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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2008
This game filled quite a few hours over Christmas for our whole family from our 6yr old daughter to Nanny & Grandad. We enjoyed seeing who could get to the highest level, and then timing who was the fastest...great fun, and its unusual to have something simple that all generations really enjoy, and can play at different levels.
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on 1 March 2007
This is a great little game for one player to solve a problem of getting a man (the hiker) across the river using the plastic planks. It contains 40 cards, of which, 1 is the easiest and then goes up to 40, which is the hardest. The idea is to move the hiker using one plank at a time between the tree stumps but without being stuck or crossing each other or jumping between logs. The planks and man are magnetised to make it easy to move across the river. This is ideal for any one over 8 years old to play and is challenging after the first easy part (1 to 10). There are cards that you change with each challenge and the shaded areas show where the planks go and you put the tree stumps between them.

(After completing all 40 cards you can go back to the first card and time yourself or to play with friends taking turns-but this is only my suggestion rather than throw the game away.)

Excellent little game for any travelling or just at home when nothing is on TV.
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on 27 November 2008
We've had this game now for a few years. My kids started playing with it around the age of 7. All the family have enjoyed the challenge of trying to cross the river using just the few planks allocated to that particular game card. I find this game especially good for holidays as it comes with a handy travel pouch. My kids don't play with it much at home anymore but it still comes out when we go away.I've bought the game for several friends, and would recommend it.
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on 4 July 2013
My 6 year old son loves this River Crossing Game. He loves brainteasers and puzzles in general. He spotted this game in our local toy shop, and we bought it straight away from the shop. It was cheaper than Amazon and no postage. Sorry Amazon!

There are 4 levels and 40 games total - 10 games per level. The challenges/ puzzles start from a super easy Beginner level, an acceptable Intermediates level, then a very hard Advanced level, to SUPER hard Expert level. My son got through the first 2 levels on his own and needed help in doing the difficult ones. Lots of fun for the whole family to try to solve the puzzles together.

The box is big. There is a handy drawstring bag that came with the game which allows us to keep everything together. The base is about the size of the Kindle, it fits into the handbag easily. My son takes this everywhere with him. He has been taken it to restaurants, holidays and friends' houses.

However, there are lots of small pieces which are all essential for playing this game, I put them in a large see-through IKEA ziploc bag to make sure everything and all the bits are accounted for after each game before packing them away. The drawstring bag is more compact but it is not as secure.

We bought it 1 month ago. He is currently playing it for the 2nd time/round. He is determined to solve all the levels on his own.

Great Value for money!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 January 2016
This is a Thinkfun game, and like all the others, is great fun for adults and kids alike. You have a river, an adventurer and a number of planks and stumps to rest the planks on. The planks and stumps are arranged in different scenarios, according to the challenge card (you have 40, starting from the easiest beginner and moving through to the hardest - expert). You have to move the adventurer across the river, moving the planks as he goes, resting them between stumps. He cannot reach and grab a plank - he is only allowed to turn it around the stump he is standing on, or carry it along another plank to the other end of that plank. Once you know what the limitations are, the game becomes intuitive and as you are playing, you discover new strategies. One of my shortcuts was to imagine going backwards from the end - there seem to be far less options going backwards (from the opposite end of the river), than forward, so easier to work out.

The game is very well designed and easily portable. It makes for a good travel game as it comes with a travel pouch and is quite compact - we played it on the aeroplane! The bits are chunky and not easy to get lost.

The box says that it is for age range from 8 and above, however, our son (who was 6 at the time he got it) was instantly glued to it. He played it very imaginatively, pretending to be the explorer and insisting that he moves him along all the way (adults can play without the explorer figure - just moving the planks along, as the explorer does not do anything, really). Our son even insisted that he stops for a picnic on the last leg of the journey (as you do!), just before he jumps onto the other side of the river.

Not knowing the game before, I would have never bought it at the price it sells at on Amazon (I got ours from a retail discounter), however, had I known more about it, I would have been happy to pay the full price.
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on 28 May 2015
Reminds me a a game we used to play on atrari computer, it is one with skilled and brain power to try and work out a way as not to get wet and not fallinto the water, starts easy , then hard then stragerdy then brain caves in important mission take your time or not cheats are at hand, in all else fails
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on 11 March 2009
Fab toy that is great for children (encourages logical thinking and problem solving) and equally fun for adults - my 6 year old, 9 year old and me (much older!) are all hooked!
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on 12 December 2014
The instructions tell you to refer to the Game Grid Key on page 3 when using the Solutions found on pages 4 - 10 e.g. 2G-LN;
GL-NS; LN-S9 etc. The problem is there are no co-ordinates printed on the Challenge Cards. Can I return this game if I have cut the sellotape on each side of the box in order to open it? Otherwise the game is as I received it.
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on 8 February 2014
It is fun and challenging especially at the harder levels. Nice touch to have a neat carry bag included so it can be taken it the back of a car to keep the kids and adults entertained. Had to go on You-tube to check out the rules and noticed the version shown had a magnetic pick up which seemed to make the rules clearing in only carrying one plank around at a time. In my view it was not cheap but it is well made so as long as the cards are taken good care of it should last for generations to come
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on 3 February 2015
The child I bought it for found it too hard and gave up quickly .Perhaps the age range should be a bit more specific as the child was average ability but it was not so attractive compared to the games on his tablet
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