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on 5 April 2017
Should have read description as.I thought it came with the case for.the price but.it is in good condition and works fine
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on 29 May 2003
Resident Evil is a series that has evolved slowly, if at all. Do not expect this to be like the eye caressing visuals of the Resident Evil re-make or Resi. Zero, it is a straight port from the ancient PSone. (i.e. the visuals aren't up to much) You have been warned!
Resi. 3 is perhaps the only game in the series that has tried to move the the game on slightly. It is more action packed than the others, and it relies a lot more on panic than dreading what is round the next corner. For example, the Nemesis can't be killed and has a nasty habit of chasing you through doors/windows/allys with a rocket launcher! HELP! Another new addition is the gun powder. This is invaluble as it allows you to make your own ammo!
The best part of the game though is the 'live' decisions you have to make which determines your path through the game, you have to see it to belive it, just don't choose to 'fight the monster'!!!!!
The controls have also been tweeked. This has the quick turn and also a very handy dodge ability to miss or wriggle free of Zombies grasp.
Ultimatley, Resi. 3 is a gripping, heart pumping experience not to be missed. Just don't expect another Resident Evil Zero or the Origional re-make.
So, if you like Resident Evil games, you must get this piece of Nostalgia.
Buy it, buy it now! You know you want it!
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on 18 June 2007
This is my first "traditional" Resident Evil game after completing Resident evil 4 on my PS2, I thought the pre-rendered backgrounds and different controls would put me off a bit, but this game is fantastic.

Of course for Resident Evil fands who have experience of the series, they would have no problem with controls and know exactly what to expect from the series, but I didn't have a clue, and that just made it better...

The Pre-rendered backgrounds provide and excellent atmosphere for a game originally released for PS1, if it came in full 3D the experience wouldn't have been the same with dodgy polygons. Whilst charatcers are fairly simple looking, the enemies still look freaky and just great, minus the detail that comes with the advanced technology of the 6th Gen systems.

The game controls are perfect one you get used to them, and both the eerie sounds of the different locations and the puzzles and enemies you encounter are well thought up and provide an excellent gaming experience.

The main story of the game is Jill Valentine trying to escape from Raccoon City before it's destruction (which she is unaware of throughout most of the game) and trying to survive the zombies and getting hunted down by The Nemesis, that messed up dude you can see on the box art. His presence is genuinely terrifying, as you'll just be walking along and he'll stroll through the door, forcing you to make a quick in-game decision on what to do, which affects the overall ending. This idea of a choice is really good and it adds an extra level of interactiveness into this survival game. If you're not given a choice, you'll be legging it as fast as you can as he catches up to you really fast with a big rocket launcher. Scary times.

Now obviously the game is only scary the first time you play it, some would argue it's not even scary, but it does make you jump, which is great! If there are people of a nervous disposition, wondering whether this game is worth it, it is, it's got gore and some creepy scenes, but nothing that'll keep you up all night with the light on.

Overall it's a fantastic game, but it loses a star because of the fact it's a direct port of the PS1 game, and not remade like the original, also the game is quite short, and will take you 10 hours at the most to play through.

Highly recommended!
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on 23 March 2006
Resident evil 3 was origianally released in november 1997 and was a brilliant game. Jill was brought back from resi 1 and the story was that jill had to escape from the t-virus infected raccoon city. When it was released on gamecube in 2003, many people thought it would be like the gamecube version of resi 1 with amazing graphics and new parts. However, this like resi 2 on the cube has the same graphics (except for the arms and legs which have been smoothed out) as the original. But that dosn't matter. The nemesis is the best boss ever and meets you around fourteen times depending how you play the game. That is also another good feature. Just like the original at certain parts you can choose what to do next. it makes the game evn more fun. As well as this though, nicholai is in it and he is really cool, not as good as wesker though. Anyway, nemesis is bloody awesome and at parts is equipped with a rocket launcher. Half way through he loses this weapon and uses tentacles which is probably harder because you find yourself being slammed into the ground a lot and jill is proper slow at getting back up. The storyline is good and the game itself is probably better than resi 2. Even though in this game, the police station is in it too. There are some amazing weapons too such as handguns, assault rifles, grenade launchers, mine launchers, shotguns and the legendary magnum. There is also a bonus minigame which can help you earn even greater weapons such as a gatling gun. The city itself is full of monsters includin zombies, brain suckers, drain demos and the hunter. There are many locations and it is quite confusing in parts. Anyway this is a brilliant game no matter what anybody else says so GET IT NOW!!!
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on 7 May 2007
Ported from the ps1 with slightly improved graphics nemesis arrives on the game cube.
Picking up after the events of resi 1 S.T.A.R.S member Jill valentine finds the city overrun with zombies as she attempts to escape with the help of mercenaries only to be hounded by the unstoppable monster nemesis.
Yes it's the same game you played nearly a decade ago & as a result can feel slightly dated but deadly bosses & intense live action scenes, complete with bonus mercenaries mode make this an essential game to own. The last truly great resi until 4 its worthy every penny you pay for it & then some.
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on 7 September 2012
Resident evil 3 or as I call it Resident evil 2 part 2. The reason for this is that Resident evil 3 takes place before and after Resident evil 2. The last of the classic resident evil games in the original trilogy; this game is Jill Valentine's story of her escape from the Raccoon City Siege.

