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on 20 April 2017
Have finished watching Season 5 and can't wait to watch this! brings back memories
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on 30 May 2017
Cheap good con
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on 27 April 2017
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on 24 March 2014
Love Buffy and this was perfect! If you're a Buffy fan, you need to buy all seasons but 6 is definitely my favourite.
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on 4 January 2004
Okay, I admit I couldnt wait till July for this to reach our shores in America. And I am shocked with the differences in this 6th season box set for the UK vs 1-5 here in the US. For a start, the packaging is far nicer in this UK set. No need to stretch your arms out again and again with lame and loose accordian packaging- this is a little notebook format with a protective sleeve for each disc- nice!
Whether or not the extras will be the same here I dont know, but they are by far the best ones I've seen on a Buffy DVD: a 45 minute fly on the wall video about making OMWF, an hour-long TV Arts and Sciences panel discussion with Joss, James, Michelle, Allyson, Marti, Nick and a DP and a set guy. The commentaries have been wonderful and an added bonus of Commentary Subtitles really really helps! There are two little easter eggs (one only works for PCs- BOO!) and a few other little bits- a funny thing about first jobs and dream jobs of the cast and crew tempers the terrible Doublemeat Palace episode, for example.
Also strangely enough there is an extra scene in the first ep (I checked my US tape and it WAS NOT shown here), and the full-length version of OMWF (hooray!) is included also. There may be more goodies, too, but I wanted to get this written in case you were sitting there with your holiday money burning a hole in your pocket....
You'll need an all-region DVD player (if you live in North America), but they can be had cheaply from Ebay and if you're technically minded you can make one yourself- techtv.com tells you how to make your XBox console into an all region player, even.
Anyway, it's grand and well worth the extra money if you're impatient like me.
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on 2 December 2007
I'm not in it for Buffy, I'm into Spike and as far as I am concerned this is the best season of Buffy, well apart from the Spike & DRu sessions in Season 2&3. I love the character development between Spike & Buffy and as far as I'm concerned even all those raunchy scenes are of themselves really interesting metaphors for how things are going for them "Out of high school" and into the "real" world...its actually one of my favorite seasons of Buffy and I can't imagine why anyone would write it off because its "different from other seasons"....if its not different after a while, there's no progress....why bother at all? Just replay SEason 1 over and over and over again....its original and Who doesn't want to see more of Spike in less clothes? :-)
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Challenging, ambitious, courageous, daring and not particularly good, the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a curious paradox, boasting some of the most quotable dialogue (the supergeek supervillains argument over the best Bond, Spike's every other line) and one of the most fondly remembered episodes but never being able to shake the feeling that they really should have left the gal and the show in their grave. There are some intriguingly dark ideas - torn out of Heaven by her friends, Buffy spends much of the season trying to come to terms with being brought back to a life of fear, loss and uncertainty while the leader of the initially comic geek trio displays an ugly undercurrent of misogyny - but too many episodes are just lazy. Always boasting smart writing, the temptation at times veers to settle for smartass, only just dodging the bullet. Not only is the fun gone, but the often unremittingly joyless tone of the season ensures that none of the intended dramatic highs stand out - when everything is one-note miserable, what's another crisis more or less? There's not even much slaying going on as it piles on more soap opera angst, turning it into a veritable Sunnydale 90210. There's little of the real emotional power that enabled some of the supporting players to show their strengths as actors here: they have character arcs, many of them interesting, but it can't shake the feeling that they've been doing this too long to really be enthused by it. And yet it has one of the smartest episodes - Once More With Feeling, where creator Joss Whedon almost seems to turn the show into a mirror on conflicting emotions to its return with songs like Going Through the Motions. Still, it rallies for the finale, though.

Decent but insubstantial extras on the boxed set, but once again the UK set is cropped widescreen rather than (as per the US edition) the original fullframe.
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I have recently decided to watch Buffy again from the beginning, this to me is the most irritating season of them all.

Buffy and Spike, WIllow and her whining cold turkey, Dawn screaming all the time get out get out get out, Xander and Anya almost wedding, oh and Giles leaving, the monsters were pants and worst of all are the arch nemisises their words not mine of the 3 amigos being warren, andrew and johnathon.

Once more with feeling was however brilliant and the arrival of Dark Willow kicked total butt, however for me this is the weakest Season.

I like Spike, i just dont like Spike with Buffy.

I was glad when the season was over.
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on 23 November 2003
This is the season of Buffy where our heroes (and the audience) are put through the emotional wringer. The main theme is addiction, and we are taken to some pretty dark places by the end of season finale.
Whilst the show has never been afraid of tackling controversial issues, and has always prided itself on being prepared to sacrifice a major character if it's in keeping with the story, this is much bleaker than the usual Buffy. There are some genuinely shocking and disturbing scenes which still resonate long after you have finished watching.
This was the direction the show needed to move in, and with an outstanding ensemble cast and such good quality writers involved it is handled well. Even in its darkest places Buffy is never less than entertaining and there is still plenty of the trademark humour to be found.
The DVD itself is very nicely presented and there are plenty of extras to enjoy.
Overall, if you like Buffy you'll be buying this anyway, so enjoy. It is also worth considering if you are used to watching the edited version of the show on tv as it really needs to be seen uncut to appreciate it properly.
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on 6 December 2011
I'm only a relatively new fan of Buffy. It was only around a year ago that I had not seen a single episode, and picked up the first season after wanting to check it out for a while. It didn't take me long to get hooked. I picked up the remaining seasons as quickly as possible, doing my best to not run out of episodes to watch until I reached the very end.

I would rank my two favourite seasons as being 5 and 7. I think they were both truly amazing seasons. But sandwiched between the two, was Season 6, which I found to be surprisingly mixed in quality.

I suppose much of it can be traced to the aftereffects of some of the events of season 5, but much of the characters seemed.... well, just a little off. Buffy's borderline nymphomania, Spike's general desertion of all his character development of the previous season, and various other character choices that struck me as odd and out of place.

I guess another issue I had with it is something that many might find a positive. For me, it sort of lacked the story that the other seasons had, without a clear threat looming overhead. Thing is, by the end, this may not be a bad thing, because it made room for some fantastic developments towards the end of the season. But it just felt a little unfocused and uneven for much of it.

So why the four star rating with all these complaints? It's very simple. Even at it's lowest quality, Buffy still offers a whole lot. There's still a lot of humour, action and quality drama to make this season great. Of course, it has the added bonus of the amazing musical episode Once More With Feeling, which is honestly just as good as people say.

All in all, while the season offers many of the series' higher points, it also offers even more of its lower ones. Despite this, it goes without saying that if you're this far in, you have to keep watching. Even if only for the musical episode and the amazing shocks towards the end.
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