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on 3 July 2009
I ordered this to distribute Network around my home and cables could be put in as part of renovation works. It is a very neat, small unit with an external power supply provided, but does just what it says on the box. Very simple to set up, one feed in and seven out. I located in the loft space which made it easy to drop cables down the walls into the required rooms.
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on 15 December 2010
I bought this and also a GetNet GS-115P 5 Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch in order to extend internet around the house. In my ignorance of networking I agonised for ages over whether the switch would do what I wanted. In particular, I couldn't work out whether you could go from the single ethernet port on my router, to one of these switches and then take an ethernet cable from there downstairs and plug it into another ethernet switch in order to have 3 free ethernet ports upstairs, and 4 free ports downstairs.

Anyway, agony over. You can. I think it's called daisychaining and whilst I've not yet tested these switches in high demand situations, they both plugged and played without any bother. Though this one is nicer to look at than the GetNet one and more solid, with a metal case, they both seem to work as well as each other but this one was more than twice the price, and I suppose that's why I've gone for 4* rather than 5*. Having a bit of a Scrooge moment.
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on 11 October 2009
Cheap and simple, just plug it in and it does it's job no setup required.
Been running it for a while now and you can just forget about it - got it installed in the attic
splitting a single connection and wiring around the house.
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on 3 March 2012
I had often wanted to expand the number of devices on the network but was limited to the four on my netgear router - i'd read lots of horror stories about connecting routers to routers so had always backed away from trying it. But recently i have the added problem of plugging in a laptop at the same time as deskside machine way out of range of the wireless router... I was tending towards using powerline (mains network) adaptors because they seemed to be plug and play - then chanced across "switchers" as opposed to routers in the amazon "others bought". There were some cheaper switches but the user feedback and comments on forums did not fill me with confidence whereas for the netgear prosafe, people were describing exactly what i wanted - plug two or more devices into one network cable.

This plugged in and worked immediately and has done ever since - about a month.

So for other people out there unclear, as i was, about what this does: You have a standard four port router and wifi box connected to your internet and have cables running to sockets dotted around your house. One of these is on a long cable run going under the floor and has a lot of walls between the router and room so wifi on the laptop will not work. Obviously in this room you can only plug in one device but can't use wifi. So you buy one of these boxes. You plug it into your single cable connection. You can now plug up to four devices into the netgear box and they will all behave like they are individually plugged into the one cable. I have not come across any problems with this and none of them seem to be running slower than previously when they had the connection to themselves. There is one workstation, intermittently a laptop and a playstation 3. This has been running for over a month.
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on 5 June 2011
Although i admit i did not get the netgear fs105 from amazon, and am still going to write a review as i use amazon quite often, anyway, my parents hate cables, so i tried going wireless but living in an older house and our router being the other side of the house to my room seriously hampered signal quality so for month i naged and naged and naged...finally they said i could lay 1...1! cable but yet i personally have 3 goods (PC, Laptop & Xbox 360) and i admit i am no networking guru, so i did a bit of poking round on the net as ya do lol, so ready many a good review about this product so any way less babble

Works straight out the box, didn't even read the instructions just grabbed the network cable from modem stuck it in 1 hole 4 ports left, PC in other 3 left, laptop 2 left, 360 in another which leaves me with 1 free for when friends come over add another switcher (daisy chaining its called i believe when u have one after another) LAN party here we come but with still access to a 100% secure, no hassle network connection, 12MB/s data transfer rate between comps more than enough for streaming 1080pHD.TV

So all in all would oh most defiantly recommend this to someone els, had it about 2 1/2 years now, no hassle, no network problems, nice and robust metal case, defiantly a good well built product 5/5 5*s ! !
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on 16 November 2009
Works excellently. All devices on the switch work at full capacity of the available bandwidth. Received within 2 days. Great buy.
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on 20 December 2011
Ok the story goes like this. I have a office in the back garden with two computers, I work from home. I also have a laptop, another PC in the house and a whole range of wireless equipment. My wireless in the house is ok, however, it does not reach my back garden (too weak and unreliable). After trying a range of wireless boosters, routers etc etc I thought thats it! I bought a 50m ethernet cable and took a direct feed off my router to the office. I then bought a Netgear switch pluged the cable into port 1 and then plugged my two computers into ports 2 and 3 and what do you know perfect internet connection. I know some people do not like cables running all over the place but hey if you want a reliable connection because your business relies on it, then cables are the way to go, no nonsense and no messing around. Netgear is a wonderful bit of kit which works straight out of the box, no set up required beyond plugging it in!
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on 24 January 2014
I have always preferred wired network connections, but a Smart TV and a networked printer on my home network required more ports than the router could provide. The Netgear Prosafe FS116UK switch allows 16 connected devices so is fairly future-proof as far as I am concerned. Setup is very simple; a mains outlet is required to power the switch, and an ethernet cable to connect the router to the switch. Then it's merely a case of connecting the cables from your networked devices to the switch. Green LEDs show which devices are active and the connection speed.The switch is solidly constructed in a steel case and sits on four rubber feet,- or can be wall-mounted using the screws and wall plugs supplied.
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on 5 October 2009
Nice little hub. fits perfectly into a small space. It is silent(none or minimal noise) and handles activities from 4 devices (1 pc, laptop, Nas drive and network printer) with aplomb. for less than £20 - Well worth the buy
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on 16 September 2011
The Netgear FS105 ProSAFE 5 was bought because wi-fi powerline adapters failed completely to provide internet access from upstairs to downstairs, due essentially to the mains circuit not being a single one; the house has been extended so there are several mains circuits feeding one fuze box. In any case, wireless transmissions are at best slower, prone to glitches and to 'hacking', than hard-wired circuits. Therefore, hard-wiring between 2 points becomes essential. In desperation the FS105 was bought - the best purchase this decade! The packaging is sophisticated and smacks of class. Even 2 screws and plugs for wall mounting included! The component itself is exceptionally well made altho' for me the blue colour is less preferable than black. Instructions are sparse to say the least. This is a 1 in and 4 out box. Router output connected to input 5 (seems best as appears from markings to be isolated from other 4 ports). Whereas, the direct Cat5e cable feed without FS105 failed to fire-up one of the receiving components, the problem was solved when FS105 connected which means that the gadget is also a booster - a bonus. The power adapter plugs into one side and the input/outputs into the other side; a rare if not unique feature being the thin cable terminated in small plug which goes into box has a mini on/off switch. Classy! My one minor criticism - especially if being hung on wall - is all cabling would be best on one side and lights (there is one for each port) on the other side - particularly so when used on flat surface. Bearing in mind price, marks out of 9 - I give it 11.
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