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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
The Cure - Trilogy: Live In Berlin [DVD] [2003]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£6.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 24 June 2003
This is good. This is real good. Even if you just like the Cure a little bit, this is good. If you like the Cure, then its awesome. Where do I begin. Its the best live show ever. It kicks ass with the Cure in Orange, it is so much better than Show..
Its dark, its moody, its happy, its funny - its the Cure doing what they do best.
There are some magical moments in this and some that could have been left out....its warts and all...its what you expect from the Cure...So if you have seen them live, then this is exactly what you want from them.....If you have not seen them live, then here is your chance.
Don't just think about it, just do it.....You know you want to.
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on 5 June 2003
The opening "One Hundrer Years" leaves you totally breathless. The lights, stage, camera angles and general visual aspect makes it look like no other concert dvd. The highlights would have to be 4 songs from the pornography set. One Hundred Years, A Strange Day and Cold are amazing, whilst the title track Pornography is truely brilliant, with more whah whah guitars than Shaft. The Same Deep Water As You is partly shot on a "robertcam" which gives a great view of smudged lipstick and wild hair. The two song encore of If Only Tonight We Could Sleep and The Kiss is a slight let-down. A 10 minute version of A Forest would have been the icing on the cake. It would also be great if they decided to release The Cure In Orange on dvd as well - then my life really would be complete.
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on 7 June 2003
The only thing better than owning this DVD would to have been there! The Cure show that even after twenty-five years they are one of the greatest bands of all time. Really, any Cure fan would love this. The filming is excellent and the sound will blow you away. Play this one LOUD.
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on 29 November 2003
I bought this on it's day of release, which is now several months back and feel in a good position to review it now.
The problem I always had with this DVD (even before release) is that it's based around some convenient concept that the Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers albums are in some way a special trilogy, forever linked to each other. I abhor this concept. For years Robert Smith said time and time again that it was Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography that were a trilogy - linked due to the atmosphere they were made in, the subject matter, the sound and also because they were released chronologically.
I'm rather sceptical that Smith has suddenly decided that it's now three other records which are a trilogy simply because Seventeen Seconds then Faith then Pornography would not have been good enough together to play in full at a concert (and not a very long show either!).
Anyway, cynicism at marketing tactics aside - any band that release a live DVD with three full albums should be applauded and I certainly do applaud The Cure for this, especially when many bands are seen charging full rate for a DVD with maybe 50 or 60 minutes worth of a live show.
The DVD is broke down into three parts, in this order:
Pornography live, Disintegration live, Bloodflowers live (+ 2 song encore), Interview with all band members.
Pornography is easily the best set. They maybe aren't the best songs in their original album format, but then they are 21 years old so they now really benefit from a harder sound - especially played by a 5-piece Cure as opposed to the 3-piece that recorded it. Hanging Garden for instance is the best version of this song I have ever heard anywhere - wish the album version sounded as good as this.
Disintegration is the best of the three studio albums but the weakest when played live here. Smith's guitar parts are an integral part of the songs, but the guitar sound used for this show is awful and really ruins it for me. He swaps guitar for some songs and they're much better, but Pictures Of You (for example) is the worst live version I have ever heard - simply due to the guitar sound here (not his actual playing which is as good as ever).
Bloodflowers is an interesting set as it's theoretically the "heaviest" sounding (in terms of guitar rock) of the three albums but here much of it is a missed opportunity and while the rockier songs don't fall completely flat, they could have been loads better. The other disappointing thing during the Bloodflowers set is the very heavy reliance on electronic backing tracks (this is sadly evident during the whole concert) and it's a real shame as The Cure never ever used to use backing tracks during concerts.
The 2 song encore (The Kiss and If Only Tonight We Could Sleep) are the best songs by far, but the Pornography set is also up there.
The interview section is good as I've never seen such a long interview with the band since an MTV special 11 years ago, but it's a shame that band members are interviewed seperately. It would have been good to have seen some interaction between the band.
To sum up; I personally feel that In Orange and Show are far superior as concert films, both in terms of the playing of the songs, the overall sound, and the actual tracklistings and I wish somebody would release them on remastered DVD. In fact what Cure fans really need is a DVD boxset with Staring At The Sea, In Orange, Play Out, Show and Galore. Compared to In Orange and Show, Trilogy sadly just confirms what other people say - namely that The Cure as a live act are still desperately missing Boris Williams' drumming and Porl Thompson's guitar skills - both of them easily within the top 5 in the world for their respective instruments.
If I were reviewing this title on value for money alone it would get a 5-star rating, but I'm not so it's only getting a three star rating !!!
I would suggest that if you're aware of The Cure songs and don't mind watching VHS then you may wish to consider opting for Show which is far far superior to this.
If it's the songs on Trilogy you want to hear though, then it's worth the price for the Pornography set alone so that should be enough to convince you.
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on 27 March 2009
Every once in a while, bands have their defining moment, both live and in the studio. This in one of those moments for The Cure in my opinion.

