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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2003
When I bought this game, I must admit, I was prepared to be disappointed. We all remember the film, right. (Or try to forget it, take your pick!) I kinda hoped the fact that Rebellion liked 2000 a.d. so much, they bought the company, boded well for this title. Well on the surface it did.
I got this little baby loaded up, and boy did I think I was in for a treat. It looks absoloutly stunning. The graphics capture the feel or Dredd with delightful precision. The voice acting is great, and the dark humour that we know and love is there too. (Just wait till you need patching up by the medic.) The cutscenes are well directed, and would bode well for a 'Roughnecks' style Dredd cartoon.
The main 'Story' element of the game is a nice little tale about the four dark judges escaping (again) to wreak havock on Mega city one. With the aid of Judge Anderson, Chief Judge Hershey, and a force of nameless street judges, you pass through levels ranging from wrapping up some small time criminals, to fighting vampires and zombies, and the dark judges themselves.
Progressing through the levels unlocks extra 'arcade' levels. These are small subgames that can be played on their own, and also unlocking characters to use in multiplayer games.
The gameplay style will be familiar to fans of Halo, of which this seems to 'borrow' quite openly. You have a basic shield which protects you from damage. When the shield is depleted you take hits on your health. You can also pick up extra health packs, so that once your health is at zero it is refilled. The shield recharges after a few seconds and even has the same 'vooop' noise as in Halo. Mission objectives are also shown by an arrow on your heads-up display. with a distance in metres to the target. Familiar? Not half. However there are some nice little innovations, such as the fact that you are a judge, and must UPHOLD the law. Rather than just blasting everything that moves, you must try to arrest perps. Some come quietly, some fight back, but you must watch your lawmeter, and stay on the right side of the law. Be too naughty and your lawmeter drops to zero, before you know it the Special Judicial Squad are out to bring you down.
Where this scores points over Halo for me, is the true star of the game. The Lawgiver Mk III. What a weapon! With a deft roll of your mouse wheel, you can choose between standard, high explosive, heat seeking, armour piercing, incendiary and ricochet rounds. The ricochet is a beaut. Fire it into a confined space and WATCH OUT as it pings around the walls!
Great stuff, and makes you truly feel like you are playing the comic.
However, (You just knew this was coming, right?) the single player game is, how can I put this? Short. Nope that doesn't really do it justice. Minute? Teeny? Miniscule? Well lets put it this way then. I consider myself an adequate gamer. Certainly not brilliant. On normal setting, this game took me less than three hours to complete. Start to finish. Box to Binned. Now that ain't good. I'm hoping that the subtitle 'Dredd vs Death' means that there are some expansion packs on the way, cause if not, all the hard work on making such a lovely looking, playable, and accurate game will have been wasted.
The arcade games really just feel like padding to make up for the length of the single player game, and although fun, aren't going to hold your attention for long. (Although shooting dozens of crazed Walter the Wobots was amusing.)
I'm looking forward to giving the multiplayer game a go, so I may see you in the block wars!
Please give this a try. It deserves to be a success for the sheer attention to detail, faithfullness to the source, and playability of the game. Just beware of the length. P>This should have been a five star game, and shocked as I was by the briefness of the one player game, can only bring myself to dock one mark.
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on 21 February 2009
although overall the game isn't that bad, just lacking any imagination or real innovation to set it apart and more so now than then. Obviously its appeal was mainly aimed at Dredd fans and even we weren't impressed. It was probably hindered from its inception by the fact that it is obviously a console written game, with the accompanying simplicity these usually have.

The game takes the form of a standard and very linear FPS with a small assortment of weapons. The Lawgiver is replicated very well with all of the ammunition types available and reprimands for misusing them, so no cooking citizens with incendiaries.

You come across shotguns, the Lawrod, various laser weapons, a pistol and a grenade launcher, but overall I used the Lawgiver and pistol, making the others pretty much redundant. The biggest problem with any of them is the lack of spare ammunition and you could easily find that you run out if you do not use it sparingly, especially with the alternative ammo that the Lawgiver has.

Adversaries consist of armed perps, vampires, zombies and Death cultists, none of which give much of a challenge on normal setting. An innovation in the early levels is being able to disarm and arrest perps and cultists, adding to your end of level score. Later on this becomes redundant as the cultists refuse to surrender, so it just peters out. There is also the option to arrest citizens peppered around the levels, but again this disappears later on in the game.

The graphics are rendered well and shouldn't give a modern PC any problems on max, with the sound being adequate. Of anything to note graphically it is the blatant intrusion of Red Bull advertising on one level and PlayJam billboards on another and is an early example of misplaced and ill thought out product placement in games.

The online multiplayer has been withdrawn, so the player skins you unlock in the single player are now redundant and the only other replay value is in a number of small sub games that you unlock as you go. Some are OK for a quick game, but mostly they are irritating as you are overwhelmed by hordes of the enemy.

