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on 2 October 2004
The original Deus Ex game deserved to be called a classic. You really felt you were in a living breathing world with secret organisations all operating around you.
Invisible War (IW) lives up to the original's great gameplay but there are some significant differences. There's not quite the same level of detail as in the original. There are no newspapers lying around to read and fewer amounts of junk to play with - the basketball is still there though. The plot also seems to unwind faster. The missions come thick and fast in IW and action is always just round the corner.
If anything, this is Deus Ex light. There's no more role play style stats. There is only one standard ammo clip, which works with all weapons. The body mods are simpler too. They are still good but more accessible this time. I guess this is all to make the game console friendly. The original PC game was ported to the PS2 as an after thought. PC purists won't be impressed, though, especially as the PC game is the same as the Xbox one.
Again, like the original, you start off working for one organisation, then other rival outfits offer you different conflicting missions. One group might ask you to get info off a guy, whilst another might tell you to kill him. You get to pick and choose what you want to do without really knowing which is right or wrong. You can also choose your own style of play. Some players will mainly blast their way through the game, some will hack, whilst others will use stealth. Of course you can use all three types
The game even plays on your real life prejudices. In one scene, an obviously gay man propositioned my male character. I gave a deliberately 'friendly' response, which gave me benefits that an unfriendly one probably wouldn't have. Very clever.
This is all far more sophisticated than Knights of the Old Republic's, simplistic dark or light choices.
It's a great game, certainly one that older gamers would enjoy and I can't wait for Deus Ex 3, as I feel Ion Storm are setting new boundaries in interactive gameplay.
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on 11 March 2017
yeah its ok but not a patch on the original title, the game is nowhere near as cryptic or engaging but it is playable and a competent fps. the thing that bugs me is that all weapons share the same type of ammo, meaning that you cant really "save" that one perfect gun for a specific encounter.
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on 16 April 2018
Great state.Like new.Recommended
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on 10 February 2017
great price.good conditon.thanks.
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on 13 November 2014
Few games have been as perfect, and the Deus Ex series is one of my favorite series of all time.
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on 12 March 2004
I really enjoyed the first game and lost many days playing it, however I feel that the xbox game is a dumbed down version of it's pc equivalent. I'm not saying its not a great game (I've had it three days and been playing it for 15 hours) so it is addictive, but if your a fan of the original you may not be able to overlook this game's flaws. For example, in the first game you were able to choose good or bad early on, depending on whether you killed or stunned the terrorists, no such dynamic gaming here, blast everyone, friend or foe, to bits and you still head down the same storyline. The resources available are also confused, you get more biomod canisters than you'll know what to do with (which were really quite rare in the 1st game and therefore made attaining them quite an exciting event) but in the new game the ammo available to you is a joke, you never have enough. This means that getting through difficult parts of the game always boil down to the same thing, the amount of ammo you have, not sneaking around or finding alternative routes, but do you have enough firepower to blast that milbot into deus ex 3...
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2004
Deus Ex:invisible War on Xbox
Firstly I’m not one to review a game before I have played it. I was given a 1 level demo and I loved it!
I wouldn’t really describe this as a FPS…. more of a RPG/FPS.
Actually, the shooting is relatively rare, if you try and shoot your way out of (or into) situations, you usually end-up in a body-bag. In fact the control system seem to lack enough finesse to allow a good shoot-out.
What this game is designed for is to get you to think laterally. In the Heron’s Apartments level there are at least 3 options to reach your objective. One involves some gambling on something like a dog fight to bail-out a plane. Or you can go in guns blazing and steal it back OR you can hack-into the security systems and get the remote guns to waste the bad-guys.
Shoot, steal, bribe, gamble… the choice is yours.
The game physics are remarkable. EVERYTHING can be interacted with, picked-up, thrown or shot.
The levels are moody, dark and realistic. I havn’t found any negatives on the demo I played. It was enough to convince me to buy the game whenever they eventually release it.
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on 27 February 2005
Finally the sequal to Deus Ex has arrived.. I was a great fan of the Deus Ex 1. I had it on pc and lost it so i got it on PS2. But i am dissapointed that its not on PS2.. But i play it on my x-box instead. Well the game is great.You play Alex Denton in the future and you can choice mulitple people to work for. Such as work for the WTO and fight against the Order ect. The graphics are good and so is the gameplay. However the maps are a bit bare. Such as you go into a club and theres only 4 people there. Also you cant get head shots. Only with a sniper rifle can you kill people wit a head shot.Also the ammo is weird. No gun has bullets for its self. Theres just ammo clips for all of the guns. Pistol will only take a bit of the bar, but the sniper rifle takes up more. Silly. But this game is very fun adn i would advise anyone to get it!!
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on 14 June 2004
My first contact with deus ex was on the PS2 which I didn't enjoy and I gave up half way. Graphically it looked awful, and out of date. All you ever seemed to do is pick stuff up and talk to people, and with my attention span lost the plot very quickly. That was my first attempt at a RPG, so when invisible war came out I decided to rent it at first. What a mistake ...
The game is great !!! It seems like a lighter version of the first game which won many a accolade in the gaming community, but to me better than the first. I'm not finished yet but I already love it's beautiful lighting effects and the story which doesn't seem as involved or too complicated for my tiny brain to lose interest. Graphically it looks the business, and seems to be the first game on Xbox which is heralding in the new bunch of titles that boast next gen graphics like Doom3 and Cronicles of Riddick which ups the ante in the looks department. Especially the lighting effects are excellent and help create a unique atmosphere. Your surroundings boast sharp visuals and although the people around you look a little stiff, generally the whole experience seems believable. The weapons in the game generally is great, as a newcomer having all these tools to approach each scenario differently makes for great gameplay. Having to choose your path through the story also takes some careful decisions throughout, as towards the end choosing who to support and what to do to who, makes all the difference how the story finishes.
On the negative side, you only seem to pick up one type of ammo and it seems to fit any weapon you use. It can be used on from your dainty pistol, to the rocket launcher. Not the most believable scenario ever. The shotgun and pistol seem a bit under powered, and one have to use mods to get your weapon up to scratch as the firing rate isn't exactly very fast on any of them. Having to constantly be a scrooge when it comes to ammo is something new for a FPS head like myself. Isn't there any ammo shops where you can buy ammo from ? You have collect everything whenever you just killed a enemy just to make it through the game, so be warned. It feels as if the game is a excercise in resources management, and it boils down to how to effectively use that what you have.
This is a great game that will keep you occupied for weeks and months even, and should not be missed. I can highly recommend it.
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on 28 March 2004
However you want to play the game, stealth, action, with a conscious or a killing machine. You can adjust your weapons and even your body to suit your own style of play. You can forge alliances with different groups often having to choose between incompatible objectives. As well as the main story you can hit out and help or hinder the members of the game world in a variety of sub missions, will you cure a plague or take sides in the coffee wars it's up to you.
This is so much more than just another FPS, although if that's what you want you can play it that way, however to get the most out of the game put in a bit of time and get carried away with an adventure featuring the best stroyline since the last Deus Ex game.
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