Back in November 2002, The Cure decided to perform three of their best albums in their entirety, back to back at the Tempodrom in Berlin. Those albums were Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers. Robert Smith claimed that these were a 'trilogy' in 2000 when Bloodflowers was released.

I was fortunate to be at these concerts, as well as the Brussels Forest National warm up show and can honestly say that the experience was phenomenal. Many of the tracks performed here were played for the first time in many years (Short Term Effect, Closedown, Homesick etc)

Captured in HD 1080i (the best available at the time) the quality of this Blu Ray is excellent. The video quality is far superior to the original DVD release with outstanding contrast and fine detail, especially in the close up scenes.

Audio is presented in DTS-HD MA 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, and LPCM.

It would have been nice to see the extras also in hi def, as these are the same standard def versions found on the DVD. The two encore tracks (The Kiss and If Only Tonight We Could Sleep) are in Hi-Definition.

Despite this shortcoming, I would recommend upgrading to the Blu-Ray from the DVD as the image and sound quality is far superior. I also recommend this to anyone looking for an example of a great band, performing at their very best.

Roll on Trilogy II (Faith, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and Wish)!... In my dreams!
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on 3 June 2003
It took 18 years for the cure to record their trilogy of pornography (1982), disintegration (1989) and bloodflowers (2000). Last November in Berlin it took them three hours to conclude it.
And what a three hours it is. The pornography set is, inevitably, the most intense. From the opening wail of 100 years to the closing noise of pornography, the set has an energy and tension which perfectly realises the abrasive nature of the album. 100 years would be perfect, although Smith's vocals are still warming up. The hanging garden is truly stunning, with especially impressive drumming from jason cooper. The band also deliver a cracking version of a strange day, but the highlight of the set though is undoubtedly cold (arguably the strongest track on the album anyway). As the cascading drumbeat and lavish keyboards emerge, the sense of eerie silence in the arena is tangible; the song is the most emotionally vulnerable moment of the set. The title track is realised in a way that makes it more performance-friendly than the studio track, and is a perfectly uneasy ending to the set.
As blue lights and quiet chimes fill the arena, the increasing feeling of a new dawn comes to a climax as the beauty of plainsong suddenly explodes across the arena. It is a truly magical moment, affording the song the status it truly deserves. Disintegration is (from my point of view) the strongest album of the three, and each song is well realised. The highlights are a pounding fascination street, a rare performance of the gorgeous the same deep water as you, and truly awesome renditions of homesick and untitled that close the set with a flourish of perfection.
As the songs of bloodflowers then fill the arena, the resigned tone of the album is evident. Where the birds always sing is delivered brilliantly, as is 39, but the real highlight of the set is the song bloodflowers itself. Cooper's drumming is again outstanding, as is the guitar work from Simon Gallup and Perry Bamonte, as the band gather strength towards the end of the marathon and produce a performance that is perhaps the finest of the concert. Smith's vocals are particularly perfect, infused with a power and emotion that really affirm the sense of occasion. The perfect end to a wonderful show, in which three fabulous albums (one of which has a legitimate claim to the title of finest album ever) are given the performance they demand.
The interviews on the dvd are also comprehensive, giving exaustive details about the gigs themselves, and also a fantastic insight into the band members' (particularly Smith and Gallup) feelings towards the songs.
A must for any cure fan. A must for any music fan.
