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on 3 July 2004
Like most true rap fans i am sick of hearing people describe 50 as fresh and original and acting like he is the first ever gangsta rapper, its like nwa never happend.
I was going to talk about the lyrics on this album but "lyrics" seems like a complement lets face it he is no great lyricest
"I love you like a fat kid love cake"
was the best line on the album and thats saying somthing
Beats on the other hand are much better but not as good as on 2001 and had nothing to do with 50.
Although there are a few good tracks on the album e.g many men, heat if u want real gangst check out mobb deep and NWA.
as far as gangsta rap goes in a whole its dying out lets face it the gangsta era is over the bling bling era is poisining rap now and 50 aint helpin with his chains and cars on the tv 24/7
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on 28 October 2010
I brought this album, while trying to increase my collection of classic hip-hop albums of this decade, and while almost every list saw in forums included GRODT, I was unsure whether it would meet such high expectations of the hype that surrounded it, and let me tell you know, it certainly does not! I was a fan of 50 when this album first dropped, but didnt actually purchase the entire album and only listed to the most popular tracks which were released as singles (In da club, P.I.M.P ect), however the entire album is filled with pretty good songs, with good production including beats and 50's rapping ability. One jewel of a song I was surprised to come across was 'Patiently Waiting' which is both produced by Eminem and also features him as a guest artist. This is easily one of the best tracks on this album, and surprised it didnt get released as a single, the beat it self is amazing, and Eminem's verse is on fire, and has that same beasty feeling as his production and guess apprence on the spectaular track 'Renegade' on Jay-Z's classic 'Blueprint'. The album doesn't have any 'filler' tracks as such, but not the songs are up to standard when compared to some of his better tracks, but by no means awfull, and none made me skip tracks when listening to the album start to finish which is rare for a rap album. I am definatly pleased to have pruchased this album, and have to admit no rap/hip-hop collection could be compleate without this outstanding album, I recomend you buy it if your a rap fan as this is truly a classic, by arguably one of the most prominent rap artist to rise this decade.

Just to give you an idea of the best/most popular hip hop albums of this decade, heres a list of my collection so far,with their best track:

