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on 26 April 2017
Bought as Easter present for my son who is autistic & big sailor moon fan, came on time packed well with note hoping we are happy with it, we were, my son thrilled with box set, all DVDs played no problem, very happy thanks
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on 17 March 2016
Good movie
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on 13 April 2005
I have seen this season (S) in Poland when I was a child. But now I have bought this season in a superlicious thin packed box. This season has 6 discs, and all 38 uncut episodes. New enemies wchich are after pure hearts!! New sailor Soliders: Sailor Neptune, Uranus and Saturn!! Who are Amara, Michelle and Hotaru?
Well there is only one way to find out: You have to buy this.
In this season Sailor Moon has 2 transformations, Moon Cosmic Power, and Moon Crisis Power using the purity chalice. Loads of action, new powers, new look so you know you have to have this. It might be expensive but it is worth it. If you are a really big Sailor Moon fan this season and Stars are the best seasons. Hope you liked my review!!! =)
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on 24 September 2004
I already have every DVD of the S series but now they've released a MOONARIFFIC boxset!
Each DVD in the box is thin-packed, and contains 6 or 7 episodes of the series. This third series introduces Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (who had a brief apperance in the R series), as well as (of course) the popular Sailor Saturn!
Serena and her friends must work together with the new older scouts, who think that Serena and the others would be holding them back! The two teams are both fighting against each other to obtain heart crystals.
This is a fantastic series (said to be the favourite of most SM fans) and a great boxset! (I LOVE boxsets!!!)
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on 6 November 2001
I have been waiting for this particular Japanese anime for well over a year now after reading the origanla manga. Although it does not meet expectations this series is enjoyable.
The storyline follows Serena (usagi, bunny) who discovers she is the scout (senshi) of the moon and she must find her fellow scouts and then protect the moon princess and the silver imperium crystal.
Along the way clumsy cry baby serena ends up with a mystery man named Tuxedo Mask in tow with an annoying man named Darien Shields.
Although there are bif differences between the manga and in the anime you will easily pick up the terms. The story has also been modified to prolong the series, there are three episodes with just Serena in and around forty episodes until the series finale which is in book three of the manga. A quick glossary in which manga terms are modified to the series:
negaverse - negaforce
princess serenity - princess serena
bunny - serena
A lot of other things have been changed as well but you'll pick them up as the poor editing falls into place.
If you want better quality storylines and fast paced action with enjoyable scenes played into it buy the manga, it will give you a feel for the characters and the origanal story and it's creators wonderful artwork and writing skills.
Of course, I love this series, but watch out for the finale of the series. It's actually two japanese episodes mashed into one half hour american one!
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on 30 June 2004
Sailor Moon has a very good story line, great animation, great characters, its funny to watch, a fantastic girls anime etc..., so why have I only given this DVD 1 star??? The answer is the way it has been dubbed. I honestly don't think any one will like this DVD anymore and they will want to throw it away, if they actually watched the original Japanese uncut version.
This DVD has missed out 3 episodes because the Americans did not translate them because of scenes that are unsuitable for kids!!! Sailor Mercury is not meant to appear until episode 8, but because they miss out 3 episodes she appears in episode 4. Speaking of scenes which are unsuitable for kids... the dubbed version has cut and edit out loads of them! and yes I mean lot's of them. The running length of an episode is meant to be just over 25 minutes, but it has been reduced down to approximately 22 minutes including the "Sailor Says" part which they add to make the episodes longer. The following episodes they missed out are:- I'll punish you! the fortune house is a Youma's house, the demonic scent! schaneera steals love, protect the song of love! Usagi(Serena) plays cupid.
Another major difference between the 2 versions are the music. The music in the dubb version is more up to date & the music in the Japanese version is old fashioned, but Sailor Moon has been around for more than 10 years now!
My final conclusion is that it dissapointed me alot! now we have got to hope that MVM will begin to re-publish all the Sailor Moon DVD's in Japanese with English subtitles.
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on 6 December 2002
Sailor Moon is quite frankly, a brilliant show. It starts out with a 14 year old girl called Serena (Usagi Tsukino), who must learn to fight evil as a superhero - Sailor Moon.
This video shows where the series starts to become brilliant. Sailor Moon is joined by the second Sailor Scout, Sailor Mercury, also known as Amy Anderson (Ami Mizuno) - a girl with a genius IQ.
These two episodes - Computer School Blues and Time Bomb show how Serena befriends Amy, who seems a cold person at first, but is then shown to be extremely friendly, even though she studies a lot.
I'm saddened that this series is not being shown any longer in England, but out of the 5 videos that were released here, this is the one that you should buy.
Computer School Blues shows how Sailor Mercury is awakened just before she has her head chopped off, and Time Bomb shows Amy getting the Mercury SuperComputer and VR Visor, as well as a humourous scene where Sailor Moon imagines herself as an old lady.
All in all, a worthwhile purchase!
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on 9 March 2004
I am glad that MVM decided to produce more Sailor Moon DVD's as GMTV stopped showing it ages ago. I don't know why it says on the DVD cover "as seen on GMTV" when they only showed the first 13 episodes. Anyway this is my favourite Sailor Moon DVD published so far so it is 4 stars, no offence but the other Sailor Moon DVD's are less than 3 stars, because the way they have been editted.
The DVD shows the final conclusion to Alan's and Ann doom tree and a begining of a new enemy "Catzi", who is after Sailor Moon's daughter Rini. You will see Darien and Serena getting together for the first time. I find the DVD very funny as Serena crys and eats up all the food, my favourite episode is "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" In this episode Ann gets the role of Snow White to try to win Darien's heart, which Serena is not pleased with as she plays the role of the wicked witch, then Alan sends an enemy to capture energy, but the show must go on! I also like the episode "Secret garden" this is where Serena discovers the doom tree and where it gets exciting, but I hate spoiling the story so you will just have to watch it!
The only bad point about this DVD is that they cut and edit scenes out which is a let down, but overall it is enjoyable to watch! now if only they release a UK edition of the Sailor Moon TV series and movies in Japanese with English subtitles.....
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on 26 December 2001
It is my favorite animation series, and one of my favourted episodes of this series
In these episode a dream vacation on the Sunset Romance Cruise turns into really bad trip for Sailor Moon and her scouts. The Negaverse has sent Jadeite and Titis to steal all the love energy from the humans on board. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars also learn that letting someone make you feel bad about yourself is never a good idea.
In episode 10 the evil Jadeite challenges the three Sailor Scouts to a duel on the main runway of the local airport. Jadeite knows if he lose, Queen Beryl will punish him with Eternal Sleep condemning him to the most profound darkness forever. Queen Beryl also introduces a new solider, an auburnhaired minion.
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on 11 June 2005
The End of Sailor Moon R in this DVD!
This is the last DVD DiC edited and thank goodness! THis DVD see's Rini new transformation into "wicked lady" And the scouts final battle with Wiseman. All episodes are pretty cool, i especially like "Final Batlle" and "Brotherly love."
Great DVD, sailor moon fans will love it
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