is also some rubbish, Do it! is one of the worst songs I have heard from anyone. Generally, side 1 ( or chapter 1 as the cd has it ) is pretty good wheras chapter 2 is poor. There is the weakest Diane Warren song I have ever heard on side 2, You're right I was wrong. Perhaps it will grow on me.Hard to detect a tune on that one, very strange for the normally reliable Warren. The bonus track, a live Bat out of Hell, is actually excellent despite what another reviewer said, but hardly essential for any fan. I also liked his version of Dylan's Forever Young. To the reviewer who thinks this song is banal, all I can say is you should listen to some of Dylan's last few albums of original material to know what banal can be ( "Wiggle, wiggle" anyone? ).
Worth getting for the Meat fan, but try to pay about £5 for it.
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on 28 July 2003
This is probably the best album many people don't own. From the opening line of the title track, to the closing instrumental of 'Forever Young' (or the bonus track, if you listen that far) it is brilliant, with my personal favourite being 'Did I Say That'.
What really makes this album stand out, for me, is that I spent two days straight listening to it, mostly as background noise, and it never got boring.
The saddest thing about this album is that I doubt it will be as successful as it deserves, with most music buyers taking one look at the artist and saying 'Meat Loaf? Urr' without having heard any of his songs.
My only hope is that when 'Bat Out of Hell III' arrives, rumoured to be his last album, it demolishes everything and sends him out with a bang similar to that which gave the world Wagnarian rock opera in the first place.
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I approached this album with some degree of caution, as with any legendary artist who is no longer the flavour of the moment, Meat Loaf seems to attract criticism for the sheer shake of it. Happily, it's much better than expected. The opener is a big, beefy and powerful track based around the tune of 1995's 'I'd Lie For You' which sounds unusual at first but soon grows on you. There are some hard and fast tunes that strike you as being quite different (refreshingly so) from what you'd have expected: 'Testify' and 'Tear Me Down' being the better examples, whilst at the softer end 'Why Isn't That Enough?' is a simple but haunting piece. It's great that new ground has been broken, Meat still has a powerful voice and no need to have to purely wait for Jim Steinman (though the combination of such talent is unbeatable) or make do with second-rate imitations. There's also a live 'Bat Out of Hell' and a hidden track just before it. The bonus CD is superb too, with live tracks, live videos and a video for the US single. The live videos are wonderfully produced and the man himself is in fine form, and - as always - so is the lovely Ms Russo. Non-fans may not be won over by this, but there's a lot of energy here, a great voice, and thankfully still a good deal of freshness. I hear Meat Loaf has suggested this may be his last studio album but I pray not, that would be a great loss.
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