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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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VINE VOICEon 26 April 2010
A series of 9 short stories that weave into the matirx world. Beautifully animated using various animation from CGI through to cell shading. Picture is full 1080P with a multi channel Dolby TrueHD English audio as well as Multi channel Dolby digital Brazillian Portuguese, French, Italian and Latin Spanish. A whole raft of ectras include the making of each short and a scrolls to screen extra that look briefly at the history and culture of Anime.

Excellent Blu Ray running in at 1 hour 40 minutes
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on 16 May 2017
Loved this edition when it first came out, now the animation has aged really well and the story line remains involved with the audience
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on 25 January 2017
I am a big fan of the Matrix movies. This DVD was also fun watching all the extra videos.

Good quality videos. Happy with the purchase
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on 5 January 2012
European version 1/5, US version 5/5

However the US DVD is region free!

I'd rate this higher as it's a good item but not as advertised (The Animatrix [DVD] [2003], as far as I've been able to tell, does not actually exist); what is listed is confused with the Region 1 version - the Region 2 one you're likely to get (The Animatrix [DVD] [2003]) does not contain a Japanese audio track but English/German with half a dozen northern European subs only (not French or Spanish as listed). It seems impossible for me to get the info updated here... Obviously if you're coming at this as an anime fan you'd want a chance to hear the Japanese audio.

Other differences:
-The bonus documentaries contain interviews with both English and Japanese speakers. Confusingly, the only R2 subtitle option produces English subtitles for both, meaning you're reading a subtitled translation of Japanese interspersed with a simplified English version of what you're hearing, which is distracting to say the least. The US version subtitles only the Japanese audio, though it is hardsubbed in this instance (not that that matters for a documentary).
-The list of creators in the US version allows you to click on the directors and see a short bio with information on what else they've made. The European version by contrast is just a list of names, duplicating what you can find on the box so this feature is rendered totally pointless.

I won't review the actual shorts as you can find plenty on IMDB etc.

