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3.5 out of 5 stars
Friends: Series 9 - Episodes 9-12 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£3.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 28 May 2009
Item was marked as new, video was but case was not. As I had tried lots of places for this tape for my son I decided to keep it but if it is marked as new then one presumes everything about the product is new not just the video cassette.
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on 3 July 2003
Well, anyone who is a fan of Friends would probably not hesitate in buying this without a second thought, but for those of you who aren't as weird us us Friends Freaks, this is an excellent set of episodes! Amongst them we have The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work which also stars Dermot Mulroney (About Schmidt). He has been filling in for Rachel while she had Emma and now they start flirting at her workplace but and its great fun to watch! We also have The One With Phoebe's Rats where Phoebe quite openly admits that she has rats in her kitchen but doesn't quite realise to the extent at which they could breed! You end up seeing one of Phoebe's classic looks of 'when the penny drops' when she realises what could actually happen! Also in this episode, Ross tries to keep woman-mad Joey away from Emma's new nanny (who happens to be Melissa George who played Angel in Australia's Home And Away). With all this and another two episodes, you'll find yourself laughing all the way through!
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on 23 March 2003
Great Chapters. As usual.You have to watch them
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 July 2004
So, after 10 years, it comes down to this. Chandler and Monica are at the hospital waiting for the birth of their baby on the day before they move to their new house. But they might just have a surprise waiting for them. Meanwhile, Joey has a housewarming present for them, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. Phoebe wants to turn the day into a musical. But the finale wouldn't be complete without another chapter in the Ross/Rachel soap opera we've been following for 10 years. Rachel's leaving for Paris, and Ross needs to decide if he wants to try to stop her by telling her how he feels. And with this gang of six involved, you can be sure there will be plenty of laughs.
I've been a fan for a few years now, catching up on the show thanks to constant reruns. And while the show did loose something in the last couple of seasons, I kept watching. This finale was exactly what this Friends fan was hoping for - plenty of laughs as the gang of six faced some changes in their lives. It really did feel like starting a new chapter and not a harsh goodbye at all, even if the last couple of scenes were very bitter sweet. It was especially nice to see a few nods to classic moments from the show, with appearances by Gunther and Mike, Joey's present, and the infamous "We were on a break!" line.
With the quick release and low price of this DVD, I wasn't expecting much in the way of extras. Since my expectations were low, I wasn't disappointed. The DVD features the broadcast version and an extended version of the finale as well as an extended version of the pilot. Boy have styles changed in 10 years! Both episodes feature great sound and clear picture. It also features the music video for the classic theme and 10 of the opening credits. As any Friends fan knows, they usually changed them half way through the season, so we're only getting about half here. But we do get a couple special ones, like the London opening and the Arquette joke.
Since I'm sure it won't be long before season 10 hits selves in a complete set, it's really up to you to decide if you want to get this now or wait for the set later. I loved the finale so much I just had to go out and get it.
Now everyone sing with me. "So no one told you life was gonna be this way....."
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on 8 June 2004
Somebody has said that the feeling of leaving Friends behind is "like losing a limb". I guess, after so many good years, it is. The sitcom has ended with an episode that reminded everybody of the vitality that cast and crew still have, and in the same time offset the not inconsiderable off-moments that Series 10 had (TOW Joey speaks French was the most unfortunate), which also reminded the world that "he who is loved by the gods dies young". The Last One was pacey, witty, genuinely emotional. The final scene was almost impossible to watch without a sense of choking: those where a bunch of actors who truly felt that a great part of their lives, and ours, was being left behind. But the memories will be relished for ever.
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on 11 March 2003
I am one of the millions who has followed 'Friends' from those early wanderings into the coffee house to the global phenomenon it became. However, as the years went by and the cast became bigger stars due to the show, the feeling often was that the writers didn't seem to be making the effort with the jokes because they knew they had a solid fanbase. Sure, it was good, but with shows along the lines of 'Will and Grace' hot on its tail, the flaws of 'Friends' seemed a little too pronounced to fix.
However, the latest season is by far the best in years. The jokes and plotlines are fresh and clever, the stories that once made Friends the hottest thing on TV. Even the actors seem to have approached their roles with fresh vigour: timing and one liners are absolutely perfect. Any problem that might have caused it to flag a little in past seasons is well and truly put to the dust in this season. It is a shame that this is apparently their last outing, because Friends is back on form, delivering the immpecable and downright classic humour that it is established for.
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on 28 June 2003
The penultimate series of friends is just as amusing and gripping as the previous 8 series', with the constant will they/won't they between Ross and Rachel, Joey and Ross' similar love interests, Phoebe finding her someone special and Monica and Chandler's steadily funnier-by-the-day marraige. It's full of laughs and tears as their relatonships become closer and more complicated, yet it still has all the magic it always has had and will leave you desperate for the final series to get here, but dreading it ending. Definately one to watch for Friends fans everywhere!!!! The only question that remains is who looks after the baby?... One thing's for sure, it doesn't seem to be Ross or Rachel!!!
