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on 26 May 2017
This is my second ergonomic mouse, and well worth investing in one as it definitely sorts out wrist and arm strain.
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on 7 July 2015
This is a great replacement mouse if you suffer from Repetitive Strain Injuries. The mouse repositions the hand into a more natural sideways on position which reduces the effects of RSI and cramp which sometimes occur with a "normal" mouse.

So for that reason it's 5 stars.

The only negatives are that it took a while to get used to, especially the sensitivity in direction. Plus my business partner gets in a bit of a tiz when he jumps onto my computer to do something as he's not used to it. But of course it's mostly me using it so I couldn't drop a star for that.
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on 1 September 2016
Perfect for someone with tennis or golfers elbow.
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on 28 March 2016
This looks weird and will force onlookers to make comment as they pass your desk. However, if you suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury then buy it because it works. I've been using one for a decade and have never looked back.
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on 5 July 2012
I recently started suffering the first signs of tendonitis, with sharp pains along the back of my right hand, mostly along the line of my index finger.
No guesses as to the cause! My work involves high workload data entry and the countless, repetitive left-clicking on a standard mouse is now taking its toll.
I did my research and chose this 3M Ergonomic vertical mouse (Large) as my primary controller.
So far, I am very happy with this 3M product
Although it looks like a joystick, the hand grip is fixed and does not move. You operate this by moving the whole thing around as you would a normal mouse, but with the advantage of the more comfortable hand posture.
Using this vertical mouse became very intuitive to me after only a very short period of getting used to it (about 10 minutes in my case!)
The 3M Ergonomic vertical mouse gives a very natural hand posture while holding it and I found the left/right-click rocker switch to be light and comfortable to use with my thumb.
There is a third switch positioned beneath your middle fingers, which in all Microsoft programs provides a scolling control, by holding it in and moving the mouse around to slide the vertical scroll bar.
This scroll button does not work in some 3rd party programs though.
The optical mouse works well on most surfaces and I found the glide pads slip around particularly well on the desk surface, meaning even less strain!
It is accurate, quick and comfortable and the ideal alternative to a normal mouse if you find a trackball mouse too tricky to use accurately.
The model I use is the large size, which fits my average-sized male hand (87mm knuckle width) very well - but I doubt any bigger hand would fit the contours at all, so beware of this if you have big hands.
Note that this exact same model is also marketed under the 'Anir' brand - and prices vary for both brands, so shop around).
Further to this review, I would also like to make note of my own working setup with regard to my use of a second mouse controller with my left hand. If you suffer from aching tendons, then even when using this lovely vertical mouse you may still want to vary the way you do your clicking and scrolling.
So, take advantage of the ability of all modern PCs which can operate two mouse controllers at once.
What I use for my left hand is a Kensington Orbit Trackball with scroll ring. This gives me the flexibility of using its scroll ring (which is much more universally compatible than the 3M's third button), plus it allows me to use the trackball's left/right-click buttons instead of using my thumb on the 3M stick. In this way, If I want a change of hand position, I can even slide the 3M vertical mouse around by its base and do the clicks with my left hand on the other controller.
Anyway, this works very well for me, so I thought I'd share it.
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on 31 May 2016
I think it puts additional stress onto my infraspinatus which might be the root of my problem.
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on 4 February 2015
I love this mouse.. I Have been dealing with a mild RSI for years. I work as a programmer and this device helped take the pressure off my hands, enough to make my RSI more manageable. I was at that stage where I was considering a different career due to the discomfort in my hands It wasn't the only factor in my improvement,but it did make a big difference.The button on my first one did break after 3 years of daily use...The Second one is still going strong..
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on 27 November 2015
is ok
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on 17 August 2015
Didn't suit me because of the position of the thumb button. My fault not the equipment which was well made.
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on 1 October 2015
All fine
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