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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2003
The only criticism i have of this album is that i have had to wait too long to hear it , nearly 4 years since their last release - Blue . As all 3eb albums it doesn't just walk up and instantly hit you in the face it requires more patience than that but the results are eventually the same . There isn't a weak song on the album although "Crystal Baller" , "Misfit" and "Palm Reader" stand out a little quicker . If you are after intelligent quality rock music played by talented musicians then this is for you . Come on UK stop fawning at the feet of bandwagon bands like Radiohead and Coldplay and choose what you want to hear not what NME and Q wants .
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on 16 April 2003
another good album from third eye blind. They have yet to match the quality of their first album, but they are band that bring out consistantly good tunes. Expect the same unique song writing style from frontman stephen jenkins (and great voice). The new single 'Blinded (when i see you) is a personal favourite. 3EB fans should not hesitate to buy this album.
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on 16 June 2003
It's been 3 long long years since TEB released their second album, 'Blue', an long player with catchy riffs and raucous melodies. It spawned as good a radio rock jigg in ' Never Let You Go' which didn't make it in the UK only mainland Europe, Germany and France were wised up to it's quality. When you hear a song such as this you know that the band has an air of quality pumping through the veins but when the UK ignores it and takes on the likes of Coldplay and Robbie as their heroes it sticks in the throat. In many ways TEB need to be exclusive to the masses however this is a downside for a band who's self-titled debut sold 6 million copies for once the UK hears and takes on TEB we might have a mega-band on the horizon, and we know how much of a negative effect this can create given the rise and fall of many a band in recent years. eg blink 182, guns n roses etc.
Out of the Vein is as TEB as it needs to be - only much more adult and grown up than it's predecessors. Lyrically it's as complex as U2's ' Joshua Tree ' and Alanis Morisette's ' Jagged Little Pill'. A timely reminder to the UK that it's not the band who Radio One's Jo Whiley likes but it's the band who you are prepared to open yourself up to. Well, open up to TEB and begin a butterfly experience as this is how I feel when I hear TEB for the first time.
There are 13 official tracks on OOTV with a ghost thru' track 13, which I'll never quite understand, surely the CD can carry a little more clout by carrying 14 tracks. Stand out tracks after several plays include ' Good Man ', 'Crystal Baller ' and ' Blinded '. But hey, don't be afraid there are ten other crackers who you will say are your favourites and argue with yer mate in the pub about. This is not commercial rock, it's refreshing, it's educated, penetrated, dedicated music. Stephan Jenkins' lyrics will blow yer mind and give you a different perspective on how rock music REALLY should be played.
The alarm clock has buzzed, now UK rock music buyers......WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!
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on 28 September 2008
Been a long term fan of third eye blind, since their first album release and they are my 2nd fave band after foo fighters. This is the more essential alt rock band there ever was, and this is largely due to a brilliant first album, that has some truly beautiful songs. What third eye blind achieve so effortlessly is the ability to write pop ballads filled with emotion and also some more rocking out songs that dont sound like a pop band trying to be cool.

Anyway this album sees a more thoughtful Jenkins,penning lyrics mainly to do with his break up with Charlize Theron in 2001 (allegedly). With the customary mixture of mellow meloncholly and rock songs that can only be surmised by the phrase 'frontal assault' this is the album above the others, that gives the listener an insight into Jenkin's mind ('can we get the chemicals in-cos anythings better than this' for example) and how he was feeling at the time of the making of.

Anyway I'll go through it song by song:

1. Faster- 8.5 A solid opener with some great lyrics
2. Blinded- 9 One of my favourites. Gets across a real yearning for a loved one in the lyrics.
3. Forget myself- 7.5 Not so good, pretty repetitive chorus
4. Danger- 8 Good rocking out song, with machine gun lyrics
5. Crystal baller 8.5 pretty sure the phrase crystal baller has never been used before, but its still a good song.
6. Hit and run- 8.5 Like it
7. Misfits - 8.5 not a romantic song but still quite introspective
8. Cant get away- 8.5 easy listening, chilled out (for 3eb anyway)
9. wake for young souls- 9 a great song with the haunting 'wheres my soulll?' a highlight
10. Palm reader-9 about not wanting to get exploited and used
11. self righteous- 7 a pretty nothing song
12. company- 7.5 could have been a better song
13. good man- 8 Very much about the relationship theme of the album
14. another life 6 thank god its a hidden track