Overall this is not a bad game, just not a good one. It will only take a number of hours to play through and I found it easily bored me on this replay. A redeeming feature is that whilst you take on the Dark Judges they are not irritating end of level bosses, quite the opposite, as apart from Fear dispatching them is done in a cut scene. At this price you can't go wrong for a couple of hours entertainment, just don't expect too much.
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on 12 July 2012
Judge Dreadd Vs Judge Death is, in my humble opinion, a great title which doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's witty, charming, bags of fun and immensely playable.

I played this originally on release via the medium of game rentals and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I completed it in a weekend of non-stop play and even rented it again the following week. When I saw it going cheap for the PC on Amazon a few years later I snapped it up and I haven't regretted it. I've been playing it on and off since yesterday and can honestly say it's aged pretty well. usually when you go back to games you enjoyed in the past you'll find yourself feeling a little disappointed as it's never quite as fun as you remember it being, but in the case of Deadd Vs Death I found it to be enjoyable as ever.

Let me be clear, this is by no means a perfect game. It was made by British developers Rebellion, and like all Rebellion titles it's ambitious. Occasionally this ambition outstrips the budget and the game just can't quite deliver on what was intended. However, you have to respect the effort put in, even if, from time to time, it falls flat and misses it's target.
There are bugs. The physics engine is 'tetchy' at best. Occasionally you'll snag on a bit of scenery and it'll take some jostling to wrestle your character free. Likewise the grenades physics are off and when you release one it'll follow your movement slightly, so it doesn't go where you targeted when you pressed the appropriate key.
The AI is daft as a brush and characters you need to escort will often snag and get stuck. Usually this isn't a huge problem as you can 'nudge' them free, but sometimes it'll lead to you having to reload the last checkpoint, and this can be frustrating.

There is some resource management via the 'law meter'. As you play you have to be mindful of your behaviour. Setting fire to 'perps' or capping civilians will quickly see you getting in trouble with the Justice Department and if your law meter falls too low a crack team of judge hunters will come after you.
To get your law meter back up again you need to arrest people. You do this by shouting 'hands up' and 'on your knees perp' and other choice phrases and if they resist you have the option of shooting the weapon out of their hands or beating them into submission.
However, although initially fun this system starts to feel a little two dimensional after a while as you can arrest anyone you like, barring other judges. Protecting civilians soon becomes a secondary concern as you'll be more interested in getting your law meter up to improve your end of level score.

Speaking of scores, at the end of the level you're 'judged' on your performance. The score is based on how high your law meter average is throughout the level, the mount of kills you made, the amount of cumulative years 'perps' spend behind bars, and the overall time your took to complete the level. The higher your score is, the more items you'll unlock in the other game modes, and this leads to a good deal of re-playability as you reach for the highest 'ranking' per level.

Other game modes include the fun (if a little sparse) Arcade mode in which your skills are pitted against various score based challenges, similar to those in Timesplitters, and the standard multi-player mode. Multi-player does include bots for practice and while they won't win any awards for their intelligence they do offer a decent challenge and its enjoyable to while away the hours slaying your way through them.

The game does occasionally have some obnoxious difficulty spikes, which can be frustrating, but mercifully these are few and far between and won't impact too heavily on your enjoyment.

Overall the game is not without its flaws, but, and its a big 'but', the overall package is enjoyable enough to counter those flaws. As I said before its fun, witty and generally enjoyable, and even if your not a fan of the source material Dreadd Vs Death still does enough to keep interest. At under a fiver I'd say it was totally worth the price of admission.

Technical note: The game has an 'auto-update' feature which no longer works. You may find that, after the initial boot up, the game will take you on a 'update/can't update' roundabout. However, the patch needed is readily available on the internet and once you update the game manually it should work with no problems at all.
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on 22 October 2003
Just bought it and am really quite amused. The game has a wonderful british humour from the comic with even a few of the funnier parts from the film making it in (although that's about it, thank god). The adverts (and talking billboards) around the city are hilarious - from the "Grot Pot" which looks suspiciously like a Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle - to the "Stuff a snuff" dead pet to handpuppet service, you get the feel of comic's black humour. The comments that the civilians (and robots, Judges or even yourself) come out with are true 2000AD style. I love the arresting perps section where not only do you see a list of all the laws they have broken (dynamically created too, for those perps that "resist arrest", but you only wound) but also hear the whining and repartee that the Perp and you exchange during the handcuffing.
Gameplay is easy enough - typical 3rd person shooter. The Lawgiver Pistol borrows the quite cool audio from the film in it's announcement of bullet types like "incendary" and "riccochet".
Graphics are good - although not cutting edge. Flame effects don't quite compare with the latest Unreal Tournament or Half Life 2, but they're good enough.
Sub-games and arcade multiplayer games (and player skins) become "unlocked" as you progress - from the multiplayer frag fest that is "block war" to the rather strange ones of killing as many cute robots as you can. All a nice diversion from the rather gritty central story.
The single player story is interesting, if rather scripted at points - although what game isn't? Starting from simple missions to arrest graffiti "scrawlers" then the undead start to rise, prisoner's break out and so on. I've yet to do enough bad things to be called to account by the SJS (who judge the Judges), although I like the idea since you start to pick your shots carefully to not hit other Judges or civ's.
All in all a very entertaining game! Can't wait until I unlock the "Umpty Raid" arcade level!
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on 9 November 2009
First off I am sure this is a very good game - but I wouldn't know.

