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on 29 September 2005
I have been very happy with this purchase. I was originally going to buy the juniour grill version but it was worth paying that little extra for the big george. The big grill allows you to grill 2 medium sized chicken breasts as well as vegetables and fruits all at the same time. An option you would not have with the junior version. The machine is easy to use and I was surprised to see how many items of food were appropriate for grilling. Try grilling apple slices, Delicious. And for the health concious, you can visually see the fat flowing off certain foods. The item is also fairly easy to clean. All in all a fantastic buy.
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on 8 July 2003
ROUND 1 This grill is the business. It gives good results cooking burgers, chops, fish and all that sort of thing. But George comes into his owm and really packs a punch when he cooks you up a good ciabatta panini (mozzarella, chicken, salami, tabasco, mayonnaise, mmmm!) ROUND 1 to GEORGE
ROUND 2 To say that George will change your life is perhaps a little extreme, but I used it pretty much every day for the first couple of months after purchase, and I can definitely recommend its ease of use and versatility. George knocks down any rival, cooking everything from calzone to caramelised bananas. ROUND 2 safely in the bag.
ROUND 3 Despite all this, I can only give it 4*. This is because its tilted cooking surface, which aims to remove the fat, does in fact do little more than dispose of the beautiful juices from your steak or the marinade from whatever you are cooking, when you really want these flavours to remain with the meat. Furthermore, the non-stick surface means that you don't really get the same sort of defined grill lines as you would on a normal grill or barbecue. Ouch!
GEORGE FOREMAN wins the fight two rounds to one, and is crowned heavywight champion of the kitchen.
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on 28 May 2008
Normally I tend to confine my reviews to items of the literary kind, but as I can't really be bothered with another book review at the moment (and because I bought this grill from Amazon recently) I thought I'd turn my critical eye on the Big George.

This is my first real experience with health grills, and overall I'd have to say I'm quite impressed. The grilling area heats up quickly and is big enough to fit plenty of burgers on, making it a handy backup if you've invited all your friends over for a BBQ but the weather isn't cooperating. The unit feels solid and durable, though the temperature control seems unusually delicate, as if it doesn't really do anything. The controls are simple and easy to use, even if the timer is rather superfluous since grilling meat is more a matter of judgement than following strict timetables.

On the downside, it's a bit of a pain to clean after use even with the scraping tool supplied, but I suppose that gripe applies to any grill of this kind.

Apart from that... well, it's a grill - what do you want me to say? If you're one of those people who delights in examining the dripping tray to see how much grease they've prevented from clogging their arteries, you'll love it. If you enjoy well cooked food that's relatively healthy, then it's pretty good for you too.

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on 11 November 2011
Trying to obtain service for this item whilst still in warranty period {90 days only} is impossible. The supplying company {LUZERN Dublin} does not answer e-mails so all we are left with this just too dump this item and not purchase another. The problem we experienced was that we cannot set the timer, therefore we cannot use this for anything other than a decoration of what might be.
Consequently we are out of pocket regarding cost. Not too be recommended.
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on 6 October 2011
After our beloved George Foreman 10099 went to the great grilling machine scrapyard in the sky, we wanted (needed) to buy a replacement straight away. In Cyprus this grill is essential for all cooking, as the weather is too hot and humid from April to November to even consider using an oven or regular grill.
After looking at all the other models available, we were surprised that this seems to be the only version with both a timer and a temperature setting (essential on these grills).
We were super pleased to see this model was still available as our original one was about 10 years old when it gave up the ghost.
There have been a couple of changes to this grill since the orginal (suggest they should call it the 10099 Mark II or something), but basically the temp settings are now numbered and the sliding scale for this has been replaced with a rather flimsy latch with loads of nooks and crannies in it to catch the dirt as opposed to the sleek robust one of the older version.
The plates too have been thinned down slightly. Before they were thick, heavy and felt like cast iron to the touch, now the new plates are thinner, lighter and feel more like a teflon frying pan.
It is exactly the same size, but is somewhat lighter to the original.
If you are unsure of which grill to buy, or if to buy one at all if you've never owned one, JUST BUY ONE - THIS ONE.
It is a-m-a-z-i-n-g....you cook your food in half the time, all the fat drips out of the food, and you can cook just about anything on this baby - makes great grilled toasted sandwiches breville style, and fantastic for grilling fruit for tasty healthy treats.
Like I said before, our old one lasted 10 years, and hopefully this will see us to the next 10 :D
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on 25 November 2008
I've had this model of Health Grill around 6 years now and not had one problem or fault in this entire time. In fact, I dread to think of how much saturated fat has rolled down off the slope into the drip tray in that time!!

