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on 25 August 2004
These last 4 eps finish off one of the best PR series ever. The programme makers nicely provide endings to all the story arcs created during the series; Jen and Wes's untold love, Eric finding his way from loner to team player, Eric constantly refusing Wes' friendship, Jen's changing relationship with fiance (and now superior officer) Alex and of course, being able to change your destiny
This video is excellent. The fight sequences great (esp Wes and Eric taking on Cbots in the clock tower). Props go to Daniel Southworth (Eric) who does almost all his own stunt and fight work - extremely admirable. Seeing the characters stretched so much is great, esp Jen and Wes who really go through the wringer.
Buy this vid if u like high quality Ranger action - this vid demonstrates the cream of the crop.
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on 17 June 2003
this is a collection of some of the finnest moments is the shows history, it focus on the return of tommy as the white ranger, it also brings to together every red ranger for one of the greatest battle ever, it is one of tommy best apperances, and is well worth paying out for.
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on 28 April 2003
This is a really great video and great value for money seeing as you get 4 episodes on one tape. All though this isn't exactly the first 4 episodes of season 3 (its episodes 4-7)it really acts like it is. Here's a run down of the episodes on it-
Ninja Quest Part 1- A Great Mega zord battle.
" "2- A bit slow at parts but still good.
" "3- Some good fighting scenes.
" "4- One of the best episodes on the tape!
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on 27 August 2016
I did a Me, You, And...version of Power Rangers Time Force set in the series, and it's glad I got the Dawn Of Destiny VHS two years ago. It's time to compare the episodes on this wonderful VHS with how I put the episode into the Me, You, And... version of the film.

Frax's Fury (Dawn Of Destiny)-Wes cures his friends with serum after they are bitten by an X-Vault mutant, and Frax reveals his origin to Ransik.
Frax's Fury (MYAPRTF)-After having a nightmare about seeing Frax as her original father, a lion named Sabu (Seed Of Parenthood), her intrusive nightmare forces her out of the Clock Tower. Comforting Frax that night, that moment of reassurance turns into a tearful, happy reunion between father and daughter, and an annoyed Ransik hires a snake-like Cyclobot named Celius to take Frax's place for him.

Dawn Of Destiny (Dawn Of Destiny)-After a wild sequence involving the rangers taking pictures with a Polaroid camera, the trouble begins when Ransik breaks into the Bio-Lab to snatch the serum and get rid of his mutation. He knocks out Mr. Collins, and he is sent straight to hospital.
Dawn Of Destiny (MYAPRTF)-The 'Polaroid Camera' sequence from the talked-about episode is put into the movie with a loud yell of "A one-a. A two-a. A three-a. GOOOOOOO!!" But this time, the music for this scene has been taken out and replaced with 'Tutti Frutti', a classic rock-and-roll favourite performed by Little Richard. The music then goes out as sequence then transitions to The Oracle, Simba, Kiara and Nala, who are informed by Kovu of Sybil's finding of Frax as her original father. Timon and Pumbaa witness Sybil and her father playing happily in the forest, which we know will keep them safe. Meanwhile, Zazu and Diego witness Ransik's breaking into the Bio-Lab, and the evil brute's mutation (more PRTF footage) makes Zazu sick, and seeing him vomit into a dustbin Diego takes Zazu to rest so he can recover from his sickness.

Fight Against Fate (Dawn Of Destiny)-Alex returns, and takes Wes' place as Red Ranger while he takes over his father's job at the Bio-Lab. Frax unleashes Doomtron, resulting in a watery battle in the sea between giant mutant and Megazord, and even the Quantum Rex.
Fight Against Fate (MYAPRTF)-Sybil is trapped in a gorge under a pile of logs, and as Frax tries to free her, Sybil helps him. As soon as she is free however, too many logs pulled away result in water gushing mightily toward Frax. From above, Sybil drags him up using her courage and strength, and later as they watch the gorge turn to a river, Frax gently tells Sybil he is proud of her for being brave and courageous enough to help him away from danger, whereas as a baby cub she was weak against malaria back in Africa.