Basically, find the Region 1 version which is not actually region locked.
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on 18 September 2003
The Animatrix is a curiosity and it serves to highlight clearly the Wachowski brother's committment to this project. A series of short (each about ten minutes) animated adventures set in the world of the Matrix movies, The Animatrix explores the themes and possibilities of the movies using different techniques from CGI to traditional Anime.
As a fan of CGI the two standout pieces for me were "Last Flight of the Osiris" and "Matriculated". "Last Flight of the Osiris" (from the team responsible for "Final Fantasy") is jaw dropping state of the art hyper-real CGI. It is obvious that much of the Matrix Reloaded was produced in this way. The opening scene is absolutely delicious as two very attractive CGI characters disrobe eachother in a virtual martial arts sword fight. The piece goes on to illustrate a link between the first two movies in the Matrix trilogy.
But the one that really got me was "Matriculated". An astounding blend of CGI and handrawn animation this film really explores the possibilities of the medium and the results are mind-blowing, and quite psychadelic in places. A curious story about a group of humans who attempt to convert machines to their cause, "Matriculated" really pushes the boundaries. For hardcore fans it is worth owning the DVD for these two pieces alone, however the other pieces are excellent too, using more standard animation techniques to tell their stories. Those with a passing interest in the Matrix movies will probably be happier just renting The Animatrix.
If you are unfamiliar with Anime it is worth noting that it often contains strong violence and sexual material, and the Animatrix is no exception. One scene in particular depicted violence against a robot made to look like a human woman and I found this quite uncomfortable to watch.
After watching The Animatrix I am left feeling confident that despite the unexpected success of the first Matrix movie, the Wachowski brothers are committed to bringing the Matrix to the World with integrity. A lot of people have been disappointed in the second movie, but seen in the context of an action packed comic book sci-fi saga it all makes sense, and its really working for me. It is not going to be to everyone's taste, but this is to the directors' credit, not to their detriment.
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on 15 March 2014
really nothing to watch, short clips of animation that apparently tell the story of the Matrix...I didn't see that, and only watched 2 clips before sending it to the charity shop
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on 5 July 2003
Once every few years something will happen in the film industry completely changes what we expect to see when we go to the cinema. In 1999 the Matrix showed us the new dimensions of movie making that we could expect to see for the next few years. However, it was not only the cutting edge ‘bullet time’ super effects that were so mind blowing. The post modernistic story that the Wachowski brothers created, gathered and instant cult following. The idea of the reality of reality being questioned so openly, the challenging of the concepts of semiotics, showed us that we should never accept what we perceive as real.
This was an incredible notion to connote to an audience that may or may not have been ready to accept them. This meant that creating a sequel to this film from the point where The Matrix ended, would be incredibly difficult considering the foundations of the first movie. To answer this problem the Wachowski brothers commissioned these nine animations to fill the gaps left by the first movie.
They are as follows:
The Final Flight Of The Osiris.
This is the first animation on the disk, however, I feel it should be at the end of the disk as it the animation that flows straight in to the story of Reloaded. It has been created by the people that made the 2000 film Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within and the CG used in it makes this worthy of gracing the big screen as part of Reloaded.
The Second Renaissance Part One.
This story is taken directly from the Zion archives. It tells of the birth of AI, rise of the machines and the founding of Zero one. It uses iconic imagery of our life times to show how truly violent the beginnings of the war are and how mistakes are remade again.
The Second Renaissance Part Two.
The second part of the renaissance charts the attempts to stop the machines ever growing power over the human race and the first battles of the war. We see how the machine begin to wield us as we die out and the founding of the matrix as there new source of power.
Kids Story.
This is my personal favourite, simply because the animation is stunning. In this short, we see how self enlightenment can sometimes show us the way to things beyond our comprehension. In this case a boy yearning to be free of his reality.
This is one of my favourite shorts. It show how even outside the matrix in the real world, people still want to cling to there ordinary lives in the virtual world.
World record.
World Record took me a few viewings to really understand the underlying ideas of this animation. It follows an athlete as he tries to break his own personal best speed. And by doing so breaks out of the matrix itself.
What happens when the matrix fails to keep a constant in reality? Beyond shows how ordinary people can find the flaws in the program and perform acts that they could only imagine.
Detective story.
This is a sharp and classily animated story of how the agents try to entrap Trinity. Its comic book retro style and use of black and white imagery, give it a refined and polished image that sets it apart from the other animations.
What can I say about this one? Well one word sums it up, Insane. However, it raises an interesting idea that all individual machines have the own minds and it show how people are able to release a mechanical mind in the same way that a human mind can be released from the matrix.
So what over all does the Animatrix offer the viewer? Well it give answers to a lot of questions but this in turn gives rise to even more questions, not only about The Matrix, but about reality it self. I thoroughly recommend this DVD even to those who were not fans of the film because there is something to be gained from it by all who see it.
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on 15 June 2003
These short animations are pure works of art. Several, particularly the first 3 really do enhance the matrix experience as they elucidate to some of the issues left out of the movies themselves, matrix reloaded could even start with the Final Flight of the Osiris in my opinion. The remaining animations provide mini stories inside the matrix that are not really linked to the main films, apart from The Kid maybe. However, with the exception of Program, they are all visually stunning and thought provoking. For example, Matriculated ends up being a story of unrequited love between a woman and a machine the final scene of which is quite disturbing.
There are many hidden messages and subconscious references to modern day society and human tragedy littered throughout these stories and this form of film is perfect for delivering these subtle messages. This gives the DVD a very good replay level. In my opinion The Second Renaissance Parts 1 and 2 are the best, with a beautiful mix of artistic styles a very powerful message is delivered with lots of references to mans mistreatment of man and the environment. Coupled with a fantastic score that really enhances the experience one really gets a sense of how man sowed the seeds that bought about his own tragic demise, BRILLIENT!
This DVD can be enjoyed on so many different levels, even if one is not a fan of the Matrix. And at less than 12 quid what are you waiting for?
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on 24 June 2003
Animatrix includes 9 animated shorts that tie in with the Matrix movie trilogy and delve deeper into the origins, world and secrets of the Matrix universe.
Final Flight of the Osiris and Kid's Story explain a few things between the first two movies, including how Zion learned of the machine invasion on the subterranian city. Both are beautifully drawn and animated, Kid's Story being my favourite on this release.
The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2 explain the history of the Matrix, involving the original war between man and machine. While the script on this one is a little childish, the visuals are not.
Those familiar with anime and Korean animation will recognise the work of several favourites.
While some of the shorts don't visually fit the Matrix that well, they are still well produced and entertaining.
A must buy for all anime, Korean animation and Matrix fans alike, they will not be disappointed with this release.
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on 21 May 2003
Eagerly awaiting the sequel to the boundary breaking original matrix movie, I came across this spin off DVD featuring 9 animated short stories, each one showing a different angle on how the matrix works, and how it is possible to discover the reality.
No doubt the stand out piece is 'Final Flight of the Osiris'. I was slightly dissapointed because I incorrectly assumed that all the films would use the astonishingly real-to-life CGI seen in this short. The slightly embarrasing training fight where both combatants slice each others clothes off is completely overshadowed by the sheer realism of their movements and body definitions, at times you simply can't tell the difference between this short and real life actors.
The most facscintaing and informative shorts on the DVD are called 'The Second Renaissance' parts one and two. These shorts tell the fascintaing tale of how the world changed from how we are now, to the situation reached by the start of the original matrix film. The slightly scary aspect to the stories is that, despite perhaps the humans decision to 'burn the sky' in an attempt to stop the rebelling robots from recieving solar energy they require, I found it impossible to rule out that the story told couldn't happen in real life!
Dissapointingly, the rest of the tales pale in comparison and slightly poorer, less interesting stories such as 'World Record' and 'Detective Story' are told. Though 'Kids Story' is a well crafted and developed tale of a youngster who discovers the truth 'Neo-style', I personally didn't like animation used. All these stories do serve a purpose though, once you've watched them all you'll probably have more unanswered questions about this clouded world than you did previosuly.
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