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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2017
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on 24 March 2003
My faith in Celine Dion was dying. Undeniably, her voice was and is remarkable, but some of her songs of late had frankly been worrying. Though 'A New Day has Come' may have been embraced by relieved Celine fans, it was no masterpiece. From her signature power ballads to dance to dodgy R&B, Celine's blitz on countless styles of music was confusing. Many of the tracks seemed over produced and /or badly mixed (what on earth went wrong with 'I'm Alive'?'). Thankfully, it seems that 'One Heart' is a strong, focused offering with straightforward contemporary pop as its mainstay. It's very much a 2003 version of 'Falling Into You.'
'One Heart' starts with Celine's funky version of Roy Orbison's 'I Drove all Night.' People say it lacks soul, but this version is worked around groovy dance rhythms, so it's not exactly going to be a 'My heart Will Go On', is it? Take it for what it is, and that's a really energetic opening to the album (and first single). Max Martin provides some breezy tracks like 'Faith' and the impressive 'In his Touch'. The middle tracks are broadly upbeat, easy going, feel-good kind of stuff. Celine's vocals sore in 'I Know What Love is', and the closing track 'Je t'aime Encore', with a great acoustic accompaniment. Mostly strong songs then, except for the reworked 'Sorry for Love' which limps along dangerously with kind of calypso undertones - dire. And what about 'Have You Ever Been in Love?' Haven't we already heard that?!
I am honest when I say that I recommend this album. It's fresh and more simple than former disks. Although I'm a fan of Celine Dion, I'm not blind to the fact that Sony has been churning out some pap lately knowing full well that Dion's megawatt sales tally would keep growing. Celine isn't resting on her laurels here though - 'One Heart' delivers, and really does deserve the five stars. Superb voice, great songs. Nice photos too - What a hat! Thanks Celine!
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on 20 April 2003
Well, this is Celine back to basics...and basics is better. With 'A New Day Has Come', Celine's comeback album, it all seemed a bit too overdone. It was an album that tried to please everyone and in my opinion it failed to hit the mark. BUT 'One Heart' hits the spot. All the songs on the album are simple and don't have huge background music like what was on the last album.
'I Drove All Night' is an excellent song to start the album, it's infectious, and you just want to get up and dance.
'Love Is All We Need' has a good beat to it but I think it sounds a bit too poppy for Celine. Nevertheless it's a great song that delivers.
'Faith' is one of my favourite songs on this album. It has a great tune, and a simple backdrop that doesn't take away from Celine's voice. It's a song that can lighten up anybody's dark day.
'In His Touch' is a slow ballad, again very simple with an easy listening backdrop and it is such a lovely song.
'One Heart'...everybody together now ONE HEART! This song is another highly infectious one. It's a song that you can sing along too and dance too.
'Stand By Your Side' is a great song that shows how good Celine Dion is as a singer. It's Celine at her best and it's sure too be a lot of people's favourite.
'Naked' is a powerful song, which doesn't need a powerful backdrop. Celine's voice is all that's needed to deliver the song to it's full potential.
'Sorry For Love' and 'Have You Ever Been In Love' are two songs off the last album. To be honest, I don't know why they where put on this album because they don't add anything new to it. As I wasn't a great fan of the last album, these two songs are just okay.
'Reveal' is my favourite song on this album. Celine's voice is haunting in the beginning and she immediately changes into a powerful force in the chorus. This is a brilliant song.
'Coulda Woulda Shoulda' was written by the guys that wrote some of the songs on the last album. This is a bit too europop for my liking. The words and the way Celine sings the song are great but the tune to the song is very poppy but other than that it's an okay song.
'Forget Me Not' is one of the songs on this album that brings Celine back to the old days. Everything about the song is great.
'I Know What Love Is' continues the brilliance of this album. This song shows why so many people around the world love Celine...her voice.
'Je T'Aime Encore' feels like a classic song. It's a wonderful song, and again shows how this album is going to be a success. Its back to basics, back to Celine's best.
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on 25 March 2003
Celine's second album within a year which may be her last for three years due to her stint in Las Vegas. This album carries off where "A new day has come" left off, being more of a pop album than her previous albums.
The first indication is the first song and single "I drove all night" a cover of the Roy Orbson classic. She sings it with a dance beat to it which makes the song seem lifeless this song is about desire it should be sung with pure emotion which celine lacks in her voice, not a wise choice for a cover. The second song "Love is all we need" is less dance and more pop but it suits celine perfectly one of the stand out tracks that could appeal to all ages, i think this should have opened up the album. "Faith" for me sounds like it doesn't know what to be, it starts off with a 80's feel but then develops into a pop song which is a cross between her 1999 song "That's the way it is" both songs are written by Max Martin, which results in a medicore pop song.
After three uptempo songs the album finally has the inevitable ballad (no celine album would be complete). "In his touch" also written by Martin but i think one of his best, it has a spanish sound with heartfelt lyrics another of the outstanding tracks. Then the title track "One heart" ARGH! this is the worst song on the album i can imagine S Clubs Juniors singing this. "Stand by your side" another ballad that is not unlike Enrique Iglesias' "Hero" but considering it was written by the same people it comes as no suprise. "Naked" a mid-tempo pop song that is catchy but sounds like "Faith". So far it's been an good pop album.
