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on 13 June 2012
I wouldn't recommend you by this unless you can speak all the languages your self and interpret to you child. to start off it shows images and actions/toys but the Language talk over doesnt relate to what the child is seeing on the screen so how are they supposed to understand and relate it. My husband wanted to turn it off within minutes of watching it. The Plus side is that in the "extas" it does have flash cards so that you can select a language and learn from it- Eg it shows an Apple and will say Manzana for Spanish. it does this for counting and the alphabet too. This is helpful but to be honest my husband knows how to count in both french and Spanish so he could teach my LO this himself. I do believe the other DVDs are much better _Ie baby Mozart, but i wont be jumping in to buy them anytime soon!!
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on 28 August 2013
I was so disappointed with this. Not sure if I didn't read the product description properly, but I bought the Italian version and the only bit in Italian was the opening credits. None of the phrases were in Italian and there is no point in choosing a language as it is loads of different phrases in different languages. I understand the premise for introducing many different language sounds and words as that way a child will develop the skills to pronounce words in many languages, however this is not what I wanted and would not have bought the disc if I had known the content
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on 28 June 2017
Generally good range of videos. Can hold my babies attention for 15 mins whilst I tidy the kitchen without feeling guilty that she's not learning anything. Animal one has been the most interesting to her.
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on 12 August 2014
Not what I was expecting as it flits through different words in different languages with no relevance to the pictures. We have only played this once as it didn't engage the small boy when he was a baby. The pictures are not clear and it looks very handmade.
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on 12 March 2012
2 weeks ago I bought my baby girl, now 8 eight months old, the Baby Mozart, Baby Bach and Baby Einstein videos. She enjoys watching Baby Mozart best and also likes Baby Bach, but I'm afraid Baby Einstein does not keep her attention for long. As a qualified linguist, I also question the uncontextualized use of foreign languages on the video: watching and hearing people count and say the alphabet in various languages while watching a static flower or other picture has no purpose, really, and will most probably not encourage language acquisition. While I would recommend Baby Mozart and Baby Bach, I would not do so for Baby Einstein.
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on 1 February 2003
My daughter first viewed Baby Einstein when she was almost 2yrs old - the recommended age is up to 18 months - however, she loved it and now, at over 3 yrs she is still enjoying it.
She first viewed baby Mozart at about 1 yr and loved it, then progressed to Baby Bach and later to Baby van Gogh / Shakespeare / Doolittle / Beethoven / Newton - basically all the possible videos available in the range - some of which I had to buy direct from the company in America. She also has a number of Baby Einstein toys, cd's and books, including some of the puppets and, even now, asks if there are any new ones coming out!
Overall they were one of the best buys I have ever made. All have been well watched and, if she sees a painting in a book will recognise a Van Gogh (as seen on the video), equally, hearing a piece of classical music will say "that's from Bach or from Beethoven" etc. She has a love of music and poetry, even at such a young age and I'm sure watching these videos regularly has played a part in it. The music is also very relaxing for the parent hearing it time and time again - unlike many of the usual children's theme tunes.
My daughter has a large collection of all sorts of childrens videos, all of which have been regularly watched, but I still think the Baby Einstein range is her favourite.
I have awarded this particular video 4 stars, whereas I would give 5 to all the others in the range, simply because this was the first one to be made by the company, it is more basic than the others - because it was made at home by a mother initially to entertain her own children and it later became available to the public. The others in the range have built on the success of this basic one and widened the audience. Many of the later issues are geared to children up to 4 yrs and are much more professional productions. I have also enjoyed receiving the latest editions to the collection as each one includes some footage of the children of the founder, Julie Aigner-Clark and it has been interesting to see them develop and grow too.
Now the company has been sold to Disney and I believe it is their intention to develop the range further to cater for older children. I'm looking forward to their next endeavours.
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on 27 December 2009
A great video we already have the baby mozart...this video sees a wide variety of languages used,but still an enjoyable and educational video..the whole video appeals to my 4 month old and i tend to put the baby einstein video on when she has a kick about and nappy off before her bathtime. We love these videos and will be stocking up on more :D
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on 25 May 2003
I was given this video from a friend when my baby was born. At first I couldnt understand the point as my baby didnt seem interested at all but then I tried it again when she was 5 months old and suddenly realised what everyone had been talking about. My baby is facinated by the music and pictures and I get 20 or so minutes where she is completely enthralled to get on with the things I never seem to be able to do in the day when she is awake. I have been so impressed that I am ordering other videos from this series and will also make sure any friends and family get these as presents when their babies arrive - its alot more useful than cuddly toys or babygros! I cant recommend this series enough!
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on 24 February 2014
We are fan of the Einstein series though some DVD's were better received than others, this one wasn't liked as much as others I'm afraid but thats probably just a preference my child has rather than the DVD being poor.
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on 1 March 2015
Very happy with purchase
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