In short a rather good album from a very good band. Cant touch the first one though, which is exceptional. Go check that out as well as this.
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on 15 July 2004
This album is a clear and definate achievement by a band commited to growing, and improving musically as they go on. Third Eye Blind, and Blue were both great albums but perhaps this tops the lot.
There's just something about this album that the others didn't have, which might seem strange given that somethings that were so great about the first 2 albums are missing. There isn't a God Of Wine, Motorcycle Drive By or Slow Motion to be found on this least not directly. The great thing about those tracks what what they said, and how they built and how they stood out on the CD. This album instead takes what made them tracks succesful and play around to create a great final result.
The opening of Faster is brilliant and different to the other albums, and leaves you expectiing something a little different and perhaps more experimental from the boys. and that's just what you get. The first 4 tracks are great and have you hooked from the go, and then you get hit full on in the face with a true Gem. "Crystal Baller" is as good a track as 3EB have done and is just that good. The verses are great bringing you into the song, and the chorus is fantastic. a really great alround song.
There are obviously other great standout tracks on the album,. but as a complete article, this is just a superb Cd, which for my money is the best they have done. "Crystal Baller", "Misfits" "wake For Young Souls" imediately spring to mind when thinking of this Cd, and toh others wont let u down.
Third Eye Blind havegrown, aged, and matured to produce an awesome CD that any 3eb fan has to have and is a good a place as any for a new fan to start at.
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on 8 September 2003
What can i say, i love 3eb, and nothing will ever dissuade me from it. It's an addiction, an obsession, because i love them, like a person really. Of course that makes me completely impartial, but give them a go. Buy the first album first, because they are the sort of band that you might not get. They have a style all of their own, mildly punk, but not really, and label like that seems completely irrelevent to me. Nobody should think of comparing them to other alt-rock american bands (don't say matchbox 20) because they have a million times more soul, more purpose, more intelligence, and aren't too worried about writing inoffensive soft-rock ballads that will make them the maximum amount of money. If you like their style, you won't be able to get enough of songs like Blinded, Can't Get Away and Palm Reader that have irrepressible momentum and are simply brilliant songs. For those who simply refuse to be converted because they don't fit in with your music scene and nobody will think you're cool because you like them, well, you're probably not the sort of person who would be impressed by good songwriting anyway. Possibly not as good as their debut, but fantastic none the less, this is the sort of stuff that should be played on the radio.
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on 12 May 2003
Being a third eye blind fan for quite some time I had been waiting a while for this release.
This is a great album. Each track has a different personality and the songs range from being more pop-rock (can't get away) to typical songs u'd expect from third eye blind (misfits).
The album also flows well, which is a bonus. It starts with faster, which is an excellent album opener, and ends witha slower perfectly fitting closer (good man). The album progresses and each band member shines in all songs.
take my word for it, if you're a 3eb fan you WILL like this record.
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on 18 February 2004
Absolutely brilliant!!! There's was a slight change in the making of Blue but 3eb are back to their old melodies, along with some great lyrics. On the whole, the album is a lot more up beat. Many of the tracks similar to Semi Charmed Life and Jumper. The only small let down is the lack of classic ballads like God of Wine and Motercycle Driveby.
By all means don't worry though. Tracks like "Blinded" and the bonus track "Another Life" are themselves a reason to buy the album. Third Eye Blind have done it again. Buy it now! It's Amazing!
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on 28 October 2003
cannot beleive the rave reviews this album has got here. i am a huge fan of third eye and their first two albums were fantastic. the catchy melodies,riffs and lyrics along with the sheer energy of the first two albums are all missing here. the whole album is just "samey" for want of a better word and some songs very bland. the best thing was the dvd that came with it which was basically a home video of the band backstage which was quite entertaining.(not bought from amazon this time)fingers crossed for a much better effort fourth album round.
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on 13 May 2003
.........but it`s here AT LAST!!
After several delays for one reason or another `Out of the Vein` ( originally titled `Crystal Baller` ) is released.
Was it worth the wait? Hell, yeah!!!!
The first listen proved to be slightly disapointing - but ONLY because I think I expected too much. The album has been about three years in the making, so I expected something epic and different!
It`s not as far removed from the first two albums as I would have hoped - very much the same style, but slicker and beautifully produced!
Listen to the album on a top quality system at LOUD volume and you`ll appreciate it alot more!!
Third Eye Blind have always been on the poppier side of rock , but they write damn good tunes, and they keep just far enough away from `pop` for me to like them......alot!
I tend to prefer the heavier rock sound ( such as Foo Fighters, Puddle of Mudd, The WiLDHEARTS, Sum 41 etc ) and I would have liked them to have been a bit more diverse on this album and try something `heavier`
Highlights on the CD are `Wake For Young Souls` - a re-recording of an old demo that was originally recorded before the first album came out! This track was for the fans, and I loved this song when I first heard it, and I`m sooo pleased they included it! The song has a slight reggae feel to it with some great bass and a catchy beat. One to listen to LOUD with a good sub on the system!!
3eb up the tempo for `Danger` and `Company` - great tracks and potential next singles.
`Misfits` is just awesome - guest vocals by Fred Durst ( of Limp Bizkit - as if you need telling! ). Surprisingly a slow track , but superb all the same!
Other stand-out tracks are the haunting `Self Righteous`, `Palm Reader` is one you just can`t help singing along to, and `Crystal Baller` is another one to be listened to at high volume!
All in all, a top album - not ONE bad track in my opinion, it won`t blow you away on first listen, but give it time and you won`t be able to take it out of your CD/MP3 player!!
Now, I just gotta hope they`ll tour the UK this year!
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