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on 9 August 2017
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on 27 January 2017
Good albu,
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on 18 July 2017
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on 20 January 2007
This album never enticed me for years, although I admit I didn't give it much of a shot....

It's not easy listening at first but give it a chance and you'll really appreciate a powerful, heavy album that is far above the other metal acts of the day (Korn, Bizkit, Mudvayne, Slipknot, etc)

It didn't take me long after giving the album another shot to make this my favourite Deftones album, followed by their latest, Saturday Night Wrist. This album is dark, moody, heavy, bombastic, majestic, frightening, and imcomparable all at the same time. From Stef's monstrous 7-string driven riffs from hell to Frank's atmospheric keyboards and intelligently unique samples to Abe's powerful and innovative drumming to Chi's big intelligent basslines to, finally, Chino's manic vocals, ranging from spaced out melodies to insanity-ravaged screams, this album is as chaotic as it is wonderful.

1: Hexagram - A powerful opener, with huge riffs and insanely tortured vocals, it features a complex and difficult chorus. Powerful opener. 5/5

2: Needles & Pins - Hilariously low tuned song which, as it turns out, is actually played by Stef on a distorted bass (trust me, I've seen it live). More laid back than the opener, with some good riffs and good vocal perfomance. 4/5

3: Minerva - Beautiful, majestic and gigantic song. One of Chino's best vocal performances, filled out by Frank's keyboards. 5/5

4: Good Morning Beautiful - Another great melodic vocal performance, with some great guitar riffs from Stef. Great groove in the chorus. 5/5

5: Deathblow - Not one of my highlights, but a good slow song with a big chorus, some nice sampling from Frank to create the atmosphere. 3.5/5

6: When Girls Telephone Boys - Wow. One of my favourite Deftones songs. Insane distorted vocals, with some great drumming, and brilliant sampling from Frank that you need to listen out for(it's more audible if you hear it live). Most of all, the super-heavy groove-enhanced riff in the chorus is simply one of the best metal riffs EVER. Kudos to Stef for that! 5/5

7: Battle-Axe - Good slow, brooding song, with some big guitars, and Chino returning to some more melodic vocals. 4/5

8: Lucky You - I prefer 'Pink Cellphone' on SNW (apart from the obscene ending). I like Deftones' more electronic, atmospheric songs, as Frank Delgado is a genius in that area, but this song lacks direction and doesn't catch my attention personally. 2/5

9: Bloody Cape - Again, wow. Stephen Carpenter pulls out some really badass riffs when he wants to, and the main riff of this is face melting. This, 'WGTB' and 'Minerva' are my 3 favourites on this album. Good bassline in the verses, and a HUGE ending with Chino screaming his lungs into non-existence "God help me! God help me! God help me! God!!" 5/5

10: Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event - A great title for a gorgeous song, driven by Frank's keyboards and Chino's meandering vocal melodies. A beautiful, atmospheric change of pace. 5/5

11: Moana - I'm not a huge fan of this song, the start is good enough, but the song doesn't really take off and isn't a great finish to an otherwise wonderful album.

Deftones are simple but effective, while also being unique and intelligent. From bombastic heaviness to atmospheric beauty, this a must have for Deftones fans, or anyone who likes metal, atmosphere, and wonderful experimentation within Deftones' uncategorizable style.
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on 3 September 2003
I first heard of Deftones when I saw My Own Summer (Shove It) on MTV2, and borrowed Around The Fur. They soon became one of my favourite bands. I found out that they had another album, White Pony, and I bought that. After hearing that, no-one could replace them as my favourite band. I saw this reviewed, and thought I would be disappointed after the pure brilliance of the previous two albums. I wasn't.
The album begins with the explosive Hexagram, one of the best tracks Chino and the gang have done, mixing brutal melodies with a range of screeches and soft vocals, and a Tourette-esque chorus.
The first single, Minerva, was a tad disappointing for me, it's not Deftones at their best, but still better than most of what's put out nowadays.
When Girls Telephone Boys is another frickin brilliant tune (Chino does the best Dalek impression in rock), with suitably brutal vocals to match the rage-filled lyrics about stalking.
Lucky You is featured on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, and was meant to be a song for Chino and DJ Frank Delgado's side project, Team Sleep. This is what it's meant to be - relaxing and intriguing.
Bloody Cape is the upcoming UK single, and is a much better choice than Minerva. This is a vintage Deftones release, with stunning guitar and those unique vocals.
Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event is a simply beautiful song, almost reduced me to tears. Oceanic cymbals and some of the band's best lyrics yet.
This album is well-deserving of a 5-star rating. I look forward to seeing Deftones and APC at Wembley on September 19th. It's going to be great.
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on 26 August 2003
Deftones had wanted to lose their band name, too, but their record company had not felt that would be good for record sales. So here's their first untitled album. By far my favourite tracks on the album are Battle-Axe and Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event. Both of these songs touched me deep inside. The whole album is amazing, however. I didn't like this album so much on first listen, but I listened to it more and more and I realised that it was the best album Deftones have ever done. Every single song is excellent. While it is far from the Artistic edge of White Pony or the random brutality of Adrenaline, this is not a bad thing. This whole album is excellent. I love it far more than I love White Pony, Adrenaline, Around The Fur... It's Deftones' best album yet. There're uncompromisingly brutal songs (Hexagram, When Girls Telephone Boys), softer songs (Deathblow, Lucky You) and they're all of high quality. Deftones have done it again.
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on 4 March 2013
Deftones self titled album again shows another side to them. All of their albums have a specific sound to them, and for the self titled album it is one of darkness and brooding. The album shifts between soaring skull crushers and slower atmospheric pieces quite brilliantly. Although this is the Deftones album that took the longest to appreciate it is certainly up there with the others and rewards repeated listens.