So we start off with our heroine talking about the company Umbrella behind the first two games, and then we cut to the beginning of the viral outbreak. Umbrella has sent in mercenaries to save civillians, and they along with the Raccoon Police Department are seemingly wiped out. The game now starts with Jill literally jumping out of her exploding apartment building escaping from the street. We are now told the date which tells us that the game is occurring before the arrival of Claire and Leon. Enter our first survivor Dario who tells Jill of his loss and in refusing to leave the warehouse; he locks himself in a container. Now the scene has been set it's over to you.

To begin with;
Resident Evil 3 plays exactly like it's predecessor but with some new additions; you can run up and down stairs without having to press action, you can dodge enemies and their attacks, there are exploding barrels placed throughout the game; shoot these to kill any enemies nearby it, and lastly you can turn 180 degrees which is quicker than rotating.

Now the enemies are mostly the same as 1 and 2, however there are a few new ones added including a boss. This boss is encountered twice in the game and can be dodged the first time if the player desires. There is also another boss known as the Nemesis. He shows up all over the city and in the first half of the game when he is defeated he drops new weapons to use. Imagine if you will Mr X/the T-103 trenchcoat enemy but with the ability to follow you and kill you in one hit. That's right the Nemesis can stalk you chasing you through areas until he catches you. If you can defeat the Nemesis then you will gain a lot of goodies from doing so.

In terms of the weaponry it's practically the same; you have the bog standard magnum, rocket launcher, handgun, shotgun, a new mine thrower, and of course the grenade launcher. But unlike 2 this launcher lacks as much punch. As I mentioned earlier by defeating the Nemesis you gain new weapons such as a custom shotgun, Eagle 5.0 handgun, infinite ammo and more. Also unlike 2, resident evil 3 features gun powder and with this powder you have the ability to make handgun, shotgun, magnum, grenade, acid and flame rounds. As well as the new freeze rounds and enhanced handgun and shotgun ammo. Again I mentioned earlier that there is a dodge feature; if you have a handgun armed you can actually shoot faster whilst in this dodge position.

Grahically this game is the same as 2 we even re visit the RPD briefly so it has some familiar settings. It still uses the same pre rendered design which in some cases look better than ever. Unlike it's predecessor this game takes place within the city as opposed to the mansion or police station, so it has more of a variety of places to visit. At some point later in the game it even rains which is a new graphical addition.

The story line is just as gripping as 2, and although it doesn't have 2 scenarios for Jill it does have a mercenary mini game, extra costumes, different endings, a difficulty setting, and as mentioned before new weapons to discover. You also recieve an epilogue each time you beat the game telling you what became of the re 1, and 2 characters. Unlike 2 resident evil 3 does have several events in the game that require a decision. Your choice affects the game and later it can even affect the ending, you also have an opportunity to choose where you meet certain characters which result in different scenes being played out. This is something that wasn't done since the first resident evil and it's a welcome addition.

The music is done again by Masami Ueda from the first two games so expect to hear the same dark and creepy music as before, and the voice acting is just as good as 2.

In terms of the replay value whilst not quite hitting the same amount that 2 does; Resident evil 3 is still a game that's fun to play more than once and the Nemesis is also in my opinion a much better boss than William Birkin and he can be quite a challenge! However it is a shorter game.