Destiny Defeated (Dawn Of Destiny)-Wes, after seeing Circuit shot by Frax, realizes the rangers need him, and as a result Alex gives the morpher back to him, resulting in the rangers finally together again to stop Dragontron. Mr. Collins survives, and his advice makes Wes realize that sometimes you have to make your own destiny. This is the lesson the rangers taught, whereas in MYAPRTF the value is on family, friendship and forgiveness.
Destiny Defeated (MYAPRTF)-Frax finally shows Sybil the meaning of the wind chime she was confused about - he made it especially for her, as a gift from father to daughter. Meanwhile in the city, everything is put right like in the original 'Destiny Defeated' when Diego, Zazu and Quantum Rex march around the hospital and give a loud shout. That shout destroys Dragontron, makes Mr. Collins survive, and Wes resume his place as Time Force Red. After all goes well again, Kovu and Kiara confess the truth about Sybil finding Frax as a dad in front of the rangers, and this upsets Trip, who tells his fellow rangers that they all must remember Sybil, especially Circuit. That night, Frax praises Sybil as a pure, sweet, gentle daughter, and sings to her a lullaby, leading us to 'Frax's Lullaby', a soothing song based on 'This Is My Father's World'. Here's how the first verse goes:

Every time I watch this video, I think of my film - Me, You, And Power Rangers: Time Force - what happens if The Lion King crossed over with Power Rangers Time Force during the actual series. This, to me, is a pleasure and a delight to see it in its soothing, quiet atmosphere, and especially fun with its exciting sequence about the rangers taking pictures with a Polaroid camera that'll make you want to set this to the music of Little Richard, especially to 'Tutti Frutti'. A major grasp on the fun side of Power Rangers!
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on 12 April 2006
I don't get why this video has got such a low rating, yeah it's cheesy, yes its daft, yes it has someone dressed up in dodgy, cheapo pig costume, acting as the villain, but this is what makes it SO good! Food Fight is one of the episodes i remembered most from the series, and it was a pleasure to watch it again! I too bought this for nostalgic reasons, and now ive ended up starting a collection! I recommend this video for old fans, new fans, anyone, its brilliant.
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on 23 July 2000
This is probably the best Video out of the 6 video collection series avalible from amazon.co.uk. The story in this video is about a new power ranger. Following the destruction of the Green Ranger, Zordon & Alpha decide to construct a new Ranger, The White Ranger! The rest of the power team are confuced as to why these powers were not given to tommy when he lost his powers. Now they must prepare to greet a stranger as the new Leader of the Power Rangers.
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on 9 August 2004
I am collecting every video of the mighty morph'n power rangers, please if you have this video i will buy it!!! These are probably the greatest episodes ever!!!!
If you haven't seen this video, then watch it, it is cool!!
I am 14 and the power rangers have become a big part of my life since i was 3.
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on 4 November 2003
Zen-Aku continues to wrestle with his feelings and confronts Master Org in this well-constructed Power Rangers episode. High quality drama for younger viewers, our kids loved every second and watched it repeatedly.
The storylines and fighting sequences are pretty tame and safe for kids even as young as 4 or 5.
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on 6 March 2002
The story stars with the evil witch Rita Repulas escaping her dumpster, then attacking earth; Zordon finds out and get's alpha to recruit 5 teenagers to become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the earths only defence. With their new powers and zords the rangers triuph, later on you will see a new ranger join the team named Tommy who will become the Green Ranger. As we shall say the rest is history.
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on 12 July 2005
Power rangers mighty morphin ninja quest is one of the better power rangers mighty morphin episodes.It features all 6 rangers as they battle ritas brother rito.This is the video where the rangers lose their thunder zords but after going on a quest to find ninjor gain new ninja zords and new powers.This tape is very good with all 4 parts being very good but part 2 is a tad tedious.
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