The album begins with possibly the bands heaviest song in 'Hexagram' which has Chino produces what can only be described as unworldly screaming, smashed between evil sounding guitars and hammering drums. Its a brilliantly explosive start. Next is 'Needles & Pins' which might be my favourite track. The brilliant drumming from Abe, weird electronics and wonderful chorus of Chi's low growl mixed with Chino's shriek make it a highlight. The other songs in this vein are excellent. 'Good Morning Beautiful' had some great distorted riffs and a very catchy chorus. 'When Girls Telephone Boys' is another standout, with more unearthly screaming from Chino and more heavy guitar work, another great chorus is there too with one of the best metal riffs in a long time. Elsewhere 'Bloody Cape' is surging and impossible not to head bang to, with the most explosive closing i've heard.

The slower, more reflective and brooding songs are very good too. 'Minerva' is one of the bands best. The guitars and drums still rock away, but Chino's sensitive vocals and the soaring chorus make it a work of beauty. 'Deathblow' is more trip-hop like with a really good atmosphere, while 'Battle-Axe' is a heavier gloomier piece with some excellent riffs. 'Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event' is pretty unique for Deftones as its a lot calmer and more sweeping that usual but its a nice song all the same. The only tracks i can't get into are 'Lucky You' which breaks the flow of the album, and closer 'Moana' which although not bad isn't as good as the other songs.

'Deftones' is another brilliant album from the best heavy band around, and though not as well thought of as their other work it is definitely up there.
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on 19 May 2003
Yet another great release from deftones. So far each album release has had its brilliant points and its low points. Deftones is a delicious blend of Chino's sensual, soft vocals on tracks such as the tender 'Minerva' and 'Deathblow', accompanied by beautiful guitar riffs from Stephen Carpenter.
It's all of their previous releases culminating in one - the hardcore roots and chilling screams of adrenaline bounced off sultry melodies and the cold beauty of White Pony.
The new album stands on its own merits as well though, some new entrancing beats and mixes blend well with Carpenter wailing on the guitar.
Stand out tracks would have to be 'Lucky You'. Haunting whispering vocals accompany very mellow and almost hypnotic mixing.
Another good listen would be 'Good Morning Beautiful', one of the more up tempo tracks, hammering bass lines and rough spine tingling harmonies can be found on 'Hexagram'.
I's classic deftones with some edgier, sweeter sounds to it. Whilst it may not be a huge step in another direction of sounds,its a tried and tested style that is part of what deftones are. Yet again they've come up with another inspirational fest of edge and icy grooves.
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2003
It is a mystery to me why I keep going back to the Deftones. I guess in truth the only reason it can be is on the strength of their classic first album. When 'Adrenaline' came out it marked something completely distinct to the vast array of Korn-alikes who were everywhere in 1995. Even though the press lumped the Deftones into the same group for my money they were more metallic, less flashy and more musical than the gargantuan sludgy grooves of Korn.
Sadly the genius of 'Adrenaline' didn't follow. 'Around the Fur' was okay but followed trends rather than making them, it also went a little too trad. metal in my opinion. Then came 'The White Pony' which in many ways was a more suitable next step. It dumped the metallic posturing a bit in favour of better song writing and some mellow moments. Needless to say hopes for 'Minerva' were high. Some have said that the single was the best thing they have ever done and surely in this (almost) post nu-metal age the Deftones could be free of any pretension and release exactly the kind of album they are capable of. In a recent interview singer Chino Moreno was keen to distance his band from the whole Korn/Nu Metal genre. Strange then that this is without a doubt their most regressive and Korn influenced album to date.
From the opener of Needles and Pins I could barely believe what I was listening to. The song which is loaded with uncomfortable, self conscious dynamic shifts had not a hook in sight and Chino’s trademark distorted mic sound now seems to obscure little more than random growling and wailing. Hexagram takes a little more of a mellow Smashing Pumpkinsesque feel but basically is more of the same random jangling and vocalising.
The problem lies in that the Deftones guitar style has always taken the approach of full chords, played hard, with a compressed distorted tone. This worked well on their fledgling effort, but here were they seem to be determined to make everything as down tuned as possible, it just sounds messy, imprecise and not very catchy.
Their so called best song ever ‘Minerva’ and angular slabs like ‘Bloody Cape’ and ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ contain flashes of their previous greatness but overall it just isn’t there. Sure, the production by the ubiquitous Terry Date is pounding, with the bass drum pulsing through just as clear as day but that just isn’t enough. Where are the dynamic changes and heart stopping riffs that littered their earlier efforts? Where is the invention? Where is the musicianship? Gone. Replaced with path of least resistance, sludgy, boring riffs and pointless vocal freakouts.
Sorry guys, I just can’t recommend this. Buy any of their previous albums first.
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on 4 June 2003
15 years and 5 albums later, Deftones release their self-titled album. This is the one I've been waiting for. They've stuck mainly to their usual formula of low power chords, screaming uninterpretable lyrics and simple yet effective drumming, but somehow it sounds better than ever. White pony was an amazing release, which I (and many others) thought couldn't be beaten - we were wrong!
The songs are darker, and heavier, than ever, (such as the chorus of 'When Girls telephone Boys', featuring a perfect fitting kickdrum triplet) but they are more melodic and with Carpenter's samples echoing malevolantly in the background, they all work perfectly. Abe's footwork is much better on this album, being less predictable (the intro beat on 'Needles & Pins' is noteable), and really adding a thumping demonic sound to the whole effect.
All in all, this is a fantastic album which begs a listen, and a must-have for any metal/nu-metal fan.
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