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on 22 May 2003
From start to finish, this is a BEAUTY of an album, every track different from the last...in fact...every track different from anything they've ever done! And yes, the rumours are true, they have toned the horn section down a bit...never a good thing, but it doesn't ditract from the great songs they have come up with this time! When im reading a review i like to see someone go through it track by track...so i will:
1. Welcome to the New South - Upbeat, fast...and generally a catchy tune
2. The Ghost of you and me - A really good track, the new single in fact! One of the best here
3. Look What Happened - A newly recorded version of their B&B classic, mixed views about it...i personally think its better than the original
4.The Science of selling yourself short - slower than the rest, but this song just makes you smile so much...rogers voice is on TOP form for this album
5. Short fuse burning - Fastest on the album? i think so...u might have heard this live if u went to there May tour.
6. Motown never sounded so good - Again, properly good song...not much else to say on that one!
7. The upwards war and the down turned cycle - if i HAD to give my least favourite track it wld be this one, still totally listenable tho!
8. Escape from the A-Bomb House - Wow, quite emotional lyrics these...one of the best on the album!
9. Best Wishes to your black lung - Best song on the album...infact if it wasnt for 'Hows My Driving Doug Hastings' this would be there best song ever
10. She's Gonna Break Soon - Good song, pretty catchy chorus...most people will know this one though!
11. Thats why they call it a union - I've taken to this song more, the more i heard it...sounds like it should be on Hello Rockview
12. Plastic Cup Politics - Hang on...THIS is the best song on the album!
13. The Brightest Buld Has burnt out - just chris and an guitar, then it breaks in to a chorus that is just perfect to be played live
14. Surrender - some people dont like covers...this is a good one
So i implore you to buy this album as soon as possible, totally worth the cash...and if u get the chance, SEE THEM LIVE!
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on 25 May 2003
ltj return with another excellent slice of ska/punk music. Each new cd these guys release has a slightly different sound to it; borders and boundaries erred much more towards a more wholesome punk sound, which constrasts to older stuff like losing streak, a distinctly ska effort. This new album sits nicely inbetween; it opens with a typically catchy welcome to the new south and follows with the superb the ghosts of me and you. Look what happened is a remake of the song from borders and boundaries (a standout tune from probably their best album). The ska sound pops up in the science of selling yourself short and motown never sounded so good. The rest of the album follows this trend, switching between punk and ska. Plastic cup politics and shes gonna break soon stand out from the rest of this album. So should you buy? Well if you liked borders and boundaries you won't be disappointed with this nor will you be if you like older stuff from losing streak or hello rockview. LTJ don't compare to any other main stream bands so its difficult to say who'll like this; i personally like stuff by homegrown, new found glory, reel big fish and other music like this so if your into those bands check this out and become addicted to ltj.
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on 21 May 2003
After only a few listens, i almost feel guilty about writing this review. I almost feel as if i should give it just one more listen but that's what it's been like ever since i first played it.
First of all, it's not an instant classic. It didn't grab me straight away and make me want to dance around the room singing out loud. But then again, neither did any of the other albums. Hello Rockview, Losing Streak and Borders and Boundaries all did little for me to start with but after a while the songs started to infest my brain and wouldn't leave. I can already feel this starting to happen with Anthem.
This album continues where Borders and Boundaries left off. Most of the songs are thrashy yet catchy but they still, at times, hark back to Hello Rockview and Losing streak with the more mellow ska songs such as The Science of Selling Yourself Short.
Dissappointingly, probably the best song is track 3 Look What Happened which is just a slightly re-mastered version of the same song from Borders and Boundaries. Fortunately the rest of the songs complement each other perfectly and refuse to let you skip them.
Probably the 'worst' song on the album is Plastic Cup Politics. The music and lyrics just seem a little disjointed but i still wouldn't say it's a bad song.
Also included on the CD is the video for the single She's Gonna Break Soon, some photos and some extra website gubbins. Not a huge amount but a nice little bonus.
So why have i only given it 4 stars if it's so good?
Well like i said at the start of the review, i haven't listened to it enough to let the songs fully grab me, but i am certain that in time the songs will grab me, shake me, throw me about and refuse to let go. But i'll be smiling and laughing the whole time.
So all in all another tour de force for the feisty punk rockers from Gainsville.
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on 25 November 2006
Ok so there are alot of people who are saying this album is not as good as LTJ ealier stuff, I strongly disagree, yes therre are less horns, but they are still present and the band sound so mature its unbelievable, the lyrics amazing and have lots of meaning, songs such as "Escape from the bombhouse" or "the science of selling yourself" and ofcourse the amazing "Thats why they call it a union" rally highlight the bands thought provoking ideas.

