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on 23 April 2017
Excellent game came as described in bety good condition and fairly fast deliver
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on 14 April 2017
Just brings back memories of playing this game.
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on 15 May 2003
I'm a pretty big Resident Evil fan, so when I heard about the Resident Evil remake for the GameCube, I was pretty excited. Bought that, loved it and sat patiently waiting for RE2.
That's when things took a (slight) turn for the worst. RE2 is a direct port from the PlayStation original, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The game itself is excellent as games go, but trouble arises because you may already have this game on another console. If you do, then there's nothing new for you; only die hard fans and those wishing to complete their collection need buy it.
On the other hand, if you're new to the Resident Evil series (Hi, welcome back from Mars) or have just recently discovered it, then it will prove a worthy purchase. The game is well able to hold it's own alongside most GameCube games (it's a timeless classic) and it provides a great challenge. Because it's ported from a 32-bit console, you would be forgive for assuming the worst regarding graphics, but this game is actually graphically more impressive than some GameCube games! Soundwise, the game is pretty good; it helps crate and maintain the creepy atmosphere. The controls are chunky, just the way Resident Evil should be and the plot is engrossing and interesting.
Overall, it's well worth a look for people new to the series, but I'd be hesitant buying it if you already own another version.
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Resident Evil 2 is so good that I recently played through it three times in one sitting (one of the few benefits of unemployment is the abundance of free time). From the opening FMVs and that first awesome section dashing through Raccoon City ("the next thing I knew, the entire city was infested with zombies") through to the Police Headquarters, cavernous sewers and the then-traditional laboratory-set ending, this game exudes quality through and through.

While some were put off by it, the Resident Evil control system was in my mind perfect, and only improved upon in Resident Evil 4 (which much of contemporary gaming owes A LOT to). The soundtrack is incredible, with each and every scene scored with the perfect blend of atmosphere and action, or whichever was necessary. The sound effects are excellent, a huge step up from the somewhat comical zombies or the first game, now moaning discomfortingly rather than hilariously. The graphics are of course hugely dated, but you can't fault the design of the game. Enemy characters shuffle and shamble realistically, speeding up when their prey is within range, clawing along the floor when they've parted way with their legs and taking bullets with more than a mere step back, another leap from the arms-outstretched grey (!) zombies of before. While the backgrounds are pre-rendered in 2D, each is totally eerie, cold and at times genuinely upsetting when it comes to life-like quality. The undead-dominated world of Resident Evil 2 makes for a very oppressive feel indeed.

Also of note is the voice acting, which is for the most part still rubbish, but again a vast improvement over the first. Sadly, the live action scenes are gone too, but it all adds up to make RE2 a much more serious game than its progenitor. Its not often enough games improve this much on their predecessor, and a major complaint of the sequel (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis) was that it ran on the RE2 engine, which to me is no bad thing as it allowed the game to be released mere months after 2.

Finally, and most importantly, the game is scary as hell, from Mr. X smashing through walls to falling through the floor in the library (who didn't jump the first time around?) to the final confrontation with the flaming tyrant, this game mixes the perfect amount of mood with jump scares to keep things fresh. The replay value is high also, with the game being split into two distinct chapters which play out differently depending on which character you choose to begin with, as well as two bonus games which aren't easily unlocked and command you come back for more. Long story short, its one of those rare games that surprises you with much, much more when you thought you'd finished it.

As my opening comment suggests, the game is quite short, easily completed by a veteran like myself in a little over an hour and a half, but for newbies it ought to keep you entertained for long enough to make your purchase worthwhile. Might I recommend you buy the Nintendo Gamecube version, as it plays much smoother than previous versions, allows cutscene-skipping (for those all important second playthroughs) and offers a few other neat bonuses, as well as suiting the GC controller perfectly.

