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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 April 2016
Although lacking the quality of the Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours films this ‘misfit partners’ movie still manages to entertain due to the performances of its two protagonists. Anthony Hopkins’ baseball cap, shades wearing CIA agent Gaylord Oaks has no option but to enlist the help of Chris Rock’s sarcastic, street-wise New Jersey ticket tout, chess hustler and occasional DJ when his partner is brutally murdered when working undercover on a mission in Prague involving a mobile nuclear device. Rock is Hopkins’ last best hope and since he is the identical twin brother (separated at birth) of the murdered CIA agent there is a slim chance that by impersonating his brother the mission will succeed and a potential nuclear catastrophe averted. Rock plays the ‘fish out of water’ role to a tee ably supported by Hopkins’ unflappable veteran agent sporting a deadpan dry humour contrasting with Rock’s quick fire delivery and facial distortions. Both Peter Stormare and Matthew Marsh give suitably dastardly performances as Eastern European baddies surrounded by their machine gun toting henchmen. As expected the movie is jam-packed full of car chases and gun battles which unfortunately tend to overwhelm and dominate proceedings, which is a shame as the basic premise has great potential. A film to rent or watch on television methinks.
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on 6 January 2004
I wasn't sure what to expect from this film. I thought it would probably be quite silly and predictable, but I was pleasantly surprised.
I didn't get the irritating "why are they doing that" feeling, which made this film very watchable. I wouldn't call it a comedy but I suppose it depends on your sense of humour but there are some amusing bits. I enjoyed the car chase after they get the bomb.
I expected there to be some extras such as out-takes on the DVD but there is only a short documentary. Again watchable, but its more of a chance for the actors and director to praise each other rather than enhance the film.
There is a brief bit in the documentary when they hint at a relationship between Hopkins character and the female on the team ..can't remember her name now. I don’t see this element at all in the film, and don't know why they bother to mention it, this isn't really relevant but that’s just my opinion.
It’s the kind of film that once you have seen it you probably wouldn't watch it again for a very long time, so I'd borrow it rather than buy it. But over all not a bad film at all, and I quite enjoyed my evening watching it.
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on 5 March 2017
Rock is another one of those high profile comedians who really impressed so much in a supporting role in a blockbuster, a major movie studio decided to give his personality a film deal.

Down To Earth, and Head Of State bookend this film, and they were both tepid films, then it was back supporting roles, and voicing over a Zebra.

Out of the three leading roles, this had the most potential. A genuinely funny comedian teamed up with a seasoned actor, with one of the best producers in the business.

Directed by Joel Schumacher....

And that's where the problem lies, the direction here is awful, Rock seems really uncomfortable, and Hopkins must have lost his funny bone along the way, because all he does throughout the film is stare his almost dead eyes into the distance whilst spouting out uncomfortable one liners.

And to see him perform in action sequences is laughable.

So we are left with Rock doing his best Eddie Murphy impression, shouting incoherently at people, to people, and to thin air.

Stomare pops up as the terrorist from everywhere-ville, easily the best thing about the film.

Bruckheimer was a god when it came to producing action films, he produced so many good action films in the nineties, but this, while it does have a couple of decent set pieces, just feels lethargic, and it's a least twenty minutes too long.
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on 21 May 2016
After watching and really enjoying this movie, I felt compelled to give it the write up it deserves.

==A Brief Introduction to the Plot==

Agent Oakes (Hopkins) of the CIA is tasked with finding and recruiting Jake Hayes (Rock), a gambling man not overly enamoured with law enforcement to join his taskforce and help complete a life or death mission. Oakes has been working with his partner, Kevin Pope (also played by Rock) deep undercover in Prague in order to infiltrate an international arms ring who also boast a bomb intended for America. Popes' involvement is crucial, so when he is assassinated in the line of duty, who better to impersonate him than his identical twin brother, Jake? Jake however is nothing like Kevin, so with only days of training, how will he fare when dealing with the organised and vicious criminal gang?


I'll keep this brief as I'd never want to inadvertently deliver a spoiler. I personally found this movie to be fast paced and easy viewing overall. Hopkins, while not giving one of his most noteworthy performances, was as iconic and brilliant as ever, portraying his role perfectly. Whist his talent for malice is renowned, I felt he showed an excellent range for the duration of Bad Company, with a performance spanning dark, somewhat sarcastic humour, that trademark malice, and moments of compassion and warmth. Rock also has to be commended highly, not only for his dual roles in the movie but also for the diverse range displayed; from the sophisticated and serious Pope to the sarcastic, loud and impulsive Jake, Rock really comes into his own.

I found the plot rather intelligent and well delivered, with the perfect balance of serious, heart stopping action and immaculately timed comedy moments, varying from the 'giggle slightly' right through to the 'laugh out loud'. I felt Bad Company walked the line perfectly, never allowing the action to detract from the comedy factor and vice versa. The film gets the full 5 stars from me, despite not being what I'd have usually selected.

The DVD unfortunately I would mark down slightly, and that is only due to the 'Extras' or distinct lack of. There really isn't much there to be had, but if the cast praising everything about this film is what you want to see, you've got everything you need. This is the one and only disappointing factor in my eyes, but sadly it's all part of the experience, so it's only fair to mention it. I personally wouldn't let it put you off. Bad Company, the feature film is surely what anybody is buying this DVD for, and if you're looking for a gripping, funny, slightly ridiculous action packed thriller, you've got everything you could ask for!
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VINE VOICEon 9 January 2016
Pretty much a generic action thriller raised by the production values of having a super producer, prolific director and two leads at the top of there respective game.

Bad company has many faults, its slightly overlong, chaotic in that it flicks awkwardly at times between comedy and serious spy thriller and leaves Anthony Hopkins to carry the action hero stuff, whilst Chris Rock wisecracks.

However the films fun, the action scenes are decent, if not ground breaking and for each 'comedy' moment that falls flat, there's one or two that pick it back up.

Not terrible, not great, but big budget nonsense that for some parts entertains.
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on 28 April 2003
This film is not only easy to watch and understand but also very funny!
It tells the story of Gaylord who is contacted by the CIA to help them with a mission for 9 days that his identical twin was working on before he got killed. Before he can get over the shock that he had a twin he has to decide weather to help then or not! Its a great film with some funny twists! Brilliant acting by Anthony Hopkins.
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on 5 February 2016
This DVDs is another one from that brilliant Welsh actor Sir Antony Hopkins in this film he plays a policeman who is given this rookie whose twin brother has been killed, this film is straying a bit from the normal films which Sir Antony does
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on 15 August 2009
This is an excellent film to watch if you need something distracting, full-on and funny. Chris Rock is always funny, although maybe not 100% on the money when it comes to being convincing as two different people. But then there's Anthony Hopkins, doing his usual slightly theatrical intense character thing he always does. But it's brilliantly entertaining nonetheless. And there's plenty of lovely views of the beautiful city of Prague as well as great one-liners such as 'Get in the car, bitch' which is only funny coming awkwardly from the mouth of Anthony Hopkins. There's also the classic, 'You better act right or you'll get smacked right!' from Chris Rock. Riveting and laugh out-loud stuff.
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on 10 April 2011
I have seen lots of bad reviews for this film, but we enjoyed it. Hokins and Rock make a humorous pair. If you look beyond the average plot you will find a good way to spend an evening. This is a movie I wouldn't mind seeing again and a sequel would be a hoot.
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on 8 October 2014
i love you this movie!
u get a real side of chris rock acting wise. yeh he has alot of comedy in the movie but he shows real acting skills.
love it. awesome
must watch for any chris rock fan and antony hopkins also incredible
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