As for the song "she's going to break soon" LTJ have even stopped playing it at MOST gigs because it has recieved such heavy criticsm, however I still consider it a great song which makes this an amazing album.

Deffinately worth Buying

Welcome To The New South - 9/10, not the best song on the album, but still catchy.

The Ghosts Of Me And You - 10/10, WoW, an amazing and powerfull song with a great riff,

Look What Happened (The Last Time)- 10/10, absolutely awesome, amazing live and just a great song, you can hear horns lol one of my favourite LTJ songs

The Science Of Selling Yourself Short - 10/10, another great song that has a good message, and really goes back to the reggae and ska rutes

Short Fuse Burning - 10/10, very catchy song, will have you moshing on the bus as i have done on many occasions.

Motown Never Sounded So Good - 10/10, awesome song, love it, however this is one of those songs that are very pop-punk with some reggae, im ok with that because i like that genre, but others might not like it as much.

The Upwards War & Downward Cycle - 10/10, another song with awesome lyrics and a great sound, there is deffinately a message that goes all the way through the album, something about loosing old freids or something like that, and its very present in this song.

Escape From The Bomb House - 15/10, yeah i know thats not possible, but this is my favourite LTJ song, the lyrics were awesome and i swear they helped me get through some though times, what a great song.

Best Wishes To Your Black Lung - 9/10 once again this is a great song, the only reason that this hasent got a 10 is because it seems to get a bit repetetive and sounds similar to some of their other songs, still good though.

She's Gonna Break Soon - 10/10 everyone says rubbish about this, but i love it, make your own mind up.

That's Way They Call It A Union - 10/10, This is a song has one of my favourite LTJ introes the lyrics are great all the way through, it seems to bring the pace of the album down a bit before going into ska more again, very good song.

Plastic Cup Politics - 10/10 another song that has a great intro and keeps the ska sound, its awesome and sounds amazing live.

The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out - 10/10 a bit more of a punk rock sound rather than ska, however the lyircs and feel to this song are like WOW, so good, quite chilled out, specially the first half of the song, but its sooooo good.

Surrender - 10/10, this song makes me laugh everytime i listen to it, the lyrics are sooo clever and it has such a happy and yet serious feel to it.

