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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2006
I like radios, I hate poor quality and poor perfomance which is usually found in cheap nasty radios with obscure names you get from the likes of discount stores.

That said, my Sony SRF-M37L has the most remarkable sound and quality and robustness which would never be found in a cheap £3 nasty, ok you need to pay a bit more for a radio which will not let you down but what you get with this little gem of a Sony you will treasure.

I did read a review by one guy who pointed out that the radio would switch itself on accidentally, well thats a load of tosh!

Do you think Sony would ever allow that to happen? What this reviewer did n't realise is there is a 'lock off' switch to prevent this, maybe he should have kept the radio a little longer before writing a review.

Thinking of buying a Sony SRF-M37L? Do it! you shall not be disapointed, Long Wave, Medium Wave and 2 Waves of FM to get all of your favourite stations locked in, complete with the ease of use you would be pressed to find better. By the way, I was so pleased with the first one bought I then got another for my wife and she loves it.
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on 23 December 2007
Be careful ordering this radio on the Amazon site. You will find if you look that there are two Sony SRF M37 Personal radios advertised by Amazon, and they are in fact different!!?? I thought I had ordered the Sony SRF-M37 with 'long wave' radio, as recommended by John Friel, but this was NOT the radio I was supplied with. Instead, as M Van der Velde says in his review I got an AM/FM radio designed for the US market, presumably manufactured for when the US was due to convert to digital signals. This meant it included a 'TV' channel band, and a weather band, both of which actually appear to do nothing in the UK. I have given the radio two stars, because it does work reasonably well as an AM/FM radio, but this is just me being generous. The radio I ordered should have had long wave (for the cricket mainly) and this one doesn't, so I have been sold a pup. I am in the process of complaining to Amazon, who hopefully will adjust their advertising and realise the mistake they have made!
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on 17 March 2009
I was so pleased to see that this personal radio from Sony was still available! After many years of loyal service its predecessor packed up on me last week. Without exception it had given me years of loyal service( despite having fallen asleep many times with it switched on and it fallen on to the bedroom floor!) So I was "mourning" its passing. Never thought I would still find it available so thank you Amazon and K.K. Electronics.
Regarding the Long wave version...I received my replacement today and whilst it wasnt a personal issue for me, I was fortunate it had Long Wave band.Sony SRF-M37L Personal Radio
If its lasts as long as the one it replaced then I will be more than happy. I have a DAB (not Sony) personal radio as well but consider this Sony analogue radio to be far superior and easier in terms of use. Those of you who own a battery powered DAB portable radio will be aware that they "eat" batteries, whereas this little gem lasts for quite a long time on one little AAA battery. Superb piece of kit...all radio lovers buy this now whilst they are still available and before it disappears under the DAB revolution!
Update August 2010! So impressed with this radio that I have just purchased another! It will be years before the current model packs (adjudged on how long I had the first model for) but I wanted to ensure I had a replacement when it does. Take my advice and buy another whilst stocks last. Its a really robust piece of kit and will give years of good service.
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on 8 January 2012
I wanted a small personal radio with good quality stereo sound through earphones that is simple to set up and use. This radio ticks all the boxes.

I listen to a radio mainly at night so it has to be easy to use in the dark: it is, as the bands and preset stations are simple to select. I listen to all kinds of music from light to classical, and I have been delighted with the results in stereo FM.

All broadcast bands are well received (AM and LW bands require the radio to be appropriately oriented of course). LW for me is handy: this Sony gives good reception for a French station I listen to - some more advanced radios I have had in the past have not received this station clearly.

Make sure you select the model number finishing with L if you want LW. It works well on a single AAA rechargeable battery, and battery life is good. There are 6 presets each for AM and LW, and 12 for FM.

Aesthetically Sony has avoided slickness in favour placing all functions clearly in a compact case. It is pleasant to hold. Overall, this Sony is a delight to use. It is very good value for money.

Also after considerable use durability looks very good.
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on 14 February 2012
This was exactly as I had hoped, and the previous reviews really helped me choose it. I did some research and realised that I wanted a very simple radio for use when walking, so spending £60-£80 on a DAB radio wasn't what I needed. It has to be said that it looks a little old fashioned - it is an old model - and my son said it looked 'out of the ark', however, although small enough to be neat and with a handy belt clip, the buttons are simple to use because they are a reasonable size. The whole design is simple and clear, with no searching each time for channels. I have a radio app for my smartphone, but it requires downloading of data each time you use it if you are not in a wi-fi area, which costs far too much. This wee radio only uses an AA battery every few months! great. The reception is ok, goes a bit crackly every now and again, but I'm very happy with it all in all.
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on 24 October 2011
Nice little radio, fairly clear reception but does sometimes suffer with interference, maybe because I am in a built-up area. Easy to set up and pre-set stations.