As said in the rating I give this game full marks and I can't fault it. It will appeal to any old school resident evil or survival horror fans, in fact resident evil 3 is in my opinion more of a survival game than resident evil 2 and it was also the first resident evil game I played as a young boy so I recommend it.
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on 26 February 2009
In 1999 Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was released, shwoing a true enemy that Umbrella used to kill off the S.T.A.R. Team, in 2003 they re-released it onto the Gamecube, hoping for better graphics due to the cover I went ahead and buyed it but what I saw was the same old ps1 graphics but what I also saw was a perfect Resident Evil 2 storyline. This may not be as good as Resident Evil 4 and 1 and never will be but this had events before Resident Evil 2 and after Resident Evil 2 where the city has been infected and Jill Valentine needs to escape, in a sexy blue dress she teams up with Umbrella's army member Carlos who is all for the ladie. In certain parts it does get frightning cause you have two options, escape or fight the Nemesis and you have to kill him 3 times, each time he gets worst, he develops from what we know as the G-Virus which you hear about in Resident Evil 0 andin the end you hear the famous line where the Nemesis is just a slug. Jill with her magnum shouts "stars! Are give you stars!" and kills the Nemesis and we see a scene were Racoon City goes under nuclear explosion, all in all it has very good storyline, a very worthy oppenent and some not very trustworthy allies, apart from graphics at times I give this 5 stars, worthit to get.
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2004
Most people would assume that the number 3 comes after 2, but in the case of ‘Resident Evil 3: Nemesis’, it actually acts as a prequel to ‘Resident Evil 2’. You play as Jill Valentine and she has to escape a swarm of zombies that infest Racoon City, and if that wasn’t bad enough, a genetically engineered abomination called Nemesis is after her too. Though this game has been released for players who want to catch up with the entire Resident Evil saga, there is still plenty to enjoy.
The classic gameplay and control style make a return of course but there is an increased amount of exterior zombie hunting to do. The streets of the city are where many of the puzzles of the tried and tested formula make an appearance, and they work well too. But ‘Resident Evil 3: Nemesis’ manages to keep its appeal after all these years because of the introduction of the deadly Nemesis. This is simply a bad-ass boss who makes repetitive appearances, sometimes by smashing through walls (yes, I do mean those huge brick or concrete things that usually can’t be penetrated). If you presumed that this old Resident Evil game wouldn’t scare you, then you’ll be in for a fair shock.
But for all the good ideas in this game, there is one that really lets the game down. You can collect different ammo components that are scattered about the place, allowing you to combine and create alternative types of firepower to use against your foes. This would be an excellent idea if your storage space weren’t so limited, as it takes up too much in your precious inventory. It is also repetitive and ultimately too much of a pain to become enjoyable, so there is little wonder why it hasn’t been re-used since.
Nevertheless, it plays just as good as any recent Resident Evil title and the Nemesis is simply brilliant. It is also worth getting because it fills in much of the Racoon City section of the Resident Evil storyline for the new generation. But if you’re picky with your games and want absolute perfection, then you may want to avoid this one. Like in ‘Resident Evil 2’ the visuals haven’t been improved and it doesn’t do GameCube’s graphical capabilities any justice. It doesn’t carry any outstanding revolutionary features either, unlike ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Resident Evil Zero’.
It does look naff compared to the more recent titles and it is expensive for what it is, but for the obsessed Resi Evil completist it is essential, and cracking adventure for anyone else. Overall, 3.5 stars.
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on 25 September 2008
Since the mansion incident we've had Resident Evil 2, but what happened to Jill Valentine, well you're about to find out. Resident Evil 3 brings back Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the horrorific montsrosity that Raccoon City has turned into. Undead monsters roam the streets trying to thwart Jill in her quest.

There's monsters old and new here, plenty of action, plenty of puzzles to solve, great graphics and some creepy music added in the mix too. I enjoy this game mainly because Jill is, in my opinion, the best Resident Evil character. Don't let the fact that this game is a port put you off, it is fantastic, and I can safely say I much prefer the gamecube controls anyway. This is must in any resident evil fans collection, I'd recommend it to anyone.
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on 26 May 2010
Back in 1999 this little gaming gem made its first appearance on the PlayStation one. It followed the story of Resident Evil whilst taking place at the same time as Resident Evil 2. Despite it not going down ad well as RE2 I found it to be a masterpiece even still. Then a few years later it made its way onto Nintendo's console. The game hasn't changed one bit (not counting a few bruish ups to the graphics) giving fans a great nostalgic feel. This game feels at home on the GameCube with well fitting controls and just the look of the boxart! This still is one of the greatest games ever made and even today, 11 years after its original release it still hooks in players. A must buy for anyone who is a fan of zombies, survival horror or even if your new to the series!
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