Soooo yeah, get this album, it rocks my falanges.
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on 26 December 2003
Less Than Jake, I think have really hit the big time with this album. They've got themselves a major label deal and I'm not accusing them of selling out but some of the songs on this are more commercialised than previously seen. The album opens up with Welcome to the New South, an upbeat, party song with a great beat and equally great lyrics "Welcome home outcasts etc etc" - masterful!!! It is followed up by the pensive but by no means downbeat Ghosts of Me and You, other notable tracks include The Science of Selling Yourself Short, I love this track and its my favourite on the album. It has a great reggae feel and its lyrics are all about being messed up, applicable to everyone to some extent. Escape from the A Bomb house has quite thoughtful lyrics which are enjoyed and she is gonna break soon is catchy. Low points of the album are I think to some extent the remake of Look What Happened it sounds slightly strange without the horns and the intro or is this just me? Another low point I feel is Upwards War, the track seems to start off ok but then I find it becoming slightly samey and dare I say it I become bored by it, finding myself reaching for the skip button a rareity for me with LTJ. However despite this the album is still jam packed full of rocked out, skanked up horn driven ska-punk a must for any LTJ fan and indeed any ska-punk fan.
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on 28 May 2003
I've been waiting for the release of this album for a long time now. I've been a fan of less than jake for about 5 years now and have been to see them a few times and love them. I had high expectations, and I was not let down. This record is one of their best, some might not think so as I think their sound has changed since 'borders and boundaries' and some may not like it, but I just think they've grown and become even more talented. This record is different-not one song sounds similar they are all different with stand out songs such as- 'the science of selling yourself short' which has a cool kinda reggae feel and 'the ghosts of me and you'. I can't single out the great songs as I think they are all great. I was worried when I heard they were doing a new version of 'look what happened'-this is my favourite song and I was worried it would be ruined but it wasn't at all it is definatley new and improved. But anyways if you like less than jake then you'll be impressed with this CD it's well worth the money. Buy it.
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on 28 January 2007
Just to give you an idea of the diversity of the material on offer here, I myself am a fan of death metal. Thing is, you just cant deny the passion and fun Less Than Jake have when performing their music.It's impossible not to smile, reach for a beverage and call up your friends to plan a party when you hear songs like "Plastic Cup Politics", "Surrender" "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" ect.

And even though didnt need to prove their worth as musicians, they do it anyway by peppering the album with a wonderful "ballad" in the form of "The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out!.

Bands like Less Than Jake are few and far between. In this day and age in a post-grunge musical landscape, pessimistic and negative music seem to have become the norm. But even the most hardened metal fan will at some point need a little sunlight in his life...and what better way than playing some LTJ?

This album is pop-punk perfection. The ultimate party soundtrack, but at the same time the perfect and cheapest therapy available to anyone feeling down.

Get it while you can ladies and gents.
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on 31 August 2003
Less Than Jake are not the first punk band to make the step from underground labels to the major leagues but the same 'sell-tag' will be thrown at them by punk fans who know know better. The great thing about this move is that the genius of LTJ is now avalible to wider audiences waiting, many have, for a continuation of what the Mighty Mighty Bosstones did on one single. LTJ are the greatest punk-ska band EVER and Anthem proves so. Its true it may not contain the gritty punk of previous albums but the same energy and power is there. They are not afraid to make tracks that are pure pop- in the best form of the term. From sing-along songs to harder rock-outs LTJ have over the years perfected the recipe for their trade. Anthem is also the best start for anyone new to the band- and by their performance at Reading this year, there will be many of them- showing what they do at a new higher level. To use another good band's term 'This is Anthem- Get all your hands up.'
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on 7 June 2003
Don't get me wrong i love LTJ and this is a great album with some really great tunes, but, some really quite average ones too. The album kicks off with the great opener Welcome To The New South, which is one of the best songs on the album, the ghosts of me and you is ok, not as great as people think. I don't know why they re-recorded Look What Happened, it didn't need it. Science of selling yourself short is a good quirky song, Short Fuse Burning is probabley my favourite on the album, Motown is a great song as well.
The next song, upwards war, its good, but lacks something, escape from a-bomb house is another quality song. The rest of the songs except prehaps, number 13, are quite average....
So don't get me wrong its a great album, but prehaps not as good as were used to from LTJ.
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on 29 July 2008
This is the best Less Than Jake album at the moment in my oppinon. I would like to say its worth buying it with a bonus DVD but amazon doesn't list what is on the DVD and if its just the 'She's gona break soon' video than maybe not. But at least the album is worth it, definatley and these are only £6.

I was hoping this was a re-release with a DVD from the recent tour of every album and its b-sides; as all of a sudden all the album seem to have been repackaged with altered covers and a bonus DVD. How awsome would that be to see every album live and all the videos and the b-sides, hint hint LTJ. But LessThanJake.com list the only DVD release of Anthem as having She's 'Gonna Break Soon' Video and Video 'Making Of' as well as an album 'Making of'. Might be cool but amazon give details, now!
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