UPDATE: Having only had this radio for a short time, I thought I would provide an update. Over past month FM is almost unobtainable, despite changing batteries frequently. Other Bands are perfectly OK, crystal clear. I will not buy this radio again as it is unfit for the purpose intended and h ave, therefore, downgraded 4 stars to only 2 stars. I have now bought the Roberts Sports portable and FM is crystal clear (so far, at least!). It has an aerial which is kept up, small price to pay for clear reception. I want the radio for dog-walking to listen to FM and the downside of the Roberts is that it is not a push button on/off but the wheel on the side of the radio which is also for volume. A bit of a bind when meeting people for a chat and wanting to turn the radio off.
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It took me quite some time before purchasing this Sony radio. I convinced myself I wanted a DAB radio but after comparing those on offer, I came to the conclusion that none I reviewed were substantially better performers than the Roberts DAB radio I already possess.

Without exception, the vast majority of DAB radios presently on the market eat batteries for a pastime and it is often necessary to carry a spare set of batteries with a DAB radio. Also, when a DAB radio begins to lose its signal, the transmission breaks down catastrophically. Firstly, 'chirps' interrupt the signal and then it disappears (drops out) altogether as the signal weakens further.

An FM radio signal will also weaken but it will degrade slowly and become increasingly noisy. There is unlikely to be a sudden and prolonged interruption to the signal, unlike with DAB.

I decided upon the Sony because it is relatively economical on battery power and it is relatively immune to the loss of signal strength. I also like Sony products and I like the overall design of this particular FM radio which is designed for attaching to a waist belt.

This FM radio is actually a fairly old design which has been around since shortly after the Millennium. However, this only serves to prove it is a tried and tested design and now commands a more realistic price.

The sound quality is excellent and I have used it extensively whilst travelling on public transport. It has never failed to lose the signal no matter the terrain or environment. It works equally as well in town as it does in the country. Highly recommended.
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on 4 July 2012
The good points - it is easy to set up and use. A single AAA battery lasts for ages and you can carry a spare or two for a weeks listening. It has three bands, FM, LW, MW. It depends on a 1200mm headphone lead for signal reception, don'y buy a 900mm lead! It comes with the thinnest and lightest earphones I have ever seen with a Sony branding. It holds stations well. It is very well made and survived falling on the road whilst cycling.

The bad points - the FM has a hiss even in good reception areas. The supplied earphones do not adequately act as an ariel, you will need decent head/ear phones. I cannot hear the words on speach radio with either the supplied earphone or better alternatives. The belt clip is not secure. The casing is rather big.

Conclusion - basically its 1980's technology in a 2000 cassing. It is one of the few portable PPL radios with LW and MW. If you don't need these wave bands there are many much cheaper radios that give a superior FM sound - I bought it to replace a Sansa Clip MP3 player/radio and regret it. I have binned the Sony, temporarily replaced it with a radio with audible reception from the Pound Store and have ordered a replacement Sansa Clip.
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on 3 February 2011
I have regularly used my Sony ICF-S11W for almost 30 years and it still works perfectly. It is smaller than the SRF-M37L AND it also has a speaker but it is only mono. I thought it about time to move on to stereo. Being very satisfied with my 30 year old Sony, I thought I couldn't go wrong with this one. Sadly, even though I am only 24 miles from the transmitter with no hills or buildings in the way, just a few trees, I could not get a clean signal indoors, no matter what I tried and outdoors reception was simply not good enough. I did try both 'local' and 'DX' settings but to no avail.

When it works, it has very satisfactory sound quality but it is simply not practical for moving around - where I live. I use my old ICF-S11W gardening, decorating, walking, trains, planes, anything I want and get clear reception. Unfortunately, with the SRF-M37L I could not move once I found a location where it worked or I got constant background hiss and popping in and out of stereo. Both sound quality and reception were better with some other headphones (Sennheiser CX-300 11) but reception was still not acceptable. It is not the sound quality at fault, it is the reception quality. I checked the same locations with other portable radios which worked fine in those locations. If there had been a mono button I may have kept it but I sent it back the next day. There is a 'Roberts' Sports 995 personal radio (actually a re-badged Sangean) which does have a mono button. I will try that.
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on 8 November 2007
I have had one of these for a few years, I use it daily at work. The only trouble I have had is with the earphones - I'm on about my third pair (Koss do good ones). I have had quite a few personal radios in the past and this is easily the best.
An excellent buy.
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