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VINE VOICEon 20 July 2004
Well, I suppose there were some "Friends" fanatics who did not see or tape the series finale and who do not already own the pilot episode. But then I always hold on to the possibility that winged monkeys could come flying out of specific orifice. Besides, given that the final episode ran over when it appears in syndication in two parts some scenes are going to have to be cut or shortened (I vote for Chandler's discussion with Erica regarding camp) so this will be the only opportunity to have the complete version of "The Last One," at least until it comes out in the best of the final season and the complete final season DVD collections.
I really thought that overall the final season of "Friends" was one of its weakest. For me the series derailed when Joey fell for Rachel and not because I thought it was a bad idea. My favorite moments with Matt LeBlanc in the series the last couple of seasons were where he was dealing with being in love with Rachel. But they messed up the timing with the plot line, so by the time they were willing to give it a try it felt forced and ended up with everybody deciding it will not work. Fortunately the end of the whole sorry affair was excellent, with Rachel wondering why she and Joey cannot do what Monica and Chandler did, and Joey observing that they were much better friends. The high point of the final season was clearly Phoebe's wedding and most of the rest of it in the last half was geared towards the final episode, so now is the time to render a verdict on "The Last One."
Wisely this episode did nothing to set up the "Joey" spinoff and while the whole baby birds stuck in the foosball table seems like something that make for an entertaining regular episode of "Friends," it did serve as a rather fitting metaphor for the relationship between Joey and Chandler. We get another subtle metaphor at the end with the bit with the keys. Phoebe gets to bounce around between the various plot lines and provides support and/on havoc, which is just more proof that Lisa Kudrow is going to be one of the finest supporting actresses of her generation.
The one thing I really wanted for the final episode was for Monica to announce she was pregnant, but that was probably just an extension of my relief that Courtney Cox Arquette finally got pregnant (and has now had her baby). I really felt for her having to endure years of pregnancy watches in the tabloids while she not only suffered miscarriages in her personal life but had to deal with her character's infertility problems as well. The surprise in the delivery room was pretty good and I suppose we should not be surprised that Erica was able to part with her offspring without any of the pathos of Pheobe saying goodbye to her triplets. Clearly the scenes at the hospital were not intended to be the centerpiece of the finale.
The person who stands out in the final episode is obviously David Schwimmer as Ross. The episode before the finale was the one where Jennifer Aniston's Rachel really got emotional; that episode was more the one where the characters got a chance to say goodbye to each other, leaving it to the finale to say goodbye to the characters and their fans. After the nice fake out at the end of Act Three, set up by all those preview adds for the finale, Schwimmer, who could often be over the top annoying, gets to the big moment in the life of Ross and nails it, reminding everybody why Rachel was in love with him (although it takes her a while to remember). Ross also has the best comic moment of the finale when he checks out his answering machine but Aniston's timing and delivery of the episode's best live is just as good. It is Schwimmer and Aniston that made parts of the series finale special, which is especially impressive when you consider that Ross and Rachel getting back together was what 77% of viewers (according to one poll I saw) wanted. With such high expectations coming close is a good trick and the moment compares favorable to the emotional highpoint of the series, which was Chandler's proposal to Monica (and visa versa).
"The Final One" was written by Marta Kauffman & David Crane, but I am sure everybody on the staff and in the crew had input. The initial estimate is that 51.1 million tuned in to watch the final episode, which is only two-thirds of the audience reigned in by the finales of "Seinfeld" (76.0) and "Cheers" (80.4), but still good for fourth place (way behind "M*A*S*H" at 105 million viewers) and the most popular entertainment program on television since the last episode of the first "Survivor," watched by 51.7 million in August 2000. But if there is one thing that most final episodes prove to us is that they are never totally satisfying, so the idea that the last episode of "Friends" was not a disappointment is a pretty good outcome.
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on 1 June 2003
This video is great for all the family over 12 and is amazing value. All the Friends videos and DVDs are fantastic and this is no exception, this set of four episodes is particuarly funny and I would recommend it to any vveiwer even if they don't usually enjoy the friends episodes. I hope you take my advice and purchase this video as it is tremendous value for the amzing comedy program you are buying
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on 18 June 2004
Enough said about this episode (it is very good by the way :) In addition this DVD has incredible funny and entertaining features part, I especially recommend Flashback Gag Reels that contains some outtakes from The Stuff You've Never Seen aka episode 715a but also unique stuff (the last one is a bomb :)
Note for the non-English audience: this and also the Vol.4 (13-16) DVD have no any subtitles.
Easter Egg: press the 'right' button when marker is on any of the Special Features menu items except the 'Main menu' then click the cup that appears on the right of The One That Goes Behind The Scenes.
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