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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 5 June 2003
I bought this album for two reasons: I love the Matrix movies, and the track listing - on at least the first disc - seemed good. And since it arrived, it hasn't stopped playing. The first disc opens up straight into rock and club styles, with great tracks from Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, and keeps up the pace throughout. Some of the tracks, such as Zion, may remind you of certain points in the movie, but it is really disc 2 that is meant for this purpose.
Disc 2 is completely filled with music originally composed for the Matrix Reloaded. It is no wonder that Don Davis has been appointed composer for this movie, the tracks are very emotional and WILL remind those who have seen the movie of those points where the music is memorable. The only complaint I have with this disc is the final track, which plays for a staggering 17 minutes 34 seconds, with frequent pauses - although it does capture much of the music from the rest of the film which the other tracks have forgotten.
And once you've finished listening to the music, disc 2 can also be played in a CDROM drive to access some short features on the Matrix Reloaded, the Animatrix and Enter the Matrix (the video game), with the last of these being the most interesting. And as if that wasn't enough bonus for you, they even give you a cheat code for Enter the Matrix on the inside cover! (Although it seems irrelevant, it's probably already on the internet!)
In all, a nice clean separation of tracks between those made specifically for the movie and those not, satisfying extra features on the second disc, and overall great music. Definitely one to buy if you're a fan of the Matrix series. Oh, and that last track is still playing!
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on 18 April 2017
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on 15 May 2004
I bought this CD as soon as it came out, straight after I'd seen the film, and I wasn't disappointed. Interestingly, I dismissed the second disc first time round as "boring classical stuff", and have only just discovered the sheer beauty of this double disc.
Disc one concentrates on rock and dance, with a lot of great songs by Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Rob Dougan, Sleep people, Oakenfold, Fluke and Rage against the Machine (and others). Passportal and Dread Rock are my favourites - such intelligent music yet, also extremely exciting. Much like the films in fact.
CD two is amazing. The interwoven drum beats with the orchestra in Mona Lisa Overdrive is probably the best piece of new-Classical music I've heard. Juno Reactor comes up trumps with Teahouse as well. And Don Davis is simply a genius, quite how violins can be played like that, I don't know.
Overall a great album.
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on 16 August 2006
In many ways the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack is what should've happened with that for the first movie. Instead of double dipping the rock and classical soundtracks we get both here and at the price it's now reduced to that's a fantastic bargain.

The first disc features some gems and some tracks that led me to knew places and some where you just go... "whatever" but as a collection it hangs together well - though not as well as the first movies rock soundtrack. The standout for me was the instrumental version of Rob Dougan's Furious Angels which is derived from the original movie's "Clubbed to Death." I many ways Clubbed to Death was THE title theme of The Matrix - even though it only appeared during the scene with the woman in the red dress, its certainly the music that comes to mind for me, so its nice to see that theme carried through into Furious Angels here in the second film. You can pick up the Clubbed to Death vibe in Chateau on the second disk too. I challenge anyone who's seen the film a couple of times not to be reminded of the fantastic chateau set-piece (as well as the early agent fight) when that track starts. You certainly get the impression that the Warchowski's have come to see this as the theme music to the second film as it repeats so often to be very familiar to someone who hasn't heard the album.

Juno Reactor/Don Davis collaborating on Mona Lisa Overdrive is a revelation for me. I honestly felt that Don Davis's music for the original film was the weakest part of the movie. Not bad - just weaker than the story/visuals etc. This perhaps is why Rage Against the Machine and Rob Dougan were regarded as "the musicians" of that movie. But here in Reloaded he picks up the same themes again but combined with the sensibilities of Juno Reactor the whole thing is jumpstarted and kicked into high gear. This is film music that builds and builds as fits the needs of the images on screen but is also very listenable without the images. Mona Lisa Overdrive spends several minutes building up to the crescendo and is all the better for it. Once it reaches that part of the track it's a back and forth between Davis's themes and those of Juno Reactor and they sync to perfection. I suppose that might be indicative of how the action scenes in the film were coordinated and composed. Or not.