Now it get's confusing "Sorry for love" (2003) the original was in last years album, if you take out the dance beat the song is the same, maybe it would have been better as a b-side rather than an album track. "Have you ever been in love" also on last years album but it's exactly the same, why is it on this album? In saying that it is a very beautiful song. A new song "Reveal" written by Cathy Dennis it's an ok dance song but i don't think it's suited to Celine.
Back to what Celine does best "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" not to be confused with Beverly Knight's song of the same name, but this is a funky song one of the best on the album and Celine sings it to perfection, i can imagine her singing it in concert, it would make a good single. "Forget me not" would not sound out of place on a Britney Spears cd but it has a feel good sound to it. "I know what love is" this is moore like the old Celine similar to the ballads on "Let's talk about love" from 1997. "Je t'aime encore" again i'm a bit confused the french hit from 1995 but in 2003 it's now acoustic and in english bit it's the best song on the album for her voice she sings it beautifully.
Celine has recently gone down the same route as Whitney (career wise), both when younger sang songs that appealed to the older generation but now they sing song to appeal to a younger audience. I think for Celine it's both positive and negative with last year's album Celine would have appealed to both generations but with "One heart" it'a mainly directed to the younger generation this may discourage her fans who have been with her since the beginning but she may not gain new fans. However as a pop album it is very polished sometimes a new direction can do the world of good, if she stayed the same then she'd be boring. She sings pop like it's supposed to be sang. Not her greatest album but would not disgrace a pop fans collection.
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on 9 March 2003
Well no one ever admits to buying one of her albums but selling over 150 million albums worldwide and shes been knocking around for over 20 years would you believe , from her humble beginnings in quebec (canada) and france to hugh hits such as My heart will go on which scored her the biggest single of 1998 an oscar and a couple of Grammy's which she added to her cabinet of awards .On each release she amazes me each time with her beautiful voice and such great material this album is brought her slap bang up to date with modern pop songs but still with the love ballad theme which she is so famous for. From the title track 'One Heart' which is a lively upbeat song to I drove all night her first release from the album along with 'Naked' and " Reveal' which are strong and funky showing the best of her voice and proves she can really sing modern upbeat songs as well as ' Sorry for love' and 'In his touch' the ballards on this album, Throughout this album the songs show all her styles of singing. Some of the songs on this album she will be performing at her new three year concert 'A New Day' in vegas which also gives a feel of her more modern approach to songs and by releasing this album I think Sony are hopping to catch a broader fan base as well as pleasing her current fans across the world. In my own view celine is the best female artist of our time. And if she can continue to move with the times she will be around for a hopefully another 20 years.
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on 24 March 2003
One year after "A New Day Has Come" Celine releases "One Heart". The most noticable thing about this album is that it is very short for a Celine english album - only 14 tracks. However, each track is excellent in both its production and in Celine's unstoppable talent.
With heartstopping ballads like "Faith" and "Stand By Yourside" poweful,controversial and emotional songs like "Love Is All We Need" (a very different angle for Celine), funcky catchy upbeat songs like "Naked" and "One Heart" and a song with country overtones - "Je T'aime Encore" this album has it all!
Although the short tracklisting has been padded with repitition like a rework of "Sorry For Love" and Have You Ever Been In Love(from A New Day Has Come) and the sliding in of "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" which was edited out of A New Day Has Come, the album is still up there with the best of them.
Could be Celine's last studio album for a while but A New Day Has Come and One Heart successfully pathe the way to the future.
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on 25 April 2003
Celine Dion has a voice which would inspire angels and this new albumn demonstrates that such a voice cannot be contained within one sound. New upbeat covers and catchy tunes lay alongside deeper and more thoughtful pieces in this menagerie of brilliance. If you're a Celine fan, click the button to buy it. If not, you know where the button is anyway.
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on 7 May 2003
The album is brilliant and totally deserves five stars, but not only is the album very short (14 songs lasting just under an hour) two of them were on her last album which I already have. Seems the album was put together in a rush and they didn't have enough songs so two from the last album were put on to make up the time.
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on 2 April 2003
Well what can i say except this is one of her best a great blend of pop with ballads and upbeat songs "I drove all night" the first single to be taken from it is brilliant i brought this album the day it was released not even hearing all of the songs apart from one song from the album "a new day has come" which is "have you ever been in love" there is even a remix of "sorry for love which sounds nothing like the original on a new day has come.
Other songs like "love is all we need"(one of celines favouirtes) very upbeat and "faith" and "one heart the title song" make this truly an outsanding album. For any fan of her music this is a must get. I am a huge fan and i love her music people say her music is for older people but i'm 18 and i don't think so.
buy it now
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on 28 March 2003
Here we see Celine back on top form - Far better than her last album, "A New Day Has Come". "One Heart" is an excellent album that grabs your attention straight away. Plenty of upbeat songs to listen to - Best songs on the album include: One Heart, Naked, Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Nothing to do with Beverley Knight's recent song "Shoulda Woulda Coulda"), and the beautiful ballad Stand By Your Side. "Reveal" is perhaps the oddest track on the album, but it is not enough to detract from the overall quality of the album. Most people would do well to have this in their collection. Excellent!
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