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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£7.00+ £1.30 shipping

on 18 March 2008
The original album in itself warrants a five star rating. Add in the suttle yet satisfying re-mastering, and excellent DVD feature, and you've got one of the best tenners you've ever spent. Once i uploaded the album to itunes i went through and compared each song for differences, and i was glad to see all the rawness and almost 'garagey' feel was still present, and the changes make it a bit 'fuller' without sacrificing the original vibe. The DVD is well put together (including a few surprises) featuring the band's story up to and a little after Goddamnit's release, including comments from Matt, Dan, and Glenn on the writing of the songs and their general feelings towards them. It then allows those who were there to re-live the Occult Roots tour with the performances of the album from then, adding a nice contrast point to the performances from around when the album was released. I will not give a review of the album itself as you can look at reviews of the original album for that, but i will say that the songs are still enjoyable with the changes made, and the amazing lyrics are ever-more clear and the mix between instruments has been improved and there is nothing worth complaining about. Basically you should buy this album either as a great addition to your trio collection, or as an insight into what the trio were all about back then if you are just now getting into them.
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on 29 March 2005
Many people would beg to differ on this opinion, but before the mainstream success of Stupid Kid, Alkaline Trio was very much popular as a cult in the underground scene, and for people like me, an album like this would have just gone under my nose.
Thankfully though after a year of waiting for the album to appear on the shelves again, i managed to get it and boy let me tell you, this is has some of the most heartfelt songs to set foot on a punk record.
The strange thing is some of these love songs would never find their way onto a Westlife cd in fact if Brian Mcfadden said "I wanna wake up naked next to you, kissing the curve of your clavicle" on a song then god knows what the pop world would be like.
My favourites have to be Cringe, Nose Over Tail, Message from Kathelene and Trouble Breathing for they define the sound of the Alkaline Trio and also they are lyrically some of the best songs ever written by a punk band. Also the acoustic songs Enjoy Your Day and Sorry about That really hit home with Skiba and Adriano taking the last pint on the bar table and drinking it all to lost love.
You will be stumped to find an album like this one, i suggest you buy and find out why it is so immensely popular.
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on 10 May 2008
This LP remains, in my humble opinion, the best A3 set and is likely to remain so given the recent degredation in their records quality. Goddamnit is a work packed with youth and alcohol fuelled tales of Skibas then existence. Kicking off with the incendiary 'Cringe' all the way through to the broken heart lament of 'Sorry Bout That', this record rarely takes its foot off the pedal or slips from a postion marked 'classic', though one or two tracks are notably inferior for me, such as 'My Little Needle'. However, 'Clavicle' is worth the money alone an absolute beast of a track highlighting A3s lyrical genius and knack for writing knockout melodic punk.
Whilst many fans might consider one of the next two records superior to this one, (surely no-one could possibly argue for Good Mourning or Crimson) I would beg to differ. 'Goddamnit' might sound like it was recorded in a barn by comparison to their later, slicker efforts, but thats all part of the many charms to be found here.
If you're into melodic punk then, seriously, you have to own this. Its so good its worth buying twice to have one spare for the inevitable day that the first ceases to work due to playing it to death. A better debut I challenge you to find.
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on 23 January 2005
I started a bit backwards with Alkaline Trio. A friend lent me 'Good Mourning', I liked it so I went out and bought it then went backwards until I came to this little gem. It's probably not the best way to go but it was worth the wait because I think this is the best album they've done so far. It's just so un-apologetic as it stumbles along in it's alcohol fuelled path to greatness.
Another good thing about this album is that most songs are by Matt. I just prefer his songwriting and his voice is just so much better! I've never been too keen on Dan's songs (not all, but most...) but one of Dan's songs on here just so happens to be 'Message From Kathleen' which is brilliant.
In my opinion the best songs on Goddamnit are 'Nose Over Tail' and 'Sorry About That'. They're complete contrasts but equally as thrilling. 'Sorry About That' also proves that Alk3 can write fantastic 'ballads' too (more commoly known as Acoustic!). 'My Little Needle' and 'Cop' are also worthy of a mention. There are also 4 extra tracks of which '97' is the best. However this song's not been recorded very well and the music tends to swamp Matt's voice, but I'm sure you can live with that! If you want to hear a better version, get the DVD and hear (& watch!) it live instead.
You may accuse me of only being a relatively young Alk3 fan seeing as I only discovered them last year, but I know a good thing when I hear it, and this is it.
Also for anyone who's interested, I've heard their new album is due out in April and is rumoured to be called 'Church and Distroy'. Can't Wait!
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on 2 December 2010
This is amazing. I own the original '98 CD but i LOVED how Matt Allison remixed this tracks. They are almost the same, but just a bit better. He produced the original version, he knew how to make this thing even better. And he did. About DVD. I've never seen a DVD like this. 2 hours all about alk3, goddamnit, songs stories, interviews, 2 live performances (1 old, with original members, 1 new (2006) with derek grant on drums). This is something unbelievable. Buy it! This never gets old. Never.
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on 18 July 2005
I have loved alkaline trio for years, they have been my favorite band for all of that time.In my opinion, no other band comes close. The truly beautiful one liners and haunting melodies caught me when i first started listening to them.
This album is one of their best, with the pace and feel of the songs really varying, from the upbeat punky sound of "Cop" to the acoustic brilliance of "Sorry about that".
I have to say that the lyrics in this album surpass all the rest-
"and i can't see straight, but the two of you look awfully pretty", and countless others.
If you havent heard alkaline trio, buy this. It encapsulates their sound wonderfully well. Listen to it, buy the others and alkaline trio will be your favourite band too.
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on 27 August 2002
Alkaline Trio's debut album shows just how the band started. A punk rock ride with an edge. Combining dark, clever lyrics, ("crack my head open on your kitchen floor, just to prove to you that I have brains") hooks a plenty and guitar riffs any pop punk band would kill for, this is a must have for all fans of melodic punk. Containing a few acoustic numbers and vocals from both Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano, this is a modern day classic... buy it NOW!
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on 9 October 2010
Very Raw. For me they have got better with age and maturity. Hopefully, these songs will grow, as is usual for me and the trio, after a few more listens. I've left plenty of reviews for A3 and if you read any of my others you'll realise that I love their music. Probably have all of their releases but worked from the midawy point of Crimson onwards. Buy it if you are a fan just so you have the 'collection'
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on 11 October 2003
Goddamnit is the debut of the superb punk-rock band known as the Alkaline Trio. Although not their greatest collection of songs so far, this album shows great potential and pure genius in Matt Skibas' lyrics. The songs on the album are not bad, in fact most of them are very good('San francisco' and 'Sorry About that' highlighting the album). The only aspect of this production which was a little dissapointing was the quality of the recording but it does not ruin the music at all. If you are a fan of Alkaline Trio then this album is ideal but if you are simply a person looking for good quality punk-rock music then i would reccomend 'From Here to Infirmary'as the overall standard is just a tiny bit better.
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on 19 January 2011
Probably the best punk album iv ever had the pleasure of listening to, the songwriting is of the highest standard.
Stand out tracks for me are: Cringe, As You Were, Enjoy Your Day, Clavicle, Sorry About That and my personal favourite, Ninety-Seven which is one of the demo's at the end of the album.
goddamnit = genius
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