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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£13.94+ £4.05 shipping

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on 6 December 2013
This is a classic game and will always remain a firm favourite. I enjoy this game every time I play it.
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on 3 April 2013
I can only go by my personal likes but, the Fable franchise and Dragon age are the best RPG's ever made.
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on 29 January 2005
At first I was reluctant to buy this game, having only played one RPG before (Neverwinter Nights) and in terms of games I am often reluctant to try new things. But, after having this game recommended to me several times, I gave in and thus far have had no regrets, there is such depth and freedom to the game. Forget your GTA etc. for although you have the freedom to do more or less what you want in those games, in Fable what you do effects who you are and NPCs' opinions of you. Your character will physically change as you progress through the game, depending on whether you live a good or a bad life. I personally find this a massive hook, because it seems to add an extra level to the game, or an incentive to try and live a good life the second time you play through it, after you live a life of evil the first time, the possibilities seem to be truly endless.
Great game... Buy it!
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on 25 February 2005
This was the first time I had played a game of this genre and have played it through to completion 3 times, each time in a different good/evil style. The characters encountered by the "Hero" are authentic and believable which all adds to the engrossing atmosphere of the game. The object of the game is to develop your "Hero" into a good or evil character to be proud of, through a series of heroic quests to enhance your good or evil side.By performing the quests you gain experience and gold to enhance your standing in society and you engage in other activities between quests to bolster your bank balence and upgrade your experience.(Trading/property ownership/and bandit/guard extermination.) I am surprised and disappointed by the 16+ rating for this game. The game has a very strong morality theme which perhaps is wasted on an older more cynical gamer.(If you keep doing bad things you turn into a red eyed horned beast who scares everyone, the opposite if you do good things).One thing is sure is that you will rarely play the same game as the same person twice.I eagerly look forward to Fable II.
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on 14 October 2004
First of all, sorry for the long review, but there's just so much to tell about the game, and so much will remain untold...
I must say I was already waiting for the game for ages! It just seemed its release day wouldn't arrive!
But now it's finally here and I finally bought it. However, is it really all they were promising?... We'll get there in a minute.
I guess I won't be needing much time to tell you what happens in the game, as I'm sure you (like me before buying the game) must have already read the "product description" a few times. In a few words: As a good RPG, we are going in a quest, in this case to find out more about our missing relatives (where they are, what happened and why did it happen...).
Now to the game itself. We start as a little boy, training at the "Heroes Guild". I have to say that, at the beginning, the first few moments, I was slightly disappointed. I don't know, it just seemed the game wasn't all that good. I'm telling you this, in case the same happens to you. But believe me, that awkward feeling won't last long. You just get addicted to the story!
As a youth, you will learn the basics about the combat skills. In fact, it won't take long until reaching an older age (around an hour), what I actually think is a shame, since I believe there could have been much more in between. But, perhaps to compensate you for this "little mistake", the game just gets better as you play it.
At the Guild, you will constantly receive Quest Cards, and it will be up to you to decide when you feel like going on those Quests. But I must say that this is just the basics. I mean, there is so much more to explore.. Really... You can go to a barbershop, you can buy an immensity of items, participate in some fights to win some cash and recognition, try to conquer a woman's heart (but believe me, you will have to be patient, always buying presents, giving them attention, doing special haircuts so they like you even more... well, not so different from real life, right guys?... ;-).. Just kidding), buy a house... Really, as you explore the game's universe you will always find something new... And then there are also Quests apart from those in the Guild, meaning that the game will last longer if you really explore it well, otherwise, you will see the credits in something like 9 hours.
And then, it's up to you, if you want to end the game as an "angel" Hero or a real Devil. I must say this is just fun... For example, right at the beginning of the game, a young lad will ask you for help, when he's being bullied... How you solve the situation is up to you: You can help him, you can turn to the bully's side, or you can just have a blast punching them both... And this will happen all throughout the game.. You can go to a village and do whatever you please to the villagers... However, be carefull not to be seen by the guards...
