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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2017
I cannot fault these Tomb Raider movies I absolutely love them. The only thing I will say about the blu-ray itself is I couldn't really see a difference.
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on 19 March 2017
Brilliant dvd and service.
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on 18 June 2017
Great film 🎥
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on 9 June 2017
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on 14 July 2017
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on 20 July 2015
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on 2 February 2014
All the extras on the US one, which only came out there the month before: 40 minutes of features, 12 minutes of deleted scenes (including a different ending), a pair of music videos and a full-length commentary by the director Jan de Bont.

The US edition isn't region-locked, so buy it instead of the stripped-out tat Paramount has, as so often, the brass nerve to release here.
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on 14 September 2005
Lara Croft is seeking Alexander the Great's temple in the Meditarranean ... she had researched it contains the "secret" to Pandora's box. She discovers the temple but so does the Chinese mafia, who are directly behind her. They, too, are searching for the same thing. Lara narrowly escapes with her life as the rumblings of an underground earthquake destroy the temple. However, just before the destruction is complete, she climbs to the top of Alexander's statue and snags a large reflective jewel. Th Chinese give her a life-and-death defying under water chase ... during which, one of the Chinese divers grabs the "jewel" from her clutch. The photography is stupendous. The story line is clean-cut and flawless ... the plot is set for the next challenge. The viewer is taken on a world-wide adventure tour, from Europe and the Meditarranean to Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China, and finally, Africa ... where the secret is hidden.
After Lara's narrow escape she researches "Pandora's box" and the mechanism of the "jewel". She theorizes how it functions. She is obsessed with regaining the jewel and discovering its "secret". This goal leads her to rescue a long-time romantic interest, a Scotsman, from a jail located somewhere in Afghanistan or a nearby region. He has the necessary skills to infiltrate China. The viewer is sitting on the edge of his/her seat as Lara and the Scotsman perform aerial fetes, acrobatic and combative skills against enemies in Hong Kong, to where they trace the jewel. Some of the most beautiful and breath-taking scenery is filmed in China: a motorcycle ride on the Great Wall of China, valleys and mountains, and the side of a cliff where a Buddhist temple is located ...
The third section of this movie ends in Africa ... Lara and her entourage are provided, by a local tribe, passage through a wooded area said to be haunted by spirits. Lara is unexpectedly challenged when she discovers the "secret" to Pandora's box ... This movie is highly recommended. It contains a great story-line, great plot, great characters, and super scenery. It builds suspense, creates twists and turns in the plot and ends like no other film I have viewed in the past ... Erika Borsos (bakonyvilla)
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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life didn't match the box office success of the original Tomb Raider, but it is easily a much better film. Basically, Cradle of Life is just a lot more fun than the first movie. Since the audience doesn't have to be told exactly who Lara Croft is, director Jan de Bont can get right into the action immediately with a classic Lara Croft entrance. Once the foot is on the pedal, there's no letting up on the gas until the very end, as this film is just packed with incredible action, one exotic locale after another, and - most importantly - Angela Jolie. Sure, the premise of the story (a real life Pandora's Box that contains the deadliest weapon known to man) is a little less than believable, but this is an action movie, not a PBS documentary. There's also a surprising amount of depth to the character of Lara Croft in this movie, and that only adds to the film's strengths.
An earthquake off the coast of Greece leads Lara to the long-lost Lunar Temple of Alexander the Great and an artifact that points the way to Pandora's Box - which is suddenly something quite more than the stuff of mythology. Ancient armies had been decimated by the mysteriously evil powers lurking within Pandora's Box, and it must be found before it falls into the wrong hands of the impeccably nasty Jonathan Reiss (Ciaran Hinds), who plans to sell its secrets to as many terrorists as he can. Unfortunately, the all-important clue falls into the hands of a notorious Chinese gang, and Lara - for once - needs help finding the club's secret hideout. She asks for and gets Terry Sheridan (Gerard Butler), a man who betrayed his country as well as Lara herself. The dynamic duo make a most memorable entry into China, where more elaborate action scenes quickly ensue. Lara's quest, however, will then take her to Hong Kong and, eventually, the heart of Africa where Pandora's Box reportedly lies. As you might expect, some romantic tension arises between Lara and Sheridan along the way. Even though we see more of the female side of Lara in this film, she knows what she has to do when the time comes.
This film boasts some amazing special effects and an almost endless supply of stunts (many of which Angelina did herself). CGI is used in a couple of places, especially the final setting with its Guardian Shadows protecting the location of the box; these scenes lack realism, but the CGI effects themselves are quite good. The DVD features a number of featurettes all about the making of the film, along with deleted/alternate scenes (including an alternate ending), a director's commentary, a superfluous screen test with Gerard Butler, and two music videos (and I would encourage Angelina fans to watch the Korn video).
I really don't know what else you could ask for in a summer box office action film. Cradle of Life takes all of the components of the first film and improves upon them by leaps and bounds, goes out of its way to present stunts the viewer hasn't seen countless times before, adds depth to its main character, and features Angelina Jolie in all her glory.
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This 2003 action adventure sequel sees aristocrat Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) diving down to a temple built by Alexander the Great to house his most prized treasures, including a glowing orb that can lead to Pandora’ Box which actually contains a deadly plague, but crime lord Chen Lo (Simon Yam) manages to steal the orb and Lara has to get it back in order to find the box.  
Unlike the original, this starts with a relaxed pace and spends time developing a plot. It also plays as a more continuous story, rather than scenes bundled together. Angelina Jolie also seems much more at ease [hence more convincing] and has a more 'James Bond' or 'Romancing the Stone' feel than Indiana Jones.
Opening to a 12 language selection screen [mainly Scandinavian and eastern European] it then goes to main menu offering play, audio options [cesky or English], subtitles [mainly Baltic states and eastern European –no major European languages other than English and English for hard of hearing], special features [commentary, deleted scenes, featurettes, screen test, music video, DVD-ROM] and scene selection. Rated 12, this lacks much of the overt sensuality of the original but still contains some mild swearing and many scenes of adventure type violence, appearing more mainstream cinema than a computer game clone like the original. A good all round family action movie, but lacks the pace of the original.
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