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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2017
Series 4. Quality of stories very good but item let down by poor recording. We were enjoying episode 3 when half way through the screen froze and would not allow me to move back or forward or eject the disc. I eventually got back to start and film froze again exactly at the same point. Very disappointing.
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on 7 April 2017
This completed the series for us...brilliant !
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on 6 July 2017
Very good
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on 22 March 2017
love these guys can't get enough cold feet
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on 6 April 2003
The Fifth & Final Season of the best thirty-something series ever. BBC2's 'This Life' was grand, but the ensemble for Cold Feet were all the stronger.
To the millions of fans who sat through these final six episodes in the UK: You should buy this DVD as a mark of respect for some of the finest writing (and performances) seen in recent years.
To the millions of fans across the Pond who think that 'SitComs' begin and end with Friends: Watch these final episodes (but first, buy Series 1-4!!) and you'll see that the UK has bravely taken the genre further than US Networks would *ever* allow.
Warning : You'd have to be made of stone not to have tears in your eyes for the last hours. Brave writing, brilliant performances. Absolutely perfect television.
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on 20 September 2003
As an American, I have watched Cold Feet since it started showing up on our Bravo cable channel a few years ago. Getting sick of the unpredictable schedule they had for the show, my wife and I have collected each DVD as its become available. I must say, that calling CF a sitcom and comparing it to Friends seems so ridiculous now. It is far more than a sitcom. It is an incredibly accurate portrayal of grown-ups doing the things they do: the fun, the sad, the scary, the everything. The actors on this show are simply without equal in the genre (hey, will some US film director PLEASE bring them to a wider audience?).
As far as the show has gone, I thought series 3 was the funniest. But series 5 goes beyond comedy and reached something deep inside me, something only the late great American show "Once & Again" has ever done. The tragedy at the end of CF was so raw and unsettling it practically took my breath away. Nesbitt and Norris are astonishing in the last couple of episodes. Having just seen the final episode last night, I still have a lingering feeling of loss tempered with muted optimism that was probably the show's intent. Hard to believe these were just TV characters. Bravo to everyone who worked on this extraordinary program.
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on 7 February 2005
Cold Feet really was the best comedy/drama ever seen on television.It seems a sweeping remark, but those who have watched it will agree.The defining moment of series 5 is nothing short of harrowing,and unrivalled in anything else i've seen.The show is still packed with jokes funnier than anything else on tv,and having got to know and love the characters over the 5 series,the tragedy feels particularly painful,sticking with you for some time.A dvd you can watch over and over again,not loaded with crappy extras,but 1st rate content from the best ever comedy/drama.
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on 18 August 2003
It seems my sister and I are the only two who watched this series on American TV. I finally got to see the last two series on DVD. I think Mike Bullen is a genius. He blends tragedy and comedy seamlessly and breathes life into fictional characters that I now care about. The cast is superb. Robert Brathurst has the least sympathetic role but he never sinks into caricature; I think that is admirable. The story arc in series 5 is sad, but there's no exploitation of emotion. The poignancy of Hermione Norris's Karen, in particular, hit all the right notes. Jimmy Naisbitt is charm itself but he never panders.
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on 24 August 2003
There's not much more I can say about the programme that hasn't already been said. It's always been fantastic. And series 5 is no exception. But I thought that since no-ones mentioned it I should point out that the episodes have been very bizarely edited. Originally there were four feature-length episodes in series 5, but some some reason that I can't imagine, they've been re-edited into six shorter episodes!
As if having different music on the DVD's wasn't enough, they've choped the ending from episode one, and the beginning from episode 2, and stuck them together to make another episode! So episodes one and two are now episodes 1,2 and 3! And the same with episodes three and four. This means that the "new" episodes 1,2,4 and 5 end in odd places (for example episode one ends abrubptly after Pete smokes a joint - a story that now appears to hang over into the next episode). In episode "five" we see Rachel's death (the shocking ending to episode 3 in reality) and go staright to the funeral! Of course the story of Adam's berevement started in the funeral is interrupted by the end credits!
I suppose it doesn't matter much if you want to watch all the episodes in one go (or at least if you watch episodes "1-3" and "4-6" together), but if you're fussy about this sort of thing, then you might want to hold out for a later DVD release!
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on 11 March 2003
Cold Feet is known a lot as a British Friends sitcom which devalues it in some way to me. The programme is much more than canned studio laughter and designer sweaters. Series 5 if anything looks slicker and smoother in terms of production-craft and lighting than the others. The usual cold feet themes are tackled head on in this series; more than that, Bullen seems to indicate that a more cohesive lesson may yet be drawn by his viewers. At the outset of Series One, Jen and Pete seem to be the strongest couple whilst Rachel and Adam struggle with committment and infidelity.
The standard of the scriptwriting remains high and still fetched plenty of smiles from me even after all these years. The DVD has the usual easy access menu's though they have dispensed with the rather superfluous picture galleries we were treated to on the other series. There is a 20 minute documentary 'Backstage' which is quite amusing-if only for Jimmy Nesbitt's 1000 yard stare having been up most of the night. Even after recent newspaper stories, 5 years of familiarity with the characters and my own gathering maturity as a viewer I was still awed by the high quality of the series compared to its British and US competitors. After 4 series the task of keeping viewers hooked -to the same intensity and appreciation is awesome and Mike Bullen and the Cold Feet team made an extremely tidy job of it in 2002 -well worthy of 4 stars out of 5. It's a shame for ti to be the last, but it is undoubtly the best. 4 Stars.
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