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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2017
Terrifyingly savage with clever storytelling. Not for everyone as the physical and sexual violence could be deemed as treading too near voyeurism. However, that is what art and cinema should be about: challenging social "acceptability" and walking the fine line between entertainment and compulsion. The camera work is ingenious but a little irritating at times, and personally I didn't think the final sections were a "big reveal" - but this didn't matter - the actors turned in professional performances, the scenes and dialogue were seamless, intricate and natural.
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on 28 June 2017
Ok film good price
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on 12 June 2017
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"Irreversible" is a disturbing film, presenting a drama that's truly horrific. The portrayal of violence is intense, sickening and brutal. Certainly this is an exceptional movie in terms of its depiction of harm and suffering. The film offers nasty and gritty imagery of a woman being sadistically raped, as well as a representation of savage revenge. The extreme manner in which the movie captures these events is further intensified by both the stylistic use of camera motion and the non-linier storytelling - for the cinematography is intended to reflect the emotional/mental state of the characters (so the more frantic the emotions, the more disorganised the film appears); and the sequence of scenes that comprise this movie are offered in reverse chronological order (so we witness the 'end' first, and work backwards towards the 'start'). In consequence, almost immediately after the film opens we're hit with a distraught and agitated scene involving unembellished violence ... And this stands in stark contrast to the beautiful and dreamy scene that closes the movie. Notwithstanding its highly disorienting aspects, not least the nausea-inducing use of low frequency sound, this is a mesmerising film.

If outlined in a linier fashion, the story is simple and straightforward: A loving couple (played by Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel) go out for the night, being joined by an old friend (Albert Dupontel), drinking and dancing in Paris. The couple have something of a disagreement, and Bellucci's character decides to go home alone. On the way, she's attacked and raped. When Cassel and Dupontel discover this, they set about finding the rapist ... Yet, given the unfolding of events in non-chronological order, the story acquires an unusual quality - especially as the meaning of 'Time' is actually discussed within the story. There's a sense of nihilism, as if notions of 'freedom' and 'agency' are meaningless, with events seemingly pre-determined. Given what transpires, the viewer may be left with a feeling of despair. This is, perhaps, the intended aim of writer and director Gaspar Noé - and, if so, he succeeds brilliantly.

This is not a movie that everyone will enjoy. Indeed, it's not about 'enjoyment'. Rather, this is an experience in dark film-making. The savage bludgeoning to death of one man, the 10-minute long anal rape scene, and the often illegible cinematography collide to create a psychological horror that is as unique as it is distasteful. What makes this watchable is the skillfulness of the undertaking: the acting is excellent, and the cinematography is utterly captivating. As such, this is akin to a piece of art ... in human cruelty, so as to assault the senses.
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on 13 June 2016
I watched this movie and thought is was well over the top until you "get" the movie, and to be fair, the git got away far to lightly(quickly) for what he did. The french really know how to make hard hitting films. It comes from a place that most life is innocent (it has a very European feel to it) to how dark it can get in a hurry. Do not start and stop the film, you must watch it to the end to get why everything happened in the club.
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on 29 April 2016
One of the most disturbingly, brilliant films I have ever seen. Gaspar Noe (Director) never fails to give to something you won't forget. Irreversible is the only film that has nearly bought me to tears. Some of the imagery used is shocking and I do WARN you before buying this, it's incredible sad and upsetting... maybe too upsetting at times. But if you want a film that's going to take you on a journey, with an incredible story, I would recommend this to you. One scene in particular that lasts 10 minutes will never leave my mind, I was terrified and felt like I should not be seeing it, you will understand if you watch this movie! 10/10!
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on 29 January 2016
A very committed film and, although I didn't think the two violent set pieces were gratuitous, they are very gruesome. An astounding film in many ways.
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on 8 January 2017
Very hot movie
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on 20 June 2017
On rainy days, I shut myself up and watch it by myself. The filming is very expressive. The plot of the film feels very close to reality. The ending was unexpected. I like actor in supporting role. Very pretty.
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on 17 December 2016
Caution there are strobing effects in this film that may be harmful to some viewers.

For all reviewers rhetoric none of the ones I read both in the five star and the one star mentions the flickering in the film, particularly the last frames.

For all other viewers this one makes Straw Dogs, which was banned in the UK, look very tame. If I ever watch this thing again I will be scene skipping quite a lot. I have watched 1000s of four and five star films as reviewed by The Radio Times Guide to Films. It is four stars currently. Listed are about 8000 four and five star films. If I could have today again I would not have watched this film. It is not necessary to do so. We know depravity like this goes on in the world. We do not need it reproduced on film as fiction.

My film score is zero stars but Amazon make me give at least one star.

This film is Irrelevant but once watched your experience is Irreversible.
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