It may not have redefined gaming necessarily, and it's not even the best in the series, but this is a classic well worth investing in, either for first timers or fans nostalgic for the golden years of PSOne. For its combination of story, atmosphere and action, few other games of that era come close.
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on 10 February 2004
You'd have thought that, after such a successful re-release of the Original game Resident Evil, Capcom would do the same for its sequels. Sorry - no such luck. This release is almost a direct port of the original one, and doesn't really use the power of the cube to its full capability. It's a shame, but that said this is no great loss because its gameplay and replay value still outclass most newly released titles.
This game isn't like the original, with its dark corridors and scarce ammo supply. RE2 takes you into the streets of Raccoon City before leading you through the devastated Police Station, the dank spider-infested sewers and Umbrella's secret research facility. Instead of a ominous, lonely trek through dark places, this adventure is more of a running battle against mounting odds. It demands more careful use of ammo stores, and bigger and better guns, because against some of these creatures an old boomstick just doesn't cut it any more.
What I really, REALLY like about this game is the fact that each of our two characters, having been seperated at the start of the game, has their own story and journey to follow. So it follows that if you play as Claire in the first game and take out a wall using explosives, when you finish and restart as Leon he will be able to access this area too. The way that parts of the story interweave with each other is pure brilliance, and you'll find that the second time you complete the game, it's not quite done with you yet...
So what can be said about this title? Ok, it's old. Its graphics aren't on the same level as the REmake, or Resident Evil Zero. But at the end of the day, so what? It's still good fun, and you'll soon find it your mission in life to find every little item or surprise the game has for you (I was particularly pleased to find Custom parts for Leon's VP90 pistol and his Shotgun, they really make a difference! Is there anything else to find?). Play both parts of the story all the way through and you'll soon ignore the fact that it's over five years old.
Overall, it's still a very strong title, at a reasonable price, it's good fun and well worth playing again and again. I have no problem awarding this game Four Stars for gameplay alone.
Now why didn't we get a Cube version of Codename: Veronica?
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on 30 January 2005
I feel that this is a very underrated game, because contrary to popular belief it is NOT a direct port of the PS original but infact the rare Dual Shock version!
The differences being:
Obviously the dual shock feature and analogue control but also...
The graphics to me look better (though only slightly).
The 4th survivor games now have a timer and new artwork on completion.
An U/L ammo cheat is available from the menu like on the original Directors Cut.
Different costumes may be available.
There is an ability to aquire an S rank.
But by far and away the best bit has to be the Extreme Battle Mode, which will be very familiar to Ressie fans and also gives the player the ability to play as Ada Wong or even Chris Redfield!
The game itself is one of the best resident evils and is one of the few with the 'jump' factor which the newer ones seem to be lacking (i.e.Rebirth & Zero). The scenery is very Assault on Precinct 13esque.
Maybe the only other version worth getting is the N64 one for the extra files and costumes.
The only criticism I can level at it is the graphics but particularly, as is mentioned by an other reviewer, leaving out the 180 degree turn is scandalous!
With this being only 20 quid or under now, I would REALLY recommend it to someone who either hasn't played it yet, or is still playing it 7 years after its launch (like me) and wants to play the battle mode.
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on 7 May 2007
Yes the original resident evil started the horror genre but 2 took it to a whole new level the first was more puzzly, desperately searching for ammo adventure while this introduced the pulse pounding action & cool weapons.

Picking up a few months after where resi 1 left off disgraced S.T.A.R.S members have left the city in search of proof against the corporation umbrella the point mans sister Claire Redfield comes in search of him while rookie cop Leon s Kennedy arrives late for his first day upon discovering the city overrun with zombies they band together an attempt to escape the city whilst begin pursued by umbrellas hellish freaks.

Yes this is a port of the ps1 games with slightly improved graphics but its still 1 of the greatest games to ever grace a console & no amount of time will change that this is the pinnacle of the resi franchise essential even if only to revive undead memories without a doubt worth every penny you pay for it & then some.
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on 11 June 2003
Okay, this review will be looking at how the Gamecube conversion of this game compares to the others rather than the game itself, which apparently 2.5 million people have already made up their own minds about.
Graphically, this game is almost too sharp. The FMV movie sequences are so clear that every thing looks like its made of very shiny plastic. The N64 version in particular had a dramatic grainyness to it. This does not. The in game graphics are hopelessly out dated and look especially pathetic next to the recent remake and RE zero. You simply can avoid comparing the cutting edge 2003 graphics with the 5 yer old PSOne graphics on show here, and RE2 begins to lose out big.
The music in this game has always stood out as being outstanding and that has not changed here. It is haunting and scary, and set the atmosphere perfectly. the dramatic score easily stands up as one or the best in the series, even by todays standards. This new NGC version seems to have cleared up the recording of some of the sound effects. The voices noe sound much more natural and the sounds sound like they are part of the environment rather than sounding dubbed on as in previous versions.
The game plays well, even if RE2 has the 'distinction' of being the only RE game on the NGC not to feature a quick turn, so the controls are clunkier than ever, but the responsive NGC controller see's that you are always on top or the moves you do possese. Unforegivably though, there is more slowdown than any previous version.
Other then that the game remains the same as the PSOne dual shock edition. Classic landmark game though it is, it is just a little to old to be taken seriously these days, but if you are willing to see past the ravages of time you will find a classic game in here, though the NGC edition is possibly not the best.
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on 30 July 2009
In 1996, Capcom gave us the first instalment of a video game series that captured the imaginations of a generation, 'Resident Evil.'

Just two years later, fans were treated to a sequel 'Resident Evil 2.' Widely considered as the superior 90's title, Capcom managing to raise the bar, giving us a fresh take on the Biohazard in Raccoon City. This time, we played with new main characters; Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 4), a Rookie on his first day as a R.P.D. Officer and Claire Redfield (Resident Evil: Code Veronica) (sister of S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield from Resident Evil)

Not only were the graphics improved, but so was the manoeuvrability of the characters, with a wider selection of weapons, some of which could be custom made by obtaining parts throughout the game, a feature which carried over into Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The Gamecube port of 'Resident Evil 2' seems to optimize all the afore mentioned qualities, with Leon and Claire running faster, and most FMV sequences are skippable, something which couldn't always be done on the original Playstation format.

Resident Evil 2 on the Gamecube is well worth it. Who wants their example of a cult classic to be a scratched-up old PS1 disc sitting on the shelf? I didn't, so I bought myself a GC copy new and sealed for £35. As far as I'm concerned it's a must for an Resident Evil fan, and anyone who's new to the world of dodgy voice acting, the lack of quick-turns and fixed camera angles.
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on 3 October 2007
The plot of the game is just like the one of the second RE movie: the zombies and monsters have conquered Racoon City.
The atmosphere at the game is so tight that you are scared when you play it at night when it is dark outside and your're alone in the dark.
The gameplay is not so difficult but beginners should practise a bit before starting the missions.

Enjoy the creepy haunting!
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