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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
The Impossibility Of Reason
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 16 May 2003
I would say the best metal album since sliced bread, but sliced bread wasn't a metal album, so all I can say is that Chimaira are talent only fully appreciated with open-minded listening to this album in its entirity.
Starting off ear piercingly heavy, with the monumental 'Cleansation', the brutal riffage of this album only relents momentarily for the thoughtful melodies of 'Down Again', and 'Crawl'. 'Power Trip' is a barage of pulsating riffs, intensifying the atmosphere of the album, continued by the furious and empowered screaming of 'Pure Hatred', a track bursting with rage, and highly drugged up on emotion.
The closing track, 'Implements of Destruction', shows just how special an instrumental song really can be, incorporating aspects of progressive metal, with an emphasis on the often unsung heroes - the non-vocal members of the band.
With such diversity through out, Chimaira have created a record epitomizing the vitality of modern metal, and I doubt such an all-round classic will appear very often, so I implore you to listen, and appreciate the upper echelons of metal madness.
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on 11 July 2004
This is easily one of the best Heavy Metal records of the decade. Not since 'Master Of Puppets' have I heard such Genius work, take a touch of the mesmirising riffs and harmonies of Fear Factory, the energetic flow of pulverizing jackhammer drum assaults of Machine Head, with a little hint of Slayer and you get Chimaira.
They have certainly got a lot more agressive, and crazier over the past years since their worthy 'Pass Out Of Excistance' album, angry at the world through their past experiences and terrorist attacks they have written the most vulgar, and yet convincing lyrics to date, it wouldn't have been a surprise if this album was going to be entitled 'The Possiblity Of Pissed Off Americans'!!
The drum attack on the album opener 'Cleansation' is a brilliant tactic of kicking off to a blinding start, 'The Impossiblity...' takes you on a thrash metal journey like no other. 'Powertrip', 'Down Again', and the incredibly mental 'Pure Hatred' is one of the best moments ever to grace your CD player, and will have you coming back for more and more. Lucky for us Brits, we get an ace bonus track 'Army Of Me' after the melodic Metallica-esque album-titled instrumental track, which is, by the way superb listening to get away from the stresses of life and rock out to this album.
People who saw Chimaira with God Forbid, Killswitch Engage, and Shadows Fall (3 other fantastic bands also) on tour will know what I'm talking about.
Buy this album and fill that missing part of your life, and you'll wonder what you'd ever done without it!
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on 9 August 2003
The first I'd heard of Chimaira was "Pass Out Of Existance" which, while good, had many of the hallmarks of a typical Nu-Metal album only kinda...heavier (low tuned 3 note riffs, a sample here and there etc. etc.). With "The Impossibility Of Reason" however, Chimaira totally threw any misconceptions I may have had of them straight out the window! It's fast, it's brutal, and moreover...it's surprisingly technical in places. All that time they spent with Slayer and Arch Enemy clearly has had a positive effect, as they launch a full frontal sonic assault comprising of relentless double-bass pedal drum patterns, speed palm muted rythmn sections and screaming lead solo's that bring pretty much every song to a climax of epic proportions. I only docked one star because *some* of the songs get a bit samey. After about 5 or 6 tracks you can really pick out the formula used to write each song and can pretty much guess where it's gunna get loud, where it's gunna get quiet, and where the solo is gunna be. But that asides, it's truly an amazing metal album, and although the vocals will certainly not be to everyones liking, if you want to listen to something unashamedly heavy but with a modern edge and a large degree of technicality, you owe it to yourself to check out Chimaira - "The Impossibility Of Reason".
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on 13 June 2003
When i heard this album the first thing that got me was the guitar. Good old fashioned metal riffing and guitar solos. GAWD I'M IN HEAVEN! Then the drums, oh the DRUMS!! Double bass like you wouldn't believe!! Then there are the vocals....god this man can sing, I MEAN SING, not just scream. There are vocal stylings on here that brought a tear to my eye due to there likeness to late alice in chains vocalist Layne Staley. THIS IS SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!
Songs like 'Powertrip' and 'cleansation' are definate ass kickers.
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on 25 July 2007
I heard 'Pure Hatred' on the internet and loved it and was just expecting another album like that song but I got something more. Not only is brutal as hell but the synth is quality with it, its not all shouting though, you can tell there is very carful structure to this cd and the drumming is immense by ledgendary Andols Herrick.