So impressed have I been that I'm going to get a second one and give this old one to my Dad who seems to be on the verge of being ready to leave traditional grilling and enter the world of Health Grilling. I think Mum will appreciate his enthusiasm to contribute to kitchen life with his newly acquired Health Grill........his heart also, I think!!

The simple to use timer and tempurature adjuster are in my opinion really quite helpful, even though not all models have them. Cleaning isn't a problem with a little soapy water and non-scratch scourer (or the specially designed George Foreman 'grooved' scourers available here on Amazon for £2.98). Personally, I try to clean while the surface is still a little warm - but obeviously not so I risk burning myself!!

Oh, and just to address the issue of hot fat in the drip tray, add a little water to help solidify the fat more rapidly. Then the water can soon be poured out and the tray cleaned.

All round, this is a truly excellent Health Grill.....and I would honestly recommend it to anyone.

(Btw, always be sure that you buy a size of grill which will meet your needs.)
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on 29 April 2003
They say that one of the signs of getting older is getting excited about household furniture and appliances. I am a novice cook and most of my meals used to be out of the packet and into the oven - I never fried and rarely grilled because it was messy and time consuming. Like I say, the George Foreman grill has changed my life.
Right from christening it with a sirloin stake, I've cooked sausages, chicken, vegetables, chops, burgers - you name it and its cooked to perfection very quickly indeed.
Buy one now, you won't regret it.
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on 2 April 2007
We bought this as our cooker grill is hopelessly slow cooking and a pain to clean.

For quick bacon butties, preheat for a few minutes, put your bacon in (GR30 will take 8 rashers), 9 minutes later bacon is ready. In fact, most unfrozen foods cook in around 10 mins as a rough guide.

Wipe down grill with a damp sponge/cloth while still warm so that nothing has a chance to stick.

Common sense dictates keeping it clear of kids and accident prone friends as its very hot. But then so is your hob.

Easy. A great time saver and well recommended.
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on 10 May 2010
I have had several Foreman grills over the years. Generally they are excellent (although they do not have a long life if you use them a lot as I do - about 18 months with twice daily usage). I've had this model before and it is excellent BUT.... it is now sold with one metre of cable attached. Given the need to run this flex along the back of the grill unless it is set up directly under a power point (a very bad idea given the heat emitted)and given the large size of the grill it cannot be used more than about 2 feet (~ 20 - 25 cm)from the power point. Would it really add to the price much to add an extra metre and avoid set up in harzodous places? I have purchased an extension cable so that I do not have to place the grill next to the kettle and toaster.
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on 6 February 2012
I ordered this grill on the back of all the positive reviews only to find reality was completely different. Firstly the grill was slightly different in design to the photos, the variable heat control was a chunky square lump of plastic that was so loose it came out by over a centimetre and probably would not have lasted very long before it fell off. The plastic top was marbled with different shades of grey as though the colour pigment had not been mixed in properly and in some areas was so thin you could nearly push your finger through it. The quality of the non stick coating was poor, it was not smooth and was full of pits and bubbles. In a nutshell the thing was more like the quality of a cheap child's toy than a kitchen appliance. I never even turned it on, I wouldn't risk it and returned it the next day.
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