I bought this from one of the marketplace shops within Amazon for peanuts, so I suppose I should have suspected there was something wrong with it.

Every time I load the disc it infects my PC with a virus and trojans. My protective packages go into hunter-killer mode and erase them from the system.
How am I expected to play a game on my machine when it could so easily destroy it?

Be warned - if you buy cheap games they may not be the bargain you think they are.
This is either being sent back or destroyed.

It may be an original game, but how can they be infected with a virus? Surely it would have been tested. If it is a pirate then how can the shop sell it with a clear conscience? Surely THEY must have tested it before putting it up for sale?

Just be careful with software that you buy from the marketplace - you may kill your PC.
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on 6 February 2004
Judge Dredd. Futuristic icon, judge, jury and executioner, The Law in Mega City One. Unfortunately for him he shares the burden of other classic comic book heroes in the poor attempts to recreate him in other media.
Well, Rebellion (who now own 2000AD of course) have finally brought "Ol' Stony Face" to life in a sympathetic and faithful way with an immersive first person shooter.
Very reminiscent of Half-Life in its look (especially the Clooney Hospital scene) it is an inventive FPS without being a classic. Where it scores highly is in a stable and versatile game engine that appears to be bug-free (apart from the occasional AI oddities). Weapons are great and varied, especially the Lawgiver sidearm with its variety of fun ammo. Like Half-life, it has a nice line in scary adversaries as well; zombies, vampires, phantom judges as well as your usual death cultists and gangsters. The plot is broken up with various sub-missions that involve various situations in Mega City One from stopping graffittists and bank robberies to clearing zombies from a mall - one of the funniest sequences in a "serious" game I have ever played.
But the high point for me is the recreation of the spirit of the comic character; the sense of being a lawman, trading cracks and one-liners with the perps as you lock them up for the familiar (murder, assault on a judge, resisting arrest) and the not-so-familiar (stookie glanding, umpty bagging, possession of a goldfish without a licence). It is this dimension which makes it different - you don't just blast anyone who crosses you, you have to challenge them first, and they may come quietly; or you may find popping a gang member will cause his or her buddies to throw in the towel, whereupon shooting them would be a crime in itself. Tread carefully - you don't want the Special Judicial Squad on your trail!
As a fan of the comic, I thought this game is just great, a real gem; I hope it is successful enough to spawn the add-on packs to make Judge Dredd a proper gaming franchise, and unlock the weird world of Mega City One for a new generation of people who don't remember the comics, but should know about this great character.
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on 19 October 2003
Rebellion are off to a good start with their first use of the 2000AD license, but oh, it could have been just that _little_ bit better. First off, the good stuff: It looks and sounds great, the music may be forgettable but its unobtrusive and the voices are well acted. The characters are well-detailed but a little samey- you can watch Fatties wobble past, but there are only two Fatty models- one male and one female, for example. Some levels also seem very small, blink and you'll miss the smokatorium, for example. Unlike a lot of FPS, the basic enemies are more dangerous than the bosses, and there are some annoying AI bugs, like friendly Judges ambling into blazing wreckage- especially annoying if it's a med-judge. BUT, overall, it's very good fun, there are loads of extras and multiplayer modes, and it's easily one of the best tie-in games ever, so buy it, creep!
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VINE VOICEon 6 December 2003
There have been a number of criticisms that this is not Half Life 2 or any of the other new games out this year, why compare, this is unique?
Dredd v Death is a faithful reproduction of Mega City 1 directly from the comic books and the gameplay is great. The uniforms, bikes and especially the Lawgiver (Judge's sidearm) are spot on.
So why 4 stars? Well the Death campaign was not one of the most famous of the Dredd storylines and as a game, they could have done with some extra hours of gameplay.
This does not detract from an excellent game and a perfect platform for future expansion packs. Some of better episodes such as; the Judge Child, The Cursed Earth, Apocalype War, The Angel Family and many more could be produced to keep fans going for a long time.
Looking back on the original Half Life, it was not the graphics and certainly not the physics of the game that kept it alive for so long. The new maps and modifications did this all by themselves.
With Dredd v Death you have a cracking game engine, some fantastic scenery and the lawgiver speaks for itself.
One of the best games of 2003 and certainly the number one slot for first person shooters.
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on 4 January 2016
Bought as my old copy had died. Friendly seller who made sure the item arrived quickly and it was exactly as promised. Definitely recommended.
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on 20 October 2003
Is it the best FPS in the world?? Probably not. And there are certainly more revolutionary first person shooters coming out soon (Half Life 2 anyone??).
But the key point about this game is that it's FUN! It's a classic old school first person shooter, with a few interesting twists and a good smattering of 2000AD's traditional black humour (the zombie disco will make you laugh).
Overall a great purchase for non Dredd fans and an essential one for 2000AD readers.
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