I'd rate this more highly than the movie itself. Get it while its cheap.
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on 8 May 2003
I just got this about an hour ago and I am currently listening to it as I write this.
In my opinion the album is quite a well rounded package. You have tracks from Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie to Oakenfold, Rage Against The Machine and P.O.D. I think the best tracks are the contributions from Rob Zombie and Oakenfold (I don't usually dig dance music, but there is something about this one I like).
It's a 2 CD set, CD 1 has the stuff I have already mentioned. CD 2 has 7 instrumental tracks (at this point I dunno if it is the entire score)
CD 2 also has some multimedia elements:
Animatrix Trailer
Final Flight of The Osiris Trailer
The Matrix Reloaded Trailer
Making of Enter The Matrix (the video game)
If you are a Matrix fan this will be another fine item to add to your collection. If you are into the whole alternative music scene, this might be worth a look. If you don't dig nu-metal then you should maybe look somewhere else.
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on 12 November 2003
WOW! I love music but I've never encountered a soundtrack that actually sounds superb on it's own, rather than playing during the movie. To fully experience and appreciate it, it has to be listened to on a Dolby Digital 5.1 system. Rob Dougan's 'Furious Angels' literally surrounds you in true musical beauty whilst slowly stirring something within you deep inside, much like his 'Clubbed to Death' on the original soundtrack. 'Burly Brawl' slowly speeds in tempo, broken up by very teasing orchestry at it's musical finest every minute or so. The very short, yet rocketing 'Teahouse' shows you that you can reach a musical euphoria in less than a couple of minutes with some very silky bongo drumming. Who knew that a bongo could sound so interesting! I could carry on for hours but you get the idea. Soundtracks aren't as usually well thought out as this. They usually just pack a couple of pop songs on an album like a tacky compilation, but this album tells you a story whilst you listen. If you like the rock songs featured, but aren't too keen on dance or orchestral music, this will make you learn to appreciate them. As it happens, I didn't like rock, especially Marilyn Manson and POD, but now it's opened me up to a world of rock music I didn't know existed. It was hidden under the pop-rock image that the media like to convey. This album is essential. Whether you like the film or not it doesn't matter. Album's like this are needed right now when Pop-Idol and Pop music are killing the music industry. It restores your faith and belief in different genre's.Buy it, and love every minute. These types of albums don't come out often enough.
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on 23 May 2003
This soundtrack must rank among the best purely because of its diversity and its relavance to the film that it accompanies. Although the instrumentals such as 'Trinity's Dream' sound good, they do not make sense until seen with the scene that they were written for. The use of popular artists such as Mettalica, Linkin Park, RATM and Miss Manson will undoubtedly help it to reach a wider audience but this is an album that can be appreciated on its own and doesn't dissappoint.
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on 28 May 2003
The first Matrix soundtrack was really a great record which featured some of the biggest names in rock and electronic music. Most of those have returned for a second time with the Matrix reloaded, Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Rob Zombie and rage aginst the machine, aswell as new tracks from some of the hottest names in music at the moment, Linkin Park, P.O.D ETC. This album really is great for tnose people who are into this sort of music and I really think that those who arent will like some of the stuff on the second Disc of this C.D which is mostly instrumental. This is without a doubt one of the best soundtrack albums to be released over the past 2 years along with the Spiderman soundtrack. I really urge you to go out and buy this, you wont regret it. I now look forward to hearing the Matrix Revolutions soundtrack.
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on 28 May 2003
In this the second of the Matrix soundtracks, Maverick records rebuilds the ambience of the future Matrix world. Building on a mix of hard-techno, aggressive nu-metal and shock-rockers, the first soundtrack was easily one of the best soundtracks of the late nineties. It has since set the standards for sci-fi soundtracks with numerous unsuccessful copycats. The Reloaded album graduates from the first album by splintering the music onto two separate discs. The first disc is compilation of heavy metal hitters, while the second disc provides the movie's original score.