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on 23 August 2003
I was at the peak of my Cure fandom at the age of 20, in 1992. The band had released "Wish", a great three-guitar album. In August that year, they toured Australia, and gave some breathtaking concerts. The concert film from that tour, "Show", remains a favourite of mine: it was well shot, and the 1992 Cure sound was captured beautifully (I still have it on LD). Ten years on, a lot has changed.
The hole left by the departure of guitarist Porl Thompson is gaping ever-wider. Thompson and drummer Boris Williams (also long-gone) were head-and-shoulders above their band mates as musicians: Thompson, to my mind at least, ranked alongside Jimmy Page as a great English rock guitarist, he played wonderfully lyrical guitar lines, and had a tone that simply sang. Williams had a lightness of touch and a dexterity that kept the Cure from sinking into the dull swamp of goth.
The Cure of the twenty-first century is a bloated old beast, well past its creative prime. Listening to them play on this DVD is depressing. The musicianship is sloppy and half-hearted (apart from drummer Jason Cooper, who has done a comendable job since joining in 1996). The guitar sounds are thin and uninspiring, and you'd think that Robert Smith might have learned to play a little better in more than 25 years!
The choice of material is highly suspect as well. Not all Cure fans are miserable old goths. Some of us actually like the fact that the band's sound covers a broad spectrum. In choosing to perform three of their darkest albums in their entirety, the Cure have probably managed to alienate at least half their fanbase (and, let's face it. a lot of the non-singles on these three albums are staggeringly average).
Yes, it is visually stunning. Yes, there are some great songs (also some great songs butchered: witness Smith's clumsy six string bass playing on "Pictures Of You"). However, that's not enough. In person, the Cure can get away with it all by playing very loud and having an impressive light show. In this case, the live experience has failed to translate to the small screen.
The Cure have made some great concert films. Let's see those released on DVD!
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on 12 June 2003
Having now watched this dvd a few more times, I ought to make some amendments to my previous review. The 2 song encore set of If Only Tonight We Could Sleep and The Kiss are amongst the best songs on the dvd. Robert Smith is not only one of the best sngers in the world, but on these two songs he proves that he is one of the best guitarists as well. Just brilliant!!
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on 6 June 2008
This seems to be the last really good document of the Cure in concert we're ever likely to get. The band sound and look excellent. The high definition film and lean, inventive camera work make this a pretty classy package. The 'Pornography' performance is faithful and gritty (notably with Simon Gallup's more aggressive bass sound) and 'Disintegration' is actually better than the rather stodgy CD release.

Then we get 'Bloodflowers'. This album is simply not in the same league as the others and no matter how well the band play it, it seems like a let down when the show really needs a great last act.

Musically it's hard to fault the performance except for one thing. Jason Cooper (drums) is no replacement for Boris Williams and it shows. 'Pornography' needs a punishing and relentless attack and Jason just seems to be, well, too nice.

So this DVD is worth the money just to see the the Cure in their final glory. And yes, like certain other reviewers I also wish the Cure would remaster and re-release 'The Cure in Orange'. A truly great show featuring one of the best performances of 'Faith' on any format.
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on 26 April 2015
Great DVD in vary good condition. The gig's were were very good and the sound quality was very good. I loved it. I would recommend this DVD to en one ho like the band it is great i love it. will with the money.
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