As to the graphics department, well, they are great, but I think they could have been even better. Don't missunderstand me, the world of Albion is simply beautiful, full of colours, and it's rare to see such beautiful graphics joining an excelent gameplay in the last times, but I have the feeling there is still something missing!
The gameplay is great, although, I must say, in the fights with the Trolls I had some problems with the camera views... Nothing too serious though.
As for the sound, well, it gets 5 stars... And it just doesn't get more, because that's the maximum.. Really, this game has the best sound quality I have seen in a game for ages... The music score is excelent, the voices are EXCELLENT... And this in a normal TV... So, if you have one with Stereo or, better yet, a 5.1 System, ... Oh, lucky you...
As you must have seen, I rate this game with 4 stars... It's like this. If the game had been realeas an year ago, it would definitely get 5 stars, but, like I said, there is something missing. The hard drive from the Xbox should have been better used, because there are too many loadings (although not long), and this really wasn't necessary...
Nevertheless, Fable is a great game, and you really won't be sorry to pay up the £31,99... I would definitely advise you to buy it... Otherwise, you don't know what you'll be missing.
I hope this review helped... Sorry for my English mistakes!!
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on 11 October 2004
this game has taken years, but it didnt even take me a day to buy it, and you should do, its literally diablo meets black and white meets phantasy star online (but not online obviously) meets the sims (to a lesser degree, but still, you can get married, more than once, and to men...) meets morrowwind, mixed in a big pot with lots of graphics and real time combat thats all over any other game remotely similar, and you have one of the best, if not the most accomplised polished game ever (so far....halo 2 anyone?)
the thing that's really got me hooked however is that, unlike in morrowind and similar games, you spend ages creating some kickass character, but once you've done that, there's nothing to do, or worse, the combat system is just rubbish (cough..morrowind) but in fable you get to make the most of your character and go crazy with them. plus, the characters advance pretty quickly so you don't get bored or stuck in a rut unlike some other games.
plus the magic in fable (or 'will') is very special, in almost ever roleplaying game ive played i always end up back as a sword guy coz the magic, no matter how mystical or powerful, is always a lot more hassle than its worth, fable is different, you actually want to use and develop all the spells you get, coz theyre so damn cool ie. the fireball (level that up!) and lightning. you can just throw them into battle as fast as anything, no messing about with silly menus or mana (ur mana recharges itself, but u can also use potions for quick charging)
finally, the comedy element, its got a black humour to it just like blacka nd white did, which basically keeps you interested, unlike a lot of roleplaying games that are too serious for they're own good, its not over the top, but just enough to make u laugh when wandering a city and someone shouts 'he don't look much of a chicken chaser to me, but then i aint never seen one before' (a nickname u earn early on)
whatever, if your at all tempted by this game, even just coz of the hype, buy it on impulse, you'll enjoy it.
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on 26 June 2005
This is the best xbox game that has ever been made! The graphics are amazing making the surrounding world incredibley realistic. Gameplay, brilliant, found none of the game boring. The only floor is the short amount of gamplay. If you only do the story missions and plow through, the game is over quickly. But, the side missions lengthen it out, and the missions are not what make Fable great... What makes Fable great is the freedom and the reactions the citizens have when you wonder around.
The main point of Fable is choosing weather you are good or bad. So if yoou want to be good prepare to be cheared, followed, and praised, and be ready for a halo. On the other hand if your evil and slaughter everyone, people fear you and you sprout horns and you have fists of rock. The breathtaking story has many twists and will keep you wanting more. There is a massive amount of appearance changing facilities, barbers , clothes shops, tatooists, you can even costomize weaponary to your liking. the amazing graphics brings your character to life and no one will complete it the same way. Got a spare amount of money bye it now!
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on 30 December 2005
At the time of purchasing this game, I had never played an RPG before in my life and was a bit worried at the prospect of playing Fable. But when I started playing it was clear that this game was nowhere near as complicated as the many RPG games I had seen on sale.