The first Reloaded disc enlists several familiar players from the first album including Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, The Deftones, Rob Dougan and Rage Against the Machine. Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson's offerings both bring strong songs and are perfect openers for the album. The Deftones' Lucky you seems like an odd-choice from the band. Lucky you is by any means no slouch, but the Deftones could have been better represented with a heavier number. Their highly anticipated side project Team Sleep volunteer their first song the The Passportal. If this song is any indication, this side-project will be an ambient gem. Rob D again hits the Matrix vibe on the head, with "Furious Angel." This song almost mimics the CD stealing track "Clubbed to death" from the previous soundtrack. A classic touch is the inclusion of the classic Rage Against the Machine song, "Calm like a bomb."
Reloaded also recruits a slew of newer artists including P.O.D., Linkin Park, Paul Oakenfold, Fluke, and Ünloco. P.O.D. provide the lead single Sleeping Awake. Nu-metal boys Linkin Park contribute Session. Duelling MC's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are finally muted allowing the other members to unleash a haunting drum and bass instrumental. Oakenfold provides the heavily synthesized Dread Rock. New comers Fluke and Ünloco, provide two worthy additions to the compilation with Bruises and Zion, respectively. Oddly in the "something doesn't look like the others" category, the Oakenfold remix of Dave Matthews Band song "When the World Ends" closes out the first disc beautifully.
The second disc separates the beauty from the beasts, bringing the movie's score to life. This could easily have been sold as a stand-alone disc. Composer Don Davis (Bound, Jurassic Park III) shoulders the majority of the workload, while producers Juno Reactor and Rob Dougan each provide techno-influenced pieces. The inclusion of the 17-minute opus "Matrix Reloaded" Suite is easily the highlight of the entire two-disc set. You can almost imagine the highly anticipated the epic chase scene as you listen. At around the 3 minute mark the tempo of the suite begins to ascend and never quits. This disc also brings the familiar Matrix opening theme. Rob D unleashes yet another great track with Chateau. Juno Reactor's tribal Teahouse is excellent; similarly Mona Lisa Overdrive is riveting. The separation of the two discs is a welcomed blessing as it provides ample room to showcase the movie's poignant score.
As compilations go the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack is an example of what a soundtrack should be: a connection to the movie experience. The tracks range from good to excellent to amazing. The balance of ambient and heavy tracks is near perfect, with the dark apocalyptic feel of the Matrix universe oozing out of every number. The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack allows you to bring home a little piece of the movie, at least until it's released on DVD or leaked on the Internet.
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on 6 May 2003
Being a huge fan of the first Matrix film, and of it's brilliantly put together soundtrack, I was hasty to pick up a copy of the follow up's. What a treat for the ears, the songs that the directors have chosen for this film fit the cyberpunk genre perfectly. There is a wide selection of different genres on offer here, from Industrial Metal to downbeat Ambient. The songs here are a lot more downbeat in comparrison to the original's angst ridden sound. This helps to show what progressions each band have made since the first film, as many of the bands on the first soundtrack appear for a second time. Standout tracks for me include Team Sleep's "Passportal", which is a haunting, melodic instrumental that reminds me somewhat of the music from older sci-fi's such as Blade Runner or Total Recall, and Deftones' "Lucky You" which shows the band taking an even further breakdown in sound from their efforts on the White Pony album. The second disc though, made this purchase essential. Unlike the previous film where WB released two seperate soundtrack cd's (one showcasing rock, and the other showcasing the orchestral ambience), here they have released them together. This 2nd disc is what pushed a four-star album up to a 5. The work by Don Davis on this film is nothing short of remarkable, and his music sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear it.
A definate purchase for fans of the film, and a good insight into the world of The Matrix for those who are experiencing it for the first time. Definately one of the better soundtracks of recent years.
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