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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2004
This is quite simply one of the best albums ever produced. Perfect for laying back and floating away to. Out on twisted records you already knew that this album would be of a good quality. But what an album!
The sound quality for a start is amazing. OTT afterall did the sound engineering for "Are You Shpongled?" so this is of no real surprise.
The music is deep and almost spiritual. Entwined layers of music come and go. The music is very deep and the bass is just lovely. When the occasional guitar is brought in this album reaches the divine! If your into Dub at all then this is the perfect album for you. If your into Shpongle or stuff like that then this is the perfect album for you.
It has never left the top of my music collection and i should imagine it will remain there for some years (Till OTT's next album is released.)
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on 7 February 2008
Who is OTT? A mysterious Elfin creature tucked away secretly unknown in the Somerset countryside, holed up for weeks on end down in the alchemical soup kitchen cooking up magic brews of delight.

You know how you look for that ultimate loveliness in music? Discovering OTT may satisfy that search. I love great production. I make music myself and the smoother and silkier it is the better. I know of no other music that feels quite as much like melted chocolate as the Ott man.....I can only aspire....

Listen. Seriously. If you like music...whatever you're into, just buy it. You will NOT be disappointed. This is a serious MUST HAVE album....you'll have hours of silky pleasure over and over.
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on 27 October 2003
What do you get when you tell an experienced sound engineer to make an album full of electronic psychedelic dub? To sum it up: laid-back grooves, strange samples, mindbending effects and enough power and energy to melt your brain... that's Blumenkraft for ya.
The best thing about this record has got to be the sound - the mix is simply brilliant and brings out all the little details. The music itself isn't always fantastic, but tracks like "Splitting an Atom" and "Smoked glass and chrome" more than make up for it.
If Ott were to make a new album with a bit more inventive music he'd get the last star too, but for now it's 4/5. I highly recommend this album, but make sure to check out Shpongle before you spend all your money...
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on 1 February 2007
ok, well, i rarely say this, but in this case it is more than deserved: i am running out of superlatives to qualify OTT's Blumenkraft. `excellent' doesn't even come close. imagine `brilliant' and raise it to the power of infinity. yeah, it's that good. OTT is simply a genius. the album is 1hr+ of the best pure unadulterated hyper-polished, harmonic, melodious, seamless beat transitions, endless sonic detailing, ethereal voice samples blending in and out of an otherwise purely instrumental album which easily qualifies as the best of what is done today in ambient/electronic music. period.

you must buy this album, even if you don't like eletronica. you must buy this album, especially if you like ambient/electronica sounds. you must buy this album, if you can't believe that reggae beats can blend with electronic music and still sound absolutely beautiful. you must buy this album, if you thought that astral projection wasn't pushing the envelope far enough. you must buy this album, if you are a fan of jean-michel jarre, vangelis, tangerine dream, crystal method, klf, juno reactor, psykosonik, hallucinogen, infected mushroom, shpongle, world music, enigma, agricantus, kraftwerk, mike oldfield.

you must buy this album, if you despair of ever finding 60+mins long instrumental album that continuously inspire, uplift, nurture your imagination, relax and enlighten, bliss you out, lift the veil and let you glimpse the secrets of the universe, no matter how briefly, will put the cosmic cube within your grasp--basically transcendental music.

so no industrial, grungy sounds here a la front242, 9 inch nails, front line assembly, etc.... this ain't the crystal method either, although it is as good when it comes to sequencing and the sheer complexity of sonic layering, without, and i repeat, without ever overdoing it. this is an important point because how many times do we (electronica fans) get excited by a sound but the composer suddenly loses it because of overenthusiastic synthesizitis (synthesizitis: a disorder whereby an electronic musician gets overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities his synths offer him and starts gorging on too many effects and awesome sounds that overcrowd each other and end up turning what was initially a great track into a sonic miasma that not even the most doped up DJ would be proud of).

to sum it up in 2 words: freakin' brilliant!
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on 30 November 2009
I have to write this as this CD deserves a 5 star! A compilation of tracks with sublime compositions. Listening again and again I could not believe the level of sophistication - just how good this music is. It is brilliant, deeply satisfying - if you like ambient,dub with the excursion into Indian audio cosomos. Top of the range. Blumenkraft=Flowerpower. Flowery but powerful. Hahaha.No seriously. Get it. OTT is great.
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on 14 November 2007
This is a good solid album. Ott must be the leader in the very small field of psy dub. Psy dub is not like the more psychedelic efforts of the dub reggae masters like Mad Professor, King Tubby, Bill Lazwell etc. This sort of psy dub comes out of the psy trance scene - who tend to be the "alternative" brigade. The same people making this music make that too. So "dub" is just the basic drum and bass patterns used. Ott seems to have mastered his equipment and puts together well made tunes with plenty of sound warping (the psy element) and good sound quality. He uses the harmonica (or a sample?) to really add a bit of real dub to the sound.

Unlike a lot of the downtempo psy genre (Entheogenic, Shpongle etc) this particular album doesn't do much of the tedious "ethnic" samples, which is a blessed relief.

The only thing is that it gets boring after a while. With his other album Hallucinogen In Dub he had the work of another person to work with and turn into something new. When left to his own devices the products is melogic and decent but uninspired IMO. I'd like to hear him do something a bit different rather than the same format over and over.
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on 27 January 2013
I recently discovered a lot of downtempo music, and OTT's interpretation of it is one of the best. An absolute pleasure to listen to, bouncing basslines come from nowhere and the ambience manages to take you places. A very big thumbs up.
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on 29 September 2008
The opening track on this album is nothing short of breathtaking. Some of the rest of the tracks arent quite up to that standard however as an entire work it stands up as a benchmark CD that others will aspire to, especially those muscician/engineers who are now getting their own stuff out of the door. As an aside his long awaited second album lacks alot of what gained OTT such kudos on his first so if you are undecided this is the one to go for.
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on 4 December 2010
How to best describe this album? Perhaps as a fine tribute to dub reggae with some laid-back psychedelia (Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack) and Indian influences (Splitting an Atom, Smoked Glass and Chrome) thrown in. At times, comparisons with Adrian Sherwood seem inevitable (Clay Hill, Spannered in Pilton), but this merely detracts from the creative skills of Ott himself, who, elsewhere, has figured prominently in the production of similar exotic ventures, notably Hallucinogen and Shpongle, where he has collaborated with electronic musician Simon Posford. But to return to this, Ott's debut album: it is an excellent work, however you care to classify it, lasting some 73+ minutes and featuring 9 tracks in total. Wunderbar!
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on 7 August 2014
He does it again awesome mix of dub electronics and a very subtle mix of Asian influence
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