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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 September 2003
This George A Romero film from 1973 should have been a huge international hit. Unfortunately, it was released at a time when other horror films were more in the public eye (Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
That aside, The Crazies gives us a glimpse into the breakdown of society. After a chemical agent is mistakenly let loose on a small Pennsylvania city, the film shows us the effects through the eyes of three groups of people;
The Military
Scientists and
Normal citizens
Whilst the film is not itself terrifying, you will be disturbed at the fact that it could happen.
This DVD has been a long time coming, and with remastered picture and DTS sound, make it a very worthwhile purchase.
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on 12 February 2010
...until the remake is released when everyone and his dog will claim they've known about the original for years.

Ignoring that for the moment, The Crazies is an unpleasant, vicious horror from the 70s in which George Romero moves away from the zombies (although not too far) to create a story of Smalltown, USA turning insanely violent in the wake of a military accident. And the film is definitely unpleasant which is its greatest strength. I'm not talking gore, I'm talking a sense of violence, threat and events rapidly getting out of control which makes The Crazies a horror film in the truest sense of the word. I'm willing to bet the remake will be a glossy, exciting thriller but it won't be a horror film.

Doubtless some viewers will be put off by the low budget and occasional overacting in the original (nearly everyone shouts their dialogue) as well as the almost relentlessly grim tone, but that's their loss. The Crazies is an extremely effective shocker that does what a horror film should.

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on 31 August 2003
The Crazies is probably my favourite Romero film after his original zombie trilogy. It is itself a zombie-esque film anyway, which follows a small group of people who try to survive the outbreak of a virus in their village that has caused many people to lose their minds and go running about doing crazy things, which mainly involves killing people.

There is a decent amount of gore if that's your thing. What's more important though, as is usual in Romero films, is the plot and character development. The story is engaging and the characters are fleshed out and interesting enough so that you actually care about them and their circumstances.

Romero is one of those film makers who I perceive as being very unique and fascinating in their younger days then becoming a bit bland as they have got older. I would say Cronenberg is another example. Being one of his early films, The Crazies has that unique style of Romero's that is really hard to describe but instantly recognisable and ensures his films are awash with atmosphere.

The Crazies is pretty much a zombie movie but with people gone insane rather than the dead rising from the grave. In this sense it predated by many years films like 28 Days Later and its ilk, that have perhaps over saturated cinemas over the past decade. It is a shame then that The Crazies has been remade, as it will look like an imitation of all the rest when actually it was one of the first.

Romero's other best films that are in his early individual style are; Martin, Season of the Witch, Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Of his later films, Day of the Dead and Monkey Shines are also great.

For similar low budget horror try the film that influenced Romero - Carnival of Souls. Also check out the excellent but hard to find Messiah of Evil, Evil Dead 2 (I've never been keen on the first one), Return of the Living Dead 1 & 2 and Cronenberg's early films - Shivers, Scanners, Rabid and The Brood.
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on 23 January 2013
Desperate times require desperate measures, when a killer virus is accidentaly dumped into the water supply of a small mid western community, the army place the town under martial law and quarentine the whole area, having no idea who is diseased and who isn't, resulting in revolting peasant syndrome. The virus infects anyone who looks like they may have been on television's Open University in the 70s, which makes it even more difficult as that turns out to be the entire cast! When infected, the person either pulls a sweaty and attacks folk or dies, leaving the hero, who fortunately is an ex green beret, little choice but to fight his way out...
A very good thriller this, a very scary plot paves the way for plenty of clunky tension, loads of action and some sound, if a little amateurish direction from Romero. For me its one of his better films, with the lack of any budget, uncouth acting and his guerilla film~making style really adding to its qualities. In the end morals are blurry, there are no real good guys or bad guys, just the people given orders, who follow against instinct and those that must use their instincts to survive.
I'm convinced the gas masks were high on the agenda, not only coz they fit the story, but with the added bonus that you couldn't tell if it was the same cast members being killed over and over.
There are plenty of night scenes and because of its low budget nature i expected the worst, however having not seen this for 20yrs, i'd say the Blue Underground print looked very good.
Ive not seen the remake so no comment there.. This however is a 4.5/5 star movie, which i rounded up to 5 after some people gave it 1star!?! 1 star? . . . . Its worth 1 star for having Lynne Lowry (Shivers, I Drink Your Blood etc) in it, nevermind the fact that some bloke gets flame throwered to death! Which if you add em up is 2 stars right there!! Ah well, must be my jaded tastes bubbling over again. . . Time to drink some more Trixie wasser! This is much better than the rather silly 28 Days Later but not as good as No Blade Of Grass!
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on 7 November 2012
A brilliant piece of cinema, once you get past that this isn't a zombie film in the mould of previous Romero films you realize it is one of his most brutal and interesting pieces of work from this master of cinema. Interesting points of note, it is as depressing, realistic, and brutal as people say. Not gory, but it's themes, ideas and concepts are some of the darkest he has explored. This also bears several similarities with early David Cronenberg, in particular, 'Shivers' and 'Rabid' as it has a darkly sexual undertone as society breaks down all around.
It is also alot better than the remake, which is not a bad film in itself. If you have only seen the remake, it is still worth seeing this as it is very different in tone and particularly in ending.
If your'e only interested in Romero as King of the Zombies then this probably isn't for you, but as an interesting, dark piece of cinema going into new directions and breaking new ground it's great.
Picture quality, sound quality and special features are all very good on this addition (though perhaps not "definitive")
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on 13 May 2016
Romero's The Crazies is actually quite a good film, you can see the paranoia that infected his films and his distrust of big government and the issue of control. These ideas were already present in his two zombie films before this film, but here he takes an in your face account, with the camera work and the almost frantic cuts between scenes there is a real sense of losing control and claustrophobia. For me this film succeeds where a lot of the bigger films of the time didn't, and it is still a valid argument to this day, maybe even moreso in the current climate. Well worth a look.
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on 20 December 2011
the crazies is a far better film than the remake with an almost documentary feel to it that gives the impression that the events are unfolding.as the townsfolk go crazie the army are brought in to contain the situation as a nerve agent has got into the water supply and people start to do things they normaly wouldnt.as the army become more heavy handed the locals rebel in amongst all this 2 nam vets one with his pregnant girlfreind decide to get out as things spiral out of control.directed by george a romero of night of the living dead.picture not briliant and the acting is not good but this seems to add to the tone and feel worth a watch,with a downbeat ending stays with you.
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Now, judged by modern standards, this film has weaknesses; the acting is generally pretty poor, and the effects not good; the shooting scenes are pretty unconvincing. Many things have improved in film-making.