Eminem - 'Marshall Matthers LP' - 'Stan'/'Kim'
Jay Z - 'The Blueprint' - 'Renegade' ft Eminem
50 Cent - 'Get Rich or Die Trying - 'Patiently Waiting'/ 'In da Club'
Eminem - The Eminem Show' - 'Till I collapse'
Kanye West - 'College Dropout' - 'Through the Wire'/ 'All falls Down'/ 'Slow Jamz'
Jay Z- 'The Black Album' - 'Encore'/'99 Problems''Moment of Clarity' ft. Eminem
The Game - 'The Documentary' - 'How we do' / 'Hate it or Love it'
Kanye West - 'Late Registration' - 'Gold Digger'/ 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone'
Kid Cudi - 'Man on the Moon' - 'Soundtrack to my Life'/ 'Pursuit of Hapiness'
Eminem- 'Recovery' - 'Love the way you lie'/ '25 to life'/ 'Talking to myself'
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on 2 January 2013
half of the songs are missing due to swearing, ruins it. and artists wonder why we download music illegally. why is the explicit version not available -_-
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on 14 April 2003
I got this album cpl months ago after hearing in da club, coz damn i was addicted to that ish. But it aint all that its hyped to be. First of all, yeah the guys been thru sum struggles, but the content just gets dull and repetitive after a while - theres no introspection, its just all thug talk trying to prove something.
Plus he just isnt that good a rapper, remember mase? he has a similar laidback flow but the beats on most songs just dont fit it. And when he starts singing the hooks as well, the whole album just becomes one monotonus murmur. On "patiently waiting", eminem shows him up so much, that ish is just embarrassing!
Admittedly you cant fault songs like in da club and dont push me, these songs are just perfect for his voice. You just have to move the head!
Overall the album is aiite but can get very depressing and monotonus.
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on 11 May 2003
Apparently this album has sold 4.5 million copies so far (it sold 1 million in its first week in America) and I really can’t understand why. The sound, which normally saves many a lyrically dull, misogynistic, materialistic hip hop album, sounds like it was composed by a gifted 10 year old on a cheap Casio keyboard, and 50 cents voice is really lazy, it has no dynamism or flair at all and after about an hour of listening it really starts to chafe. Totally over hyped if you ask me. If you want a decent hip-hop album try Roots Manuva, Eminem or N.E.R.D, but stay well clear of this.
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on 5 May 2004
More or less every review of this album seems to be fairly biased, so my intention here is to write a fair review of this album.
Okay im a rap fan just so you no, when i say rap im talking about mobb deep, common, gangstarr, big L kinda rap. Well this album has recieved maybe even more hype than any rap album in history. Many may think thats a good thing, but i disagree. Basically all the hype this album recieved came from people who don't no anything about rap e.g. school children who think its "cool" so they buy it to look good because its the only gangsta rap they know.
The REAL rap/hiphop fans thought this album was ok, but they didnt get as excited about it as the pop fans and school kids did. Yea of course this album has tight beats from dre, but lyrically this is nothing.
The reason so many people think 50 cent is such an excellent lyricist is because of his talk of the streets. I guess to someone whos never heard rap this will seem good, but all fans of proper rap (not pop rap) don't rate it at all because we've heard it all before many times, and done so much better. 50 has only taken gangsta rap to the pop charts so everyone thinks its something new.
But despite lack of skill. 50 (mainly with the help of dre) has managed to create a pretty ok album. The beats give an atmosphere to 50's gangsta rapping and you can nod your head n' vibe to basically every track, which is good.
The best tracks for the pop rap fans are probably in da club, p.i.m.p and 21 questions, more importantly though the best tracks for RAP fans will be heat, many men and patiently waiting, on these 3 50 is at his lyrical best which is about as good as the average jay'z verse.
Lyrics:2* Music:4* Overall:3*
Good musically, weak lyrically, if u like the gangsta lyrics on this album you will love Mobb Deep, 2pac, Big L and westside connection who do it much better, if you just like this album for the music then check out work by eminem, Obie trice and Dre himself, so go check em now. pz
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on 14 October 2003
Yes...i very much got caught up with the hype. I like 50 cent, but i have to admit this is one of the most over-rated albums i've ever owned.
Believe me, it has its moments, but as far as i'm concerned 'P.I.M.P.' is not a strong point, so when it was released as the 3rd single i was real surprised. 'In da Club', '21 Questions' and in my opinion 'High all the time' are the best tracks, i'm guessing not too many people agree with 'High all the Time' but from the first listen that was my favourite track.
Bonus tracks are also good. 'U not like me' seems pre-commercialised 50. So why was i dissapointed with this album? 50 really is a good rapper, he's different, he has an individual voice. maybe the production then...Dre is on top form with 'In da Club' but his other 3 tracks on the album are not really all that good. Eminem too, neither of his tracks on the cd are up to the standard of like obies 'got some teeth' or royce da 5'9"s 'Rock City'. Also the Rockwilder produced track 'Like my Style' didnt hit my spot.
Overall...i was dissapointed. Not even snoop on the 'P.I.M.P' remix could make it better. However the 3 rating is deserved because the stand out tracks are extremely stand out..in da club is the best dre has done in ages...enjoy the album. at the end of the day, i wouldnt argue that it wasnt worth a listen.
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on 14 April 2003
with songs such as 'many men', 'wanksta', 'high all the time' and the huge hit 'in da club', no wonder this lyrical genius is being compared to the likes of biggie and tupac. this album is a must have for fans of hip hop, r&b and rap. He uses, in the song 'back down' his fued with Ja Rule by showing ja that he is not going anywhere and that compared to 50, Ja is nothing. And with the halp of his mates from g unit and eminem, no wonder this is the best selling rap album of all time. one thing is for sure, he has great talent and will be around for years to come, and i can't wait. ''get rich or die tryin', a definate 10/10
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on 3 April 2003
50 Cent is a new rap star who was signed about one year ago, onto the Shady & Aftermath record labels by Eminem and Dr.Dre, who took notice of him after hearing his underground album, 'Guess Who's Back.'
His new album is called 'Get Rich Or Die Tryn' and, in all, has 19 tracks which have all been mixed by Eminem and Dr.Dre. In this particular album, 50 Cent proves to people that he has what it takes to make it big in the music indusrty. His lyrics are clever go well with the beats in his songs, and at the same time they tell the listener a story about his own experiences. 50 Cent's style is attractive to the listener. He portrays himself to be cool in the 'rap game.' His lyrics are smooth, mean and just what the listeners want to hear.
'Get Rich Or Die Tryin' was released on 17 March and has already reached high places in the charts. Three talented new rappers are introduced in 'Fifty's' album, alongside the unforgettable, Eminem.
When at first you hear 50 Cent' new album, it's hard to get used to how different all of his tracks are. The more you listen, the better it becomes. The album's definitely got more plus points than bad ones, and is definitely one to crank up on the stereo. By the sounds of it...50's here to stay.
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on 4 March 2009
I only review items I like, so I decided to throw some negative reviews out and this was one of the first to pop into my head.

This is one of the worst albums I have ever listened to. 50 Cent cannot rap for biscuits...

His lyrical content is pathetic, "Go short it's your birthday, we gon party like it's your birthday". Didn't he just say it's her birthday? Why would they need to party LIKE it's her birthday.

Honestly, this is not even worth 50 cents.
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