It's simple interface and level up system makes the game light and fun to play. With a simple good and evil system which awards you with different amounts of points depending on how good or evil the deed you just carried out was. Experience can be gained by killing creatures and people and you need to collect this before you can level up.

Your character develops as you learn new skills and you get a real feel of being a hero as people praise your good deeds or cower as you become more evil. Your appearance changes with every action you take and the path of good or evil is completely up to you.

One aspect I loved the most is the way that the whole world is free roaming and you can do pretty much what you want. Most areas are large and highly detailed and loading is kept to a minimal although it is easy to be knocked backwards into a doorway in a fight and end up in another part of the world! Your character is fully customisable from his clothes down to his hair. Its only a shame that theres only the one character you can be.

There are quests you can accept that make up the bulk of the main game. These are tasks set by the free people of Albion and can include killing a fearsome beast to simply finding a lost friend. Quest cards can be collected from the heroes guild. Some quests give you good points, others give evil points, its all up to you. The core quests cannot be avoided however as they move you along through the storyline. The storyline is a bit corny but then that's Fable all over, it's trying to make a parady of the RPG genre and of anything british which is always good fun! The story remains quite gripping even though the ending is a tad predictable, or maybe that was just me?

All in all an excellent game, one that I have returned to many many times because every replay of the game is different, you can choose to be an evil spellcaster, a good warrior, a stealthy assasin or many other combinations, see what's best for you!

If you have or haven't played this, also buy Fable 2 - another great game from Lionhead Studios!Fable II - Game Of The Year Edition (Xbox 360)
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on 22 October 2004
I bought this game two days ago. I started playing at 6pm...
...I stopped played at 4:30am the following morning.
I could stop there, but I won't. Now, a whole bunch of people are "dissappointed" at this title and to those people I say:
Get off your backside and make your own RPG, release it after four years see how we all like it! ...Credit where credit is most certainly due hey fella's?
This game is wonderful. In my opinion it mixes elements found in games such as:
- Darkstone
- Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver
- Way of the Samurai
...and many more but this game really is special. The customizable looks, natural wear and tear on your body and weapon augmentations are just a few things that make this game unique in the fact that it has collected some of the coolest features from much loved titles across all platforms and managed to find use for them in this one excellent adventure!
Take your time to enjoy the environment, if you don't feel like fighting then go fishing at your nearest watering hole, buy some property, trade goods for a while or simply get drunk down your local.
There are so many things to do in this game there is no sense in rushing it. Yes it can be completed in ten hours but where's the fun in only doing the bare minimum?
A splendid game in my opinion, worth the dosh to buy I say.
Brilliant voice talent, great graphics and brilliant features!!
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on 22 January 2010
I very much doubt many people will read this review. Its 2010 for gods sake! So the majority of people who do read this review have a vast array of RPG's to choose from since Fable made its debut on the black box. The RPG developers have made massive ground in the way a 'western' RPG plays, so your natural assumption may be that Fable will feel dated. Nostalgic. The truth is that Fable is far better than the majority of western RPG's released since its debut.
Most RPG's headlock you into generic training for about 10-15 minutes before immersing you into the story, which unfolds slowly to prolong the percieved length of the game. The beauty with Fable is that its story is quite simple, holding true to its name. The motive is the evolution of your charecter, the exploration, the conversations, the comedy and combat. This way, Lionhead have managed to ensure that the players remain emotionally attached to a simple story, and can concentrate on the subtle changes this game has brought to the genre.
I truly believe that this game has to be experienced and cannot be dictated in a review, so I wont comment on the game as theres enough about nowadays to do that. If you havnt played Fable, or any other RPG for that matter then this game will be truly refreshing. Comparing it to Knights of the Old republic would be like comparing Fifa to Wii sports. Both are amazing in excecution, but different in there own right. Fables best comparrison can be made to the Zelda franchise, more appropriatley to the Wii version. Engrossing but simple plot, excellent NPC's and conversation content and a combat system that is not only rewarding, but addictive.
Fable is one of those few games that reminds you of a simpler time, where games were designed to be played, not watched. Its made for the gamer who prefers their games to evolve with them, reward them and excite them. Fable isnt a treat to the eyes like most games, but its an experience.
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