However, it has a quite neat documentary style that, showing events through the eyes of three different groups- military, scientific and civilian- gives an insight into each one and a degree of empathy with each, while the two enemies- the virus, and the disembodied external instructing voice- remain unseen.

It has a genuine quality of nightmare in the situation of the civilians caught up in the diaster, and indeed for some of the soldiers and the scientists, but it's the civilians we're for. They are certainly more worth rooting for than he cretins in the remake, who you simply hope are going to die.

There are many things in this movie that have been used since- and in many cases better (and before)- the semi-documentary style and the claustrophobia (completely lacking from the remake), and I certainly think it could be seen as an influence on many other movies. In turn of course, it is itself heavily influenced by the notably superior "The Andromeda Strain" of two years earlier.

So, overall, well it's almost a four star movie, but it lacks quality, so three. In 1973 it would undoubtedly have made four stars, and remains a good deal better than the remake.
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on 24 April 2011
In his films the director, George A Romero, presents the most starkly realistic visions of human beings dealing with catastrophic or bizarre situations. They are always interesting, sometimes very weird, and this time quite plausible and truly watchable. In this film he explores the human tragedy, in all its tense and crowded drama, of a small town afflicted by the outbreak of a man-made virus that makes people lose their minds completely.
The panic, stress and full horror of the human response is loyally enacted with Romero's uncensored natural realism that extends even to the life-like natural lighting, at first shoddy-looking but grippingly realistic. It may be difficult for those not accustomed to Romero's old realistic style to pay attention to the plot. Once one realizes that one is witnessing the tragedy as if one were a by-stander or news-channel viewer it is possible to appreciate the full impact of this dedicated attempt to reflect the true to life horror of a society dealing with catastrophe.
The film confronts us with the animal nature of human beings as they succumb to riotous panic, aggressive quarrelling and utter madness. Yet it does not entirely reject the idea of the noble spirit and gives focus to one man's endeavour to lead a small group of townsfolk outside the quarantine zone to safety. The masked soldiers are out to stop them and the situation becomes more tense as the characters themselves become increasingly tense as ever the threat and reality of a mind-destroying disease encrouches on their hopes and efforts. The scientist is on a mission to stop it while the military is on a mission to contain it but will anyone succeed when the tragedy is this life-like?
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on 16 March 2015
I seen this before the remake but its a rare case of remake being better.
This horror thriller is very good in places and makes you think how fragile life could be in this situation but this hasn't aged well and the acting has a lot to be desired and compared to other horror films of the 70's(The Exorcist,Texas Chainsaw,The Omen,Alien)this isn't great compared really.
The story is fairly simple - A virus is released in a small town that either causes death or makes people go insane,we see the story from the view of the people,scientists and military.
This is where the film goes wrong there is too much on the military and scientists and not enough on the townsfolk and thats why i prefer the remake as there was less chatter and more straight to the point with more action and more chills.
This film has its moments and can be truly disturbing but too much talking and wooden acting plus looks very dated makes it case of being a film thats just average.
I highly recommend the remake instead of this.
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