The one thing that made me gasp in disbelief and make me love chimaira so much more was the 13 minute epic 'Implements of Destruction' and then I knew this was no ordianary metal band, but a metal band with so much writing talent and ability and they dont get enough respect for that.

Buy this and thrash around and buy it and be amazed to by this Metal/Synth band.
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on 26 April 2010
From the menacing opener `Cleansation,' to the final instrumental number `Implements of Destruction,' there are no weak moments on Chimaira `s 2003 breakthrough album The Impossibility of Reason.
Every song is of the same high quality, with boundless energy and the perfect attitude its no surprise that this album became the darling of a lot of magazines back when it was new. Its important to note however, The Impossibility of Reason is more than just a flavour of the month release from 2003 however, this album is a bone fide classic and has truly stood the test of time, loosing none of its appeal or impact.
Heavy, bouncy groove metal breakdowns mix with the frequent virtuosic guitar solos, outstanding drum breaks and singer Mark Hunter's excellent mix of high and low vocals. Even the song structures are noteworthy on this album, far more interesting than those of many of the band's contempories.
Drummer Andols Herrick is really something special, his unconventional style sees him employing beats you would never expect to fit under the riffs, rolling on the ride cymbal and large sections of songs will often feel more like a drum solo than a bridge.
The Title track is one of the finest moments in the entire Chimaira catalogue, as is `Pictures in the Gold Room,' in fact its difficult to choose stand out moments because this album is faultless from beginning to end.
The album also features the singles `Powertrip,' and `Pure Hatred,' which have been present on the set list of basically every Chimiaira concert ever since and also the more radio friendly number `Down Again.'
Everything you could want in a modern metal album is present and accounted for here on The Impossibility of Reason and if you like Chimaira you really have no excuse not to buy it.
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on 21 May 2003
Chimaira's new record is undoubtably a shining light in the doom and gloom of nu-metal. The tracks are brutal from start to finish, relenting only for some floating melodies on Crawl, and Down Again, which embed themselves into your mind, and compell you to keep listening. Pure Hatred has to be the ultimate expression of rage, mutilating your ears with its intense riffs and powerful screaming vocals. This album is quite simply amazing, and an essential display of why the band are at the forefront of modern metal.
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on 8 December 2003
Wow! I really love this CD. Chimaira are amazing, this album is THE proof that new metal bands can completely blow speakers up (oh yes my speakers did break because of playing it to loud.) The vocals are pure classyness, completely mind blowing, they sound like pure metal. The riffs are heavy and distorted yet still manage to hold a tune, and the drum riffs are heavy yet not OTT.
Completely classic album.
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on 14 May 2003
I eagerly awaited the release of 'the impossibility of reason' after being very impressed with 'pass out of existence'. I have to say i wasn't disappointed. this album basically picks up where the last left off. it has a more mature sound and there is more focus on the lead guitars (which in the title track you'd be forgiven for thinking you were listening to metallica's 'Black album' and in 'eyes of a criminal' you'd think Slash himself was holding the lead axe). the album is best served loud, despite the more mellow moments (yes, there are some in there somewhere). one negative of this album and of 'pass out of existence' is that the tracks can seem a bit similar, although i think variation has been better accomplished in this album! Stand out tracks include 'Cleansation' and 'Down Again' although i don't beleive there is a bad track on the album. 'Implements of Destruction' is an interesting instrumental that promises more than it delivers, but still impressive.
on the whole, this isn't the best album you will ever hear but it is still excellent. one of the best 'heavy' albums i own.
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on 19 July 2003
I don't usually do this but I bought this album on the strength of only one track, the new single "Down Again". However on listening to the whole CD the other tracks all shine through excellently. "Cleansation", the first track, is brutal. The drumming is fast and heavy and the guitars rip through with conviction. The title track is also heavy but slows down and breaks into melodies and solos at the end, offering a far more structured well crafted effort. "Down Again", brings out Mark Hunter's powerful voice during the chorus and the piano riff fits the song really well. "Pure Hatred" pounds along will all the renewed aggression that Fear Factory once possessed and "stigmurder" again uses Mark Hunter's vocals to good effect. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes fast, heavy music such as Fear Factory, Machine Head or even a newer band like Killswitch engage. It is well worth a listen.
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